Top 3 Router Table Fence Reviews for Woodwork Masters

If you’re committed to the art of woodworking, then a wood router table fence is a must. All avid woodwork masters know that having a vast collection of equipment is vital for success.

Router table fences are one of those things you just have to have if you want your work to be taken seriously. If you routinely dabble in wood paneling enterprises, then this must be an essential part of the practice.

Not all available table fences for wood router machinery are created equal. Allow us to take you through the ones we think you need in your arsenal. These router table fence reviews explore the different ones that are top of the range.

For all woodwork craftsman who wants to diversify their equipment, scroll further and read on.

Top 3 Router Table Fence Reviews

Each of these models is designed to simplify your work and make your job effortless. The carefully made craft is stable and will bring order to your workspace. You’re guaranteed of quality workpieces once you incorporate this woodworker dream into your tools.

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

There’s one word that comes to mind with this router fence; innovative. This cutting-edge piece is incredibly steady. It exudes excellent quality with its anodized aluminum construction.

Arguably, the key elements are the casters. These clinch the deal with their sturdiness, enabling easy and hassle-free rolling. All four of them securely latch in place to stabilize the table and prevent any shaking.

The impressive PRS1015 fence works very nicely. Some of the additional features included are the superb adjustable faces and T-square style saw carriage. For maximum efficiency, you’ll also be equipped with a user manual and assembly hardware.

So, even if you’re a newbie and have never handled one before, you’ll still be able to set everything up yourself. It doesn’t get more resourceful than that. The micro-adjusting wheel allows you to add your personal touch by adapting the table fence to your preference.

You won’t have to worry about instability as you work with the stable adjuster paddle. The table has a T-Square saw-style system of adjustment that ensures that the fence is stable. This means that the fence is anchored parallel to the miter-gauge slot for precision, never moving out of place.

In addition to this, you’ll also be provided with a handy measuring tape to guide your work and help you make expert cuts. Also included are convenience tools like the jointing rods, some bit guards, and a much-needed dust-collection port.


  • Inventive with elaborate designs
  • Maintains steadiness while working to help you produce high-quality pieces
  • It’s sturdy, which is essential in stabilizing your work
  • It’s customizable with the use of adjustable faces that enable you to adapt it to suit your style
  • Easy to set up


  • Adjuster heads are short and may strip the soft aluminum threads
  • Due to the stiffness of the adjuster paddle, the fence may “jump” out of alignment when unlocked

SUPREME ROUTER TABLE FENCE KIT by Peachtree Woodworking – PW1073



This robust, high-quality piece comes with a user-friendly dust port that’s easy to mount. On top of that, there are three feather boards included for more uniform cut quality, which also aids in preventing kickbacks.

Two of those attach to the fence, applying pressure down on the table, and the third stabilizes your work onto the fence.

The supreme table fence kit comes with several notable bits as well. The pre-drilled aluminum fence plus the pair of 16″ aluminum fence sections make it a reliable product by most standards.

It also encloses a couple of dust port blocks for mounting as well as a small plastic router dust port plus a feather board. The pre-drilled slots act as stencils for your work and may be modified to suit your needs as you see fit. This is usually dependent on the table and allows customization for different jobs.

The product is impeccably built and simple to use. It works on a range of tabletops with the center mount type router plate system. A handy touch is the aluminum extrusion that has three miniature T-tracks structured for mounting.

On top of that, it’s also capable of positioning feather boards and preventing blockage at the front of the fence. This superb fence arrangement can be fastened onto your table with C-lamps.

If you’re after a machine that’s able to adapt, then look no further. The Supreme router kit integrates bits of up to three and a half-inch in diameter. This is the epitome of range. So, whatever you’re working on, the holes you make are guaranteed to be a perfect fit.


  • Simplistic quality, it is straightforward to use
  • Guarantees consistent cuts and a clean finish for your articles
  • Inclusion of feather boards to inhibit kickback
  • The many useful bits included making it incredibly versatile
  • Secure your work by firmly fastening it onto your table


  • May be slightly off-square. Using a few layers of box tape will fix this to your liking

Rockler 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit


Rockler 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit

If you’re building a routing table, then adding this accessory kit transforms it into a real pro setup. It is a great addition to make to your homemade caster cart to protect your fingers. No harm will come your way with this stellar piece.

Also, it has a rigid mounting plate made of aluminum that comes pre-drilled for compatibility with numerous routers. Furthermore, the handy dust-collection port is incredibly useful in keeping your surfaces clean. Conveniently fitted with vacuum hoses to remove all the debris from your countertop, this is a big deal.

Because all woodworkers have their different working styles, the extra tall aluminum fence makes it very commendable. It has adjustable MDF faceplates as well as feather boards that optimize precision and adaptability. This guarantees smooth operations and increased support as you work.

Another excellent addition is the starter pin and guard, which makes working with curved surfaces simpler. That way, you’re flexible with your projects and won’t just be limited to a single surface type.


  • Adjustable and straightforward feather boards to help you maximize your workspace
  • It maximizes durability and precision with the benchtop router-table design
  • High compatibility with multiple routers
  • Keeps your workspace clean and orderly
  • Works well with irregular surfaces


  • The unit is heavy-duty and maybe a bit bulky to handle

Features to Look for Before Buying

As not all fences are created equal, it’s helpful to make comparisons between all models and brands to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the market. This is why it’s important before going in, to know what key things to eye out when searching for one. Here’s a list of smart tips that make for a great buy:

Work Type

Wood router table fences are suitable for use with portable, handheld electric wood router tools fixed into a wood routing table. They sit perpendicular to the table, locked in place, and can help you undertake your project with far more accuracy.

If you are using a bit without a bearing, it’s helpful to use a fence. Without a bearing, you aren’t able to control the depth of a cut. A fence can help you do that.


A wood router table fence needs to be correctly formed to get the most accuracy out of it. A good fence should be easy to adjust, it should lock perpendicular to the table, and most importantly, it should be straight and rigid. For even better efficiency, it’s also helpful if the fence offers an excellent chip removal system.


Many exceptionally talented woodworkers can make their woodworking fences. However, those who choose to purchase them can benefit from a range of technologically advanced features.

Some router table fences are micro-adjustable up to ¼-inch in size, while others have fence halves that automatically line up parallel to each other when secured in place. Higher-end models also have variable throat capabilities for larger router bits, as well as upper vertical sections with handy T-slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you maintain your wood router table fence?

Maintenance of a wood router table fence is relatively easy. However, if you don’t undertake it regularly, it can affect the effectiveness of the fence.

You should always: smooth out warped or damaged edges, or replace them, check the rail fasteners, grease the rail fasteners. Wipe down the fasteners and fence with a damp cloth to remove wood debris and dust.

  1. How safe is it to use?

Using a wood router table fence can help make your routine task a whole lot safer. However, using woodworking tools is still quite dangerous, and as such, your wood router fence will come with a safety guide to help you undertake the task as safely as possible.

  1. Are there any router table fences for irregular surfaces?

Generally, they are ideal for flat surfaces, but some do cater to less linear ones. With the right search, you can find some to suit your project specifics. A good example is the Rockler 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit that accommodates curvy surfaces.

  1. What are some general tips a newbie needs to know?

Always wear hearing and eye protection when operating a wood router machine. Never overload the router or force the bit. Ensure you secure the motor in the base before starting the router. Finally, always use a guard with your fence, it’ll make your process smoother.


Acquiring a quality router table fence is important to every woodworker. These router table fence reviews highlight some of the top ones you could get to improve your craft. Find one best for you and get back to the world and create.

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