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Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Speedlite Square Layout Tool
Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Speedlite Square Layout Tool
Swanson Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square
Swanson Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square
Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square
Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square

Are you looking to buy the best speed square out there? If yes, you are welcome here. In this article, we are going to review some of the most efficient and best speed square you can consider to buy that worth your money.

However, before going to the main review, let’s get introduced to the concept of Speed Square and its use for those who do not have a good idea about it yet. If you already know about it and its use, you can start going through it from the next phase.

Speed Square and its Use

A speed square is a triangular-shaped simple tool that is used for measuring the length of anything with the help of inches or degrees. Though it is a kind of ruler, it works in a more sophisticated way. It is used for marking or measuring purposes. Most of the speed squares come with either a 7-inch triangle or 12-inch triangle.

A speed square can be made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. The ones that use plastic are the least expensive while the ones that use aluminum are the most expensive.

Being good for tile work, a speed square is more frequently used in metalworking and woodworking. This is a combined tool of various tools that come packed with a ruler, scriber, protractor, and board ripping guide and saw guide to help to make cuts of different degrees. It is very easily recognizable with its commonplace triangular shape.

Why Should You Buy From The Speed Squares Reviewed Here?

You may find hundreds of speed square from different manufacturers out there. Their product descriptions may seem very appealing and alluring claiming the products as the best in the industry. But most of them are not liked at all by the users which can be understood if you see the reviews carefully. Some of them get rust or broken too easily and eventually get trashed after some days of use.

That’s the very reason you have to be careful and choosy before buying a speed square so that you do not repent after the deal is done.

But, how do you know which product is good and which is bad? One of the best ways is to peep straight to the user reviews to know the pros and cons and problems the users face with a product. This is exactly what we did while we researched our product to find out the upsides and downsides.

We honestly sorted out the products by the user rating and comments and at the same time, we looked for good manufacturers who have fame worldwide.

Swanson, Johnson, Stanley, Hanson are the brands which are producing speed square for decades and got name and fame in the industry. The user ratings and reviews on their speed squares prove their efficiency in making good speed squares.

Finally, as we have only chosen the well-rated and good quality products as a part of our policy to suggest our users with good products by honestly presenting the pros and cons of a product before them, you can rely on us. We will not recommend cheaply made products and cheat our readers in any way.

Talking no more, we are going straight to the review now. However, if you are busy, you can compare the 5 products we have reviewed here from the following table and choose one that seems best for you. And if you have enough time, it is best if you go through the whole review before making the final decision.

1. Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Using the metric measurement system, Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square is our top pick due to its high-quality and durability. No matter whether you are a carpenter, roofer, construction worker, or DIYer, Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square is a must-have tool for you to help in your work.

Being made in the USA, this speed square should be kept in every tradesman’s tool bench. This combined speed square accommodates Try Square, Miter Square, Line Scriber, Protractor and Saw guide.

The pocket-sized Blue Book that is included with this speed square will help in case you do not know how to make the most appropriate angle cuts for any kind of pitched roof. Featuring scribing notches of 1/4 inch with diamond cutout, it can mark hip, valley, common, and jack rafters.

If you are working on boards, this speed square will help you determine and mark angles and make square cuts effortlessly.

When it comes to its making, heavy-gauge billet aluminum alloy was used to give it a sturdy and durable shape. It is also die-cast to improve accuracy than other kinds of squares.

Due to its color and design, it is highly visible from near and far. The chance of losing it is very little. To let you work in any condition and environment, black gradation is further strengthened with the matte non-glaring finish.

When you use this speed square as a saw guide, you will find it truing up boards easily. However, while you buy it, do not forget to check the diamond cutout which is trademarked by Swanson to certify the genuineness.


  • Combination of framing square, miter, scriber, tri square, and protractor squares.
  • 1 to 90-degree pivot selection
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Saves time
  • A cutting guide for clean and straight cut
  • Scribing is made simple with notch marks
  • Easy and accurate ripping stock
  • Very handy
  • A big pocket booklet with diagrams, tables, and references to instruct

  • It comes with a rough finish.


2. Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool

Being imported from abroad, Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool is one of the best speed squares out there that worth the money.

Having a base length of 10-3/4″ and rule length of 6-3/4″, this speed square is ultra-lightweight which only 0.16 ounces weight. To ensure that it lasts for long, it is constructed by heavy-duty aluminum. It is easily adjustable and easy to work with.

