Top 7 Best Drawer Slides Reviews For 2024 (Soft Close, Ball Bearing & Full Extension)

Soft Close Drawer Slides 22 Inch Drawer Slides 10 Pairs - LONTAN - Ball Bearing
Soft Close Drawer Slides 22 Inch Drawer Slides 10 Pairs - LONTAN - Ball Bearing
10 Pack Promark Full Extension Drawer Slide (22 Inches)
10 Pack Promark Full Extension Drawer Slide (22 Inches)
Prime-Line R 7210 Drawer Slide Kit – Replace Drawer Track Hardware, 15-3/4” Steel Tracks
Prime-Line R 7210 Drawer Slide Kit – Replace Drawer Track Hardware, 15-3/4” Steel Tracks

When you are tired of organizing your kitchen and work stuff every time, you might think of installing a drawer instead. But fixing the drawer cannot be your ultimate solution unless you choose the right kind of drawer slides.

No matter if it is for your office, personal space, shop, or any particular project, choosing the right kind of drawer slides can make your life easier. To save you time, we will highlight the best cabinet drawer slides available in the market.

With the help of this article, you can choose the best drawer slide according to your budget and work need. It is important to remember that the quality of your project is greatly influenced by the type of drawer slide you are choosing.

Best Drawer Slides Reviews – Best Place to Buy Drawer Slides

Are you already feeling confused upon surfing plenty of options available in the market? Just relax and sit back as this article can serve as your guideline to get a quick review of each option!

1. Friho – Best Side Mount Drawer Slides


If you are looking for something that can hold your pantry or workspace load, Friho Side Mount Drawer Slides can be your best choice. It is considered as the best side-mount soft-close drawer slide.

This is a common scenario where sliding a drawer gets obstructed because of it being loaded fully. But even when it is full, it can be extended to the fullest without any obstruction in the case of these drawer slides.

It comes as a set of 5 pairs and 22 inches long. For easy installation, mounting screws are also added in the package. This product is made from high-grade cold-rolled steel and is plated with electrum zinc. It also offers noise-free usage while closing or opening because of its steel ball-bearing action.

For any repair or upgrade, the removal process is also simplified. Simply disconnect the lever to remove the drawer. You will be happy to know that this super convenient slide will cost you below 50 dollars. The weight of the tool is 15.7 pounds.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality product at a low price
  • Heavy-duty, can bear considerable weight
  • Noise-free functioning
  • Easy to take apart and reassemble
  • Durable; can be used for over 2 years

  • The screws are longer than the sides
  • The ball bearings are not stable
  • Low-quality ball bearing cage


2. Liberty D80622C-ZP-W 22-Inch – Best Ball Bearing Drawer Slides


We always opt for a personalized cabinet experience for the neat organization of our scattered belongings. But we often fail to do so because of the unavailability of proper materials or the complexity of the available ones. In such a case, Liberty Ball Bearing Drawer Slides can be your lifesaver.

It is made from high-quality stamped steel with a zinc plate finish. This product is reputed for heavy-duty usage and can bear up to 100lb weight. The slides are 22 inches long and weigh 3.45 pounds.

Moreover, it has a ball bearing function which ensures smooth opening and closing of the drawer, without putting any extra effort. It is the best soft-close drawer slide.

Another essential attribute is, that it allows full extension opening so that you can enjoy the entire length of the drawer.

You can utilize every inch of the drawer without wasting any space. It is also easy to install the panel and comes with mounting hardware, and installation instruction is given for better understanding.


  • The drawer can be fully extended
  • Good quality product
  • Price is cheaper
  • Easy to install for beginners
  • The slides have smooth finishing
  • Can hold heavy equipment

  • Less durability
  • Weak bearing slides
  • International shipping not available


3. Best Soft Closing Drawer Slides – LONTAN 4502S3-22 Rails


The design is stylish and minimalist to upgrade your cabinet drawers. It is the best side-mount soft-close drawer slide, enriched with a Hydraulic damping design. This technology keeps the drawer silent when pushed and pulled.

LONTAN 4502S3-22 Rails is aimed at those people who are particular about artistic presentation. It also has self-close technology which means the drawer will close automatically upon a certain amount of pressure.

This state-of-the-art rail is designed in such a way that you do not need to put in much labor to install or remove the equipment. It is fitted with detachable nylon snaps; all you need to do is press the buckle to install or remove.

You can also extend the drawers fully and made of thick solid steel, able to hold weight up to 100 lb.

Another essential feature is, the slow closing prevents your baby’s hand from being clamped by the drawer which is a common form of accident. Also, it has a section stretch design so that you can make full utilization of the drawer.


