Top 5 Best Wood For Workbench Top – Reviews and Buying Guide-2024 [Workout Plan]

Gladiator GAAC28HWGX Ready-to-Assemble 28" Hardwood Work Top
Gladiator GAAC28HWGX Ready-to-Assemble 28" Hardwood Work Top
Grizzly Industrial G9912 - Solid Maple Workbench
Grizzly Industrial G9912 - Solid Maple Workbench
Made in USA 30 X 60 Maple Work Bench Tops
Made in USA 30 X 60 Maple Work Bench Tops

Workbench is like a mate to the woodworkers as they spend most of their time in woodworking and carpentry. But what’s the most important part is the top of the workbench that lets you do all the woodworking chores. So it becomes highly important that you get the top quality and best workbench top so that you can do your job easily and satisfyingly. Moreover, it might look easy to purchase one as you can think that you don’t need to know any detailed information regarding the top. But trust me, it’s completely the opposite. So, you should definitely know certain things if you want to get the best workbench top. Hence, it is wise you go through the tops before getting one.

However, to make your life a bit easier, we have thought to compile the top 5 of them so you can get the workbench top. We have reviewed the tops to let you know more about their features and abilities. The quality and strength of these tops have got all the praise for which you can consider them. So we hope, that you get the best one after going through the writing, as this is all about the wood for a workbench top

Grizzly Solid Maple Workbench Top- G9913

The G9913 is popularly known to be a heavy guy yet eventually the workbench top you can get. The hype about this top is it will let you construct your workbenches. However, the first thing about the top that catches your attention is it is rough on one side and finished on the other. With 1-3/4 inches of hard rock (sugar) maple strips

being layered to each other and with the Durakryl finish, the workbench top has got its solid texture. Moreover, it’s the Durakryl finish that adds a natural color to the maple which gives a strong appearance. Besides, you will find all the edges and the bottoms of the top sealed with the finish leaving a satin-smooth low sheen look.

However, the G9913 measures 48 inches wide and 30 inches deep and weighs about 83.2 lbs. To add more, the great thing is you can clean the top using soap and water, or with nail polish remover or water bleach. Additionally, they have their own optional adjustable shop fox legs that you will find extremely heavy-duty so that you can customize your workbench size the way you want. However, Grizzly needs no intro as they are prominent themselves for delivering their workbench tops. And as for G9913, it too happens to stand out from all the other rivals.


  • The top got a smooth surface.
  • It is well-made and strong, so you might need tough drill bits to face it.
  • Outstanding as a desktop for an adjustable standing or sitting desk.
  • It is easy to attach to a base.
  • It comes very light in color and very mildly beveled edges.
  • You can clean the top.

  • The top is way too heavy for an ordinary person to carry.
  • It comes with poor packaging.
  • You might find the Shipping cost huge.


Grizzly Solid Maple Workbench Top- G9914

Like the previous model, it too comes with some similar features. Twinning with G9913, the Grizzly G9914 also comes with 1-3/4 inches of hard rock (sugar) maple strips and Durakryl finish. Hence, as it got its construction with the hybrid of maple and durakryl, you will find its appearance with satin-smooth and natural in color. So, this workbench top has certainly got a charming look with rough on one side and smooth on the other. However, many people have raised this common opinion that the finish might get you a strange smell. But with this top, you will get no strange odor to the finish as people are loving to get the top overall.

However, you might find similar traits that the previous model has, yet it’s the size of the top that differs the most. You will get this workbench top in 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. Moreover, it weighs about 104.2 lbs., so you will find the top super heavy to pretend to carry like normally. Another great thing is, like G9913, you can clean this top as well with soap and water, or with nail polish remover or water bleach as well. To add more, the Grizzly claims to have optional adjustable shop fox legs. Thus, you can customize your workbench top ideas that can satisfy your needs.


  • The top got a high-quality and smooth surface.
  • You will find the top well-made, solid and hard.
  • Excellent to also use as a kitchen counter.
  • It is easy to attach to a base.
  • It comes very light in color and very mildly beveled edges.
  • You can clean the top.

  • It is very heavy to carry around effortlessly.
  • It comes with poor packaging that damages the sides or corners of the top.
  • The surface is although flat yet not very flat.


Gladiator GAAC28BAYX Bamboo Top

Let us highlight another workbench top not from Grizzly, but Gladiator. Just like the name says, this workbench top has all the qualities that a fighter should have- tough and durable. Moreover, owning this will be like having customizing your workstation just like the way you want. And to add more, this top happens to be compatible with Gladiator’s Modular Gear-Drawer and  Modular Gear-Box. So you can use it with either of them or if you want you can work it well with other bottom rolling carts and chests. The top will adjust itself smoothly to everything. So the bamboo look does not only enhance its appearance but also offers function, durability, and customization as well.

