Top 3 Best Legs For Workbench Reviews In 2024

Shop Fox D2659 28-Inch Deep Work Bench Leg
Shop Fox D2659 28-Inch Deep Work Bench Leg
Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System
Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System
Nexel Height Adjustable Leg for 30"W Workbench
Nexel Height Adjustable Leg for 30"W Workbench

Which tool do we utilize the most in our work area?

If your answer is a workbench, then you are right. You ask why?

Well, you basically do everything there. From hammering items on top of it to laying down stuff on it.

To endure the pressure of all these tasks, a strong workbench is required.

There are a lot of companies constructing workbenches, which makes it pretty difficult to get your hands on the perfect one.

Not to worry, because you clicked on the very article which would lead you straight to the best legs for workbench.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the core discussion.

The Best Legs for Workbench Reviews

To keep you out of confusion, we have shortlisted the best three one for you. Mind you, the products mentioned below are in random order.

1. Shop Fox D2659 28-Inch Deep Workbench Leg

Shop Fox D2659 28-Inch Deep Workbench Leg

Are you looking for good adjustable workbench legs? This might just be the one for you.

Whether you are tall or short, you would be able to change the length of the product according to your height. The item can be adjusted from 30-Inch to 36-Inch.

It is extremely durable because it is made up of angle iron and plate steel. This also means that you can use the item to do heavy-duty tasks in your workplace.

Each leg can withstand a weight of 2,000 lbs. Furthermore, the legs can be bolted to the ground to ensure that it does not move while you are working.


  • Very sturdy and can withstand 2000 pounds per leg
  • Adjustable up to 30 inches to 36 inches
  • Legs can be bolted to the ground for a better working experience
  • Durable as it is constructed with plate steel and angle iron
  • Once bought can be used for a long time
  • Affordable

  • Each of the legs has to be bought separately
  • Two legs are needed to make a bench


2. Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System

Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System

Get ready to loosen up your wallets if you wish to buy this leg system for your bench. This is towards the more expensive side of the spectrum, but rest assured it is worth your bucks for its extremely good quality.

The product is not your average legs for your workbench. It has a square column leg made out of steel. A rectangular steel cross brace provides great support and makes the whole bench very sustainable. You could simply call it the best steel workbench legs.

If you use this with a butcher’s block tabletop, you’ll see the best outcome and better working experience. The footpads are rubberized in order to make the bench adjustable, and it minimizes vibration when a power tool is being used and increases the overall stability of the bench.


  • Has the capacity of carrying over 2000 pounds of weight
  • Very sturdy and durable because of its steel frame and cross
  • Rubber padding at the foot prevents excess vibration while using tools
  • The legs are adjustable to one’s liking

  • Is towards the higher-end side price-wise 

3. Nexel Height Adjustable Leg for 30″W Workbench

Nexel Height Adjustable Leg for 30"W Workbench

The gray beauty has a beautiful finish. If you are looking for something which might make your clumsy workspace to look more put together, be sure to buy this one.

There are double-tiered knockouts on the front and the back of the product that can be removed. This is so that a hard-wired wall socket or a voluntary plug-in socket can be quite simply screwed into position without any extra wires.

A base-plate is present that lets the item to be anchored on the floor. It is manufactured by steel fully, and therefore, can be classified as a strong and solid leg for workbenches.

You would be able to adjust the height by one and a half-inch according to your needs.


  • Towards the affordable side
  • Has a pretty impressive weight holding capacity up to 1,800 lbs
  • Base-plates help the bench to become attached to the floor
  • Duplex knockouts to accommodate two types of wiring

  • No additional mounting hardware to set up the legs with the bench
  • A cheap plastic plug is used to hold the leg placement

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are a number of things you have to consider before purchasing legs for your workbench. Here are the following items that need a thought;

Type of Workbench

If you are in a dire need of a workbench table that is made up of steel or hardwood, stick to legs that are made up of strong metal such as iron or steel. This is because both the items are quite heavy and sturdy legs would be needed to withstand the weight of the top.

A portable workbench would need casters joined to the legs or the base to make it mobile. The legs have to be constructed with either plastic or wood so that it’s easier to carry the product.

Size of the Workbench

Keep in mind; you have to purchase legs that would fit your chosen tabletop perfectly. If you want to do tasks on a large scale, it is advised to have legs that can accommodate very wide tabletops. This ensures that a lot of work can be done in a more organized way. Assembling things can be done more easily.

Adjustable or Not

Even though fixed legs are far cheaper than the adjustable ones, but it is smarter to buy the latter. This is because you can change its height according to your size, age, and comfort. But if you are looking for an affordable option and know that the item will match with your height then get the fixed one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the distance between the holes from one center to the next, and also the gap between two holes per foot for the Shop Fox workbench leg?

Vertically, the holes from the center to the next of the legs are about 2 inches. The gap between the two holes per foot is 4 inches. These can be adjusted to about 2 inches in height.

  1. Do the Shop Fox Workbench legs come in pairs?

No, you have to buy them separately.

  1. Can castors be added to the legs of the Nexel workbench?

Yes, it is possible. There are pre-drilled holes to fit in the castors.

  1. Is it possible to change the shelf attachment of the Nexel workbench?

The company provides only one set, but if one wants, they can remodel it to make the shelf attachment changeable.

  1. Can the Shop Fox Heavy Duty Bench be used outdoors?

Yes, as the name suggests, the product is made up of heavy metal, and it can withstand almost about anything.

  1. Are wheels available with the Shop Fox Heavy Duty Bench?

No, but they can be bought separately and installed later.

Final Words

After reading this entire article, we are pretty sure that you now understand the importance of good quality workbench. We hope you could find the best legs for workbench from our chosen three.

Be sure to comment on the comments section below to let us know about any confusion you might face regarding this topic.

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