14 Best Saw Horses | Top Picks For 2024

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks
WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks
DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX725)
DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX725)
ToughBuilt - Sawhorse with 2x4 Support Arms 1100 LB Capacity - (TB-C500)
ToughBuilt - Sawhorse with 2x4 Support Arms 1100 LB Capacity - (TB-C500)
Best Overall

Whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist doing woodworking tasks occasionally, you need the best saw horses.  You can have sawhorses bought from the market that now a day available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials.

Needless to mention, you can make your own DIY sawhorse too that may serve your typical purpose as it is not tough to make one. But when you are having this accessory in all possible orientations at affordable prices, futile is to think about a self-made one.

While researching this article, we have seen that there are three options before you if you are in need of and have decided to go for a sawhorse.

  • They include ready-to-use models that you can use just by unfolding it,
  • The second type comes as two pairs of manufactured legs that merely require a crossbeam set up to start work, and the final one is just the metal brackets waiting for your custom crossbeam and the legs.
  • Any of the three alternatives can be the best sawhorse ever in terms of the level of woodworking and purpose you will use it for.

In this review article, we have brought before you 14 best sawhorse reviews that range all the said three configurations. In addition, they are made of premium quality materials like wood, plastic, and aluminum; and they feature versatility, ease of use, portability, sturdiness, and high load capacity. To your utter relax; a buying guide clarifying what the crucial features, basic and advanced benefits to look for will help you come out with the one suitable for your project.

Pick the Right One from the Best Saw Horses Reviewed Here

Dewalt DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand – Best Sturdy Saw Horses

Whether you are working around the house, on the job site, or in the garage, saw horse is an extremely versatile tool to have and can be very useful.

Dewalt DWX725 is the best by the customer reviews on Amazon. If you dig more you will be pleased with this simple and compact work stand. This design is great for easy transport and storage. The load capacity is huge considering the compact design.

You cannot believe when you see this stand that it has a 1000-pound carrying capacity. The lightweight aluminum body makes it extra durable and you will find it saving your workspace. Moreover, it can help you cut long pieces of wood with a circular saw or a sliding compound miter saw.

Because of its design, the material, and the folding; it is so comfortable and hassle-free to transport to and from job sites. Legs lock maintains an easy and quick assembling. This versatile and sturdy work stand has earned almost full support from online consumers. Overall this one allows the toughest and the heaviest jobs.

Features You Will Like

  • Simple and compact design.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty work stand.
  • Extra durable aluminum built.
  • Leg levers for a stable setup.
  • Legs allow easy folding and higher grade support.
  • The load capacity of 1000 pounds in each handle.
  • A transport latch was added for easy transportation of this pair together.
  • The product dimension is 11 inches X 36 inches X 32 inches.
  • 3 years of warranty

    • No assembling needed.
    • Height is perfect for taller people.
    • A wide stance allows extra stability.
    • No concern about corrosion.
    • The sturdy steel construction makes it extra durable.


    • Height is not adjustable


Best All Steel Folding Sawhorse – Pair BORA Portamate PM-3300T.


The BORA Portamate PM-3300T sawhorse is another highly rated work stand sawhorse in Amazon. There is no doubt that this compactly designed sawhorse is more convenient than other products on the market. You can handle your heavy work conveniently and again after the end of your work, fold it away. The simple folding is very useful for storage and easy transportation.

By default, these sawhorses are lightweight enough to carry easily wherever and whenever you want. The height is perfect for taller people. And the width also allows a reasonable and stable stance for your workstation. The load capacity is comfortable for tougher jobs for a carpenter or general people. The easy snap-pin setup will make your assembling easy and the best powder coat finish preserves it from rusting.

Features You Will Like

  • A set consists of two PM 3300 sawhorses.
  • It is 36 inches long and 3 ½ inches wide.
  • The work height is 33 inches.
  • Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • The stance is 19 inches X 48 inches.
  • Folding legs for comfortable storage.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

    • No assembling needed.
    • Height is perfect for taller people.
    • A wide stance allows extra stability.
    • No concern about corrosion.
    • The sturdy steel construction makes it extra durable.


    • No way to adjust the height.

