How To Use A Circular Saw For Beginners? Step By Step Guideline

Some people consider woodworking as a passion for some other as an exciting profession. If you love to do woodworking and find a step by step guideline then you have a question in your mind, how to use a circular saw for beginners? Here in this article, we will focus on it.

With a great woodworking tool, a woodworker could do incredible work. Ripping any plywood or taper is much easier than the past. The most common wood ripper with great pleasure is the table saw and circular saw comes with great help.

A Circular saw is a portable and easy to control tool. And this tool is best for cutting long plywood or taper straight. The guide will show how it can be used avoiding injury and providing the best cutting efficiency. Stay focus till the end.

Why We Use Circular Saw Instead Of The Table Saw?

There is less variation between the table saw and the circular saw. This circular saw is portable but the table saw is not like that and it needs to fit directly on the floor. Therefore, it needs more room in your workstation. But if you don’t have enough space in your room, then what? Here circular saw comes to help you out.

If you need to rip any portion of wood at the top of the roof, then a circular saw is the best choice for doing that kind of portable work. And here, a table saw has some limitations with usability, but those limitations last no longer with a circular saw.

A Circular saw work fine for the straight cut of long plywood or taper. This is also used for the carving of masonry and stone.

But remember circular saw is not the alternative of the table saw. Both have limitations and extraordinary ability to complete work.

Safety That Already Installed In The Circular Saw

The circular saw has some built-in safety features already installed. Here we will know about them.

Left & Right-handed Control – Circular saw has two sides controlling system. Left side and right side. If you have left or right-hand issues, then this feature will help more. The user experience says that left-handed control is more suitable then right-hand control for right and left hand.

Blade Safety Guard – Saw blades are dangerous things and can cause injury accidentally. And it will be more critical when it starts rotating at full speed. A safety guard helps to prevent any unwanted damage during ripping. And it also keeps the blade away from treats.

Power Control – Circular saw has a secondary power control switch. It prevents unexpected blade starting. And it also controls accidents during ripping plywood.

Safety Precaution Before Start Cutting 

You have to maintain minimum safety before start working with a circular saw. Because the circular saw is a portable tool, it uses power from the electricity. And it also has a rotating blade. So, if you don’t use safety, then serious injury may occur.

Goggles: The safety of your eyes is very important. When you use a circular saw, it will create dust. And those dust can cause blindness if you don’t use safety goggles.

Soundproof headphone: Ripping with a circular saw creates a sound that can harm your year. So, put a headphone on and let your year be safe.

Gloves: Circular saw only operable with hands. So, gloves are a must for controlling the saw correctly.

How To Use A Circular Saw For Beginners?

Complete how-to-use guide of a circular saw will help you a lot. And you can now cut accurately and perfectly after completing this guide.

Perfect Marking: Before starting the saw, marking is must be needed. Perfect and accurate marking will lead your cutting into a great result. You can use several methods of marking. But I will recommend using the “V” technique for marking because it is more accurate then single line marking.

Using Light: It is not must be needed. But when you cut taper or board, it will help you to focus on the cutting. And you would be more careful about accurate cutting.

Watch The Rotating Blade: Circular saw has a notch that’s a guide for cutting perfectly, although there has some space to look into the blade. I recommend you watch the blade, not the guide indicator. It will help to get tracking of your cutting.

Using Masking Tape: Cutting of black wood or laminate may be complicated without marking the desire cutting edge. But you can use masking tapes for marking dark wood.

Using Fence: Fence will support your cutting with accuracy. It helps with an extended cut of plywood or taper. With the help of the fence, you can cut perfectly wood square.

Good Side Down Technique: Circular saw has an issue that is splinter the edge of front wood. And the back of the downside wood edge is cut clean and smooth. So, when you plan for cutting plywood or anything, then down the good side of it.

Compound Cutting: Compound cutting of any wood is so hard. But not impossible. With the help of circular saw, this can be easily done. The circular saw can control the blade 90-degree angel. So, you can easily cut round or any other shapes.

Curves Cutting: If the element you want to cut is containing hard carve, then circular saw is not the best option. But if not, then it is best than any other saw, like a table saw or jigsaw. A Circular saw gives much better cutting for curves. And it provides smoother cutting with a definite edge.

Cutting Metal or Stone: If you are going to cut stone, borrow a stone cutter blade and set it in the circular saw. And use a water source to wet the portion of the stone when cutting. You can’t mow any metal with a circular saw. But you can cut aluminum foil or any old metal door. You need to set up a metal cutter blade for doing that.


The circular saw provides a vital woodworking service gifted by modern science. This circular saw guide is the complete guide of a circular saw.

If you are a beginner, I hope, this guideline will help you to understand the circular saw along with the perfect use of it.  It will reduce your cost and smooth work experience.

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