Top 7 Best Table Saw Fence Reviews In 2024

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
Wixey 1500mm/ 60" Digital Saw Fence Readout
Wixey 1500mm/ 60" Digital Saw Fence Readout
Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System
Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System

While it is essential to have a reliable and performance-oriented tool, sometimes it is not enough if you want to achieve the most precise results possible. Whether it is woodworking or doing any kind of DIY workshop project, it is always necessary to have the right tools but also the ideal accessories.

The best table saw fence is probably one of the most useful add-ons you can attach when doing woodwork. It will help you make more accurate and evenly cuts without having to make much of an effort. Want to know how useful and easy a table saw fence is? Then read up and learn!

Why Do You Need A Saw Fence?

Every woodworker needs a table fence. It is the best accessory any DIYer can get to make the most accurate cuts possible. Without one of these, cutting wood can be difficult to the point of frustrating, especially when you can’t leave an excellent finish in the wood piece.

Luckily, you can always get one and enjoy its benefits:


The ability of a fence to keep a wood piece straight is unique. With the right fence, you can keep the wood piece to cut perpendicular with the table. This way you can make clean cuts without leaving splinters or uneven edges behind.


When you clamp a wood piece to the table and align it to the fence, you get an outstanding rigidity no other product will offer. This helps to make it more accurate and safe, but most importantly, it helps to prevent accidental cuts by stopping the piece from moving unexpectedly.

Ease of Use

Once the wood you are going to cut is clamped into the table, you will have the perfect platform to make any cut without issues. Whether it is a metallic or a wooden fence, it should make overall woodworking easy. It should allow cuts with high accuracy without having to hold the piece yourself.

Our Best Table Saw Fence Reviews

There are plenty of options when it comes to saw fences out there. And with so many options, getting the right one can be challenging. But we want to make it easy for you, so we brought a list of reviews so you can pick the ideal fence accordingly.

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

Shop Fox is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to woodworking tools and accessories. For that, you can expect the W1410 Fence to be of fantastic quality in its entirety.

It is one of the strongest and precise options you have thanks to a superb stainless steel build that fits up to 27-inches saw tables. You won’t have any problem using it either, as it comes with an excellent guiding mechanism you can use as a reel, perfect for measuring and securing.

This fence comes with a dual-side securing system, so it achieves superb rigidity when using. It won’t move even if you’re using the saw at the farthest levels. And with the reel system, you can move it according to your needs to achieve the most accurate cuts without issues.

The ball guides are outstanding as well. So you won’t only have the chance to move the fence to the right place for more precision, but do it by just touching it. Grab the positioning knobs and displace the fence softly, and it will move. You’ll owe this to the superb bearing quality of the guides.

To make this fence even better, you’ll be able to install it on a wide array of table saws without issues. So you don’t only have a secure, accurate, and easy-to-use fence, you also have a versatile and convenient option entirely.


  • Excellent steel & aluminum construction for durability
  • Convenient guide mechanism with smooth bearings
  • Dual securing clamps for more accuracy & rigidity
  • A versatile design that fits up to 27-inches tables

  • Can be hard to install in small saws
  • Rail or tracking mechanism can get sticky with time


Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard RailsShop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails

When you have a fence made of aluminum and steel, you can expect an excellent product in its entirety. The W1716 Aluma-Classic from Shop Fox is the perfect fence for demanding users of all kinds.

It comes with a set of 57-inches rails allowing up to 30-inch rip capacity on each side. This makes the fence more useful in every way. But this comes with the additional single-locking cam lever that lets you secure it in the right place for accurate and safe cuts.

This lever is outstandingly resistant and secure. It will make every cut more precise. And when you add the torsion box, this locking mechanism becomes even better, getting rid of deflection for a hugely exact cut with no movement at all.

With this model, you also get a magnified cursor alongside a self-adhesive tape, both useful to make the most accurate cuts by positioning the fence fast. You won’t lose any precision in the process, as the tape sticks fast to the fence and lets you measure the type and length of the cut easily.

Let’s not forget it is aluminum and steel build is one of the best out there. This adds excellent resistance, and durability, and still makes the product light enough for smooth operation. It will stand out among all other fences once you start using it.


  • Strong but light build made of aluminum with steel
  • Superb design with 57-inches rail and 30-inches rip capacity
  • High-quality locking mechanism with heavy-duty cam lever
  • Hugely convenient magnified cursor with self-adhesive tape for measuring

  • Can be challenging to install in old table saws
  • Aluminum parts can be a little flimsy


Delta Power Equipment Corporation 847962005250 Fence System

Delta Power Equipment Corporation Fence System

A fence system doesn’t have to be complicated, that’s what the Delta Power Equipment Corporation wants to offer with this magnificent fence. Simple, reliable, and convenient – you’ll have it all.