HICO Sawhorse Folding Metal Sawhorse – Best Adjustable Saw Horse to Go For


This twin pack HICO Sawhorse has an impressive load capacity. You can easily handle your extreme load using this sawhorse. But in your open eyes, this sawhorse is pretty simple and compact in design. It is also able to adjust your height. It comes with an adjustable height from 25 inches to 40 inches. The cross brace allows heavier loads compared to other sawhorses on the market. You will find a handle in each sawhorse as the added advantage of transportation. The folding mechanism allows for freeing up space for storage.

When you fold up this sawhorse, it is simply convenient to carry along with you inside your car trunk. There is also an anti-slip rubber mat on the top surface that will keep the slumber to saw or cut glued to the spot. Assembling is just a two-minute factor by default. All the features make this twin pack sawhorse perfect for a workstation.

Features You Will Like

  • The set comes with a pair.
  • Adjustable height of 25 inches to 40 inches.
  • The mounting holes allow easy assembling.
  • The higher load capacity of 1200 lbs. each. (Almost 2500 lbs. together)
  • A lightweight product weighing only 18 lbs
  • It comes with a handle for easy transportation.
  • Easy folding and assembling save space and time.
  • The anti-skid rubber mat increases stability.

    • Adjustable height increases the advantage for the shorter or taller worker.
    • The mounting holes help to convert it into a picnic table in no time.
    • Cross brace and the rubber mat create extra stability.


    • Sometimes it comes with terrible packaging issues.

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps – Best Feature-Rich Saw Horse


This one is different from the earlier sawhorses I have described above. The lightweight thermoplastic polymer-built WORX sawhorse comes with ample features to make your work easy and comfortable. It comes with bar clamps that are detachable and can be used vertically or horizontally and thus provide versatility and comfort while working. This feature is not present in other sawhorses. So you are getting extra support for your project needs.

On top, these two saw horses feature a 2-inch wide indentation that helps to steadily hold plywood, particleboard, and other sheet goods. There is also a built-in shelf for tool storage and cord hooks that allow extra storage for other equipment.

These two keep your tools organized and easily accessible. These sawhorses are foldable and convenient for easy transportation. The extra folded depth and clamping are wide enough for a workstation.

Considering the sturdy build, the load capacity is also exciting for an average workload. 1000 pounds of hauling capacity means you can better alternate it to your workbench by accomplishing heavy-duty tasks on it.

Features You Will Like

  • Two detachable bar clamps.
  • The thermoplastic polymer is used as the building material.
  • The depth of folding is 2.5 inches.
  • The maximum width of the clamping is 18 inches.
  • Bar clamps are allowed to be used both vertically and horizontally.
  • Foldable and convenient to transport.
  • An extra shelf and cord hooks for more storage.
  • The load capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • The product dimension is 35 X 28.1 X 6.4 inches.

    • Bar clamps are like another set of hands.
    • It comes with fully assembled.
    • Thermoplastic polymer building increases durability.
    • Lower-shelf and cord hooks are convenient for extra storing of tools.


    • The thickness of the plastic is a concern for professionals.

Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse Review (2-Pack) – Best Lightweight and Durable Saw Horse


This 2-pack Stanley sawhorse is quite similar to the WORX Clamping Sawhorse other than the bar clamping. The portable Stanley sawhorse is lightweight and durable. The load capacity of this pair is also impressive it can carry 1000 pounds and stay stable at work. These are strong and stable, but the clamping of this sawhorse is not easy. It has a stronger tray connection that increases stability and prevents collapsing while carrying a heavy load.

Extra lower shelf and cord hooks increase the tool’s storage. The integral V-groove makes it easy to hold the lumber and pipes. This versatile sawhorse is popular for its durable and rugged construction.

Features You Will Like

  • The product dimensions are 27.3 inches X 4.2 inches X 32.1 inches.
  • This product is available in multi-color and multi-dimensions.
  • 1000 pounds of load capacity.
  • Foldable and easy to transport.
  • The integral V-Groove allows the holding of lumber.
  • Side hangers and lower shelf for extra storage.

    • There is a top rubber point which helps to secure surface stability.
    • Extra storage for tools and accessories.
    • The side hooks are able to hold cables or tools.


    • This is not height adjustable.

Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse with Adjustable Legs Review(1-Pack) – Best Versatile Saw Horse


Let’s talk about another Stanley Sawhorse with adjustable legs. This one is pretty different from the other one I have described earlier. The different feature to name first is 2 lid organizers which can be used for small tools storage. The legs adjust separately to use it on any terrain. It is built for considering the work advantage of DIY’ers and professionals.

