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A sawhorse is a vital and handy tool for woodworking. And if you don’t have one and also don’t want to spend a lot of money buying one, you can just build one yourself. Below we have gathered a bunch of Sawhorse plans to help you build one as well as save money. So, keep reading and find out the plan that is most suitable for your needs.

1. Folding Scrap Wood Sawhorse

Folding Scrap Wood Sawhorse

This simple sawhorse plan requires a few simple pieces, and it is easy to build. This plan will also help you clear out the scrap wood that has been lying around and won’t be used.

To build this folding sawhorse plan, you will only need some 2x4s, a piece of rope, plywood scraps, and 16 penny nails. Putting all these together won’t take much time, and they will be able to withstand a decent amount of weight.

2. The Ultimate DIY Sawhorse

Ultimate DIY Sawhorse

These DIY sawhorse plans will help you build a set of sawhorses that you can also use as a temporary table. This easy-to-make design is sturdy as well as versatile. The difficulty level of the plan is also at a beginner’s level and should take only about an hour to complete.

The things you are going to need to build this sawhorse include lumber, deck screws, and a few other materials. There are also some tools that you are going to need, such as a drill, pencil, tape measure, layout square, etc. The plan provides you a step-by-step guide on how to build a sawhorse. After you are finish building, you can paint it as you wish.

3. 14 Minute Sawhorse Plans

The name suggests that you can quickly build a sawhorse following this plan. This 14-minute sawhorse is build using firewood, a piece of chain, and a door hinge—just these things. Just follow the step-by-step instruction at Instructables. You will also find images of the instruction, which will be easy to understand.

Making this tool doesn’t take many tools either. So, even if you don’t have much gear on the toolbox, you can still make this one.

4. Scrap Metal and Wood Sawhorse

These sawhorses need some work to build compared to the other options. However, the end result would be some of the sturdiest options out there. You get the proper instruction on how to build these sawhorse plans.

Various supplies and tools will be needed to make them. You will find the list of required things on the plan. The list is long, but the end result should match your trouble.

5. Stackable Sawhorse Plans


Sawhorse comes in handy when working, and you can make one quickly by following these stackable sawhorse plans. Building this sawhorse will require scrap plywood, deck screws, and tools like a miter saw drill and pencil.

Making the plan is pretty straightforward, and you also get a downloadable sawhorse plans PDF, which lists the required measurement, cutting lists, shopping lists, as well as illustrations on how to accomplish each step. You can make as many sawhorses as you want by using this plan. It only takes a few hours to build, and you can finish it with paint or wood stain.

6. Portable Modern Sawhorse

If you frequently work on construction projects in more than one place, then these portable DIY sawhorse plans will help you build just the thing you need. These sawhorse plans aren’t necessarily the easiest to work with, but they are incredibly versatile and sturdy.

The sawhorses are quite adjustable, and you can also use them for a variety of projects that are not related to construction. There is a short instructional video on how to make these sawhorse plans that will show you everything you need to know.

7. Stackable Sawhorses Plans From 2 x 4s


A pair of sawhorses is essential for any woodshop as they provide support during various projects. Following these sawhorse plans, you can build functional as well as sturdy sawhorses with scrap 2 x 4s. The design is to stack them easily, and you can complete each sawhorse within a few minutes.

2x4s scrap can be found in the woodshed or you $20. There are some tools that you are going to need to complete these plans, such as miter saws and drills.

8. Scrap Material Sawhorse


If you want to make this one, reading the instruction carefully is important. This great project allows you to utilize your scrap materials from less likely places, such as cupboards and old couches.

You will find photos and instructions at every step of the process. You can add some creativity to these plans if you want. Also, building these sawhorses will require only a short amount of time.

9. DIY Sawhorse in Six Steps


By following this plan, you can build a sawhorse in six steps. After you complete all the steps, you will get a sawhorse that is durable and sturdy. Three inches screws are needed to complete the project, so as for material costs, it will cost you only about $12.

