How to Repair A Drawer Track & Slides

When your old drawer wears out, the result is collapsing inside or outside of the cabinet. It spills the contents everywhere. The only easy thing is fixing the problem. But, repairing the track and slides is quite annoying. Before that, you should know about the mechanism. 

Mechanical drawer slides come with a series of metal guides and rollers. If they are lubricated, clean, and not damaged, sliding a heavy drawer in every direction of the cabinet is easy. 

But if not, they become damaged. Without lubrication, the drawer will become stuck. It leads to much damage to the drawer track and slides. You can repair the damaged parts. In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to repair a drawer track & slides. Let’s start!

Repairing Tips (Step by Step)

To repair your drawer track and slide, a few procedures need to be followed. If the drawer slides are stuck and not properly broken, remove all your items from them. Then, remove the drawer from its track. After that, slide a soap bar over your drawer tracks. Lastly, you have to replace your drawer. The fixing formula will depend on the intensity of the damage.  

Let’s now look at the steps of fixing a drawer track and slides one by one. 

  1. Purchase New Glide Kit

A glide kit is used for restoring the smooth function of your drawer track. It is mounted on the drawers. In the market, you will find them profound with fasteners for easy installation. They are constructed of various materials. For repairing the drawer track & slides, first purchase a new glide kit.

  1. Wiping Out all The Items From the Drawer

You have to remove all items from the drawer. Place them at a distance away. Now, your drawer can be opened out to the terminal of the slide. Usually, you can take it out from their cabinet by elevating the drawer. In the end, gently pull this out from the track.

  1. Replace Glides In The Cabinet 

For repairing your drawer track & slides, you need to replace the glides in the cabinet. Proper glide alignment is necessary for installation. Start by laying out drawer glides over the box. The marking area needs to be checked. Attach the slides with the box of drawers inside your cabinet. Then, use a screwdriver to glide in.

  1. Clearing The Tracks Of The Drawer

The household cleaner can be sprayed on the track of your drawer. Then, clean it with a dry cloth. Wash off the tracks and slides of the drawer. Check out all the areas of the tracks where they might be bent abnormally. Also, bend them into the back position with a couple of pliers.

  1. Checking Rollers Of Drawer

Inspect every roller for signs of damage that might prevent your drawer from smooth operating. If you find any damage on any roller, an entire replacement needs to be assembled. In case of good condition rollers, spray a small amount of lubricant on each axle of the rollers. While repairing drawer track and slides, you will need several repairing kits. 

  1. Repositioning The Items & Drawer

Reconnect the slides of the drawer to the cabinet tracks. Then, test the drawer operation. If your slides function properly, you need to replace the drawer. Lastly, reposition your items into the drawers. To do all of this work, you require things like a screwdriver, wood glue, wooden matches, a utility knife, and a hammer. 

Final Words

This is all about how to repair a drawer track & slides. If you replace slides, higher quality products should be utilized. In every case, the basic procedure of replacement is almost the same. We have discussed the tips to solve them. We hope you have understood all the points, drawer tracks, and slides. Before using your drawer slider, a few things should follow. Select the perfect-sized brackets according to your drawer slider. 

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