The grip is so easy and comfortable for its rubber coating. The slide mechanism allows easy movement to increase your working comfort. Steel legs are sturdy enough to carry heavier loads. There is also a lower shelf to store more tools and accessories. Polypropylene material increases durability and prevents it from rusting.

Features You Will Like

  • Toolbox for extra storage.
  • The padlock helps to secure content.
  • Soft rubber coated and comfortable grip.
  • High-quality slide mechanism.
  • Rubber mat for increased stability.
  • Suitable for any kind of terrain.
  • The heavy load capacity of 1200 lbs. per pair.
  • 2 more lid organizers allow extra storage.

    • Sturdy and durable for its steel legs and polypropylene material.
    • Provide easy and smooth movement.
    • Anti-skid and non-slip legs.
    • Extra storing capacity and heavy-duty sawhorse.


    • The stance is not so wide as the older ones.

ToughBuilt Folding Sawhorse/Jobsite Table – Best Saw Horse by All Considerations


Here is another sawhorse for professionals. The ToughBuilt Sawhorse has ample load capacity and solid construction that makes it sturdy enough. This saw horse features 2×4 support arms that can be used to turn two saw horses into a solid jobsite table.

The support arms help it to convert this sawhorse into a Jobsite table easily. This lightweight sawhorse is so easy to carry with the easy-grip handle and it is capable of handling heavier workloads.

Moreover, the assembling is also hassle-free and the fast-open legs make the installation simple. The edges have a rolled shape for safety and it also features hanging hooks. Excellent powder coat finish ensures durability as it will inspire minimal rust.

It is built with zinc plated steel that prevents corrosion and increases its strength. The steel body also allows you to store a compound miter saw on its leg using a high-powered magnet.

Features You Will Like

  • It is constructed of high-grade steel
  • The load capacity is 1100 lbs. each. The pair can carry 2200 lb.
  • The surface is equipped with Zinc Plate.
  • Powder Coat finish included.
  • Foldable and lightweight.
  • The dimension is 41.54 inches X 26.57 inches X 28.82 inches.
  • The product weight is only 13.34 lbs.

    • Heavy-duty and sturdy sawhorse.
    • Extra Durable for its powder coat finish.
    • The zinc plate strengthens it to the last.
    • Easier to carry.
    • It can easily convertible to a Jobsite table.


    • Not easy to use for taller people.

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Protocol Equipment 92786 42-Inch – Best Metal Saw Horse


There are plenty of sawhorse options in the market. If you are not sure which one will suit your workstation best, you can choose the Protocol 42-inch Adjustable Height Metal Folding Sawhorse. This pair of sawhorses is equipped with galvanized legs and a convenient built-in carrying handle.  The most important feature of this sawhorse is its loading capacity. I was astonished when I came to know that the capacity limit of this sawhorse is 2600 pounds.

This weight is really heavy. You can completely rely on this pair of sawhorses for your heavy-duty workload. The support arms, as well as the adjustable height, are great as an added advantage. If you are confused yet, I would love to describe some more about this pair. Protocol 42-Inch Adjustable Height Metal Folding Sawhorse is built by high grade, corrosion-resistant steel. It is sturdy and stable with support pegs which allow consistent support while you are working on it.

Features You Will Like

  • You will get 2 of the sawhorse in a set.
  • This set is well constructed by high-grade steel.
  • It can carry 2600 pounds.
  • 2 X 4 table supports arms.
  • The height is 25.5 inches, 32.5 inches, 42 inches wide.
  • Lifetime warranty

    • The adjustable height includes a comfortable working experience.
    • Huge loading capacity ensures a heavy workload.
    • Extra durable and corrosion-free.


    • Sometimes it comes with some faults in shipping.

Hitachi 115445 Folding Sawhorses – Best Budget Saw Horse


Sometimes you don’t need to tailor to your best choice. Hitachi is one of the world’s most reliable brands on their categories of products. Their craftsmanship is well renowned in the market. They have also a good reputation in the sawhorse category. The best product with the lowest price is the perfect speech for this Hitachi sawhorse.

You can easily depend on it if you are a regular or inexperienced one. The load capacity is also reasonable much for your need at this budget the price. It can carry 1200 pounds per pair. 4 sawbucks included with it are designed to hold 2 X 4 flat on its side. The default shelf and the cord hooks have made it more useful in your workspace. The thick lumber indentations increase the stability.  Overall, this sawhorse is a perfect tool for your workmanship.

