Best Drawer Slide Bracket For The Soft Closing | Cabinet or Table

If you have already decorated your kitchen and home with new cabinetry, a drawer slider is mandatory for the most accessible opening and closing. And a drawer slider bracket is a little but crucial part of it. You may feel difficulties to find out perfect slider bracket for the first time.

Here I am covering a shortcut note on some original features, using the benefits of various types of drawer slider brackets. Besides, you will know which drawer slider bracket is best for your cabinet or table. If you want to make it more accessible, the daily uses cabinet, then don’t miss this guide.

What is a Drawer Slide Bracket? 

The drawer slide bracket is the small kit or frame to support the slider. It is using both sides of the drawer slider for the soft closing and opening. As well as a pair of bracket holds the slider correctly and protect your cabinet or table drawer from various damage. Moreover, it supports the slider to prevent the drawer from completely getting out of place.

Why do you Need Drawer Slide Bracket? 

A bracket is a great assistant for a drawer slider. Here is some important reason that’s why you need a drawer slide bracket. To ensure more comfortable cabinetry, you can consider the below factors

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  • A drawer slide bracket is essential as likes drawer slider.
  • Firstly, it will give you a soft drawer closing and opening.
  • Mounting full extension of drawer slides
  • To connect the slider with the cabinet wall
  • You can use your cabinetry roughly. It will protect your cabinet drawer from a traumatic injury.
  • Besides, brackets hold the drawer slider from the two edges perfectly.
  • Help to open the whole drawer while you will need it.
  • Reduce the get stuck of the drawer
  • Easier installation and using methods
  • Prevent the come out the entire drawer
  • Often need to replace the brackets
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    How to Use a Drawer Slide Bracket? 

    The use of a drawer slide bracket is more comfortable as you couldn’t think. I am sharing with you step by step guides on how to use a slide bracket. Important things to use in a slide bracket:

    • Front and back two brackets
    • Some screw according to bracket eye
    • Drawer slider to set up
    • A screw drill machine to connect the bracket with the cabinet wall.

    Step 1:

    First of all, put a front bracket and a back bracket for set up with the slider. The brackets must have to be the appropriate size with the slider size. The slider has a gap on both sides. You just enter the one edge of a slider into the bracket gap.

    Step 2:

    Similarly, do the same process again for another edge of the slider. Now time to connect the slide and bracket combination with the cabinet wall. Take one side and set it with the wall as per the slider size. Then take the necessary screw and put it into the bracket hole. Finally, take your screw drill machine and drill the specific point where you want to set the bracket and slider.

    Step 3:

    Similarly, you can set up another bracket slider. Always keep in mind to choose the brackets set with perfect measurement. Otherwise, it doesn’t fit, and you might feel difficulties using the drawer.

    Types of Drawer Slider Bracket

    Drawer Slider brackets are primarily three types. In most cases, these are used as popular drawer brackets. Let’s know in detail.

    Mounting Bracket: 

    The mounting bracket gives an additional pair of hands while the slider will mount with full extension. Drawer slide mounting brackets construction material is shock-resistant high-quality polystyrene. One of the benefits of a mountain bracket is that it can be used for both framed and frameless cabinets. If you want to align the drawer box, this bracket can perform well. Besides, it will give you a fast operation process.

    Plastic Brackets: 

    The plastic bracket is a white color and lightweight bracket. It is especially worked from face frame drawer slides. As well as it can eliminate the twist between the slides and drawer gap with a perfect fit. You can adjust it with the horizontal and vertical systems. Generally, plastic drawer slide brackets allow 1-1/2-inch front-back adjustment.

    Merillat Slide Bracket:

    Merillat drawer slide brackets come mainly for the replacement of existing broken brackets. It is a bit different from others. It comes as a package with four kit parts for one drawer. Especially it can fit with a 24” depth Merillat cabinet drawer. An adapter bracket and a screw come with it.

    Cabinet Drawer Slide Brackets: 

    Though it says cabinet drawer slide brackets, it is a versatile drawer slider bracket with built-in indexing tabs. It is using a cabinet, cases, and many other cabinetries. It is a universal bracket that can fit several types of drawers.

    Best Drawer Slide Bracket for You

    Though there is a huge bracket collection available in the market. But not equally beneficial for you. Here I am covering the four best drawer slider brackets. You can undoubtedly choose any item from this list below.