Besides, getting more into its detail, the Gladiator top measures 28 inches long and about 17 inches deep with a thickness of 0.8 inches. And it weighs about 19 pounds, so you will find it a bit heavy yet it is heavy-duty. Moreover, the wood happens to be treated with a UV cured protective coating that prevents damage from any chemicals. Additionally, you can also clean its surface Ideas via wiping it with a wet cloth only. So, this workbench top indeed has all the great qualities that just deserve all the praise.


  • It is compatible with Gladiator’s Modular Gear-Drawer and Modular Gear-Box.
  • It is well built and durable.
  • The bamboo is hard to drill through which proves its robust quality.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It fits perfectly into the cabinet.
  • You can clean the top with a wet cloth and it will not damage the top.
  • Treated with a UV cured the protective coating, so it will block the chemical to damage.

  • The top scratches easily.
  • It comes with an expensive price tag.
  • It is a bit heavy to carry.


Nexel Maple Bench Top, 72″ W x 30″ D x 1⅝” Thick

If you are looking for something quality like a workbench top, then you can consider this workbench top as well. Coming from a brand like Nexel, this maple bench top promises you to stay as loyal and durable as possible. However, as the top is maple in nature, it happens to be flat in its look. Moreover, you will find the top Kiln dried which means it will help to discard most of the moisture inside the wood to let it stay dry and hard. Besides, the maple strips have been glued together and electronically cured with a sanded smooth. Not only that, to boost up its durability, the top got its finishing with a penetrating mineral oil protectant. So, the top certainly lasts longer.

Nexel Maple Bench Top

However, it is also essential you oil the tops on all surfaces Coating after every 1 or 2 weeks depending on the condition and use if you want it to stay new. To get into more specifications, this workbench top comes 72 inches wide and 30 inches deep. Moreover, with its 1-3/4 inches thickness And weight 78 lbs, you will find the top very hard and heavy-duty. Thus, you will find for covering it the best workbench top to buy.


  • You can use it as a countertop as well.
  • You will find it enough durable and well-built for its penetrating mineral oil protectant trait.
  • The top is Kiln dried hence it will help to remove the moisture from the wood.
  • The top is robust with a smooth look.

  • You might find gouges at the top.
  • It comes with poor packaging.
  • You might find some of the sections of the wood imperfect.
  • They have marked both sides of the wood with their logo and this might annoy you.


 Ulti-Mate Eco-friendly Worktop Surface

Wanting environmentally friendly work surfaces can be a tough choice. It’s because most of the durable worktops come from quartz or granite, both of which affect the environment. But with the Ulti-Mate workbench top, you will get a different outcome as it works great with the environment. Besides, the top comes in a natural wood color with a smooth surface. However, this workbench top comes with reduced sharp edges and a full profile for customization. Moreover, the tops are not only highly long-lasting but they happen to be extremely scratch-resistant as well. Not only that, you will find the top UV cured which means it will help to resist moisture.

To highlight its dimensions, the top comes 71 inches wide with 21 inches deep. And talking about its thickness, it comes with 1.5 inches thickness and weight 70 lbs which is strong enough to boost the durability and sturdiness of the product. Additionally, the top has been constructed from solid bamboo, and the underside of it happens to cleat into the recessed area of the ultimate cabinets. And yes the top also comes with non-skid strips. So if you want a quality and eco-friendly product, this is the best workbench top for you to buy and utilize.


  • The top is durable and well-built for its strong thickness.
  • It features UV cured, so it will help to resist moisture.
  • The top is eco-friendly.
  • It is greatly scratch-resistant.
  • It comes with non-skid strips at the bottom of the wood.
  • You can build your own workstation on the top.
  • The top will not split unnecessarily when drilled.

  • You might find damage spots on the product, thus there are shipping or poor packaging issues.
  • The top is quite heavy, so you might face a bit hassle while carrying it.


The Best Workbench Top Buying Guide

Types of Wooden Workbench Tops


Hardwoods like maple and oak are the pricey ones here in the benchtop world. However, you will find them enough durable so they don’t damage themselves easily. On the flip side, you will get some woods like red oak which has a tendency to splinter if it goes through prolonged hitting. However, you should also chew over the humidity of the environment where you plan to place the bench. It’s because such woods that happen to expand and contract seasonally eventually get warped. Although, this might not be a problem depending on the type of work you plan to undertake. But yes, you can sand down the hardwood if you want to renew it. Not only that, the hardwood tops can handle vibration sensitive work or heavy use no matter what special equipment or tools you use.

