How to Choose Best Drawer Repair Kit?

Do you have a broken drawer? Sometimes, the mounted drawers in your dresser drawer, cabinet or in the shelf pack needs to repair perfectly because without fixing the drawer correctly, you may causes tighten during sliding. Also, for heavy-duty load drawer made of durable metal needs a new base. Moreover, replacing a dresser drawer, kitchen cabinet drawer, and cabinet drawer is quite expensive.

The drawer Repair kit is actually a universal kit that offers not only the restoration of the drawer but also a stable and secure one like a brand-new drawer. Long uses can bring glitches on drawer hardware even if they are made of high quality steel material like board can be misplaced, sliders of the drawer may work poorly, and even the entire frame of the drawer can get damaged.

Here I’ll let you know about the most used drawer repairing kit, their functions, and explain to you why you need to fix the drawer. At the bottom of these writings, you’ll find some frequently asked questions and answers.

What is a Drawer Repair Kit?

Drawer repair kits are something that is used to fix a broken and crushed drawer. Bringing new life to your drawer’s a complete kit is very important. For repairs, you have to manage some tools other than your skill. These tools will help you in mount installation of the drawer as well as to attach and slide on-off a drawer easily.

Why you Need a Drawer Repair Kit?

Drawers are slammed hard during drawer opening and closing. This causes frame displacement and separation of the frame. You need to replace the drawer with a new hardboard panel. Sometimes you will need to change the bottom of the drawer. For changing these, you’ll need some kits to repair clipboard drawers, shelves, cabinets, and bookshelf from falling.

Moreover, for the dresser drawer, there presents a dresser drawer slide repair kit. That’s why you have to be patient and justify the problem with your wood track system accurately, which will help you to understand which problem you are facing right now and how to repair the drawer using proper kits. Here I’m giving you some specific reasons for using the drawer repair kits.

  • If your drawer front splits, you’ll need to fix the drawer guide.
  • Replacing your drawer’s bottom.
  • To change the drawer’s chest for falling apart.

Types of Drawer Repair Kit

There are several types of drawer repair kits appropriate for this universal hardware system (drawer). Those have different functions and qualities. Here I’ll let you know about two different drawer kits, which will help you to fix your drawer’s most common problems.

Drawer Track Repair Kit


Drawer Track Repair Kit

If you have a dresser drawer, then the related product is this tool. The Dresser drawer allows slide on and off on a track. That’s why you’ll need a dresser drawer track kit. This tool will allow an easy mounting method and you will be able to manage and fix the wooden track of the drawer effortlessly. Also, you can replace the drawer track system easily. As a result, you’ll find your drawer like a new one at the time of sliding the drawer.

Track Glide & Guide

For fixing your dresser drawer track hardware glide and guide is a must. It is easy to set up and can save your broken drawer quickly.

2 x Fix

2 x Fix drawer kit is easy to install for repairing a sagging or bottom damaged drawer. With this tool, you can repair and strengthen your drawer quickly. It works well on all types of wooden, MDF, and chipboard drawers. It only takes two minutes two install and ensures smooth operations.

Monorail Drawer Repair Kit

Monorail Drawer Repair Kit


This type of kit is used to repair damaged or missing tracks and guides of a drawer. The monorail drawer repair kit is built with plastic components and can fix any track of wooden drawers. The roller assemblies are for replacing the damaged or missing guide button, which allows the drawer to glide smoothly.

Drawer Slide Repair Kit


Drawer Slide Repair Kit

The drawer slide repair kit is used for repairing the white plastic saddle of a sliding drawer. For attaching the plastic guide, you have to collect mounting screws. It works well on all types of wooden, MDF, and chipboard drawers.

Drawer Base Repair Kit

Most of the time old drawers got shaky on the base and shorter drawer application. You may think of changing the drawer and replace it with a new one. But before changing the drawer, you can try at least one time with this kit. It’ll fix your drawer base like a new one and give the sturdy bottom support.

Best Drawer Repair Kit for You

Here I’ll tell you about several drawer repairing kits that are useful for repairing drawers. By using those tools, you may be able to increase the drawer’s performance quality as well as ensure firmness, almost like a brand-new one.

