Top 8 Best Wood for Outdoor Bench Slats In 2024

2x4basics 90134ONLMI Hopkins, 2x4, AnySize Chair or Bench Ends
2x4basics 90134ONLMI Hopkins, 2x4, AnySize Chair or Bench Ends
Lifetime 60054 Convertible Bench / Table, Faux Wood Construction
Lifetime 60054 Convertible Bench / Table, Faux Wood Construction
Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Acacia Wood and Rustic Metal Bench
Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Acacia Wood and Rustic Metal Bench

Be it your garden or your backyard, nothing beats wooden benches when you’re enjoying nice weather with a book or a cup of tea.

Having a bench is not only useful, but it also complements the look of your outdoor space. If you have a beautiful patio or garden, you definitely need a bench!

But you can’t buy whatever is upon sales. The bench’s quality needs to be enough that it can withstand the outdoor harshness. Therefore, to help you select the best wood for outdoor bench slats, here we are gonna review the finest products out there.

Hopefully, by the end of this text, you will know what you need.

Top 8 Best Wood for Outdoor Bench Slats Review

For being the best wood for outdoor benches, it needs to have superior features than common indoor wooden products. Hence, for our list, we have selected products that are not only of solid quality but also resistant to rain and heat.

1. Lifetime 60054 Convertible Bench

Lifetime 60054 Convertible Bench / Table, Faux Wood Construction

A lifetime convertible bench is one of a kind. Yes, this is the trendiest bench to set your outdoor space to a class of itself.

What makes this bench a must-have is you can convert it to a table. So if you enjoy reading books in your garden this is going to be extremely useful. Further, if you buy two and put them together, you can convert it to a picnic table where up to 6 to 8 people can seat.

This uses a simulated wood, which is extremely weather-resistant and sturdy. You won’t be hearing any squeaks or creaks.

It is stable in both its table and park bench positions. Also, it’s easily portable for you to place it in different positions. Further, this is a one-person convertible bench.

The stainless steel on this keeps the screws firm and makes sure there is no rusting. Whilst, the faux wood keeps it in good condition without needing maintenance as it is resilient to problems like fading, rotting, cracking, chipping, or peeling.

Further, the slats used allows for quick drainage. Also, the faux wood makes it really easy to dry after a quick wipe.

Often an issue faced with these products is assembling it. But this bench can be assembled easily and in no time if the instructions are followed properly. The instruction videos are also available online.

In addition, lifetime is known for its customer services, so with any problems, they can be reached quickly.

Overall, the product is well recommended by users. But some users have complained about not being able to properly attach the slats to the frame. Whilst, some have said product dimensions are not smaller than actual dimensions.


  • Convertible to table and back to bench easily
  • Two benches make one party table
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Maintenance not needed. (doesn’t fade, crack, chip, or peel)
  • Slats allow quick drainage
  • Simulated wood is weather-resistant and sturdy
  • Fairly easy to assemble

  • Some issues faced in attaching slats
  • Inaccurate product dimensions


2. 2x4basics 90134ONLMI Custom AnySize Chair or Bench Ends

2x4basics 90134ONLMI Custom AnySize Chair or Bench Ends, Sand

Ever regretted not having the skills of a carpenter to design your own goods? Well, you don’t need the skills of a carpenter but you can easily set up your own customized bench with this 2x4basics product.

You can make it to any size you need up to 1.8 meters. More so, you can select the type of lumber too as it isn’t included. This saves the trouble of liking a product’s looks but not the material.

If you’re scared thinking you don’t know anything about this, then we assure you that all you need is a screwdriver and a saw and you’re good to go. Afterward, your only task is making 90⁰ cuts.

The instructions are easy to follow and are there to help you decide what type of design you want.

This product is for customers who have a very specific set of demands. Whether you want to attach legs or what type of wood you need to buy, or how much to spend on additional parts is all up to you. Therefore, it gives you much freedom to choose from.

It also comes with two ends for resting hand and comfort. Best of all, it has two cup holders at the two ends for people who enjoy drinking outside.

Further, the slats in the backrest and seats make sure water can’t stay on it. Also, cleaning and maintaining are very straightforward.

However, buying the lumber might not be for all users. And people who have very little idea about benches might find this task daunting.

Finally, there’s no doubt that if you’re able to set it up properly, this will serve you for a very long time.


  • Customizable according to preference
  • Can be made to any size up 1.8 meters
  • Comes with two ends for resting hands
  • Cup holders attached to ends
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Lumber not included
  • Can be difficult for people with no knowledge


3. Christopher Knight Home 300496 Colonial Outdoor Sand Finish Acacia Wood

Christopher Knight Home 300496 Colonial Outdoor Sand Finish Acacia Wood & Rustic Metal Bench, Black

Add this modern styled bench anywhere, and it will still look like it belongs. This is the second Acacia wood product on our list, but the first with a metal frame.