Features You Will Like

  • 1200 pounds of loading capacity.
  • 2 sawhorses included 4 sawbucks.
  • Built-in shelf and cord hooks.
  • 2 inches thick lumber.

    • The cheapest one on the market.
    • Thick lumber increases the stability.
    • Heavy-duty stands to ensure extra loading capacity.


    • Height is not adjustable.

Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse – The Ultra-Light Sawhorse


This ultra-light sawhorse is a good option for your carrying advantage. The Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse pair is built for lighter works. It doesn’t share that kind of huge holding capacity. But it comes with the reasonable capacity to cope with your jobs.

Moreover, you will get folding and unfolding quite easily and comfortably compared to other products. There is a grip handle on it for easy carrying. It won’t take up too much space in your workplace. It is perfect for a smaller room to save more space. The metal construction ensures extra durability. Let’s check the features it offers.

Features You Will Like

  • High-grade metal construction.
  • Each one has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. 2-Pack can carry almost 600 pounds.
  • A grip handles for easy transport.
  • Weight is only 8.7 pounds.

    • Lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Cross brace increases stability.
    • Perfect for smaller workspace.
    • No assembling and installation required.


    • Low load capacity.
    • Not perfect for heavy-duty works.

Trojan TS-35 35 Inch Tall Sawhorse – Best Saw Horse for The Taller Individual


This sawhorse is pretty different from other traditional sawhorses on the market. The metal built sawhorse legs are sturdy enough to withstand heavy weight. The legs are also self-level to any terrain. The gripping teeth help to enclose thick lumber to make a sawhorse after your requirement. This functionality provides the advantage of building a sawhorse of whatever length is required.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee shows the confidence of the manufacturer about the durability of their products. The blue powder coat finishes are a gift that presents us with a corrosion-free product. These legs can be adjusted in any place you need. The smaller or bigger workplace is not the concern. You just need to collect lumber as per your needs.

Features You Will Like

  • The set up doesn’t require nails or screws. The gripping teeth fulfill the requirement.
  • 1/8 inches thick welded steel construction.
  • 2x lumber is needed to adjust the gripping teeth.
  • Lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Lifetime Guaranty

    • Only 2 legs provide ample adjustable opportunities.
    • Easy to carry and assemble.
    • No need to use any nails or screws to assemble it.
    • Perfect for any place – smaller or bigger.
    • Blue powder coat finish ensures extra durability.


    • Some consumers complain about the packaging.

The Wilmar Performance Tool W54009 – Best Heavy-duty Plastic Saw Horse


Now this one is made of plastic, another lightweight, easy-carrying sawhorse. Though it is plastic made, you will get a good load capacity of 900 pounds. This heavy-duty sawhorse has to fold out stoppers. The folding is easy and the compact size allows it to be used in any place.

Not to enforce, it doesn’t need much room and a cheaper one in the market. Anti-skid buttons and rubber have added an extra advantage to this tool. There is also a handy cord wrap as well as a tool tray. It will provide extra space to store your other tools. Now let’s dig the features of this sawhorse.

Features You Will Like

  • Heavy-duty and sturdy sawhorse.
  • Fold-out stoppers.
  • Extra storage space.
  • The load capacity of 900 lbs.
  • Rubber has made it smooth.
  • Product dimensions: 26 X 24 X 8 inches.

    • Lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Reasonable load capacity.
    • Cheaper enough.
    • Easy folding options.


    • Small work surface.
    • Not very heavy like metal built tools.

2 X 4 Basics 90196 Black Pro Brackets Sawhorse – Best Sawhorse Plans for the Brackets


This pro bracket sawhorse is a wooden one. Heavy-duty and sturdy sawhorse with great load capacity, it provides a strong and stable workstation. The great feature of this sawhorse is its customizing option. You will get this sawhorse without any lumber included. So this is a chance for you to assemble your sawhorse as your requirements. You May Know – A Brief History of Wooden Sawhorses.

And it is not limited to any standard size. Although you need to assemble it, assembling is just as easy as a pie. Only a screwdriver can make it possible to quickly assemble this product. You will also love it for its price on Amazon. There is no other option that would be perfect if your concern is its price.