FRMSAET Drawer Repair Kit


FRMSAET Drawer Repair Kit

FRMSAET drawer repair kit is used as a cabinet drawer repair kit that has a full application. It has been used on those drawers, especially those that have weak bases after years of age. The measurements of the product are 15 x 2 x 1.7 inches and weigh 8 ounces. Two sizes screws are used in this repair kit. You can use either hex or the short screw to adjust the length of the drawer. Here I’ll give you some extended information and lucrative specifications of it.


  • It works on two mounting systems
  • It offers one drawer repair kit, four wood screws, and two hex nut and short screws.
  • The FRAMSAET has a unique design and allows 13 25/64- 24 13/32 inches space for the brackets.
  • Works correctly on wooden /MDF /chipboard drawers, which have sagging and weak chests.

Repair A Drawer X2

Repair A Drawer X2

This tool is used to repair the chests of a drawer. It prevents the sagging base from falling apart. If the drawer has a shaky base and is not strong enough to carry much weight, then you can attach the Repair A Drawer X2 in a quick time. The tool strengthens up the drawer’s base in a quick time, and the mounting method includes connecting it with a screw and screwdriver. The dimensions of the kit are 6 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches and weigh 3.2 ounces. The popular specifications they are offering


  • This kit is made with durable metal and very sturdy in shape.
  • You can repair the wardrobe and chest of a drawer quickly with it.
  • Prevents the drawer’s baseboard from collapsing.

Medipaq Repair A Drawer X3


Medipaq Repair A Drawer X3

Medipaq Repair tools will help you to fix the base of the drawer. Medipaq offers a rubber band and two steel brackets. You have to fold the band according to width measurements and screw up the bracket to the edge of the drawer. The product’s dimensions are 6.1 x 6 x 1 inches and weight 4 ounces.

With the availability of strong rubber as a tool, you’ll be able to fix any width and length of the drawer with it. Thus, it provides a sturdy and robust base.


  • Medipaq is embossed with brackets.
  • It is possible to repair and strengthen the drawer in a quick time.
  • You don’t need to earn any skill before attaching the kit under the drawer. All you need are screw and a screwdriver


  1. How can you fix a drawer?

– Firstly, you have to empty the drawer. Then remove the drawer from the cabinet. Now, if you find any looseness on the front side of the drawer, then you’ll have tightened the bracket’s screw. To provide the drawer with a strong base, you can use a drawer base repair kit.

  1. What is the suitable thickness for the drawer bottom?

Plywood has the rights reserved to be ideal for the drawer bottom. For the bottom 3/8″ thick plywood is suitable. However, you can also use Maple, Birch, and walnut wood species.

  1. Why does my kitchen drawer keep opening?

-If your drawer slide is misaligned, it’ll open itself. So, it is essential to fix this problem. Fix the drawer’s slide to be aligned. Your kitchen drawer keeps opening means there are problems with your old-style wood track. That’s why you have to fix the sliding wood rail.

  1. How can you fix a drawer that won’t slide?

– For smooth sliding, you have to rub paraffin to the drawer slide lines and sling track. You’ll find paraffin in any departmental store. Also, you can use a lubricant like dry spray, bar soap, etc.

Additional Information

  • Do not use any hammer or treenail to fix the base of the drawer.
  • You don’t need to tighten the bracket fastening screw over because you may lose the screw anytime for fixing the drawer problem.
  • Before fixing the wooden drawer track system, you’ll have to empty it.
  • Use 3/8” thick plywood for the bottom of the drawer.

Final Note

Here we’ve discussed almost everything that is needed to repair a drawer. The primary purpose of drawer repair is to fix your thing by yourself. If you set this type of simple problem, you can find the solutions to fix other drawer problems. The drawer repairing kit also helps to fix any wooden drawer. Moreover, these universal kits are cheap. You don’t have to think about changing the drawer completely. So if you don’t have one set of this kit then check the latest news and get one in your view cart, hurry!

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