2024’s Best Router Table Reviews –Ultimate Buying Guide

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181
Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181
KREG Precision Router Table System, Kreg# PRS1045
KREG Precision Router Table System, Kreg# PRS1045
SKIL RAS900 Router Table
SKIL RAS900 Router Table

A true craftsman knows that real talent lies in imagination. However, they also know that bringing that imagination to life needs several handy tools and spare parts.

If you ask a woodworker, he will even nod his head in affirmation. Because carving and shaping a hard object such as wood is also a form of craftsmanship.

Consequently, for this profession, too, you need several tools. One vital tool is a router. This router again has another companion tool, and for your benefit, it should be the best router table.

You can choose to skip a router table, but that will complicate the process by leaps and bounds. So, a wiser choice would be to invest in this nifty tool.

6 Best Router Table Reviews

There certainly is not much debate about whether you need router tables or not. Because, if the router is not hand-held, then you certainly need a stable, attractive surface to place your machine.

To your advantage, there are several models and designs that you can choose from if you want. Out of the many, we have gathered the six best professional router tables.

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181


Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

In simple terms, this kind of equipment resembles a reading table. And we all know how valuable the reading space of a table is. Similarly, a table for woodworking should also be spacious and generous. That space is what Bosch can provide to you with ease. It has 27 inches by 18 inches of work surface with a throat opening of 3.6 inches.

This placement is broad to fit multiple shapes of wood for carving or mending. Since the throat opening is deep, the surface can mount thicker wood too. There are feather boards attached to the tool to support the slabs for staying in place.

Two of these boards hold the wooden object in place while wielding a hole. The MDF face plates, along with the feather boards, are of aluminum. Hence, wood and other natural objects cannot create scratches on the table surface. Aluminum also makes the table more durable and sturdy.

The product is surprisingly lightweight thanks to the aluminum built. As the item is lightweight, it is easier to move around, and it can attach to any workbench. Thus, you can get versatility from the product. The extra-long power cord certainly makes adjusting more convenient.

You can set the table up near to your workstation as it has a longer cable. It has other handy features, such as a dedicated dust collection port. So, say goodbye to the messy work station. The extra-tall aluminum fence facilitates the activities of the dust port and feather boards.

Beneath the table, there is a storage space where you can keep your router after the work is done. How thoughtful! You also have a cord-lock feature to prevent unwanted uses.


  • 6 feet long cord
  • Aluminum countertop
  • Lock-cord system
  • Two adjustable feather boards
  • Spacious table
  • Mounting plates
  • MDF face-plates

  • The power switch might be faulty


2. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171


Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 (1)

Woodworking is all about precision and detail. You can choose to finish the work or make a masterpiece haphazardly. However, making a masterpiece requires skills, patience, and a set of tools that can provide precision. If you want the Bosch cabinet router, then you have chosen the perfect tool.

Bosch, in general, makes useful products that are trustworthy and durable. This tool is no exception, either. Different arrangements of small improvements certainly help with precision. Especially the aluminum countertop with feather boards and different plates help the process.

These bits hold the wood in place and allow the professional to use both hands. This kind of equipment is not meant for a beginner if they want to go hands-free. A certain skill level is needed to use the tall fence, accessory plot, and mounting plates. The mounting plate alleviates the pre-drilled wooden slabs for convenience.

And the manufacturers made the fence with aluminum, which holds the feather boards and other necessary adjustments. Since it is of aluminum, it does not get weighed down by other products. An accessory slot is also a support tool for feather boards and dust ports.

You will also get several other improvement tools such as three mounting plate rings, two adjustable feather boards, a starter pin and guard, and two feed fence shims. All of these tools are compatible with the table and will allow you to use different woods. You can also use a .75-inch miter gauge with the plot.

Moreover, the dust ports help you in keeping the debris in place. This tool also has a long power cord, which is tucked away inside the cabinet. There is a hole at the back that opens for the cable.

