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15 Free Simple DIY Router Table Plans Ideas in 2021

A router table can really improve the quality of your work. You will be able to work with more precision and faster with a router table. You also get better control of your work with a router table.

However, router tables are not cheap. So, many woodworking enthusiasts opt to build one instead of buying. With these router table plans, you will be able to add an important piece to your woodworking shop or garage. From these free router table plans, you will find both benchtop or free-standing router table. These router tables are a fairly simple and quick woodworking project, and building one of them will cost you much less than buying one from the store.

Below are some free router table plans that have everything you need to make your own router table, providing a plan to follow, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, color photos, cut lists, supplies lists, and materials lists.

Ready to start your next router table project? Start reading.

First, learn a bit about the types of router tables. There two main types of router tables – Free standing and Benchtop.

Free standing router tables are typically larger tables that you can use as standalone tables. However, often this type of router table has removable legs so that you can also use it as benchtop table.

Benchtop router tables are usually lighter and smaller, which makes them easier to move. Their design allows you to use them on top of another table or workbench. They usually also come with brackets, which helps to keep them fixed securely to a tabletop.

1. Free Router Table Plan (Patricks)

Free Router Table Plan (Patricks)
Photo: Ana White

This free router table plan from Ana White makes a great looking router table. It offers ample storage space with its four drawers; two of which are small and the other two are large. The drawers are accessible from the front, which includes a drawer only for bits. So, you are getting a ton of storage with this router table. All the drawers are on metal glides, and the entire cabinet is on casters.

The cabinet is made to work with a standard router table. To complete this free router table plan, you will find the dimensions, the list of materials, and a list of tools that you will need, a cut list, standard instructions, diagrams, and color photos.

2. Elegant Router Table with Shelves DIY Plans 

Elegant Router Table with Shelves DIY Plans

If you want to build a router table that looks elegant, then this one could be a great choice. Besides its great appearance, it also offers plenty of shelf space for your tools. There is also a pipe system to make dust collection easy.

The price is not mentioned in the tutorial, but even if you don’t plan to make it fancy, it still should cost you around $100. This tutorial has 7 steps that include the aforementioned plumbing for dust and debris management along with electric wiring.

This project is not going to require the use of a miter saw unless you want to make those fancy tabletop cuts. However, you are still going to need other regular woodworking tools.

3. Router Table Plan (WoodSmith)

Router Table Plan (WoodSmith)

You will be able to build a sturdy router table with this free router table plan from the Woodsmith shop. This router table is as rewarding to build as it is to use. This plan will help you build a router table with your choice of bases, fence-mounted accessories, and a rock-solid table.

You will find step-by-step building instruction along with diagrams, color photos, a material list, and a cutting diagram in this free router table plan. In the end, there are even plans that will help you make some accessories for your router tables, such as a guard for freehand routing and a router bit guard.

4. Cabinetmaker’s Router Table Plan

popular woodworking

This router table plan from Popular Woodworking incorporates all the best features of a store-bought router table at a very low price. While commercial cabinet-based tables cost around $400 to $500, this one will cost you a little more than $200. So, you are saving yourself enough to buy a new router. This full of the features router table is also easy to build.

The excellent features of this router table include an easy-to-use all-important fence, a dead-flat top that will never sag, a large, easy-to-build cabinet that offers plenty of storage and has the capacity to handle the largest routers on the market. There is also an external power switch that makes routing safer and easier.

5. $50 DIY Router Table Plans for 3 Different Designs

Table Plans for 3 Different Designs

This PDF file from PopularWoodWorking contains 3 plans for 3 different DIY router tables. All of the three designs are easy and should only cost around $50. Two of the plans are vertical router tables, and one is a horizontal table, and all of them serve different purposes. While the first table has a dust collection, the next one works great as a joint maker.

And the third one is for a lightweight tabletop, which can even be vise-mounted as well as stored easily. It also includes dust collection, plus a neat fence. This plan can easily be build using a nail gun, a saw, and wood glue.

6. Bob’s Router Table DIY Plans

Bob's Router Table DIY Plans

Not every woodworking plan is as detailed as Bob’s plans. There are 23 pages of downloadable PDF file that contains detailed measurement and diagrams.

The countertop can be made from MDF or any other appropriate material. It measures 22 x 16 inches and 14″ high, and the thickness is good enough to handle the job.

All the required tools for this project are a table saw, a Kreg Jig, a miter saw, and a drill because you will have to make pocket holes in this project. There is no estimation of cost given by Bob, but you can expect to spend between $50 and $100 in materials for this one.

7. 2×4 Simple & Nice Router Table DIY Guide


Ethan built this one from melamine, plywood, and some 2x4s. This simple router table is functional as well. The first step in this plan is making the legs, and the next one is adding the rest of the frame. And the final step is the tabletop.

