Top 5 Yonico Router Bits Review For Woodcraft Work

Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank
Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank
Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Raised Panel Cabinet Door Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank
Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Raised Panel Cabinet Door Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank
Yonico 14323q 3 Bit Undersize Plywood Dado Router Bit Set 1/4-Inch Shank
Yonico 14323q 3 Bit Undersize Plywood Dado Router Bit Set 1/4-Inch Shank

Does brand matter for wood router bits? It’s a question that may not have a uniform answer with every woodworker.

But for a professional craftsman, the brand does matter. A brand reflects the quality of a product. You can’t expect a jaw-dropping design on your woodcraft by cheap and non-branded gears.

You can go for top-rated brands like Whiteside or Freud if you like. However, economical brands like Yonico can also work great with a lower price-tag.

What you get is the branded-quality at a reasonable cost. Our Yonico router bits review will help you find out the perfect tool for your next woodcraft work.

Why Should You Choose Yonico Router Bits?

When asked to name a brand for router bits, almost every serious woodworker nowadays may think about Whiteside or Freud.  It’s safer to go with the crowd, isn’t it?

But the thing is unless you explore newer products, you don’t know what you are missing out. If you are avoiding some brands due to the fact that you haven’t heard of it, or it’s cheaper, then you need a reality check. Not always does cheap mean poor-quality.

That’s why we have listed down a few reasons why you should be going for a Yonico set.


Most of the Yonico router bits are made from C3 micro-grain Carbide. These materials make them stronger and sharper than most of the top-branded ones, as well.

These tools can cut woods with precise sharpness and smoother edges. Again, the silver induction brazing ensures long-lasting durability and sturdiness, saving the tools from wear and tear.

Kickback-Resistant Design

With the kick-back design, the bits can resist the materials being cut and worn off. It saves them from sticking inside and damaging the materials around it, including the tool itself.

Versatile Usability

The Yonico router bits can be used on nearly any type of wood. From solid hardwood to soft plywood, they can be used safely in a variety of woods.

Top 5 Best Yonico Router Bits Reviews

Out of numerous routing gears from Yonico, we took five into the test. These are proven to be the best performing tools from Yonico. Truly, you don’t want to miss one single bit of it, literally. So without further ado, fasten your seatbelts!

Yonico 17702 70 Router Bit Set


Yonico 17702 70 Router Bit Set

Remember those days when you used to bring a pack of bits, and as soon as you open it, it’s a total mess? Well, say goodbye to those nightmares. The Yonico 17702 70 has just got longer. This increased height of the shanks keeps these tools well-placed inside the pack. Open one and get impressed.

Not only do you get better packaging, but this improved height does come with better placement for the bits in the router, as well.

Whether you have a table-mount or hand-held router, your routing experience will be different and exciting. You will get a lot of room for adjustments that will help you set them in the right positions and bring about whatever design you have in your head.

Using a ½-inch shank means perfection in your crafting works. To get the perfect shapes and corners on your woodwork, the 17702 70 comes with a half-inch shank.

What happens with a quarter-inch shank, is that it can’t cut through a good amount of depth from the wood side.

That’s why expert carpenters prefer and suggest a half-inch shank for better output. With almost a double diameter, the half-inch shank takes full advantage of its shape and ends up trimming better.

The box comes with 70 different-sized bits – you have one for every design idea you have! These 70 tools are all made from CNC balanced, C3 Micro-grain Carbide. It means that these are strong, durable, and can cut and trim the wood for any shape and size.

Yonico has taken a great deal of time to select these from a wide range of premium quality bits. These carefully selected ones are there to help you with a smooth and hassle-free operation for your woodcraft project.


  • It comes with longer and sharper bits
  • A large collection of 70 different tools
  • All bits are of half-inch shank
  • Suitable for both table-mount and a hand-held router
  • Silver induction brazing for maximum durability

  • The box is not at all well-built


Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Set


Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Set

If you are a professional woodworker or carpenter, or you want to work as one, you have got Yonico 12335 set for you. You won’t be getting the freedom to use the bits on your hand-held router.

Don’t worry, as a professional, you have a table-mount router in your workplace. Plus, using a table-mount router is easier and gives a lot of room to get the best out of it.

You can see what’s going on, and you are going to move the wood instead of the router. This makes it very handy to get the necessary curves on your piece.

Do you need to design a rail and stile door frame for your front or cabinet door? If yes, then the rail and stile bits can work like magic for you.