Also, the cabinet system is ingenious as it keeps the inside neat and clean. You can even store your router inside the cabinet, and it will stay out of sight. There is a cord-lock system too to stop others from using your tool.


  • Durable body
  • Cabinet system table
  • Various adjustment tools
  • Long power-cord
  • Storage space
  • Hands-free functionality
  • Useful accessory slot and tall fence

  • Not suitable for beginners

Comparison of the Two Variants

A table with crucial differences is presented to help you distinguish between the models that belong to the same brand, which is Bosch.

Table RA1181 Table RA1171
Open cabinet Closed cabinet
Weighs 30 pounds Weighs 35 pounds
27 X 18 inches workspace 25 X 14 inches workspace

3. KREG Precision Router Table System, Kreg# PRS1045


KREG Precision Router Table System

A beginner has a limited list when it comes to purchasing tools. You can easily get confused by the fantastic qualities mentioned in the description section of a product and soon realize that the product does not match your skill set. So, if you are a beginner starting on carving and shaping wood, then the KREG tool is made for you.

The KREG tool is minimalistic and looks as simple as it functions. The modes are straight-forward and easy to understand. However, do not underestimate its functionality as it provides just as much precision as other high-end brands. The only drawback is that its capacity is reasonably low than professional tables.

On the brighter side, you can use the drawback to perfect your work even more. Since you will have to use smaller samples, you can take time to make sure that every curve is at the level lock angle. The smaller sample also means you can gauge the depth with absolute accuracy and justifiably increase your work efficiency.

Moreover, KREG is an excellent tool for starting with router work hands-free. Assembling this tool is also extremely easy. It has 24 inches by 32 inches router tabletop that has insert plates. The plates are molded in three layers which reduces level-lock.

Also, the fence is T-square shaped and has a micro-adjusting wheel that allows impeccable precision. You can get zero-clearance support from this tool. The producers made the table with a multi-purpose steel stand that reaches a height of 39 inches.

Additionally, the steel is durable and will hold up against the force of a router. At the bottom of each leg, there are wheels, with which you can move the table anywhere. The lock system will also make the table stationary when you want. You also get an aluminum miter channel, high-pressure laminate, and other accessories with the table.


  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Outstanding precision
  • Portable table
  • Useful fence
  • Long table legs
  • Different accessories available with the purchase

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work


4. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension


Any professional will understand the sheer need for space in their workplace. So, if a tool is versatile, then it is always a piece of great news for professionals. As a woodworker, if you are also seeking versatility for your router table, then the bench dog will have you covered.

This tool is a wood cutting saw and a router table at the same time! It combines the usefulness of both devices in one area. The Bench Dog does this by adding small slots that can convert the tool into a more significant surface area. The user can do it whenever they want, and there is so time limit for it.

Also, the manufacturers use contractor-grade table saws and a cabinet that you can fold it into whenever needed. Then it automatically becomes a router table. The table is a 1 to 1.5 inches thick cast iron. So, it can comfortably hold any piece of wooden slab.

Since the table constitutes iron, it is durable and can last for a long time. The contractor grade makes it rustproof too. And the table has a pro-fence that you can use when you need the product for a router. The fence is long enough to aid you while working. It can hold the sheets in place and mount them to the desired height as well.

Moreover, it hangs on a J-hook on the surface when you need to convert the product into a saw table. So, the fence does not come in the way of working. This tool has all the accessories you might need while working with a router. You will get mounting hardware, fences, router tops, and small miter slots.

Hence, the tool can also provide a zero-clearance setup. You can also use pro-plates with this tool, and it has a considerable mouth opening too.


  • 2-in-1 product
  • Perfect for smaller working places
  • Compatible with different accessories
  • Made with contractor-grade iron
  • Zero clearance setup
  • Rust free

  • The table is comparatively more substantial than other router tables


5. Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Comfort and convenience while working are a must. You cannot afford to get irritated because of faulty tools while crafting wood. It will cost you precious time and resources. Hence, indulging in a Skil RAS900 seems like the natural option for you. The reason why we recommend this tool is that it comes pre-assembled.

