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Difference Between Band Saw Vs Scroll Saw

A band saw was first invented in 1809 by William Newberry. This tool is common in the woodworking industry, metalworking, and lumbering jobs. Most people do not get the differences in band saw vs scroll saw. It is a portable tool which is commonly powered by electricity. This tool has a long blade with toothed metals stretched between two wheels.  It comes with a minimum of 2 wheels for maneuverability. Some of the band saw can have up to 6 wheels.

Types Of A Band Saw

Just like any other type of saws, the band saw are classified according to their functionalities which include,

Cutting Materials

Band saws are highly versatile tools; consequently, they can cut a countless number of materials. However, according to this functionality, the saws are classified as meat, wood, and metal band saws.

The wood band saws are crafted majorly to cut woods or less strenuous materials. The metal band saws are constructed to deal with heavy-strength materials such as metals. Construction of the metal band saw is quite sturdy than the wood band saw. However, both construction promises longevity and optimum functionalities.

Also, there is the meat band saw. It is a standard tool in all butcheries. If you have visited one, it is the shiny metallic tool with a rough-like edge that the butcher uses to cut the meat.


Additionally, band saws are classified according to their cutting positions. In this category, there are the vertical and horizontal cutting band saws. The vertical band saw has its cutting position vertically, which is driven by a motor. This type of band saw is the most versatile. They can do polishing, filling, and contours.

The horizontal band saws blade is fixed horizontally. It is driven by a motor with a pulley and belt while the working piece is placed on the vise. This tool is useful in making basic cuts and irregular cuts. It is usually mounted on the floor. Consequently, it allows quick adjustments, and the user has control over the tool to minimize the rate of accidents.

Floor Standing Band Saw

The floor-standing band saws are very powerful and commonly used by the professionals. They take vast storage space and have complex operations. Thus, they are not recommendable to amateurs. They are incredibly powerful and sturdy for heavy-duty jobs.

Portable Band Saws

As the name suggests, these band saws are easily-portable saws. They are handheld tools that make them very adorable to many users. Also, their functionality is excellent. They have a fast cutting speed while their construction minds the user’s safety. Despite their lightweight, these tools have a sturdy construction for durability. They are highly recommendable to the amateurs due to the admirable control they offer.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Band Saw

Purchasing a band saw is quite a challenging task. Here are the guidelines that will help you to get the right tool quickly.

Storage Space

If you have limited working space, it is essential to consider the size of your tool.  There are portable band saws that have a compact design. Consequently, they occupy quite a small space compared to the floor standing saws.


Band saws constructions are according to their functionalities. There is the metal, meet, and the wood band saws.  The metal band saws have the sturdiest construction to deal with heavy-strength materials. There are the wood band saws for wood cutting and meat band saws for the butchers. Therefore, you should be aware of the purpose of the tool to determine the tool that you require.


The motor rating is essential when acquiring a band saw. A powerful motor increases the cutting speed and also promises a powerful tool. Also, a mighty motor can indicate the versatility of the tool. A versatile tool offers a wide range of cutting options. Thus, it is very economical.


The blade crafting should be brilliant and sturdy for longevity. Also, the blades have different cutting positions, which include horizontal and vertical cutting positions. The horizontal band saws have the blades fitted horizontally. They are highly preferred due to their quick adjustments. The vertical band saw has its blade fitted vertically. It is more versatile than the horizontal blade.

What is a Scroll Saw?

Scroll saw is a pedal-operated electric saw that is used in making curves on metals, woods, plastics, and many more materials. It is a remarkably versatile tool that has a first cutting speed and a high level of accuracy. Besides making intricate curves, this tool can also be used to cut dovetail joints.

A scroll saw has a motor whose ratings are in terms of amps. The blade is connected on the scrolls saw arm from the top to the bottom of the table. The arms come on three different types, which include the parallel arm, linked arm, and the c arm. A scroll saws blade is quite thin and comes in different sizes. The blades sizes range from less than o to 9 inches.

Which Is The Currently Best Scroll Saw?

There is a countless number of band saws in the market today. Also, scroll saws have different configurations according to their use. Hence, the purpose of your scroll saw will determine the tool which you need.

The currently trending scroll saws are from the Dewalt manufacturers. Their constructions are incredibly sturdy to withstand rough handling. Besides, their tools are budget-friendly and do not compromise their high performances. The Dewalt manufacturers release items with different constructions in the market to meet every customer’s needs.

A Band saw vs. Scroll Saw

Most people find it hard to differentiate between the band saw and the scroll saw.  The band saw is a powerful tool that is used to cut on woods, meat, and metals. The scroll saw is also a powerful tool that is useful in making intricate curves. Both this tool has a motor and a blade. The main difference between them is the blade. The scroll saw uses a quite thin blade while the band saw uses a broader blade.


Both the band saws and the jigsaws are used for cutting woods, metals, and many more materials. The band saw is a powerful tool that gets its power from a motor. The blades of the band saw are constructed according to their functionality.  Also, there are several types of band saws. Their classification is according to their purpose, cutting direction, and portability.

Professionals commonly use a floor-stand bandsaw. While the portable band saw is handheld and has simple operations. Hence, it is highly recommendable to the amateurs also, when it comes to scrolling saws, they are powerful tools that have a thin blade. They have a high level of accuracy and precision. Read this article to get the distinct difference in band saw vs scroll saw.

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