You can cut through the central panel of your door for a classic, stunningly designed ogee edge with a little help from the raised panel bit.

Not only the doors, but you can also use the raised panel to craft beautiful drawer fronts, table tops, plaques, and moldings. Let your imagination conquer the boundary this time!

Not to mention, the fully enclosed ball bearing helps to achieve a precise and satisfactory cut without having to use a fence. Now it’s way easier to cut through the woods with the tiniest detail and perfection.

These are made from high-quality C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide. This heavy-duty material ensures the bit cuts through the woods for a sharper and long-lasting edge. Forget about uneven cuts; this is the real quality we are talking about.

Silver induction brazing makes the bits quite durable and sturdy. It will benefit you, especially if you are planning to work with these for a long time, as the silver brazing allows the gears to endure a lot of pressure.


  • Sturdy bits with C3 tungsten carbide materials
  • Made from silver brazing
  • It comes with solid wood storage
  • All the bits are of half-inch shank
  • Perfect for rail and stile door frame

  • These gears can’t be used in hand-held routers


Yonico 14323 3 Bit Set

Yonico 14323 3 Bit Set

Cutting dados in the middle of the wood can be very challenging. If not well-measured and sharply cut, it can end up as a disaster on the wood, leaving you perplexed and dissatisfied.

Yonico does have a perfect solution to this issue. They have introduced the 14323 set for the best-ever dado-cutting experience for you. These sharp, accurately designed, powerful gears allow you to cut through the middle of the wood leaving behind a classic example of woodcraft.

For a strong tool to prepare, you do need one of the strongest materials available. That’s why Yonico has carefully molded the 14323 bits with utmost precision using premium C3 tungsten carbide materials.

So, the stronger gears can now create sharper and durable edges on the woods – that’s all you can ask for from a router bit.

These tools are manufactured with silver induction brazing, which has multiplied the level of strength you can expect from a router bit. Therefore, these are stronger and more durable than any of the peer models on the market.

It’s great to see that these gears can be used in any type of router. Be it table-mount, hand-held, or even CNC router – you can use the bits quite easily on all of these devices.

Although experts prefer a half-inch shank most of the time, there still may be some need for a quarter-inch shank bit – especially if you are trying to shape up some tiny and sophisticated part of the wood. Well, good for you, that the 14323 is available with a ¼-inch shank, as well.


  • Specially designed for dado cutting
  • Useful for receiving dressed plywood
  • Can be used in any router type
  • Made from a high-quality C3 carbide
  • Silver induction brazing for better durability

  • The bits tend to get dull if often used on plywood


Yonico 15221 3/4-Inch 2 Bit Set

Yonico 15221 3-4-Inch 2 Bit Set

It’s damn frustrating when you use two different types of tongue and groove router bits, and they don’t match! Urgh! This is a next-level frustration for any woodworker.

To get your way out of this, all you need is a set of bits that perfectly match the tongue and groove cuts on your wood. What can be better than a set that has the exact measurement for both cuts? Nothing.

The Yonico 15221 bit set promises to deliver the said service with utmost precision. These performers can cut tongue and groove in the woods with thicknesses varying from ¼-inch to ¾-inch.

This works like a magic pill for you if you are working on projects that call for floor joints, rai, stile, etc. It’s a hair-uprooting task to match the joints of the tongue and groove to perfection. But not anymore! The 15221 is here for the rescue.

Cutting tongue and groove cut in the woodwork best when you are using a table-mount router. It gives you enough room and maneuvering capacity to take full advantage of the larger size of a router.

That’s why these bits fit only a table-mount router. Yes, not quite good news for hand-held router users, but for better quality output, router type also plays a key role.

For heavy-duty work, you need a heavy-duty tool. The 15221 Set takes pride in its high-quality materials.

The bits are made from tungsten C3 micro-grain carbide blades that allow them to cut sharper edges on the wood. Therefore, the edges will be perfect, smooth, and on top of that – durable and long-lasting.

You can’t ask for more durability in these sharpeners when you have silver induction brazing on them. This brazing adds to the durability and strength of the bits. Let your worry of wear and tear ward off permanently.


  • Strong and sturdy C3 carbide made body
  • Silver induction brazing for heavy durability
  • Perfect joining for tongue and groove cut
  • Available in both half-inch and quarter-inch shank
  • Variety of thickness in cutting

  • Only usable in table-mount routers


Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Set

Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Set

Only an expert craftsman knows the real value of a precise cut of rail and stile cut. The cuts are multi-layered and are carefully measured to match the joints. Without the help of an industry-quality router bit, you can’t expect to achieve a perfect cutting experience for your project.

