Router Accessories

What is a Router?

The router is one of the most versatile power tools used in various types of woodworking with a flat base and a rotating blade extending past the base. The spindle of the tool is driven by an electronic motor or a pneumatic motor and hollows out hard material like plastic, wood, etc.

Router Tools

Being a craftsman you should have an idea about different router tools and their use.

Here is a list of different router tools and their use

1. Bench Cookie Plus Work Gripper

  • High friction rubber pads
  • Grab the workpiece strongly and prevent it from shifting during sanding, sawing, and routing
  • Protect the workpiece from scratches and debris
  • Since it provides full support and there is no need for clamp, the entire workpiece is accessible and you can rout out all the edges without repositioning the clamps.

2. Bow Tie Inlay System

One of the easiest ways to deal with the crack of the wood surface is an inlaid patch. For this, you have to rout out the affected area and replace that with a matching patch to check the damage opening further in response to the environment, and undoubtedly your “good workmanship” largely depends on a flawless patch. In the past, it was done by hand using chisels but now fortunately we have Bow type inlay template with different patterns to do this complicated work.  A bow tie inlay system will

  • Help To cut bow tie inlay keys and matching mortises (use with plunge router)
  • Embellish and stabilize the defected area tend to open and crack
  • Bring a decorative appeal on the crack and keep it in checking
  • Some companies like Rockler inlay starter kit also have two inlay templates.

3. Offset Router Collet Set

If you have a table-mounted router then an Offset Router collet set is mandatory to make your life easier.

  • Offset router collet set helps to change table-mounted router bits easily.
  • Its unique design allows reaching through the table opening from the top down
  • The grip of the handle prevents the wrench from slipping during work
  • Easy to store

4. Interlock Sign Mark Template

Sign making system can bring a unique look and it is highly popular to create a business sign. If you are looking for one then I will recommend the Rockler Interlock Signmaker’s Templates as it is easier to operate and have some symbols to give your sign.

  • Can create numerous signs with the combination of letter, number, and symbol
  • Perfect for your business signs
  • Contains all the letters from A-z, number: 0-9, and different symbols as well.
  • Rockler sign mark templates are available in two different sizes –
    • 2¼” Letter Kit
    • 4″ Letter Kit
    • 2¼” Number and Symbols Kit
    • 4″ Number and Symbols Kit
    • Included Symbols are- !, @, #, $, ‘, ?, ., /, &

5. Router Bit Center/Depth Gauge

Router Bit center or Depth Gauge is a perfect tool for setting up a router table or freehand router. To set up a router you have to adjust the fence distance and bit height. This tool will allow fixing these both accurately.

  • Easily set the router fence at a precise distance from the router center
  • Depth gauge/ height gauge set up the router height and blades
  • Since broad foot rests against the table fence and offsets, fence opening is easy
  • A hairline indicator is dead precise about the measurement
  • The long steel ruler features metric and imperial measurements
  • Make the setting of the router table easier and handy.

6. Bench Cookie Finishing Cones

To give the finishing touch to your project bench cookie finishing cones are just the ultimate choice. Finishing cones-

  • Fits snugly over the bench cookie (better take both from the same company)
  • Allows to finish and dry both side in possible minimal time
  • Minimal surface contact so the paint or finishing touch won’t ruin
  • Protect the work gripper from color
  • Cone nests are available for easy storage.

7. Router Adapter Collar

If you want a precise height adjustment for your router motor then a Router Adapter Collar for your Router lift is the handiest solution. A router adapter collar-

  • Fits several popular mid-sized router motors. For example, a Rockler 3-1/2” Router Adapter Collar for Rockler Pro Lift is perfect to mount a smaller 3-1/2” diameter motor including Bosch 1617
    • Porter Cable 690 series
    • Porter Cable 890 series
    • Dewalt 616 and 618
  • Reduces the opening of the router lift
  • Gives a precise height adjustment facility and desired changes are retained.

8. Guide Bushing Router Plate

router guide bushing is a small, mysterious but very useful device. This little device fits into the hole of the router base plate and is designed to follow templates, allowing a workspace into something like the desired template. A Guide bushing router plate:

  • Extend the capabilities of the router
  • Cutting decorative pieces for example: Creating dovetails or jig jag pattern
  • Rabbeting wood
  • Operations that can be done by bearing bits
  • Inlay work on wood
  • Make letter
  • Reproduce furniture parts.

9. Corner Radius Routing Templates

undoubtedly cutting a perfect corner without a template guide is difficult while it is a mandatory part for any project with quarter-round corners like armrests on chairs, bookcase end panels, tabletops, wall-mounted shelves, etc. Corner Radius Routing Templates is an easy solution for this. It allows cutting a soft radius from a hard 90-degree angle flawlessly as well as precisely. Just draw an outline with it and cut the corner or you can even just set the template or rout the radius.

10. 52” to 104” Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System

With the help of 52” to 104” Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System you will get arrow straight cuts. Clamps are used as straight edges with routers or circular saws. If you add up the T-fence, a T-square will be created for laying your project. Top of the table, you can cut 104” straight edge by using this. Just connect two 52″ sections and that’s enough for your oversized panel.

11. Risers XL for Bench Cookie:

  • The risers fit perfectly into the threaded holes of bench cookies and elevate the workpiece above the surface.
  • It can elevate the height of the workpiece 2x, 3x, or even 5x so the total height will end up to 50, 75, or 125 mm.
  • The risers help to reach the edges and bottom sides easily.
  • Fit into 3/4” dog hole or drilled hole and provide a strong hinge point.

12. Bench Cookie Storage Center

  • Bench cookies storage centers is specifically designed to storage bench cookie
  • Can accommodate easily on the workbench or can be mounted on the shop wall.
  • Made of strong durable steel with two pieces of high-density foam to hold things in place.

Wrap up

This is almost all about the “uses of different router accessories”. There are some more accessories too. But to be a good craftsman you at least need some basic idea about these accessories.

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