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Top 3 CMT Router Bits Review | Cuts & Grooves Easily

No matter what pops inside your mind when I say the word ‘woodworking,’ you can’t ignore the importance of routing bits. Having the perfect set of routing bits not only allows you to perform all those cuts and grooves easily but also makes sure you can make more revenue than ever.

How? Your clients will be satisfied with your work since your routing bits will give a seamless touch to your artwork. But you want the best router bit set, don’t you? Try the router bits from CMT.

Why CMT stand out? This CMT router bits review will answer all of your questions. And I’m sure, after getting all the information, you’ll never give this branding giant a second thought.

So, let’s cut all the chit-chat and hit the reviews.

Top 3 CMT Router Bits Review

I’m not going to bring all the router bits from CMT to you, NO. Here are the best ones from this brand that woodworking professionals have been craving for. Jump to the reviews and see which one suits you.

CMT 800527113 Router Bit

amazon-buy-buttonyIf you want to simplify the construction of your door, the 800527113 from CMT is the perfect solution for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to make an entry door or passage door, this router bit can be used to bring the best results from both of the worlds.

Losing your clients? Get your hands on the 800527113-router bit from CMT. Unlike the mainstreams in the market, you’re going to have longer tenons than ever.

It comes with a stunning cope cutter that allows you to produce stronger and longer tenons. And that too with very minimal setup.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with plywood, hardwood, softwood, or anything. This router bit is the perfect catalyst for you as it can make all those smooth grooves on almost any type of wood.

Besides, unlike any other, you can use its cope cutter for making furniture that needs a tenon-range from 3/16 inches to 5/8 inches of thickness. Now that’s a plus, isn’t it?

As for durability, you can use this router bit for tons of DYI projects with your eyes closed. The heavy-duty steel body shows off super strength. No, there’s no way it will have rust or corrosion. The non-stick orange-shield coating will back you up.

To take the durability to its peak, the manufacturers have included SinterHip Hi-Density chrome carbide with its industrial attribute.


  • It can be used for making both entry doors and passage doors
  • Works perfectly for all types of wood
  • Stunning cope cutter gives you stronger and longer tenons
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction makes it durable
  • Non-stick orange-shield coating saves the bits from rust
  • Has got industrial-grade SinterHip Hi-density chrome carbide


  • You may lose control over the depth of cut sometimes

CMT 80050511 Router Bit Set


Take your woodworking skill on its pinnacle with the 80050511 from CMT. This durable beast is one of a kind when it comes to functionality, durability, and endurance. As you join hands with this router bit in your profession, you’re going to impress your clients with your work-pieces even more.

With the whole set, you’re getting not just one router bit but an impressive amount of 13 useful bits that are nicely presented to you inside a premium-looking practical hardwood case. It doesn’t matter what tough of a craft or project you’re dealing with, the 80050511 will contribute to anything seamlessly.

To make sure you can work easily and comfortably from now on, the bits come with durable bearing. Moreover, each of the bits has got the 2 Sinter Hi-Density chrome-carbide cutting edges, which of course, are industrial grade carbides like always.

For which, you’re getting the sturdiness you’ve always deserved while giving your art more of professional construction. Besides, these edges also make sure you get a long-lasting performance like never before.

Let’s not forget about the endurance, though. To make sure you’re getting one hell of an enhanced endurance while carrying out your routine job, this device has got silver-copper-silver tri-metal brazing.

The fact that it has got an anti-kickback design is a cherry on top, for which, you’re getting better control over the depth of cut.

As far as durability is concerned, you can stop batting an eye about the mainstream and get yourself the CMT  80050511. This beast boasts a solid body that comes with super-strength stainless steel construction.

No, it won’t rust, nor will it corrode. Thanks to the non-stick orange-shield coating, you’re getting enhanced durability and rust-free feedback. Besides, the multi-axis grinding the router bit set boasts, makes sure it has 3 times longer-lasting mirror-finish.

It doesn’t matter what wood type you’re dealing with. Hardwood, plywood, softwood, you name it, this router bit set can get your job done perfectly.