You do not have to worry about purchasing extra parts and then constructing them. As it comes pre-assembled, it also ensures that each piece is compatible with its counterpart and will work in harmony. However, if you want to add or take away existing parts, you can do that and make the tool even more personalized.

The table is a desk type table and has more significant and broader legs to support the countertop. It has a red body that automatically calls for attention. The entire product is of aluminum, but it has plastic counterparts, as well. For its construction material, the tool is much lighter in comparison to an iron cast table.

Moreover, the tool is user-friendly, as well. It has a router mounting system with easy bit changes that require no leveling. The addition of bit height helps in achieving better accuracy. This table also has feather boards to help you guide along the lines you intend to create.

Besides feather boards, you will also get two containers that have a quick clamp system, starter pin, and guard for curved edges and an attached angular scale. Another cool part about this table is you can store all of these items under the designated storage unit.

There are two storage options on each leg, and they act like closed cabinets. So, dust will not accumulate in those areas.


  • Stylish and durable body
  • Hassle-free tool
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Compatible counterparts
  • Smooth surface
  • Has several attachments
  • No leveling needed

  • Costs more than other router tables

6. Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

There are various tools in conjunction with which you can achieve the perfect wooden work. However, that means you need multiple tools to aid your work, and that can be a hassle for many professionals. You may have limited space or low cash. Whatever the case is, you want a versatile product.

Hence, the router table by the craftsman would be a great catch. This table is a two-in-one product as it combines a router and a table. So, you get the tool and the table on which the object will work. This router would not be hand-held as it comes with a stand. But you can rest assured that the two products are compatible.

Therefore, you do not have to cross-check every detail to know whether the router can be functional with the tool. The table is sturdy and robust. It is electrical power corded, which means you will need minimal manual power. Also, it gives an output of 9.5 amps with the 1.7 HP motor.

Since the table is active, it can effortlessly handle the electrical power as well. The manufacturers made the body with industrial-grade aluminum, which makes the table durable. The aluminum also makes the table portable.

If you are worried that the power cord will hamper movement, then you will be glad to know that the power cord on the tool is long. So, you can connect to the nearest power source and move the table around.

Furthermore, this table will give you a 300 square inch working space. That space has an in-feed and out-feed that can extend to 2 inches. You also get a miter gauge, disk plates, and rings with the table. The router itself is impressive, as well. It has a capacity of 27000 RMP cutting power.


  • Versatile product
  • Compatible router and table
  • 27000 RMP cutting speed
  • 300 sq inch working space

  • Suitable for beginners and intermediary users

Things to Consider Before Buying

What exactly makes a router table the best benchtop router table? To answer this question, you need to know the vital features of this product. There are many aspects to this table, and not everyone will need all the features. Hence, understanding your needs will help you purchase the most suitable tool for yourself. But I recommended Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 as the best one.

  • Table Space

Bigger table space can undoubtedly make a huge difference. If the area on the counter is not enough, you cannot branch out of your average work. Suppose you got a more significant piece of wood sheet. You cannot fit in on the counter if it does not have enough space. Consequently, you will have to cut it down and join it late on.

So, to save all of that work, it will be a smart move to purchase a table with a spacious counter. However, if your working space is small, then you can opt for tools that you can fold. That way, you can save storage space and also get adequate space for working.

  • Surface Area

router table surface areaThe main surface area of the table is vital and needs to comply with the kind of material with which the manufacturers created the entire table. If it is not compatible, then the table will not have proper balance. For example, iron cast tables are weighty and durable.

So the surface of the table should also be made of some form of iron to be able to work hand in hand with the body. Otherwise, the countertop will start wearing off, and the body will still be functional. Ultimately, the entire tool will be rendered useless.

There are aluminum tables available too. The manufacturers made the product with aluminum, which is much lighter and portable. They can be used by professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. Likewise, the surface of these tools is made of aluminum. Even though aluminum will not last as long as iron cast, it will still perform well.