Be warned, all you will receive with this purchase is the brackets. You will have to get 2x4s separately to build the actual saw horse. The advantage is that you can build your saw horse to any length and height you wish. Even if you want to build a saw horse that is sixteen feet long and eight feet tall, you can easily build that with the 2X4 basic sawhorse brackets.

Now dig into some more features of this heavy-duty sawhorse.

Features You Will Like

  • The load capacity of 2000 pounds.
  • No lumber is included with the package.
  • Easy assembling using only a screwdriver.
  • There are four brackets and eight stabilizing feet will be provided in the package.
  • 2 years of warranty

    • This one is the cheapest in price.
    • A huge load capacity allows heavy-duty jobs.
    • More customizing options to make it longer or shorter.
    • Perfect tall people.


    • Time-consuming crossbar and legs installation to start with

Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy – Best Saw Horses Ever for the Added Strength

You will get a lot of fans of this Target Precision 34-inch sawhorse. This one also comes with two sawhorse legs. The sturdy and metal built legs are perfect for heavy work. But the legs are lightweight enough that you can carry it easily. The great load capacity is also remarkable compared to its weight.

The Target Precision Sawhorse legs are built by 1 – ¼ inch diameter steel tube. The lock of the legs is also solidly in place when it is opened. The legs are capped with non-slip rubber tips. It preserves your floor from scratch by the rubber tip steel legs of the sawhorse. The rugged legs open up the customizing options for you. The powder coat finish ensures extra durability.

This feature makes it corrosion-free. Folding is easy enough and quicker compared to similar products. Even if you want to transport your sawhorse anywhere it feels quite easy for its weight. The height is perfect for a tall man. There is no lumber provided with this package. You can make lumber as your working needs. Now let’s walk through the features of these sawhorse legs.

Features You Will Like

  • A set consists of two rugged, customized sawhorse legs.
  • Load capacity over 1000 pounds.
  • The product’s weight is only 12 pounds.
  • Steel tube legs of 1 – ¼ inch diameter.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • 34 inches long.
  • Legs are capped by non-slip, non-scratch rubber tips.

    • Sturdy and well-constructed.
    • It can carry a reasonable workload.
    • Perfect for taller people.
    • More customizing options.
    • Prevent scratching or slipping on your floor.
    • Easier to assemble and carry.


    • A bit of packaging complains.

What Is a Saw Horse?

A sawhorse is a simple woodworking accessory made of a crossbeam and four legs to cut, size, and shape lumber. It is certainly one of the essential pieces of appliance you need for your personal garage or professional workshop. While it is the best option for DIY woodworkers, it can even be a better alternative to the workbench for the professional woodworker on the go thanks to its portability and lightweight materials. If you work for far-away projects that require traveling for miles then a foldable and portable sawhorse is a must.

Nowadays sawhorse is growing popular with the designs they are appearing now. They can work like your worktable and bench but they will not occupy as much working space as those both while working and resting unused. Modern saw horses are ready to address your space issue and you can break or fold them down flat on the ground or inside your truck trunk.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Saw Horses

If you opt for the saw horses manufactured by the industry, it is crucial to consider several factors. The most essential of them include portability, ease of use, load capacity, and strength. Scarcely, you need to be told of the traits a sawhorse should be featured with to provide those benefits. Let us have a point by point briefing of the crucial features of the best woodworking saw horses. Before going for the details of the benefits, you should be very clear about what the portability, comfort, hauling ability, and sturdiness of a sawhorse stand for.

Sturdiness or Strength


Strength is crucial for a sawhorse as you will put a project of any weight and length depending on your level of woodworking tasks. Merely high-quality legs made of premium materials like steel or wood can ensure of sturdiness. The professional and heavy-duty tasks will find the required stability and support from them. If you are a professional woodworker, you can go to that type of leg. But the private woodworking may do with premium quality plastic legs.

Portability & Adjustability

Saw horses meant are for portability and adjustability whereas you have the fundamental workbench to accomplish tasks of any level – lighter or heavy-duty woodworking. If you want to work on projects outside your workshop and you need to be on the go for that, the only option left for you is to carry the sawhorse along with you. And that saw horse should fit into your car or truck trunk and must not weigh more than 25 pounds.