There are 6 steps in this tutorial, including T-tracks on the tabletop to guide the fence. The tabletop measures 32×18 inches and is made of 1/2-inch plywood. There is also a paddle switch included on the side to make the table safer to work with. The least tools that you are going to need for this project are a drill, a nail gun, and a Kreg Jig.

8. Free Compact Router Table Top DIY Guide

Free Compact Router Table Top DIY Guide

This router tabletop has a simple and compact design, so it will be easy to store. The tutorial here is for the tabletop, which you can then put on top of a foldable Workmate bench.

The router table offers great dust collection, easy bit-height adjustment with no stooping, and a stout fence that is long and easy to adjust. And the best thing about this router table plan is that it will cost you only around $50 to build if you already have a Workmate.

9. Combination Table Saw & Router Fence Guide

Combination Table Saw & Router Fence Guide

This is a two in one option. While it is not exactly a router table, it is worth taking a look at. This is a design and construction plan for a fence that can serve as both a table saw as well as a router table.

This interesting idea is money and time-saving. However, this plan requires both tables to stand next to each other. In this plan, the router table is located to the right of the circular saw.

This project is not probably for everyone, but if you find such a fence interesting and want to build it, then you will find all the needed help from this guide.

10. Minimalist Router Table Free DIY Guide 

Minimalist Router Table Free DIY Guide 

If you are a minimalist, then this router table might be the one for you. It is very simple as well as straight to the point. This plan will help you build a simple table that you can just clamp to your workbench and start working. And when you are done, you can just unclamp the entire fixture and easily store it out of the way to save space.

There is also a pivoting fence that you can adjust using a c-clamp. This table is made of Plywood, and the fence is a 1 x 4. This minimalist router table should cost you less than $20 to build, and in addition to that, it takes less than an hour to complete.

11. Scott’s DIY Elegant Free Router Table Plans

Scott's DIY Elegant Free Router Table Plans

This guide from Scott gives you a plan that helps you make a router table that is elegant, and you will be proud to have. Scott uses a Rockler router tabletop; then, he simply builds the rest of the table by himself.

The measurement of the table is 24 inches wide, 36 inches high, and 18 inches deep. To complete this plan, 2×4’s, 1×3’s, plywood, and poplar boards were used.

And if you would like to build your own tabletop, you can just look up any tabletop design in this list. The tools you are going to build this router table plan are a circular saw, orbital sander, a drill, clamps, and a pocket hole jig.

12. Bench-Mounted DIY Router Table Top Plans

Bench-Mounted DIY Router Table Top Plans

This is a DIY router table plans that will help you make a really easy and simple to use router tabletop. It has a laminated top and features T-tracks as well as a miter-track for precision.

The whole tutorial has 11 steps, and they all include tagged pictures. This will help you understand the tutorial better because you can just move your mouse over to the objects in the picture and get a more detailed explanation.

The things you are going to need for this project are a jigsaw, a drill, clamps, and a lot of glue.

13. Chalk-Board Top DIY Router Table Tutorial

Chalk-Board Top DIY Router Table Tutorial

This DIY tutorial from DjPolyMath on Instructables has 15-step. It uses a chalkboard to laminate an MDF to turn it into a good-looking router tabletop.

The tools that you will need to build this plan include a hole drill, a miter saw for building the fence, a router, and clamps for laminating the tabletop.

The cost of building this project should go over $50, although purchasing a router table base can increase the costs.

14. Almost Free Homemade Router Table Plans

Almost Free Homemade Router Table Plans

If you have enough wood scraps lying around your home, then you can build this almost free homemade router table. Different scrap woods are used to build this and all of which came together beautifully.

The tutorial for this router table plans includes detailed pictures and diagrams that show you how much you can achieve with scrap wood.

The materials you are going to need for this project are 100mm drain connector, 50mm drain pipe, bolts, screws, glue, silicon sealant, among others. And the tools you will need to use are a miter saw, a circular saw with track, a screwdriver, and a router.

Trash Can Router Table Base Guide

Trash Can Router Table Base Guide

This is an ingenious way to utilize the limited space in your workshop. This plan helps you use just a trash can as a stand for the router table. This plan from Woodworking Tips could be very useful.

You will not get a tutorial for how to build a router table in this guide, but you can get that from this list. What you get from this plan is how to keep your router at an adequate height and collect chips while working.

After making the top of the router table, you put it on the trash can, which gives you a base that can collect any wood shavings.

We are at the end of the list of router table plans. Now, it is up to you which one you want to build. If this list has one or two router table plans that achieved your interest, then we are glad we could help.

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