    1. Promark Rear Mounting Brackets 


    Promark Rear Mounting Brackets’ weight is 2 pounds, and the Total dimension is 8.7 x 4.4 x 3.2 inches. The promark bracket package has ten pairs of brackets and 20 total brackets. It is bright zinc color metal construction material. Most importantly, it has no battery requirements.

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  • Comes with a package of 10 pairs of brackets
  • It works only with Promark slides
  • Promark rear bracket is coherent with 14/5” width drawer slide
  • Instead of side, it is perfectly fit with the backside of cabinet and box
  • Soft-close capability but has not self-close power
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    2. 10 Pairs Rear Mounting Brackets 


    Rear mounting bikes have up to 2.8 pounds of weight with 6.8 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches dimensions. It has ten pairs of screws with this package. The total number of brackets: is 20 and also has a total of 20 screws. This Bracket color is zinc. And the construction materials are zinc-plated metal. As well No, it doesn’t need any battery.

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  • Arrives with face frame construction
  • Best fit with face frame cabinet and box
  • A package of 10 pairs of brackets and screw
  • Compatible with 1.77-inch drawer slider
  • Capable of extending the slider length up to 2.75 inch
  • Quality of different installation method
  • Possible to install from both side and bottom
  • More effective and soft-close
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    3. 5 Pairs Rear Mounting Brackets 


    It is very lightweight at 1.5 pounds, and the size is 5.4 x 3.9 x 3.3 inches. It has five pairs of Rear Mount Brackets with screws. So, the total number of brackets and screws is 10. This rear mounting bracket material is zinc plated.

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  • Its construction materials are steel and zinc plated combination
  • Support the face frame rail
  • A package of 5 pairs of drawer slider bracket
  • Appropriate for 45 mm drawer slide
  • Soft closing quality
  • It can increase the slide main length up to 70 mm
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    4. Rear Mounting Bracket, Plastic, For White Epoxy Drawer Slide


    As a plastic bracket, it is super lightweight at 0.64 ounces. Overall dimension2 x 1 x 1 inches. One pair of Rear Mount plastic Brackets. White color two brackets which materials are durable plastic.

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  • Works with only white Hettich FR402L Drawer Slides
  • Construction materials are White color durable plastic
  • Stylish design and soft closing power
  • Up to 1-1/2 “front face feature for rear back drawer slider
  • Very lightweight product
  • Easier installation process
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    The above four brackets are best, but I love more mountain drawer slider 10 Considering the quality, features, and advantages, I think the 10 Pairs Rear Mounting Brackets will be best for you because its installation is more natural and quick access ability. Also, it has full extension mounting power while the drawer will be open ultimately. Besides, the soft closing quality is existing in it.


    1. How much smaller should a drawer be than the opening?

    Ans: Maximum kitchen cabinet needs a drawer slider to freely open and close. For the bottom mount, you can make any size of the drawer, but there has standard and most common sizes. It should be ¾ “less than the opening. If the opportunity is 12 inches, then the drawer should be 10 ½ inches.

    2. What length of drawer slides do I need?

    Ans: In this case, from the back of the drawer to the front, you have to measure. Must have to count the measurement without the drawer’s face. After measuring the sizes compare the drawer length and drawer slider length. For example, if the drawer is 20 ½ then choose the slider 20 inches.

    3. What is the difference between self-closing and soft-closing drawer slides?

    Ans: All of the soft closing brackets are also self-closing, but all of the self-closing is not smooth closing. Self-closing refers to such an element that can close the drawer or cabinet door automatically. On the other hand, soft-closing means that it can do only glides.

    4. How do you fix a dresser drawer that fell off the track?

    Ans: To entire into the track, firstly, you have to remove the drawer from the cabinet dresser. You can put the drawer so that access will be more comfortable. Similarly, you can make the drawer jiggle. Hopefully, your problem will solve soon.

    Final Words:

    Maybe a drawer slider bracket is a tiny thing but indeed an essential kit for your kitchen cabinet to make it more comfortable. I think you can understand all about the Drawer slider bracket. Before using a drawer slider, you just need a set of parentheses. So, keep remembering while selecting the brackets that the perfect size of a bracket according to the drawer slider is essential.

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