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Welcome to WoodworkingArena.com. I’m dedicated to giving you the very best reviews of woodworking tools with a focus on their pros and cons. As I’ve experienced using these types of tools for more than ten years.

Woodworkingarena has come a long way from its beginnings in California. I am Michael R. Hardy. When I first started, My passion for woodworking tools since childhood. There was no plan for making a website regarding this matter, but when I’ve observed that people love to accept honest reviews, I got inspired. Why am I not made a website regarding woodworking tools review? As I’ve used and currently using so many tools, I know a lot about table saw and other tools. That’s why I create this website for serving you honest reviews. Why not? 

In addition to the occasional tool suggestion, you will find information on various woodcraft methods, comprehensive tool reviews, step-by-step instructions, and general woodworking ideas to help you pioneer the skill.

I try to make my content as relevant and as practical for years to come by providing insightful materials that guide woodworkers.


My primary focus is on guidance and simplification. All of the products you see here have been explored and reviewed by me to provide the most detailed and accurate information. 

My parameters for selecting tools and equipment are: 

Quality– I like to examine a wide variety of woodworking topics and find it much easier to incorporate tools if they are of good quality. 

Effectiveness – the tool is only as great as its ability to perform the task efficiently and quickly. Here, I discussed tools that do better come before those that don’t. 

Affordability – If you purchase the right tools, You can save both money and time.

 I also focus on new arrivals. I love to do fun with newly arrived woodworking tools!

Is Woodworkingarena.com for beginners like me?

I know that this question is spinning in your head If you’re a beginner.

If you have a passion for woodworking but don’t know where to begin or you’re finding the right woodworking tools, I’m here to serve you. No need to worry!

Even you want to be the god in woodworking/ woodcraft, and I will help you as I aim to share knowledge. Just come to Woodworkingarena, check out the latest techniques. 

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to having you onboard.

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