The resultant sawhorse will have four 8 feet legs and I-beam. The plan is to make a sawhorse that is 32 inches wide and 32 inches high. However, you can also modify the design to suit your needs. You will just need to redo the material list and math work accordingly. You will also need some tools such as drill/driver, deck screws, tape measure, and other tools for assembly.

10. Classic Wood Sawhorse 

Classic Wood Sawhorse

If you want to build an old-fashioned sawhorse, then this sawhorse plan is for you. The person who posted this project on Fine Woodworking is sticking with the same design and has been building these sawhorses for over 30 years.

They are solid, sturdy, and easy to build. You get all the needed instruction from the plan. Plus, there is a downloadable template to help you design.

11. Super Simple Sawhorse


If you don’t want to complicate things and are looking for a plan that will help you build incredibly easy, super simple sawhorses, these plans are for you. Their designs allow anybody to build them, so you will be able to make them even if you are a beginner at woodworking.

These sawhorses are excellent for scaffold or makeshift tables because they don’t require a lot of supplies; they are fast to build and durable as well. The things that you will need to complete this simple plan are screws, 2x4s, and galvanized nails.

12. DIY Sawhorse

When it comes to sawhorses, you should give priority to durability. This project will help you build a sawhorse that is sturdy and functional. 2x3s and 2x4s are used to make its legs and to enhance balance, it features crossbeams.

A circular saw will be required to cut the 2×4, and you will also need other tools, such as a tape measure and hammer. You will also need 2” and 2.5’ nails to join the legs, beam, and cross braces. You will get the cut list from the plan, and there are also images to guide you through the process. And an experienced DIYer should be able to complete this project in an hour.

13. DIY Sturdy Sawhorse Plans


If you want to build a sawhorse that is well-designed, then this plan could be the thing you are looking for. The design is stackable and allows you to build it quickly. There are four slanted legs on both ends of the sawhorse. The material cost for this project could go about $50. It will take you around 2 hours to complete the project.

There are also some tools that you will need, such as a miter saw. This plan is placed at a beginner experience level. You will find all the necessary details on the plan that will help you finish it. After you are done making the sawhorse, you can finish it with your favorite color.

14. Folding Sawhorses

Folding Sawhorses

If you are tight on space or have a small workshop, you need sawhorses that you can fold up and tuck away. These plans help you build just that. You will also find the material list, tools list, and how much time it will take in the plan.

The plans provide straightforward, simple step-by-step plans with instruction and images. These sawhorses are adjustable as well, which is another advantage. You will be able to adjust these sawhorses to use them to fit your different projects.

15. Micro Sawhorse


This is an interesting one. If you have tiny projects which are not fit for full-sized sawhorses, then you can follow these plans to build micro sawhorses to do the trick. The things you are going to need to build this sawhorse are 2 (or more) spring clamps and a stick, and it will take about 10 seconds to build one.

All you have to do is gather the supplies and put them together. Use two spring clamps and a stick to build each sawhorse. They should be about four to six inches tall.

16. Easy 2×4 Sawhorse Plans


For anyone who is not experienced with woodworking tools, building a sawhorse can be a great starter project. If you are looking for a straightforward plan to build sawhorses, then you can follow these plans. This plan helps you build a stackable sawhorse, which is also very sturdy.

Building this sawhorse will require you to have 2x4s for both the legs and beams. You will also need screws for all the joints. There are some basic tools that you will need, such as a drill, pencil, tape measure, and others. You can follow this plan and build as many DIY sawhorses as you want.

17. The Best Sawhorses Plans

Everyone wants a sawhorse that is strong and yet not too heavy and portable. This sawhorse plan is designed to match these specifications. The design involves making an I-beam styles sawhorse.

You will need different sizes of wood to build this, along with some wood screws and tools, such as drill, handsaw, and measure tape. The difficulty level of this plan is at the beginner level. You will find step-by-step instruction with images, and building this should take an hour or so. And for the needed materials, it shouldn’t cost you more than $30 in total.

18. Strong Folding Plywood Sawhorses


If you want to build sawhorses that are sturdy and can also be folded, then these plans will serve you well. You can fold them right up and tuck them away when not in use. And when they are in use, they can hold up to 500 pounds. You will find all the instructions and the cut lists to make the design and build the sawhorse.