Soft Woods

Another kind of popular wood yet more on the cheaper side. Softwoods like birch and pine are comparatively affordable to buy but they happen to be less long-lasting than the hard ones. Thus, no matter how many coats of varnish or paint you put, they will get scratched easily by your tools, operations, and materials. Moreover, the great thing is the item will remain undamaged even if you drop a piece of work on to a softwood, no matter how many dents you put on the surface.


If you opt for the bench that will have a flush finish with the frame, then a low-cost option is to use the plywood for the top. The surface of such wood lasts relatively longer against the damage caused by your materials and tools. Additionally, you can either sand down or replace the wood if required. Moreover, plywood has more pleasing advantages. They tend to be unaffected by the changes in seasonal humidity, hence it will not get warped if they face the moisture in the air. Although you might not find the wood as flat as you demand it to be while you plan to use the bench-top for woodworking. Thus, it is wise to use 2 or more layers of 0.75-inch best plywood for the workbench top.

Medium-Density Fiberboard(MDF)

MDF workbench top is a great pick for many woodworking and carpentry projects. Like plywood, it too does not get affected by levels of humidity changes and you can sand the wood down if you want to renew it. Besides, they also come with a budget-friendly price tag and they provide a flatter surface than the plywood. Moreover, they are also strong enough which shows how durable they can be for woodworking use.


To get the firmness and weight of the pricey hardwood without getting overly concerned with damaging the worktop, you might like to attach a plywood or MDF layer to the top of the hardwood base. So you can sand down the layer easily or replace them if required. If you want a flatter surface, it is better you attach the layer of plywood below the bench and not drill down from the top. This combination will help your wood to last longer without any damage.

Other Best Wood for Workbench Tops

Butcher Block Workbench Tops: It comes with an oil-rubbed natural finish. Moreover, these tops tend to resist scratches and dents. Thus they provide high durability and strength. The butcher block workbench tops are ideal for general work with light tools and materials.

Steel Workbench tops: It features a smoother surface that does not crack easily or absorb oil. These are the tops that stand up to heavy operations and you can even clean and maintain them easily.

Plastic Laminate Workbench Tops: It comes in a melamine laminated and gray scrim satin finish. These workbench tops are perfect for electronics repair or assembly.

ESD Plastic Laminate Workbench Tops: These workbench tops are resistant to oils, stains, and chemicals. However, they are ideal for protecting circuit boards or other components from electrostatic discharge.

What to Look for in a Best Workbench Top?

You would want to ensure that the workbench top you pick will help you do the type of work that you are planning to undertake. If you happen to do different types of work, you may want to consider having a workbench top that will be solid and durable. Moreover, you may also want to consider a standard workbench top that will take all the pressure of carpentry and woodworking.


The strength of a workbench top is of utmost importance. You will subject it to pounding, pushing, clamping, and stacking heavy materials on top of it. If the workbench top is not solid enough, it will start to get weaken and will easily get damaged by a few heavy users. Thus it is important to get a sturdy top for the workbench. Some of the popular workbenches surfaces ideas are Maple, plywood, bamboo, etc. If you plan to do heavy work on the top, then you must buy one with a stronger quality.


This is another important thing that you should check out while buying the top. Even if the workbench top does not last long, then what is the use of purchasing one with your money? There are different types of wood such as hardwood, plywood, and MDF that happen to be more durable than the others. So if you are planning to buy the top, ensure that it will last longer.

The Best Wood for Workbench Top Brands

Grizzly: The company has grown into one of the greatest machinery companies in the United States since 1983. They deliver their products in all shapes and sizes to the market from large industrial production customers to small machine or cabinet shops. Moreover, they ship 99 percent of all orders on the same day.

Nexel: 3 brothers identified the rising demand for superior and high-quality wire shelving in 1989 and purchased a small business in New Jersey producing a ‘new slant’ on shelving called Nexel. Hence Nexel Industries was the very first company that manufactured wire shelving overseas. Not only that, but they also ensured that their quality would never be compromised in any way.

BenchPro: This is another US-based furniture manufacturing company with sales and supplying facilities in California. Their use of brand materials for wood like Nevamar and Formica with their 10-year warranty, plus their use of steel, wood, and tube producing in the USA are their quality features. Moreover, they build up workbenches in hundreds of sizes and colors in 1 to 3 days.