No matter whether it is day or night, you can read the numbers and degrees as the black body has got yellow graduations. It is easily readable in any kind of light.

It features jack and hip, valley and common scale to serve different purposes. It is suitable to be used as a bevel or protractor and a saw guide as well. Coming with an adjustable arm, it lets you use this tool from any direction. Do not worry about the durability, as the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty with this quick square layout tool.


  • Clean design
  • Very lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Made of aluminum
  • Can be used as a multipurpose tool to ensure many applications
  • Features adjustable arm
  • Easily readable
  • Imported

  • The tightening brass knob is way bigger.


3. CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square is a great tool for framing and roof construction work. With its help, you can measure precisely at any angle. The fast and easy precision layout is made easy with CH Hanson.

Be it an angle, pitch or rise, this pivot square works for all of these. For repetitive layout, you can lock it in which saves time in your measurement by making the process short and quick.

When it comes to roof pitches, it offers three UV resistant vials to determine the angles and pitches of the roof. This tool also works great for indicating grades, leveling, plumbing cuts, and facilitating miter cuts.

Being made from the high-quality aluminum alloy, this pivot square is very durable. When it comes to weight, it is 6.9 ounces with a dimension of 13 x 2.8 x 11.3 inches.


  • Doesn’t break easily
  • Very accurate in its measurement
  • Comes with pad, pencil, and pouch
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy in its making
  • Very handly

  • Counter-intuitive tightening nut.


4. Johnson Level &Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square, Professional Easy-Read Aluminum Rafter Square w/out Manual

Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square, Professional Easy-Read Aluminum Rafter Square w/out Manual

Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square is made up of aluminum to ensure the utmost durability. CNC machined edges are used to make it accurate all the time you use it. As it has a thick edge, you can, without any second thought, use it as a saw guide.

To get crossed or angle cut, you can use the etched protractor scale with the saw. For rip cuts, notches help a lot. You can mark the angles and mark your cut lines almost impeccably with this Johnny Square. It offers scales to help you with jack rafters, hip and valley cuts.

Featuring permanent graduations, it makes the number easily readable to its users. It can ideally rip at 3-1/2” and 5-1/2”.

To measure 1-1/2″, 3″ and 3-1/2″, it offers 2×4 board dimension markers. It features a dimension of 0.9 x 10.2 x 8 inches with a weight of 4.8 ounces only. To make you stay relaxed about the durability and quality, this also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Durable and accurate
  • Solid aluminum body
  • Good for use in worksite or DIY
  • It simplifies the stair layout
  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Continuous scribing notches
  • Anti-glare protection
  • 1-year warranty

  • The numbers on it are not engraved but printed.


5. Swanson Tool T0118 Speedlite Square Layout Tool, Orange, made of High Impact Polystyrene

Swanson Tool T0118 Speedlite Square Layout Tool, Orange, made of High Impact Polystyrene

Though this is the only speed square made of plastic we have chosen, this is by no way a bad choice. If you are looking for a speed square within a low budget without compromising the quality, Swanson Tool T0118 Speedlite Square Layout Tool is ideal for you.

Having multiple-use and along with being used as a square layout took, it works perfectly as try square, saw guide, miter square, level, angle finder, and line scriber.

As it is made of plastic, it is as lightweight as 3.2 ounces. With a dimension of 32 x 8 x 1 inches, this comes in attractive orange color.

The 8-inch size has made it a suitable choice for siding. You will get a C/L (Center Line) guide to locating the center of round stock.

To ensure maximum readability, it features a beveled edge. To cover the scribing lines, you get spaced notches of 1/8-Inch. With the lightweight and high impact material combination, it is also available in matte gray and yellow color.


  • 7-in-one tool
  • Very lightweight
  • Ideal as a saw guide due to its thickness
  • Bright orange color
  • Easy to read
  • Good choice for siding
  • High-quality plastic in construction
  • Very inexpensive
  • Little chance of losing
  • Quick and precise

  • It can break easily


Buying Guide: How to Choose a Speed Square

The pre-requisite of choosing a good and quality Speed Square is to know the key characteristics that a Speed Square should come with. If you do not know how to choose the right speed square for you, you may end up buying a speed square of low-quality and cheaply made. Here are the factors that you should consider before proceeding to buy the best speed square for you:


Who doesn’t love to have durable tools? A durable speed square must endure the test of time and lasts for years without any issue.

