How To Sharpen a Table Saw Blade? [Step By Step Guideline]

Continuous use of a table saw can make some problems for the saw machine. The dullness of the saw blade is one of them. And of course, it is a prime error of your clean taper or woodcutting experience. Usually, blades are expensive enough. Every time buying a new blade will cost lots of money and effort too. Rather we should know how to sharpen a table saw blade so that we can quickly solve the problem.

How To Sharpen a Table Saw Blade?

Let’s find out some easy and cheap methods that can help us to remove dullness from the blade. I hope after over this session you will be able to use the canceled table saw blade again that you have, without replacing.

What We Need Before Start Sharpening

Discovering the blade is behaving dull is pretty annoying. And of course, the table saw the working experience is getting worse at the same time. Before you sharpen the blade by yourself, it needs to remember some terms. Those terms will help you get your job successfully done.

As pre-sharpening arrangements, you have to set up two things. And it is so important.

Digital Sharpener Machine

This digital tool is used to sharpen the saw on its own. It uses a diamond saw blade. The diamond saw blade helps more than other blades for sharpening. You can use a 7 inch or 10-inch diamond saw blade for this procedure.

Since Digital Sharpener is a pre-programmed tool, it must work better than a manual sharpener. And it also saves lots of time and energy. Generally, new blades have two angel blade teeth where it requires more time to sharpen by hand. I mean, manually sharpening the teeth is so much harder and time-consuming. But with the digital machine, it is easy and fast.

Sharpening Supportive Jig

During sharpening, you may be looking for some support for holding the blade. In that case, if you have any supportive jig, then your work will get a better result. Even without supportive Jig, accidents may occur. Such as, teeth can break, the blade can swim, different sizes of sharpening teeth.

So, you have to use this for better results without any damage.


To sharpen your blade without any damage or you need to ensure safety precautions. Here are four safety tips for you.

  • Gloves: Pair of gloves that for industrial use is necessary. It will save you from cuts and bruises of your hand.
  • Goggles: When you start sharpening particles from the blade will flow in the air. It could damage your eye. Here we suggest industrial goggles.
  • Earmuffs: Sharpening the blade creates lots of noise. Wear earmuffs to prevent the trouble of your hearing.
  • Musk: Conflict of the saw blade with the diamond blade creates dust. Use facemask or dust mask respirator to prevent your mouth from swallowing those harmful dust.

That’s all we need to bear in mind before we start sharpening.

How to Sharpen a Table Saw Blade (Steps)

Step 1: Unplug Power

Unplug the power from the electric circuit. It is the 1st and essential step before sharpening. Don’t start grinding without unplugging.

Step 2: Remove Blade

You can start sharpener while it is still placed in the table saw. But this is pretty dangerous that we ask people to avoid. When the blade is in the saw table, then it is hard to secure or stuck away from movements. Remember, for the movement, your hand could get an injury. Rather, remove the blade before sharpening.

Step 3: Set Supportive Jig

Now place your blade on supporting Jig. And set up the blade with the Jig. Make sure your blade is well fit and easily controllable.

Step 4: Secure Digital Sharpener Machine

Place the diamond blade in a position for better support. And secure the machine with maximum security. Screw the machine tight to the surface so that it sticks clam.

Step 5: Align Blade Teeth

Perfect alignment is essential. We know that the recent blade has two angel teeth. If the alignment is not perfect, then the sharpening will not correctly be done.

You can’t track the starting teeth at the end. So, mark the starting teeth with tape or any marker pen. And sharp the same blade direction or both directions.

Step 6: Sharpening Teeth

All the previous terms completed. Now turn the power on of Diamond Blade. When it will begin rotating so fast, hold the handle of your supportive Jig. And carefully get close to the diamond blade. Do that slowly to avoid possible damage.

Make sure you are so close to touching the rotating diamond blade with teeth. Ensure that the diamond blade is getting in contact with the inner edge of the blade teeth. And stay contacted for a moment.Now your starting teeth are sharp and move on to the next teeth. Follow this method until you get back to your starting point.

Step 7: Removing Digital Machine Blade

Now check all the teeth. If you are satisfied with the sharpness of them, the inner edge checks the outer edge also. if any teeth are not sharpened enough then sharp again.

Finally, then you remove your digital machine and the saw blade.

Tips to Ensure Sharpness on the Blade

The blade will not stay sharp always. It will get dull again. But using some tips, you can keep the blade sharp longer a bit. Here is some advice that will help your blade sharpness last longer.

Avoid long sitting

Keeping a saw blade in long sitting is a huge thing to the way of damage. It can become rusty. Not even it can cause other problems. Rather try to use the blade as randomly as possible.

Using Lubricant oil

Lubricant helps the blade remain sharp and keep it away from dust. When you again use the blade, it will perform fast. For a lubricant, the blade will get dull, but the process will be slow.

Squeeze a little amount of oil all over the blade. Make sure the wail gets into the teeth edge. Then rub all the oil all over the blade with anything like newspaper roll. Lubricates will help the blade stay sharp for a long time.

Bottom Line

Here our concern is showing you the procedure of the table saw blade sharpening. With the proper formation of the sharpening process, the blade will last longer than replacing the new one. It also helps you to save extra money and effort. The lubricating tips are essential for lasting your blade much longer without any dullness.

Happy sawing!!

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