Different Uses of Sawhorse with Some Innovative Ideas

A Sawhorse is a beam with four legs that can support a boar, plank, or workpiece for cutting, trimming, or sawing. Sawhorse is there for centuries. Even a book of 1556 named “De Re Metallica” holds an illustration of a millwright using a pair of sawhorses to support a beam. Modern sawhorses are made of dimensional lumber; however, the primary form of sawhorse is the same till now. It is known as a sawhorse because it resembles a horse. In some areas, it is also known as a pony or mule. 

Types of Sawhorse

With time tools and equipment come with a more comfortable shape and less weight. Sawhorse is not different from this. There was only wooden sawhorse in the past, but now some more varieties are available, although the basic form is the same. Apart from wooden sawhorses, other available sawhorses are   

  • Metallic sawhorse
  • Plastic sawhorse

Each type has its benefits of its own. They hardly have any disadvantages; however, plastic sawhorses come with some bonus benefits like lightweight, adjustable height, and can be folded. It makes them convenient to carry and store in a small place.

Use of a Sawhorse

Before going to “additional use of sawhorse,” a question might come to your mind: What is the main purpose of the sawhorse, and why you even go to buy it? The answer is that the sawhorse’s main purpose is to ensure your comfort and ease by elevating the workpiece at a standard height. Let me make it clear. During work, the workpiece should be at a certain level to perform your job perfectly and your health doesn’t get hampered (working in an uncomfortable position for a long time can create many health problems). Sawhorse elevates the workpiece and helps to use different types of saws like circular Saw, miter Saw, chainsaw, jigsaw, etc., according to the necessity of the carpenters or craftsmen.

Additional Use of Sawhorse

Your sawhorse can be perfect support at your workshop to support a board, plank for sawing. This ordinary tool can be proved extraordinary for any construction site or residential improvement project, however, this is not all about a sawhorse. This simple tool can do an outstanding job in your small workshop and as furniture, support tool, and exercise equipment. Let’s see in how many ways you can use sawhorses:

A Hurdle for Running Practice

If you see your sawhorses are collecting dust at the storeroom, then take them, clean the dust and use them as a hurdle for race practice. Feeling confused!!! There is nothing to be confused about. Sawhorses actually can be a good option for hurdle race. Just try it, you will see yourself.

Scaffold Support

Sawhorse can serve as great scaffold support for remodeling, painting, or adding wallpaper to your room. If you are scared of tottering stepladders or do not feel comfortable for some other reason like height phobia, scaffolding with plywood can be the safest and easiest way. If you need to work on less than 10 feet, take a pair of 2x4s and set a plank above. Your homemade support system is ready. If your desired height is between 8 ft. to 12 ft, you can use 2x6s instead of 2x4s. Just make sure to add an end block to keep the scaffold from folding up while working.

Great Help for a Plumber

As a plumber, you must know, a plumber often needs to work in a tight space. So you can easily make U-shaped support made by two sawhorses – one of which is a two by six and another two by fours. Then set the third one on the top of those measures two by four.

Portable Workbench

In many construction sites, there is no workbench. Your sawhorse can help you build a portable workbench with the right design according to your need. Take two sawhorses and set them apart from each other at the proper distance. Then put a plank or plywood on the top of them. Your portable workstation ready. You can break them apart after your work is done. It will keep the working site less cluttered and won’t take a lot of space. To make sure the sawhorses support the plank rigidly, set the end side in such a way so that at both sides, some area is left. If the plank is at the extreme edge, there is a possibility of falling down during work.

Cutting a Workpiece

A sawhorse can also help you to cut a large workpiece without much preparation. All you need is to place the workpiece on top of the sawhorse just like you place plunk to make a portable workbench and Cut it to your desired size. To keep the workpiece firm and ensure more support, you can place a third sawhorse in between the two.

Rack for Drying Color

With a pair of sawhorses and two thin planks or rods, you can make a drying rack easily and it will be an ideal platform for drying everything from newly stained cabinets to wooden decoration pieces. Even you can use it to dry your wet clothes and set it at any corner of your house and after finishing, work can keep the pieces somewhere safe without much hassle.   


Sawhorse can also serve you as a semi-permanent workstation. Want to know how? Put a plank on your drying rack and use it for long-term or short-term cutting trimming, and so on.

Safety Barrier

A sawhorse can serve perfectly as a safety barrier. For example, you are performing a solo woodworking project. How do you let people know to stay away? Just put one or more sawhorses and cordon the area. Or if there is a wet place in your working site or construction site. How do you keep people away from there? Keep a sawhorse with a sign “wet floor.” Sawhorses can even be used by construction workers working in high-traffic areas or police departments to keep people away from crime scenes.

Tool Storage

why taking the risk of tipped over heavy power tools at the project site? 

Use your sawhorse to build a platform for the tools. This platform will provide an extra advantage too. It will give you a place to keep your mobile phone with quick access.

Dinner Table

Looking for a big dining table for a family get-together in the backyard of your house? Or do you need a table to keep food and utensils at the picnic site? Well, sawhorse is the ultimate solution for you. Place a big plank on two sawhorses. Your dining table is ready. Whether it is a family get-together at your house or a picnic site, this new table will allow you to dine in comfort, as well as offer a convenient place to store plates and utensils.

Television or Audio System Platform

want to unwind after a long hectic week? Develop a solid platform by using sawhorses for TV or audio system. Well! You can also put your leg on it and enjoy your time.

Closing Notes

well! That’s almost everything from my end. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Indeed sawhorse is a tool of multipurpose. If you use it properly, a sawhorse can work efficiently and your project easier and safer. If you have some more innovative ideas to use sawhorses, share them with us without hesitation. The comment box is right below.

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