Jigsaw vs Circular Saw: Which One Is Better For Your Workshop?

Circular saws and jigsaws are standard tools in the woodworking industry. These tools have almost a similar construction. Consequently, some people find it hard to differentiate between the two devices. This article describes the two devices and their functionalities. Hence, it will be handy in differentiating between a jigsaw and vs circular saw.

What is a Circular Saw?

A Circular saw is a handheld tool that is useful for cutting stationary objects. This tool was invented in the late 18th century.  It uses a blade or an abrasive disc to make cuts on materials such as masonry, metal, plastic, or wood.  The blade of a circular saw is functioned according to its use. Circular saws are commonly powered by electricity and some gasoline.  Some of the circular saws come with a hydraulic motor; thus, they do not require an additional source of energy.

Safety and Circular Saw

The users’ safety is paramount despite the tool you are using.  Circular saws are heavy-duty tools that can cause severe accidents.  Some of the accidents that can occur when using a circular saw are toe and finger amputation or eye damage.  Besides, taking precautions against any carelessness with this tool should not be tolerated. With its sharp edges, it can only take a few seconds to pierce your skin.

First, ensure that the blade is sharp. A blunt blade reduces the working speed. Besides, it increases the chances of kickback and binding. Also, using the wrong blade can be disastrous. Blades come in different types. The standard blade is used in cutting wood and wood composites. There is the diamond-edged blade, which is also called the continuous-rim blade. This blade is handy for cutting tiles and slates. They offer the cleanest finishes with wet and dry applications.

Another type of blade is the turbo-rim blade.  They are similar to continuous rim blades, but they cut more aggressively. These blades have dry and wet applications. The turbo-rim blades have serrated rims to cut materials such as concrete and bricks.

The stacked dado blade has several chippers and shims for wood cutting. Metal cutting requires a sturdier tool. The abrasive blade they cut using abrasive materials thus fit for metal cutting.  With that said, you should consider the material you will be working on to choose the right blade.

Before starting the circular saw, you should have the goggles on. They prevent the entry of debris or particles into your eyes. Also, if you will be working with a corded circular saw, ensure that you are not exposed to live wires. Materials with obstructions such as nails should not be used on circular saws. The construction of the circular saw favors right-handed users. Hence, if you are left-handed, you will have to be more careful when dealing with a circular saw.

How to Use a Circular Saw

Using a circular saw is quite easy due to its straightforward operations.  You should always place the material on a table. However, if you do not have a table, you can clamp the material to secure it. Never hold the workpieces with your hands. It increases the chances of fatal accidents. The material to be cut is carefully-placed on the vise.  The tool is fixed on the wood, and the wood is moved across the blade slowly. It is a fast-speed tool. Consequently, you can do the bulk of tasks quickly.

Nonetheless, you should have the safety gears on when using this tool. The common accident with a circular saw is eye injuries. Consequently, always have your goggles to prevent the tiny particles from finding their way into your eyes. Also, you should be keen when choosing the blade.  Also, ensure that at least one of your hands is on the saw. In situations where you are not holding the material to be cut, you can hold it with two hands to guarantee maximum control over the tool.

What Is A Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is also called the ‘sabre’ tool. They are powerful tools with a blade for cutting the materials. They are common in the woodworking industry. There are very versatile; hence they can cut a variety of materials. Its blade moves up and down to make intricate cuts.

Types of jigsaws

There are two major types of jigsaws the corded jigsaw and the cordless jigsaw. These are also known as professional jigsaws too.

Corded Jigsaw

It was the first type of jigsaw.  It has a cord that connects to its power source.  The corded jigsaw power supply is usually unlimited as long as the power source is working well. However, when purchasing it, you should ensure that its power source is near the workstations.

The cordless jigsaw does not a wire. Hence, it gets its power from a battery. The cordless jigsaws are handy in places where the worksite is not near the workstations.  They are generally portable and have a lightweight design.

Types of Jigsaw Blades

Just like the circular saws, the jigsaws blades have different constructions. The varieties of jigsaw blades include bi-metal blade, carbon-steel blade, and carbide blade.

  1. Carbide Blade

They are the most potent jigsaw blades. The carbide blades work on hard materials. Their cuts are very smooth and work at a high level of accuracy and precision. Also, this blade is highly durable. Due to the heavy-strength construction materials, they last longer.

  1. Bi-Metal Blades

The bi-metal blades have sharp teeth to work on metals. It is highly durable with a firm construction to withstand rough handling.

  1. Carbon-Steel Blades

Carbon steel blades are used for cutting PVC pipes. Also, these blades are used in the wood cutting industry due to their fast speed and higher efficiency.

How to Change The Blade of A Jigsaw

Blades of jigsaws require regular replacement. Changing the blade is quite an easy task that you can do all by yourself. Follow the following steps to get the task done.

  • First, ensure that the jigsaw is turned off. For a corded jigsaw, turn off the power supply or disconnect it.
  • Loosen the screws attaching the blade. It is recommendable you use a screwdriver to get the screws out.
  • After removing the holding screws, the old blade will come out of its place. Take it out and place the old blade aside.
  • Now, you can replace the new blade to the clamp.
  • Using a screwdriver, take back the screws and tighten them.

How to use a jigsaw

Before you start using this tool, ensure that you have the right blade. For PVC pipes, use the carbon-steel blade while the bi-metal blade is for metals. Also, ensure that you wear the safety elements. The jigsaw has very sharp blades; hence a slight carelessness may lead to body amputation. Nonetheless, that should not scare you. Its operations are quite simple. Therefore, there will be no troubles.

After ensuring everything is in its place, power on the jigsaw. Place the jigsaw shoe on the material you will be working on.  Press the jigsaw gently on the working piece. Ensure that the blade is on the place to be cut and power on the motor. Move the jigsaw gently on the line to be cut slowly and carefully.

Jigsaw vs Circular Saw


A jigsaw is a powerful tool that uses a blade to cut metals, plastics, wood, and many more materials. The circular saws are handheld and power tools, which also are used for cutting. They have a higher level of precision than the jigsaws.


The operations of a jigsaw and a circular saw are almost similar. However, both are simple-to-use tools. This article highlights the functionalities of these two useful tools. Go through it to get the differences between a jigsaw vs circular saw.

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