The design comes with a one-piece tubular rail that delivers smooth and effective gliding so you can adjust the fence according to your needs. This steel fence also comes with precision-ripping results so you can achieve more precision than other options.

With this gliding system, you also have the three-point locking mechanism. It will help to secure the fence firmly to any point so you can make your cuts easily and without worries. And with the additional twin hairline pointers, you can achieve even more accurate positioning for better results.

The fence also manages to fit all kinds of saws, including hybrid, uni, and contractor saws without problems. To this, you can add the fantastic clamp & hook, that secure the product to the table while letting you add some attachments if needed. This makes the fence highly versatile & handy.

Alongside the clamping system, you also have a quick-removal design. This helps to get better ripping capacity while delivering a more consistent cutting accuracy. You can add the tape located on both sides of the fence so you can achieve superb precision overall.


  • Reliable & smooth tubular rail for easy and secure positioning
  • Excellent steel construction for durability & rigidity
  • Useful three-point locking mechanism for safety & better results
  • Convenient design with clamp, hook and quick-removal feature

  • Installation can be difficult& time-consuming
  • Doesn’t fit small tables


DELTA 36-T30 T2 30-Inch Fence and Rail System

DELTA 36-T30 T2 30-Inch Fence and Rail System

The T2 fence system from Delta is undoubtedly among the most easy-to-use and reliable option you will find, both for its outstanding steel construction as well as for its excellent design.

You could say this is the best table saw fence system from Delta, and undoubtedly in the first three spots overall. This happens due to a steel guide with a scale that makes measuring and cutting easy so you can use your saw more effectively.

The front and support rails alongside the mounting hardware also make the product hugely convenient, but most of all, it makes it practical and secure. You can add the aluminum face that you can attach to iron angles & tubes for better safety.

You can add the 3-point T-square locking mechanism that will make the product even more useful. This way you can secure the fence so you can use any wood piece without problems. Along you’ll have the guiding system that glides smoothly, so you can use the fence however you prefer for better results.

Finally, you have hold-down support that makes it easy to use jigs and feather-boards. This way you can achieve even more versatility and convenience with the fence. Doesn’t matter what you want to cut and how this fence is the one to go for.


  • Superb steel construction for a reliable & durable fence
  • Smooth and convenient rail system for precise guiding
  • Handy T-square with 3 points for great results
  • Highly versatile design with hold-down support

  • Complicated installation due to really light construction
  • Some parts are made of plastic which can be problematic


Peachtree Woodworking PW1113 Uni-T-fence

Peachtree Woodworking PW1113 Uni-T-fence

This is a fantastic choice for anyone who doesn’t want the entire system together. If you are just looking for a fence and you have the locking mechanism and the guides, this will work wonders.

It is made of heavy-duty aluminum that leaves no space for a bad experience. You’ll get a product that goes far to deliver something that works. It is a secure, reliable, and long-lasting option that the most demanding users will love.

It comes with an extended square design that helps to install all kinds of jigs and fixtures depending on your needs. You may also build different attachments, making it perfect for the DIYer who wants versatility at its most.

You can get the 43-inch design to fit almost all types of table saws as well. You can also install it on other fence models so you can have a new and more useful option in its entirety. The mounting system is wholly straightforward and demands little to no work.

All you need to do to install this fence is to attach it to a locking system and make sure it fits correctly with the guides. The rest will be using its amazing design that helps to achieve precise cuts more easily. You won’t have to either open holes or spend hours installing it, with a few minutes it will be ready to use.


    • Excellent T-square design for versatility & convenience
    • Highly reliable build made of heavy-duty aluminum
    • Superb compatibility with guides, jigs, fixtures & locking systems
    • Completely straightforward installation method


    • Doesn’t’ come with guides or measuring tape
    • Won’t fit with accessories from other brands


Peachtree WoodworkingPW1112 Uni-T-Fence Fence

Peachtree WoodworkingPW1112 Uni-T-Fence Fence

At 36 inches, the PW1112 provides fantastic versatility & handiness you won’t get with any other option out there. And when you add the lockless and guideless build, you get an even better product.

The Uni-T-Fence is easily the ideal option for all users who want something versatile for their table saw. The chance to add all kinds of fixtures, jigs, and other attachments as well as fixing any locking & guide system makes this option unbeatable.

All this comes thanks to the extruded square design. Not only it add better compatibility with accessories, but it also makes it easier to use and fit different applications.

Let’s not forget it’s also made of heavy-duty aluminum, so you get a very light fence that works like a gem. The lightness and ease of handling make it a perfect option for those who want something simple to adjust and work with.

