23 DIY Coffee Table Plans For 2024

Coffee tables are an important piece of furniture of interior space. They are a wonderful centerpiece for your living room. And they don’t only look good, they are functional as well. With these coffee table plans, you will be able to build amazing coffee tables to beautify your space.
These woodworking projects are easy to make and with these free detailed plans, you will be able to build one on the weekend. Browse through all these free coffee table plans and find the style that suits your home and matches your skill level.

1. Farmhouse Coffee Table

You can build this farmhouse coffee table for under $40. This is a beginner-level DIY project that can be built with just a drill and a saw. Making this table should take only a couple of hours to complete.
This plan provides you with step-by-step diagrams, a cut list, and a shopping list. You also get a video tutorial that shows the entire process of how to build the table. After you are done making the table, you will love the result – a perfectly balanced, gorgeous farmhouse coffee table with a large bottom storage shelf made from solid wood.

2. Tryde Coffee Table Plan


This is a beautiful solid wood coffee table that is rustic, heavy, and substantial. This plan will help you build a coffee table that looks amazing with any style of décor.
In this free coffee table plan, you will find the material list, tool list, cut list, diagrams, instructions, as well as photos submitted by users who made this coffee table.

3. Free Crate Store Coffee Table Plan


Having a good-looking coffee table that also provides extra storage space at your home is something wonderful. If you are looking for something like that then you should really look at this free coffee table plan that features two crates that slip inside.
You can store all kinds of little items in there. This plan provides you with the material and cut list. You also get step by step process along with images.

4. DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table Plan


This is a different kind of coffee table that is going to impress your family and friends. The factory cart coffee table will be a different addition to your living room.
This plan doesn’t contain any different material or cut list. You just learn what you need to do along the building process. Building directions and color photos are included in the plan. Now, start building a coffee table that has wheels for legs.

5. Rustic X Coffee Table


This is another wonderful free coffee table plan from Ana White that will help you build a beautiful rustic coffee table. It is also easy to build. There is also a bookshelf on the bottom of the table, but you can use it for just about anything.
The material to build this coffee table will cost about $50. You can build this beautiful coffee table by following these free plans which include shopping lists, step-by-step diagrams, and a cut list – all the required things to get started.

6. Display Table


These free display coffee table plans from Lowe’s will help you build a display top coffee table, inside which you will be able to show off your decorating treasures. You can also customize this table to fit any living room or family room.
It is an advanced-level project and should cost less than $500. It may take about one week to make this table. The coffee table plan comes with a tools list, material lists, cutting lists, project diagrams, instructions, and photos. This table will be an eye-catching addition to your living room.

7. DIY Coffee Table Plan


This coffee table plan will build you a great-looking coffee table. This sturdy table will look good in a contemporary or rustic home. There is also storage space below the table.
You will find all the needed information, such as a material list, cut list, tool list, as well as step by step directions in this plan. Building this coffee table should take just about 4 hours and shouldn’t cost more than $50.

8. DIY Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Wooden Coffee Table

This plan helps you build a coffee table that has an original and unique design and will look amazing in a more contemporary home. Making the table is also simple, so If you don’t want to build anything with a complex process, then this is the ideal project for you.
Building this coffee table is easy with a bunch of cut-to-size 2×4 boards and takes about a couple of hours. You will find all the needed tools and supplies list in the plan.

9. Free Sawhorse Coffee Table Plan


This is a coffee table that is standing on sawhorses. This sawhorse coffee table plan can help you build a coffee table that can fit almost any style depending on the finishes and wood you choose. It is easy to build and the best part is you can build it for under $25. If you are new to DIY building, then this could be the perfect project to begin.
To help you build this coffee table, this plan provides you with the required material list, tools list, color photos, diagrams, building instructions, and lots of finishing tips.

10. Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table


By following this plan, you can build a substantial piece of furniture for a big room. It has a rustic style and it is the kind of thing that will appeal a lot of eyes. And it doesn’t only take up space, it also offers you storage space.
The plan includes a list of needed tools and materials as well as detailed diagrams. It also contains all the required measurements along with the instructions that will help you build one yourself.

11. Rhyan Coffee Table Plan


More Like Home has a free coffee table plan that helps you make a 3-drawer coffee table. It is inspired by the Rhys Coffee Table from Pottery Barn. You get a nice-looking coffee table with a ton of storage space.
In this plan, you will find the shopping list, cut list, as well as the list of tools that you will need to build this coffee table. there are also step-by-step instructions along with diagrams.

12. Benchright Coffee Table Plan


Inspired by the Pottery Barn Benchwright coffee table, this plan helps you build a rustic coffee table from pine boards. It has two drawers where you can keep your small essentials.
This plan provides you with the shopping list, cut list, and the list of needed tools to complete this project. After getting all these, you can just follow the step-by-step instruction and build your own coffee table for a fraction of retail cost.

13. Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans


If you are a beginner in woodworking and just want to build a coffee table that is easy to make, then this free coffee table plan from Cherished Bliss will help you build a nice-looking coffee table. It will fit perfectly in a rustic, modern, or farmhouse-style home.
The plan includes a cut list, supply list, diagrams, color photos as well as instructions along with finishing instructions.

14. DIY Coffee Table Inspired By West Elm 

DIY Coffee Table

This DIY coffee table is inspired by a West Elm find which cost around $1000 to own. However, this one costs less than $50 which you can make using pallet wood. It is easy to build as well and anyone with beginner to intermediate level skill can build this table.
This plan provides you with the list of needed supplies, tools, and the cut list. The plan has step-by-step instructions along with images to make it easy for you to build.

15. DIY Geometric Coffee Table Plan

This coffee table plan from DIY Huntress is a piece of art. Its geometric design will really pop in your living room. And one of the coolest things about this coffee table is its hairpin legs which hold the table. This also makes it easy to build.
You will get the required materials and tools from the plan. Then the plan shows step by step process on how to build this table.

16. DIY Coffee Table With Truss Sides 


As with all the coffee table plans, this one also provides you with all the details such as the supply list, tools list, and cut list. You will get accurate measurements from this plan, and you can build this project yourself.
The tutorial will instruct you to build a small but elegant coffee table with truss sides. The plan also has images to give you a better idea of what you are building. The result will be a stunning and certainly, a table you will be happy to have made yourself. It is surely going to catch the eyes of your visitors.

17. Modern Farmhouse Square Coffee Table


This modern farmhouse square coffee table by Sincerely, Marie Designs is something that you don’t want to miss out on if you are a fan of modern farmhouse décor. It’s a two-toned table and it is square. It will look great with a sectional.
The plan provides you the required materials list, tools list, cut list, as well as the parts you are going to need. The plan also has step-by-step instructions along with diagrams to help you build a nice-looking square coffee table.

18. DIY Fluted Coffee Table Tutorial


If you want something unlike our last coffee table plan, then you will be pleased with this DIY Fluted coffee table plan. Its design is slightly different than what you have seen on this list. The design of this table is versatile and should work well with a range of different décors.
However, it is not the easiest plan to make a coffee table. You will need a few specialist skills but if you have the necessary equipment the skill, it could be fun to try. You will find the required materials and tools list in the plan and there is also step-by-step instruction on how to build this coffee table.

Now let’s check out some coffee table plans from Youtube where, instead of written instructions, you will get videos showing you how to build the table.

19. A Compact Folding Table

This video tutorial is not something for a beginner-level DIYer. The end result is also not something that anyone can make. It is a compact foldable coffee table plan that you can fold and put away when you need to have the space free. You can also take it anywhere and unfold it to have a coffee table wherever you want.
There are no verbal instructions in the video but you will find out in the video what are the things you will need to make this table, such as materials and cut lists.

20. DIY Coffee Table with Tiles

This coffee table plan helps you build an amazing table that will increase the beauty of your living room. Recycled wood is used to make this table. But after you are finished building the table, no wood will be visible. You will have a square coffee table in your living where you can even see your face in the mirror.
You will find the list of required tools and supplies in the video description. And the person in the video shows you the entire building process and also guides you verbally.

21. Awesome Aquarium Coffee Table

This video tutorial coffee table plan shows you how to build a next-level coffee table. This a two in one package plan. It helps you build a coffee table that is also an aquarium where you can have fish. However, it is not easy to build and takes a lot of time. And it is also not for a beginner a level DIYer. So, just keep these things in mind before starting with this plan.
The video shows you the entire process of how to build this table and the person who is building this table in the video also provides you with important verbal instructions.

22. Inexpensive High-End DIY Coffee Table

This video tutorial gives you an idea of how to make a high-end table on a budget. It looks amazing and it will surely enhance the beauty of your living room. However, there is no lumber involved in the design as in our previous coffee table plans.
Making the table takes some time and effort. You will find the list of the used items in the video description, which will cost you some money. But considering the table you are achieving, it is worthwhile.

23. Coffee Table with Old Towels and Cement

Making this coffee table requires an unusual ingredient – a towel! However, the building process is fun and you also get a small and nice-looking coffee table.
This coffee table plan requires cement and old towels and some skill. The video tutorial is 12 minutes long but the building process will surely take much more than that. And there is also no verbal instruction but you can pretty much figure out everything from the video.

These are some of the best free coffee tables plans out there that you can follow to build a stunning coffee table that will be a beautiful addition to your living room. Some of these coffee table plans are easy to make and some of them require some effort. Choose the one that meets your skill levels. And also consider the supplies and tools. Check whether you have them before starting a plan.
Hope you will sip coffee from your new DIY coffee table soon.

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