If you badly want to cut down on the budget, then plastic countertops are reasonable. These countertops will have strength issues and durability problems, but you can use them for practice.

  • Proper Fence

A fence is a tool that will keep the wood straight while cutting it. It remains attached to the table and will arrive with the purchase. However, you need to make sure that the fence is of good quality. Otherwise, improper calculation can ruin your board, and you will rarely get a straight cut.

To ensure that your fence is straight and strong, make sure to purchase a good quality, trusted router table. If you find a table that you like, but the support is not of top quality, then look out for exchangeable options. That way, you can deconstruct and add the right quality fence.

  • Compatibility

One thing you need to know before purchasing a router table is that manufacturers make different models of routers. Some are high-tech, and some are simple. Regardless, there will be differences in their outcome. Again, there are various base plates and mouth opening sizes, as well.

So, before buying a table, you should know the specifications of your router. If you do not have a router, you need to select that first and then think about tables. Because, if the router is not compatible with the table, then you cannot get any work done.

Purchasing a higher-end table that is more versatile is a wise decision as you can get more jobs done. However, some tables offer separate parts for adjustments. So, based on your needs, go for the table that will be the best router table for the money.

  • Storage

router-table-StorageSome manufacturers take their tables to the next level by adding extra storage space underneath the main surface. The producers designed the product with additional cabinets that are attached to the legs. In these cabinets, you can keep your router and other small adjustment particles. You can even store the power cord in the cupboard.

There are typically two types of storage spaces: an open cabinet and a closed one. The sealed enclosure is more secure as it restricts the dust from settling inside the cupboard. However, this model is more expensive. On the other hand, an open cabinet will become somewhat dusty, but it is cost-effective.

  • Table Legs

The length of the table legs will decide whether the tool will be comfortable to use or not. If it is placed too low, then you will need an extra chair to work while sitting down. If you want to stand up while working, then choose a table that reaches your hip and above.

How strong the table legs are will also decide how durable they can be. Using a router exerts some force onto the table. If the tables are too thin, then they will easily break down. Hence, like the surface top, the legs should also match the material of the main body.

  • Base Plate

A base plate is the main component that will hold your router in place. Enough to say that the base plate needs to be flawless. If not, your cuts will not be precise, and the router will skew from the designated path. A base plate, along with shims and washers, also maintains the level of the router.

Some manufacturers include shims and routers, while others do not. If you want to level your wood perfectly, then look for these adjustments. Be careful about bent base plates as you will have to adjust the router according to the angle, and it is not user-friendly.

  • 2-in-1 Product

Some brands offer tables that have convertible features and can become useful tools for woodworking. You can have the combination of the router with the router table or match it up with woodworking saws. So, if you want such deals, check the market to pick your favorite combination.

  • Other Accessory

Multiple accessories can improve the overall quality of your work. A dust port can keep your workstation clean and reduce the chances of accidents. You can get taller fences that can hold accessory plots and mounting plates.

The addition of feather boards also provides excellent stability. If you need more movement, choosing a table with a longer power cable is also possible. So, you can pick and decide which extra accessory will make your work better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding router tables:

  1. Will the table dislocate easily?

No, the tables have secure bottoms that will hold them in place.

If you’re asking whether a router table will easily dislocate or become unstable, it depends on various factors such as the design, construction, and usage. Generally, a well-built router table with sturdy materials and a stable base should not dislocate easily. However, if the table is poorly constructed or if there is excessive vibration during router operations, it could potentially become unstable and dislocate. It’s important to ensure that the table is properly assembled, securely fastened, and placed on a level surface to minimize the risk of dislocation.

  1. Is it possible to use the table without power?

Some products that have dust holders and electric drillers need power, but you can also operate some of the tables without electricity.

The router itself provides the cutting action by spinning a cutting bit at high speeds. Without power, the router table will not be functional, as it relies on the router’s motor to drive the cutting bit.