  • Has got industrial-grade carbides
  • Silver-copper-silver tri-metal brazing gives you better endurance
  • Anti-kickback design gives you better control over the depth of cut
  • Super-strength stainless-steel construction enhances durability
  • Has got 3 times longer-lasting mirror finish


  • Sometimes it can tear out if you go for 1/2’ wide rabbet

CMT 83550111 Variable Depth Router Bit


From now on, even you can make seamless cuts and grooves on your doors or wooden furniture and show your clients that your work is no less than an art. All you need to do is get your hands on the CMT 83550111.

Yes, it’s from the same routing giant, but it does offer you distinct features that will make you go wow. First off, you’re not just getting one rabbet but seven different rabbets that come with the whole set. How? Well, the credit goes to the 7 different bearing types it comes with.

As a result, you get to rabbet different types of sizes in the wood or wood composites. From now on, you don’t have to get all those disappointing tenons that are short and weak. To make sure you get stronger and longer tenons than ever, the cope cutter backs you up with the functionality you deserve. The setup? It’s just a piece of cake.

As you replace your bearing, you’re getting the cutting depth, ranging from 1/8 inches to ½ inches. Besides, with this router bit in your arsenal, you’re getting an impressive 1-3/8 inches of diameter. The cutting length you’re getting, on the other hand, is as much as ¾ inches.

This time too, the manufacturers didn’t fail to include the SinterHip Hi-Density chrome carbide cutting edges that come with the industrial-grade attribute. For better endurance like never before, you’ll have the anti-kickback design to back you up. Therefore, controlling the depth of the cut won’t be a problem.

As for durability, this one is simply a beast. It’s made up of heavy-duty stainless steel, which talks durability to the fullest. Wave off your worries about rust and corrosion when I said ‘steel,’ though. The anti-rust feature has got your back.

With the whole set, you’re getting hex key, bearings and bit included.


  • Comes with seven different bearing types
  • The carbide tips are extremely durable
  • Anti-kickback design gives you better endurance
  • Gives you longer and stronger tenons
  • Stainless-steel body confirms strength and durability


  • It’s a bit expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying

So, you’re going to buy a set of router bits? Cool. But, do you know what are things you should look for while buying it? If your answer is no, here are the things you should consider before buying it.

  • Material

The material your router bits are made of talks about their durability. Now, I don’t think I need to tell you how durability matters. You need longevity when it comes to anything, so ignoring such an important factor when we’re talking router bits, won’t do much favor to you.

So, as I was saying… The Material. Even though the marketplace has got router bits made of a versatile number of things, you should go for stainless-steel router bits if you want to go for an affordable set.

Here’s the catch, though. Make sure the router bits you’re buying have got an anti-rust feature with it. Otherwise, since it’s stainless steel, it won’t last long enough.

  • Cutting Edges

Obviously, you want to give your workpiece a professional look, right? Making sure you can make all those cuts and grooves seamlessly is a must. Plus, you need to give your work-piece a long-lasting impression. This is why getting a router bit that has got good-quality cutting edges is a must.

You can try having a router bit that has got SinterHip Hi-Density chrome carbide cutting edges. But, you need to make sure these cutting edges have an industrial-grade quality. This will ensure you get a long-lasting performance from your router bits.

  • Anti-Kickback Design

You want endurance and better control over the depth of cut, don’t you? The anti-kickback design will back you up with everything. If your router bit has got this feature in its rig, getting better endurance and depth-cut control won’t be a problem for you.

  • Does It Route All Types of Wood?

There are routing bits that can route only a specific type of wood. The ones that can be used on plywood, can’t be used on hardwood or softwood. And this goes on and on.

Make sure you buy a router bit that can be used for all types of wood, let it be hardwood, plywood, softwood, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to change my router bits on the router? If yes, how?

Of course, you can change your router bits. The steps are simple.

  • First off, you need to remove the base of your router. This will let you have access to your router bit.
  • Secondly, you’ll have to loosen the collet. The collet basically holds the router bit in a secure way in its place.
  • Lastly, it’s time for you to remove your router bit. This will leave the room for your new router bit to go.
  1. Why should I trust the router bits from CMT?

The router bits from CMT have been making it big when it’s about providing a solution to your woodworking problems. CMT has passed the test from Wood Magazine and certified as the best overall router bits brand.

  1. Do all of these products have warranty offers?

Yes, however, to know about all the details, you have to contact your seller.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’ve gone through all the CMT router bits review, you know why they’re the best and what makes them stand out. Rather than wasting your time and money going for the typical junks in the marketplace, get your hands on one of these router bits. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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