Comfort or Ease of Use

A sawhorse must be comfortable to handle and the height plays a great role in this regard. To clarify the point further, the average height of a sawhorse is 24-27 inches, and the second factor that increases the ease of working is the non-grip feature of the legs. So far as the height is concerned, a sawhorse featured with adjustable height is available. To relieve you, there is a rubber cap to attach at the end of the leg so that it can rest steadily on any ground.

Load-hauling CapacityLoad-hauling-Capacity

Whereas a sawhorse is preferred for lighter projects to cut, the latest industry-grade products come built with sturdy wood and high-quality aluminum and steel. You can have sawhorses able to haul 1000-2500 pound projects.


Crossbeam is also an urgent consideration nowadays as the manufacturers introduce variations in it. If you take the help of the sawhorse for painting purposes, a narrower crossbeam should be the preference. Conversely, when you are using this for your workbench, you should opt for the thicker versions.


Building materials are a foremost consideration when going for a sawhorse. You can opt for the three – wood, metal, and plastic. Wood and metal can be the choice for professionals and heavy-duty tasks and plastic are fit for lightweight tasks. The former will provide you with the strength and sturdiness very crucial for the heavier tasks and the latter will give you the portability and ease of use.

Thus far we have learned what a sawhorse should be featured with to ensure the crucial and fundamental benefits. Now we will explore some innovative designs and features introduced by a different company and find how far they are a great help to ease our woodworking stress. These are the characteristics that make the tedious and arduous woodworking job a breeze.

Folding Saw Horse


We have already learned about adjustability, portability, and storage space occupation. These are the two benefits that come with a sawhorse design with the folding feature. If you are on the go to reach a faraway project site, the best folding sawhorse is the option to fit into wherever you want to store it. And you don’t have to worry about any hassle as it can be ready in seconds by just unfolding it.

Bracket Option

This is a semi-DIY version of sawhorse as you decide the length of the crossbeam and the height of the legs after your body measurement. But the crucial consideration, in this case, is to take a reliable and quality offer of brackets avoiding the low-end sheet metal available in the aftermarkets. But this will cost you additional time and wood to make it ready to start working.

Extra Storage Area

It is a tendency now to present sawhorse with extra tool storage self in the lower end of the legs. This is the place to organize your essential tools. But in the case of the best folding sawhorses, this facility creates the inconvenience of flipping down and rigidity while folding and unfolding.

Guaranty/Warranty & Customer Service

Woodworking accessories like sawhorses hardly need any warranty as they will surely go through uses and abuses. Despite that several products come equipped with limited or lifetime warranty that signals positive about the material, construction, design, and quality of the appliance. Products having a guarantee or warranty statement deserve preference for the ones backed only by customer service.


What about the Sawhorse Dimension and Size?

And: A sawhorse dimension refers to the length and width of the top surface which is the other way called crossbeam. The size refers to the height of the sawhorse which is the sum of the length of the standing legs and the thickness of the crossbeam or surface.

Are Plastic Saw Horses Durable?

Ans: Plastic sawhorses are durable but it depends on the use and abuses they go through. A plastic sawhorse is meant for lighter woodworking tasks. If you try to work on a larger project on a plastic sawhorse, the result will be very disappointing.

What is a Single Height Sawhorse?

Ans: A sing-height sawhorse means a sawhorse without the feature of adjustable height. You can also call it a fixed-height one.

What is the Ideal Height for a Sawhorse?

Ans: Common sawhorses come with a height of 24 to 27 inches. This is on average the most convenient working height. But for a shorter or taller individual, there are sawhorses with adjustable legs to adjust the height to one such product Toe-e-Horse.

What is the Best Angle for the Sawhorse Leg?

Ans: It should be 90 degrees the total sum of two angles – the angle from the straight line and the angle from the board’s edge. Suppose, if the former angle is 65 degrees and the latter is 25 degrees. There can be a little up and down in both the slants but the convenient total angle measurement should be 90 degrees.


By now it is crystal clear that here you will meet the best saw horses recommended above. To be precise, the sawhorse is a relative term depending fairly on your needs. The best one for you should be the sawhorse that comes with the right height, modern designs and features, and the chosen dimensions fit for your project. Having said that, we can rate every single sawhorse reviewed in this article to be the best. By the same consideration, they are the most recommended and backed by all the features that ensure the basic and advanced sawing benefits.

You can pick your type by going through these 14 best saw horses reviews. Just make sure that you read the buying guide with rapt attention so that you may reach the right one for your project. To your amazement, none of these high-end products will break your bank.

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