We allow woodworking-related unique and unsolicited articles. It might showcase the new tool use or any new idea for building unique woodworking projects. For all the requirements, please follow the instructions in the “Guidelines” part. We consider all kinds of Copyscape passed woodworking or how-to articles.


You don’t need to be a woodworking person to write for us. Your article should be unique and plagiarism-free. The tone of the article may be conventional, serious, or practical. It would follow the common woodworking topic but might turn into a unique project. The How-To article is also welcome which should express some kind of clear instructions about any woodworking topic.

Main Focus:

First of all, you need to remember that the articles are for the general reader. So it should carry all the necessary instructions. The title and the precise description of the project would attract more readers. Avoid any abstract topic or ideas. Always try to follow clear and concise examples. Use of illustrations or drawings will add significant lead.

It doesn’t matter if you are unable to collect professional photos or images or sketches. We have the staff to handle this type of obstacle. There are also people to fix the words we need. But the focus must be on your project. The project should be unique and unpublished. If you have already posted it elsewhere, please share it with us before we send it to be reviewed.

There is no limit to examples. You can share screenshots. You need to use a heading about the topic. At least two headings should be perfect. You can use more. Don’t copy others’ content. If you need to use anything from other content you have to mention the perfect reference to be considered. But we don’t recommend any kind of match with copyright articles.

Tips & Tricks:

Remember the topic you should follow. It is woodworking and the use of tools or how-to. Always start with a couple of points. After that comes the main theme. The tone may be conversational or a business tone is allowed. Avoid too many links. That can reduce the focus on the prime lead.

We won’t consider any sales talk in it. Read all the terms carefully and make sure you follow each and every one by heart. Examples of firsthand experience might increase the value. Use at least two relevant images. More of these would be helpful.

In every paragraph, the limit should be 3-4 sentences. Avoid longer sentences. The short sentence is reading-friendly. The word limit maybe 800-1000. The whole article should be written in English. You must add an outline as well as a conclusion.

Guidelines to Follow:


  • Woodworking
  • Garage
  • Home Improvement
  • Metalworking
  • Relevant tool use
  • How-to

Guidelines and rules to develop great content:

  • 100% plagiarism-free and Copyscape passed.
  • The content is in English only.
  • Avoid sales talk.
  • Follow the conversational or business tone.
  • The post should be practical and serious. Sometimes it can be a bit humorous.
  • No abstract or fantasy is involved.
  • Use relevant images or sketches, and drawings.
  • Mention examples for a clear illustration.
  • Describe precise instructions about the project.
  • The project should be new and unique.
  • Paragraph limit: 3-4 sentences.
  • Embed links are not allowed. Avoid too many links.
  • Start with a couple of points.
  • Bullet points or lists are acceptable.


  • We don’t publish as soon as you submit it. It takes time to review and accept the article.
  • We don’t also publish all the articles we get. It must be hand-vetted and approved by our quality control team.
  • Include all the materials and provide instructions for your project or how-to.

The Final Talk:

If you are interested and think you are a good fit for this position please email us at admin@woodworkingarena.com and we will schedule a detailed interview.

Please provide us below information:

  • A brief biographical sketch and your woodworking and writing experience.
  • Mention your website (if any).
  • Samples or links of the portfolio (if any).
  • If you have a ready project send it along.

If you are ready with all this information ready to post an article let’s talk further. For any queries email us at admin@woodworkingarena.com or contact us at our office.