However, durability depends largely on the material of the speed square. While plastic speed square is much prone to get broken easily, the ones with steel or aluminum body will endure much pressure and will eventually last longer.

Moreover, how you use the speed square also matters a lot when it comes to durability. If you use it with care and caution, it is bound to last for a longer period. On the other hand, if not cared properly during use and after use, it may get rusted or broken easily.


Note that the quality of a speed square depends largely on the kind of material used in its making. We usually experience speed squares made of plastic, steel, and aluminum along with some variation.

Though the speed squares made of plastic are the least expensive, they are the most vulnerable.

Speed Square made of steel is a pretty good choice. But there is a risk of rust and corrosion in case good-quality stainless steel is not used.

And ultimately, though a speed square made of aluminum is the most expensive one compared to others, it is stronger, better and durable.

So, you decide to choose the one that you think you should have.


Accuracy is the most important factor when it comes to a speed square. Unless a speed square is inaccurate, there is no reason to use it anymore. A speed square must be as impeccable and precise as possible in its measurement work. If a speed meter does not output 100% accurate data, that data is of no use.

So, be very cautious about the accuracy standard of a speed square. If you buy a cheaper one from a manufacturer who produces mediocre speed squares, you would truly get in trouble while measuring.

That’s why you have to choose a good model from industry best manufacturer to ensure you are not cheated with bad product quality products. Do not forget to check the product reviews by the users to get the most ideal idea about the quality of the product.


Most of the time, if not always, the quality of a product depends on the price tag it comes with. Have you seen a very good product at a very low price? To get a quality product, having a good budget is important.

You have to see the expense of a good product as a kind of investment which will give you a long time return on investment. Though the best speed squares we have reviewed above are a bit pricey; but stay assured, they worth the money you pay.

So, try to keep a standard budget without getting confused with cheaply made cheap products if you want a quality speed square that will last for years.


The lighter, the better- this is also applicable for speed squares too. A speed square that is easy to carry and work with is better than a one that is heavy to carry. You will not feel comfortable to work with a heavy speed square as it is something that is supposed to be picked up with the touch of fingers. If you do not wish to have something hefty and sturdy, we would suggest you go for a lightweight speed square that does not compromise with precision and accuracy.


The numbers and degrees engraved or printed in your speed square should easily be readable. It is great if you can determine the number and degrees even at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why do we use a Speed Square?

Answer: Speed Square can be used for a variety of work. Framing, woodworking, and tile work are some of the most arenas where we use a speed square.

The speed square is a combination of framing square, framing square, and sometimes saw guide as well. It is a tool used basically by the carpenters to perform the basic measurement. It is also used to mark lines on dimensional lumbers. As a saw guide, it can perform 45 to 90-degree cuts.

What are the other names for a speed square?

Answer: Besides being called as ‘speed square’, a speed square is called differently by many people. Some people call it ‘triangle square, where some call it as ‘rafter square’ or ‘rafter angle square’.

What material is used to make a Speed Square?

Answer: We usually see a speed square made of steel, wood, and aluminum. No, matter what material is used to frame a speed square, it helps to measure and cut materials effortlessly and precisely.

Between Plastic Speed Square and Steel Speed Square, which one is better?

Answer: Plastic Speed Squares are not as expensive as steel speed squares. But, they are not as durable as steel speed squares. On top of that, speed squares made of steel are more accurate than their plastic counterparts.

Which is the most common size for Speed Square?

Answer: All the speed squares do not come with the same size. The size of the speed square varies greatly from project to project and material as well. Though there is a great variation in the size of the speed meter, the most common speed squares we see around us are with 12 inches triangle and 7 inches triangle.

How many sides are there in a Speed Square?

Answer: There are three sides to a speed square. The first side marks up inches. The second side comes with a raised edge. And the third side is the longest and used to mark up degrees.

Which size of the Speed Square is perfect for me?

Answer: It depends on the thing for which you are employing your speed square. Suppose, you are working with large lumber, then definitely choosing a small speed square of 7 inches will not come to your help. Rather you would need a speed square of 12 inches.

Conversely, if you are working with small lumber, you do not need to buy a speed square of 12 inches at all. You can easily manage to work with a speed square of 7 inches.

Final Words

So, by now you know some of the best speed squares out there. And, you also know how to find and buy the right speed square for you. We hope that you would be able to buy your desired speed square with the help of this article.

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