  1. Can you place the product anywhere you want?

Yes, the tools are portable, and you can move them accordingly. However, if the device is power dependent, then it should be near a power source, although some brands provide a longer power cable to help the cause.

it’s important to consider a few factors:

  • Ensure that the surface on which you place the router table is stable and level. This helps prevent any wobbling or movement during use, which could affect the accuracy and safety of your work.
  • Place of the router table in a location that allows you to easily access it and work comfortably. Consider factors such as the availability of power outlets, sufficient lighting, and sufficient space around the table for maneuvering and handling the materials you’ll be working with.
  • Keep safety in mind when deciding on the placement. Ensure there is enough clearance around the router table to avoid any potential hazards or accidents. Also, consider positioning the table away from busy foot traffic or areas where children or pets may be present.
  • Depending on the size of your projects and the materials you’ll be working with, consider the available space for the router table and the potential for expansion. Make sure you have enough room for the table and any additional accessories or materials you’ll need.
  1. Will this product create a dent on the wood?

No, a router table cannot create dents on wooden boards.

However, the cutting action of the router bit can potentially create dents or imperfections on the wood surface if not used properly. It is essential to choose the appropriate router bit for your woodworking project, ensuring it is suitable for the desired cutting depth and type of wood.

Additionally, controlling the feed rate and maintaining steady movement while guiding the wood across the router bit can help minimize the chances of creating dents or other unwanted marks. It’s important to practice proper technique and use appropriate safety measures, such as using feather boards or clamps to secure the wood and keep it stable during routing.

If you are concerned about creating dents, it’s advisable to make test cuts on scrap wood before working on your actual project. This allows you to adjust the settings, techniques, or even the type of router bit, if necessary, to achieve the desired results without causing any damage or dents to the wood surface.

  1. What happens to all the dust and debris?

Some brands equip the table with dust ports, that use a suction mechanism to draw the dust inside. This action helps in keeping the counter clean.

Here are a few common methods for handling dust and debris:

  • Many router tables come equipped with a dust collection port. This port allows you to connect a vacuum or dust collection system, which helps to capture and remove dust and debris as you work. The dust collection system pulls the particles away from the table, keeping your work area cleaner and improving visibility.
  • Some router tables may include a built-in dust hood or enclosure. This hood is positioned around the router bit and is designed to capture and collect the majority of the dust and debris produced during routing. It directs the particles toward a dust collection port or bag, reducing the amount of dust that spreads in the surrounding area.
  • A router table fence can help contain and control dust and debris. It acts as a barrier between the router bit and the surrounding area, preventing some of the dust from spreading. Some router table fences also include dust ports or attachments for connecting a dust collection system.
  • If your router table does not have built-in dust collection features, you can still use a shop vacuum or a dust separator attached to the router table or placed nearby to capture the dust and debris generated during routing.
  1. Is every router adjustable with such tables?

No, some routers are versatile, while others need to be modified to fit with the table.

Most routers are compatible with router tables and can be adjusted to work with them. However, it’s important to note that not all routers are designed to be used with router tables, and compatibility can vary depending on the specific model and brand.

The key factor for compatibility is the ability to adjust the router’s base. Router tables typically have a mounting plate or insert that holds the router, allowing for height adjustments and bit changes. The router’s base should have a removable or adjustable base plate that can be mounted onto the router table’s insert. This allows for precise depth adjustments and ensures that the router bit protrudes through the table’s surface at the desired height.

Before purchasing a router table or attempting to use your router with one, it’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for compatibility. This will ensure that your router is suitable for use with a router table and that it can be properly adjusted and secured for safe and efficient operation.

Additionally, some router table manufacturers may offer specific inserts or adapters designed to make routers of different brands and models compatible with their tables. These accessories can help expand the range of routers that can be used with a particular router table.

Final Words

You really cannot understand the importance of a router table without trying it out. The best router table will change the game for you regarding precision, time consumption, and satisfaction. So, why not get all these benefits?

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