Gladiator: Gladiator brand generally comes from Whirlpool corporation which is a leading global marketer and manufacturer of major home appliances. They have their office located in the United States.

The Benefit of Buying the Best Wood For Workbench Top

There are many advantages that you can have if you get the right product. However, these sections will put light on what perks you will get if you buy the workbench top. Having a good top not only helps you do your woodworking jobs but also does more than that.

Easy woodworking: If you ever get the workbench top DIY, the very first perk you get is that the job of woodworking gets easier. The top will let you do all your work of carpentry or woodworking easily with its sturdy surface. Thus, no matter how much heavy operation you put on the top, it will bear all the strikes so you can have a happy hour on the job.

Easy to clean and maintain: Many of the woodworkers face trouble if they cannot clean all the splinters easily. However, with a quality workbench top, you can even do that easily. So, with just a small wet cloth, or even with nail paint remover, you can easily wipe the top so that you can let it look clean again to do your next job. Not only that, but such workbench tops are also easy to maintain as well.

Eco-friendly: Many workbench tops do not go well with the levels of humidity change. So when the moisture comes in contact with the tops internally, it damages the surface and the tops get warped over time. However, you will find many workbench tops that are eco-friendly and will not damage the change of seasons. It’s because they come with a UV-cured feature that helps to resist the moisture. They stay strong and do not let the moisture damage them. Moreover, they even last longer than most of the workbench tops.

Kiln-dried: you will get many tops that come with the Kiln-dried feature. This feature helps to remove the moisture from the wood. So your wood will stay dry and solid and you can do your carpentry job easily.

Sand down: With some workbench tops, even after they get warped and damaged, you can sand them down to renew them. It will help the top get a smooth surface by rubbing it just with sandpaper and restoring it to its former state. Although you cannot sand down some of the wood materials yet, there are many kinds of wood with which you can flatten the surface again via sanding down.

Multi-task, Multi-purpose: You will get different types of top materials starting from wood to steel to plastic for a variety of purposes. Hence, depending on your work type, you can get your type of materials for the job on the workbench.

Wonder what kind of material you should be choosing for a workbench top? Let’s see what kinds of workbench top materials you can choose from and what their pros and cons are!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Grizzly G9913

1. Can you use it as the top of the kitchen island?

A: Yes, you can use G9913 as the top for the kitchen island.

2. What can you use to protect the surface area from tool damage if you use it in a workbench?

A: You could just use a thin piece of plastic or Lexon until you want to pour an epoxy polyurethane coat.

3. What are the dimensions of the top?

A: 48 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 1-3/4 inch thick.

Grizzly G9914

1. What is the actual weight of the product?

A: The weight of the product is about 80 lbs.

2. Can you cut this top to size on-site?

A: Yes, all it will take is the proper power saw to cut it quickly and easily. A table saw with a helper would be an easy way.

3. What are the tools required to assemble it?

A: You will only get to the top. It usually depends on the legs you’re about to attach to it on how it will be assembled.

Gladiator GAAC28BAYX

1: Will this fit a 31-inch x 24-inch?

A: Yes, it will, but it would wobble.

2. Can you cut this down with a circular saw?

A: You can cut it with a circular saw, yet the edges might not match after the cut.

3. What are the dimensions of the workbench top?

A: The dimensions are: 28 inches long and about 17 inches deep with a thickness of 0.8 inches.

Nexel BTM730

1. Is the top perfectly flat?

A: No, it does not come in perfectly flat.

2. Is this stainable?

A: As it comes raw yes it is stainable. However, if you are going to use it as a cutting board you should not stain it.

3. Is it 72 inches running in the long direction or the wide?

A: The top is 72 inches long and 30 inches wide.

Eco-friendly Worktop Surface

1. Is it easy to drill to insert nails?

A: Yes, it is easy to drill to insert nails.

2. Is the finished food safe?

A: Yes. It is coated with an almost indestructible epoxy-like finish.

3. Can you use this as a kitchen countertop?

A: Yes, you can use it as a kitchen countertop.

Some Final Words

Workbench top is one of the most important components of the workbench. You might call it like the roof of a house. Thus, without the top, the workbench has no value. However, you will find many workbench tops that come with a lot of different features. And depending on your work type, you can go for buying the best workbench top. However, if you want to bring more flexibility to your work, then grabbing a top-quality workbench top is a must. So we hope that these 5 workbench tops will help you decide to get the best one so you can have a happy hour of woodworking. And we also hope that the guide will bring more light in picking up the one.

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