Apart from all that, the fence is also a piece of cake to mount and install. With a few slides and adjustments, you’ll have a perfect model for all your projects. Just make sure you have the Stock Delta Fence system from Peachtree, and you’ll have the ideal product for your wood projects.


    • The square design offers excellent versatility and handiness
    • Compatible with all kinds of accessories, fixtures, and jigs
    • Durable & light heavy-duty aluminum construction
    • Completely straightforward installation methods


    • Doesn’t work with guides or attachments of other brands
    • Lack of measuring ruler makes it a little imprecise




Small, reliable, and completely useful for DIYers who don’t need anything large or complex but something simple like the BS900RF. Coming from Powertec, this small fence is an excellent choice for sure.

We could say it is the best DIY table saw fence out there. It is compatible with all kinds of band saws and table saws that are small and easy to use. Still, it is one of the most dependable and robust options out there, with an aluminum construction that will impress you in its entirety.

The tool is one of the most accurate as well, especially with the firm clamp and fitting design. Add the mounting system, and you’ll have a product that doesn’t move at all. This will make it perfect for accurate results and more safety when working.

You also have a cam lever for fine adjustment, alongside a placement lock that provides outstanding sturdiness and precision when using. Just set up the clamp, adjust the fence to the right place and you’ll be ready to make precise cuts.

The fence comes pre-assembled so you can enjoy sharp cuts just after getting it out of the box. You won’t have to do any installation to make it work either, just mount it on a table, and that’s it. In a matter of just minutes, you’ll be ready to start cutting. And to make it better, it weighs only 13.4 ounces.


  • Superb design for excellent versatility and handiness
  • Offers a reliable and durable aluminum construction
  • The very small and light design makes it easy to install & store
  • First-rate accuracy & dependability with clamps & cam-lever for locking

  • Small design not ideal for large operations
  • Needs proper adjustment or it could move when using

How To Choose The Right One

If you are in search of a table saw fence that doesn’t disappoint, then you’ll need to pick the right product. And surely, there’s nothing else to do than to learn what to search for. Here we will explain the different factors you should consider before picking your new fence:

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity is what gives you enough space to cut a large or small piece of wood. If you are working with large pieces of wood, then the most obvious choice would be to go for something that has at least 50-inches of rip capacity. But for small applications, 30 inches is enough.

Remember that the larger the fence is the more space it will take on the table and the more expensive it will be. But the length also offers versatility. If you pick something significant, you will be choosing something that provides more cutting capacity so you can achieve different types of results according to your needs.

If you are a woodworker who tends to make large projects such as doors and tables, for example, then an extended rip capacity of about 50 to 60 inches will be the most ideal choice. Otherwise, sticking to something like 30 inches will be more than enough.

Guide & Rail System

There’s probably nothing more useful in a fence than the guiding or railing system it offers. This way you can move the fence to different parts to fit various table measures. And when you lock the product in the desired place, you can then proceed to cut accurately.

But it is all about picking a rail that offers smoothness and a secure locking mechanism. This way you can use the fence for different types of wood pieces without fearing unwanted movement. Also, this helps with versatility, helping you proceed with all kinds of operations depending on your desired project.

It should move quickly to all sides, come with a reliable locking mechanism, and should be straightforward to move and lock when needed. This way you can save time, and effort, and eventually achieve better results.

Scale or Tape

The tape in a fence always helps to measure and adjust your wood pieces according to the cut you want to make. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to fences, so if the model has parts that help you make a precise cut, it will always be useful.

It is vital for the tape or the added scale to have the right kind of units. Also, make sure they are readable so you can use them whenever you need them. But also remember to have as many numbers as possible, so not only inches but also fractions of an inch and feet if possible.

We recommend marks that are convex or that aren’t painted. This way you can have marks that last several years without fading off after several uses or weather conditions.

Type of Fence

Table saw fences come in different designs, so you’ll be likely to find several options when looking. However, the two classes that stand out the most are the standard fence and the T-square.

Both are incredibly useful, they offer similar results and work almost the same way. But of course, they also have several differences you should know about.


If you want something to slide back and forth and achieve different kinds of measurements, then a standard fence will work for you. This one tends to slide pretty quickly so you can work more comfortably and conveniently.

It is the ideal option for the most versatile woodworkers. But most standard fences only work well for users who tend to work with thin or small pieces instead of large ones. Still, a standard model tends to achieve more accuracy and make it easy to adjust & hold the wood piece when using.


As you can guess, this type focuses on having only one side with a guide or rail for sliding. This way you can add jigs, fixtures, and other attachments to the side that doesn’t have a track. The perfect application for this kind of fence is to make squares and rectangles.

If the wood pieces you want to cut are too large or too wide, a T-square fence will be your ideal choice.  Apart from that, the fixtures and jigs you can add help you achieve more precision when using. So they end up being superb choices for demanding users.