The 12249 Shaker exactly does this job. It can perfectly cut through rail and stile door frames with an accurate measurement that matches pretty well. The bits allow you to cut the frames at a depth of 3/8-inch to 7/8-inch.

Furthermore, the 12249 Shaker is perfect for rail and stile cuts on any type of wood. All you need is to attach the bits to a table-mount router and set the wood in the perfect position. You can see the artistic result in seconds.

Yes, these are only available for use with a table-mount router. That’s because of the easiness of its use. Cutting a rail and stile cut needs a lot of space and monitoring. That’s better done on a table-mount device than on a hand-held one.

You can use both the half-inch and quarter-inch shanks for the cutting. The 12249 set comes in both sizes. You can choose according to your needs.

Like most of the other Yonico router bits, the 12249-set is also crafted with durable materials like C3 micro-grain carbide. Plus, these are brazed with silver induction brazing for maximum lifetime and anti-wear and tear capacity.


  • Perfectly suited for rail and stile cutting
  • It comes in a solid wooden box
  • Made from strong carbide materials
  • Available in both half and quarter inches shank sizes
  • It cuts through a range of depth

  • It needs extra caution for balancing


Features to Look for in Yonico Router Bits

Yonico manufactures an array of router bits that fit perfectly for multiple uses. You can choose one that matches your task requirements, or you can move towards multi-purpose ones.

Their sets are just perfect for all-in-one use. That being said, it is very crucial to ensure that there are some specific features you want to look out for while buying a Yonico router tool.

C3 Tungsten Carbide

Most of the Yonico router bits are made from C3 tungsten carbide material. This material gives the tools high rust resistance and heavy strength.

You can expect these gears to last longer, and it can withhold much of the heavy use. Moreover, it takes the sharpness of these tools to a level that allows smoother and sharper cuts.

Anti-Kickback Design

These bits are equipped with a built-in resistance called Anti-Kickback. This means you can’t overfeed them with materials. Moreover, if these tools get stuck somewhere, it is expected that it won’t damage the materials because of it.

Silver Brazing Coating

Several router bits from Yonico come with a Silver Induction Brazing. This special coating protects them from external damage and corrosion, as well. It enhances durability and enables withholding capacity under severe pressure.


Some of the Yonicorouting-gear sets are pretty versatile when it comes to shank size. While most of the bits are of half-inch shanks, some sets from Yonico include quarter-inch shanks, as well. This is very helpful when you need to use a ¼-inch shank for lower-depth trimming and fine-tuning.

Another versatile characteristic of these gears is the ability to suit multiple router types. Not all of them can be used in table-mount, hand-held, or CNC routers. Some of them are only to be used in table-mount devices. Very few bits can be used on multiple devices resulting in equal output.


A perfect bit will be well-lubricated to perform smoothly. The ball bearing and the shank body need to be greased well to make it move and twist with utmost precision.

These are some of the vital features that you need to have in a router tool. Make sure you are cross-checking this list next time when you are buying a Yonicorouting-gear. Refer to our Yonico router set reviews for more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which one is better, a half-inch shank or a quarter-inch?

A half-inch shank can provide the maximum cut and can get deeper inside the wood side. However, a quarter-inch can also be useful if a shorter or softer cut is required.

  1. What is silver induction brazing?

It’s a joining process of non-ferrous filler metal with a high melting temperature.

  1. Can Yonico bits be used for Dado cutting?

Yes, Yonico does have specific bit models for dado cutting, as well. We have reviewed one in this article.

  1. Can router bit cut aluminum?

You would need spiral router bits with added coating for cutting aluminum. Normal ones are not sturdy enough for this.

  1. Can I sharpen a router bit?

Yes, a router bit is used to sharpen wood, so definitely, it can be sharpened, as well. You can use diamond honing files for this job to do by yourself. Otherwise, you can get help from experts.

Final Words

While everybody is flocking around expensive renowned brands, several serious woodworkers are exploring less-known brands like Yonico to give them a shot. Trust us, as we have gone through 5 of their best products here in our Yonico router bits review, it’s worth it.

What can be said about Yonico in one sentence is that it provides top-quality value at a surprisingly affordable price. Find out more by ordering one today. See it for yourself, and comment below if you feel the same!

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