Router Table Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind

Without router table safety guidelines, accidents, and mishaps could happen while you utilize the device. The distinctively loud sound that it produces and the properties of its features may harm the health without the necessary protection.

These measures will safeguard your vision, hearing, and respiratory system. It also requires you to wear and use the right accessories and protective gear. You’ll understand more about what these are while you read further.

Router Table Safety Precautions

Whether you need cabinet doors or frames for home decor, the router is one of the most versatile tools to use to produce these woodworking materials in their best shapes. The power of the router motor determines its size and shape, not to mention how it can cause dangers you should be aware of.

  1. Unplug the Device

router table unplugged

This safety precaution guideline may sound obvious, but once ignored, the consequences can be fatal. Every time you are adjusting your router, changing the bit, or the device is inactive and not in operation, you must make sure it is unplugged.

You can turn off the switch, but it could still cause serious accidents and injuries as long as it is plugged in. So, unplugging is the go!

  1. Wear Protective Gear


Routers inarguably produce loud sounds and may shed dust that may irritate the eyes. The sound may reach over 100 decibels, and anything more than 85 decibels causes hearing issues. It is necessary to prepare protective gear for your ears and eyes while running these power tools.

  1. Do Not Trap the Material


You are putting yourself in a dangerous situation if you trap materials between the fence and the router bit. Follow the guidelines about the specific woodwork you are in.

The trapping happens when you position the fence away from the router bit. It also occurs when the material is between the router bit and the fence.             

  1. Make Multiple Passes


To keep the working area safe, it is advisable to take various passes instead of just one. Making a single pass will push the machine to work harder since you press harder at once. You can do smaller and lighter passes instead.

  1. Run the Material in the Proper Direction


The right direction is against the router bit’s rotation. Typically, this will be from right to left, but not all the time. Moving along the rotation will get the material out of your control, and in the worst-case scenario, it may also affect your hands and fingers.

  1. Operate the Larger Bits Slower


Slowly spinning your router bit and doing it slower for larger sizes are the basic guidelines. This keeps everything safe, and with no exception to the rule, you should be able to ensure you can manage it this way.

Must-Have Accessories and Protective Gear

There are accessories that will support your work with the router table, protecting you from any life-threatening injuries that may happen. These include safety glasses, ear protection, respirators, and dust masks.

  • Safety Glasses


Once you run the material on the router bit, it will release fine particles into the air, and you don’t want them to get in your eyes. It is a must to wear safety glasses. The best ones have shatterproof lenses, side shields, and an efficient face shield.

  • Hearing Bands


The hearing band is one of the protective gear you should have for your ears. It is a set of earplugs and inserts connected via a plastic bow, either above or beneath the head, or under your chin.

  • Earplugs


At the affordable range, these earplugs are made with the softest materials. The most common is rubber, which is easily washable in warm water. It is best to keep several of these earplugs and inserts in your toolbox in case of an emergency.

  • Dust Masks


You need dust masks and respirators to avoid inhaling the dust. Did you know these specks of dust can be carcinogenic and toxic for health? Placing a vacuum dust pickup accessory may have limits, so you need to stay protected with the mask.

Moreover, respirators also provide the best protection against the dust. It protects the lungs from ingesting the dust and other fine elements that may move around the work area.

  • Air Helmets


These will offer protection for the entire face, just like how a construction hard hat protects the head from the debris. The helmets usually have a motor system that pumps in filtered air, thereby creating air pressure within the shield.

It will then eliminate dust and prevent the instance of fogging. The greatest helmets filter both dust and organic vapors. You may also wear them with your earmuffs for unmatched protection.

Final Words

Familiarizing yourself with all the tips on router table safety and the protective accessories will ensure that no issues will happen throughout the woodworking process. Dealing with these power tools should be complemented with safety precautions and the industry’s best practices.

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