The size mostly refers to the range or table compatibility they offer. This will harm not only the number of table saws you’ll be able to use the fence with but also how much space you will have to work and add wood pieces.

It is essential to make sure that you have the right fence size depending on your needs. We recommend going no less than 50 inches in size if you want the fence to be compatible with most tables.

But what we recommend is to first measure the table you need a fence for, and then you can pick the correct option for your needs. This is critical, so don’t forget to measure your saw table well before buying anything.

Accessories & Attachments

When you pick a model with additional accessories and attachments, you get a fence that offers more precision, versatility, and possible applications. Among the many accessories, you can pick there are jigs, fixtures, and additional squares or measurement guides. All of them can be useful.

Some accessories can be essential for complicated and professional projects. So you will have to pick a model that comes with the ability to add fixtures & attachments if you want a functional fence for your needs.

As said before, the ideal type will be a T-square fence. However, some standard options also allow the addition of an accessory so you can get whichever you prefer accordingly. But make sure it does allow attachments before picking, or you may encounter a significant problem when using it.


Not many people tend to care about this, but it is undoubtedly vital. Especially if you are expecting something affordable, but that lasts years, or something expensive and much more functional. In these cases, it is critical to know about the different brands available.

The first thing to know about brands is that they should offer great warranty and convenient replacement options. You won’t like to receive a product that eventually doesn’t work and doesn’t have the chance to replace it. The same if it breaks for low-quality production.

Another thing to consider is popularity. The most popular brands are also the most reliable most of the time. Brands such as Delta and Fox Shop are always great brands to rely on. You can also trust brands such as Powertec and Peachtree. Other woodworking & tool brands with prestige can also do a good job.

As long as you pick the ideal brand, you won’t have any problems eventually. Just remember that the brand alone doesn’t do the work, so make sure the model is also reliable.

How to Use Your Table Saw Fence?

Using a table saw fence doesn’t have to be a hard job. If you aren’t experienced with how this accessory tool works, you’ll likely get frustrated when setting it up and using it. Luckily, we know precisely how to get the best out of it:

  1. Before aligning the fence, it is crucial for the saw (table, band, or any kind of saw) to be off so you can prevent unwanted accidents.
  2. Check that the blade or cutting part of the saw is appropriately located on the table. You should fix it accordingly if needed.
  3. Align the fence to the table. Make sure the accessory fits the desired result according to the size & weight of the piece of wood to cut. Remember to use the locking and gliding system to adjust the fence.
  4. Now you can measure the type of cut and plan it. Then you need to secure the fence in place with the lever of the locking system. Keep adjusting until the blade of the saw cuts the part of the wood piece you want.
  5. Then you can proceed by placing the wood piece on the table and making sure it fits how you want so you can start cutting.
  6. Turn on the saw and hold the wood piece with one hand. Try to maintain the wood piece as stable as possible while the cut happens. You can push it towards the fence if needed to prevent the wood from moving.
  7. Finish by checking the cut you made with the saw. If it is okay, you can now set the fence back to the original or base position. Otherwise, if you need to make more cuts, you can proceed by aligning the product once again accordingly.

It is essential to use protective equipment when handling saws. We recommend work gloves and protective goggles. If you can wear a breathing protector that keeps your mouth & nose away from wood dust, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

So you are almost ready to start shopping, but you still have a few doubts about saw table fences. Well, you will probably have your answer here:

Q: Should I go for a standard or T-square fence?

A: It all depends on your needs. If you are working with large and complicated pieces, a T-square can be the best choice. Otherwise, if they are small and demand more precision, then a standard option will do.

Q: How much does it take to install a table saw fence?

A: Normally, this takes about 5 minutes. But with the smallest and handiest models, you won’t have to spend more than 1 to 2 minutes for proper installation.

Q: Are the guide rails long on every model?

A: It all depends. You can measure this by considering the rip capacity of the product. The more rip capacity, the more likely it is to have a long guide rail. We recommend having at least 10 inches of track.

Q: Is it necessary to have a measuring tape or ruler with markings?

A: Not necessary, but incredibly useful. The best models in the market will surely come with at least one of these. It helps to make more precise cuts in the long run.

Q: How much time does it take to uninstall a table saw fence after using it?

A: Normally this takes less than installing a fence. You could be spending about three minutes on each fence for dismounting.

Final Words

Even though a well-made and reliable table saw is always useful, there’s nothing like getting a fence for accurate results. Just adjust the accessory according to your needs, and you’ll find no competitor for such a fantastic attachment for your table saw.

That’s why we want you to pick the best table saw fence using our choices. So you can have not only a useful tool at home but also one that comes with an expert recommendation. You’ll just need to make sure to have the right one, and that’s it.

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