  • Noise reduction technology
  • Saves labor, auto closure of drawer
  • Full space can be utilized
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets
  • Comes with a detail instruction manual
  • Durable, made of thick steel

  • The screws are easily bent
  • Poor soft closing material
  • The full-extension does not always work


4. Promark Side Mount Drawer Slides


It is specially designed for frameless and face-frame applications. Promark slides are sturdy and made of cold-rolled steel which makes it strong enough to endure up to 100 lbs of weight. It is 22 inches long and weighs 31.4 pounds. If you order on the packet, you will get 10 pairs which are very cost-efficient.

This product is effortless to install and remove. It comes with a lever that can be used to remove the equipment very quickly. But you have to buy the rear mounting brackets separately.

One thing to remember, they must be mounted on the sides, not at the bottom. You have to check that the cabinets are straight parallel for smooth functionality.

The packaging and delivery time of the seller are pretty good and reliable. It is also featured with an auto-close mechanism for reducing physical effort. Overall, the slides are of good quality at a reasonable price. You will get a total of 20 pieces by spending below 110 dollars which is an excellent deal.


  • Smooth ball bearing slides
  • The auto-close feature works perfectly
  • Drawers can be fully extended
  • Good deal compared to the price
  • Heavy and sturdy slides

  • Do not come with mounting screw
  • Need to pull hard to open
  • Time-consuming to install


5. 10 Pack Promark – Best Full Extension Drawer Slide


Promark Full Extension Drawer Slides are a miracle considering its affordable price. You have to pay below 75 dollars and will get 10 pairs of slides. The slides are 22 inches long and extended completely. It is built on a design that prevents bounce back.

You will also have to face less noise because of its cushioned technology. Steel ball-bearing makes the movement smooth.  It can hold 100lb weight and is certified by BIFMA. You can install it in your kitchen, office, personal space, and anywhere, according to your needs.

There is another thing which will make you glad to know that they offer a lifetime warranty. So, you can make the purchase and use it without any tension.

It is made with zinc-plated steel and has plenty of mounting holes of different sizes. Though it does not come up with an instruction manual, if you follow any YouTube video, you will be good to go as it is straightforward to install.


  • Fully extendable
  • Easy to install, suitable for beginners
  • Ensures stronghold
  • Well packaging, each tool is separately packed
  • Works great for the price

  • The mounting screw has to be bought separately.
  • Does not come with installation guideline
  • Does not have a self-closing mechanism


6. AmazonBasics (AB-5001) Ball Bearing Drawer Slides


Amazon Basics drawer slide is famous for its nickel-plated steel finishing and durability. It has a weightlifting capacity of 100 lbs and is crafted for consistency to ensure high quality and uniform appearance.

If you are looking to update your cabinet or replace damaged slides, then Amazon drawer slides can be an ideal option. The product is really versatile. This tool weighs 2.2 pounds and is 12 inches long.

Another good news is it is very cheap, and you won’t need to spend more than 10 dollars to own it. It can be mounted both from the side and bottom but for stronger hold it should be mounted from the front. There is a smooth glide ball mechanism for smooth functioning.

It comes with a detailed installation guideline. Hence, you can easily install it even if it is your first try.


  • The glide works smoothly
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to install
  • Works great compared to the price
  • Easy installation guide is attached

  • Stiffer movement at the beginning
  • Size is more significant than usual
  • The back latch is not aligned correctly


7. Gobrico Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer SlidesGobrico-Soft-Close-Ball-Bearing-Drawer-Slides

If you are looking for a complete package, then Gobrico slides can be your best option to consider as the kit includes 6 pairs of drawer slides, brackets, and installing screws. It has a hydraulic mechanism to let the drawer close without any slamming sound.

Another benefit is you can utilize the full drawer as it can be extended completely. It is made of cold-rolled steel and is plated with zinc to ensure durability. It can endure the 78-pound weight.

The after-sales service is very prompt and they take care of any kind of complaint after the purchase. For any type of inconvenience, they will offer a refund or replacement.

It is also easy to remove the equipment using the removal buckle. You can fix it from the side or bottom through the rear-mounted brackets. This product cannot be tagged as cheap, you have to spend around 130 dollars to enjoy the service.


  • Guaranteed after-sales service
  • Slides and brackets come together
  • The soft-close feature works perfectly
  • Full-extension feature
  • Metal brackets
  • Glides are smoother, soft-close feature

  • The brackets are easily bent
  • Soft-close slide breaks easily
  • Poor packaging
  • The extra effort needed to open and close the drawer

Types of Drawer Slides

It is also essential to decide on the type of drawer slides you want. You can usually find wooden slides, side-mounted ball bearing slides, and self-closing under-mount slides in the market. You can take a quick look at the following description to make up your mind.

Wooden Slides

Traditionally wooden slides have been used for decades on wood furniture.  The wooden runner is built inside the frame for the smooth movement of the drawer.

The guides are precisely in line with both sides of the frame to ensure a steady flow and the runners are well fitted with the guides to prevent the drawer from falling or tilting left or right.