The sawhorses are easy to build, reasonably expensive as well as lightweight. Just read and follow the instruction, gather the supplies, and build sturdy and foldable sawhorses.

19. The Ultimate Knock-Down Sawhorse Plan


With the help of this plan, you will be able to build a sturdy and well-designed DIY sawhorse. The plan contains build-notes on how to build this sawhorse along with detailed pictures.

In the original plan, it was built with two in stock. 2x4s are used to build the legs, and it has 35 inches in height. Some other things that you will need to build this sawhorse are wood screws and nails and also tools, such as drill, miter saw, hammer and tape measure. You can build this sawhorse even if you are new to woodworking, as this project is placed at a beginner’s DIY level. It doesn’t also take much time to complete this project.

20. Super Simple Scrap Wood Sawhorse


If space isn’t an issue for you, then you can build these scrap wood sawhorses. They are very easy to build and perfectly adjustable for your required height. You will get all the required instructions to complete the project.

21. Durable Folding Sawhorse


You can build incredibly durable sawhorses by following these plans from The Art of Manliness. They are not the easiest to build. However, they are probably one of the most durable, strongest sawhorses you will find in a collapsible sawhorse.

They are versatile as well, credit to the cross-member modifications made possible through the design. The things you are going to need to build these sawhorses are carriage bolts, 2x4s, nuts, wood screws, washers, and a locking tie-down. You will get the detailed material list in the plan. There are also images to guide you through the entire building process. You will also need tools, such as a jigsaw or handsaw, a compound miter saw drill, and a square.

Here are some sawhorse plans from Youtube. Since they are video tutorials, they are easy to understand and build.

22. HEAVY DUTY DIY Folding Sawhorses

This video will show you how to build a pair of DIY wood sawhorses that are strong. They are sturdy enough to hold heavy loads, and you can also fold them up flat and store them easily. The video is just more than ten minutes, and you will get all the needed instruction and measurement from the video. In addition, there is a link below the video description that has the plan in writing.

This simple beginner project requires only two power tools – a power drill and a circular saw. Building them also doesn’t take much time, and if you want, you can adjust the measurements according to your needs.

23. 3 LEVELS of Sawhorses

This DIY sawhorse plan is for a pro builder. A beginner may find it hard to build. However, this plan helps you build an excellent sawhorse, and you can adjust its height as you please. You will need various tools and materials to build this sawhorse.

The tutorial video on Youtube is over 14 minutes, and building it should take a good amount of time. However, the end result will be worth it.

24. Steel SawHorses DIY

As you may have guessed from the name, this sawhorse is not made from wood. It is made of steel, so it should be pretty sturdy, and thanks to their adjustable height, you can use them for any work.

You will find the plans and list of materials in the video description. The video doesn’t have any verbal instruction, but it shows you the entire process.

25. Super Strong Sawhorses

This plan from Youtube will help you build a strong sawhorse. The video is 33-minute-long and shows you everything you need to know to build these sawhorses.

From cutlist to the required material, you will find everything in this video. You will also learn which tools to use and even which screws to use. This video shows the plan in detail, so you should be able to understand the whole process and build this excellent sawhorse.

26. BEST Adjustable Sawhorse with Interchangeable Tops

Building these sawhorses will take some effort, but they are totally worth it. They look different, and their functionality is also a bit different from your regular sawhorses. These sawhorses are customizable to everybody’s individual needs.

The video tutorial is more than 14 minutes and shows you the entire building process to help you understand the plan and build it. There is also a link to the written plan in the description, where you will find the list of tools and required materials and supplies. You will also get the cutlist and the entire process step-by-step on the link.

Final Thoughts

By going through the above sawhorses and carefully understanding their style, design, and building process, you should be able to find a suitable combination of qualities for the perfect pair of sawhorses for your needs. You can also build different pairs of sawhorses if you handle different and a lot of projects.

Before you start building sawhorses, just carefully look through the instructions and the needed material and tools list. And make sure you are able to gather everything required, and you will be able to complete the project.

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