  • If well fitted they work wonderfully
  • Lasts from generation to generation
  • No additional investment is needed apart from your labor
  • The sides and joints of the drawer remain new
  • Classy appearance
  • Does not damage the drawer by hardware installation

  • Can’t be fully extended
  • Risk of falling out
  • Can be jammed in humid weather

Side-Mounted Ball Bearing Slides

Side-mount ball bearing slides have multiple useful features and are considered affordable, dependable, and heavy-duty. You can use it as a keyboard slide, massive duty slide, or specialty slides for file drawers.

The installation process is easy and flexible. It can be the best choice for you when you are looking for a combination of affordable price and flexibility in drawer construction. The slides can adjust up and down or in a forward-backward motion according to your convenience.

If you want to upgrade or change the current drawer, just disengage a lever to separate the drawer. It is super easy, and the process can be completed without damaging the drawer or the slides.


  • Amazingly easy to install
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • No effort required to remove the drawer
  • The slides are adjustable
  • Can be fully extended

  • Not noise-free; creates the metallic sound
  • Needs extra space in the cabinet’s width
  • All slides are not compatible with every design

Self-Closing Under-Mount Slides

If you are very particular about appearance, then you will love self-closing the best under-mount slides.  You can enjoy the combination of full extension and silent operation.

The most exciting part is the slides remain invisible as it is mounted under the drawer. With the right kind of locking device, you can have a new dimension of adjustability which was missing in previous designs.  You can move the drawer face at any angle up, down, backward, and forward.


  • The slides are silent and smooth running
  • The drawer can be extended fully
  • Neat appearance, slides are invisible
  • Comes with an installation guideline
  • Drawer face is adjustable in multiple dimension

  • The size dimension has to be extremely precise
  • Complex installment process
  • Need to be cautious of height measurement

Features to Consider Before Buying

Are you still puzzled? Not to worry as we are here to make your filtering process easier. Take a look at the following features. Make sure you are getting the required features while you are deciding on the product.

Slide Size

Before you go for the purchase, measure your drawer size first. It is essential to have a proportionate quantity of both the slides and drawers. If your drawer size is longer than the slides, then it will not be able to provide full support. The drawer will fall off at a certain point

Also, it won’t be fully extended, and you can’t make full use of the drawer. Vice versa, the slides should not be longer than the drawer. If that happens, you will face a hard time installing the drawer. In the worst-case scenario, you will fail to do so. Hence you must measure the drawer and the slide before making the purchase.

Holding Capacity

Most of the slide’s loading capacity ranges from 50 to 500 lbs. Before making a final decision, you must check the holding capacity of the slides. You need to determine your working needs first.

The capacity need is different from kitchen use to workshop use. For household usage, heavy-duty capacity is not required. However for industrial usage, it is a must to have a high-volume loading capacity. So, choose the weight capacity based on your needs.


Mounting is a critical consideration that lets the drawer hang from different angles.  Usually, there are three types of mounts used on the drawers which are center-mount, side-mount, and under-mount.

In center mount, the slides are used under the drawer and supported by one slide only at the center below. Slide mounts are bought in pairs and used on both sides of the drawer. Undermount is a combination of center and side mount.


Though the color of the slides is the least important factor for buying slides, still there are varieties of colors available in the market. The most popular are silver, blue, golden, and black colors.

Though slides are less visible, you can choose the color matched to the drawer. In general, the slide’s material is metal, but few of the brands use a plastic coat to look better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a bottom mount on the side of the drawer?

No, the mechanism of the bottom and side mounts are different. Also, there is a difference in their weight carrying capacity. So, you cannot interchange between these two.

  1. Do they have a lever to release the slides?

Yes, there is a thin tab to unhook the slides. You can also call it a lever. Simply disengage them, and you will get the slides removed.

  1. What lubricants work best for rail?

They are already lubricated, so there is no need to add other lubricants. If it is installed new, just open and close it a few times to get a smoother experience. The slides have ball bearings to ensure smooth operation. The use of lubricants collects dust and might clog the ball bearings.

  1. How much resistance is felt when opening soft-touch slides?

If installed correctly you have to put in very little effort. After installing, keep closing and opening the drawer a few times to achieve the desired smooth movement. You need to put only 10% of your strength on this than the manual ones.

  1. My drawer is 22 inches, but I ordered 20-inch slides. What should I do?

You can still use them. If you want full access to the drawer, just put some gap at the back. You will be good to go.


All set for stepping into the neatly organized workspace? You surely are!

With the help of the guidelines provided, it must be easier for you to buy the best drawer slides for your cabinets. Just remember, before making the decision you need to determine the purpose of the drawers and the type you want.

This way you can make the best buying decision and not waste your hard-earned money. Also, take a look at our best pick list to check if that matches your requirements.

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