The finishing of this furniture makes it extremely stylish. To start with, the sandblasted wood finish dismisses any question of cracks or chips. The wood is stained and oiled to perfection. So you don’t have to oil it right away.

More importantly, the metal frame has a top-class rustic finish, making it supremely elegant.

With the iron and the wood, this isn’t your everyday lightweight bench, it’s fairly heavy and resilient against strong weather. So you don’t have to worry about keeping it out. Although, extreme rain may not be good for the wood.

But you can rest assured with the iron, as it will not rust or wear easily. This is a product that will last you quite a while if you don’t put it through extreme conditions. So, it is our recommendation to keep a cover for it.

This product comes partially assembled, and easy to follow instruction is given for the rest. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too much trouble putting it together as they also give you spare bolts and screws.

For those who are done with traditional wood, this is just the replacement they need to up the state of the art. As it is for people with modern taste, the clear lines of the wood are surely something they’d appreciate.


  • Modern and stylish bench
  • Sandblasted wood and rustic iron
  • Resilient to weather
  • Iron and wood resistant to rusting and wearing
  • Doesn’t need much maintaining
  • Comes partly assembled

  • Not tested against extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy (41.5 pounds)


4. Amazonia Milano 4-Feet Eucalyptus Bench

Amazonia Milano 4-Feet Eucalyptus Bench

This bench is made with high-quality Eucalyptus timber which is sustainable, versatile, and beautiful. There is no uncertainty over its quality as it is 100% FSC certified.

The beautiful texture and natural wood color of this bench make up for a very warm looking product. It has that pure wooden product look and is perfect for setting up in your garden.

It can easily bear two people sitting on it comfortably. The ends have armrests to make it more relaxing.

This wooden bench can withstand any weather, be it snow or rain; nothing can dampen it. Therefore, it doesn’t heat up during summer nor does it get too cold in winter. The slats are very firm and won’t break easily. Also, water drainage through the slats is smooth.

Most customers are satisfied with the product, so there is little doubt over its durability. Also, it is resistant to UV radiation, further ascertaining its durability. In addition to its long-lasting feature, the wood is also resilient to splintering and chipping so you don’t have to worry about fixing dents and chips any time soon.

The bench needs assembling but it’s easy to do it. However, as this is a complete wooden product, some regular maintenance is required. For instance, it needs to be oiled properly for avoiding squeaky sounds.

However, since it uses graded wood, the price is on the higher side, so some people may find it expensive.

Finally, to go with all its features, this wood bench gives off a traditional, warm feel that makes your outdoor experience soothing.


  • High-quality Eucalyptus wood
  • Gives a traditional and natural wood feel
  • Armrests add to the comfort
  • Can withstand any weather
  • Simple assembling procedure

  • Needs maintenance like oiling
  • Slightly on the expensive side


5. Belham Living Richmond Curved-Back 4-ft. Outdoor Wood Bench

Belham Living Richmond Curved-Back 4-ft. Outdoor Wood Bench

This traditional and elegant wood bench is made from durable Shorea (red lauan) wood. A popular tropical wood, which is known for its affordability when compared to Teak wood.

What makes this wood one of our top picks, is that it has all the redeeming qualities of expensive wood but at a reasonable price. But that has more to do with the wood’s abundance than its quality.

One of the main reasons to have this particular bench is that it is especially resilient to bugs and infestations.

Further, this wood doesn’t decay quickly, giving it a long life provided it’s properly taken care of. This very nature of the wood makes it an appropriate bench to have.

The rationale behind preferring wooden products is that the timber color and texture gives your outdoor a natural and cozy look. Therefore, this product has a natural oil stain. Dipped in oil for durability, no extra overlay is there. Just the natural Shorea tone variations, which make up for a stylish outdoor wood bench.

Analyzing more of this, led us to notice the simple things that make the fine qualities of goods. There is no problem with assembling as they have used strong galvanized steel bolts and quick. Next, the curved back and the straight armrests mark it as a great relaxing option.

Shorea wood is known for its solid structure, therefore, it’s no surprise that this can easily hold 500 pounds on it. Although, that also means it is heavier than most benches.

The only downside of this wonderful bench is that when the product arrives, the stain is almost always wet. But that is something they do intend to maintain optimal quality.


  • Similar to Teak wood but has a more reasonable price
  • Resilient to insecticides and bugs
  • The natural wood color of Shorea
  • Resistant to decaying
  • Assembling is easy with quality bolts and quicks
  • Firm and solid structure

  • Slightly heavy for 1 person to move
  • A stain is wet when it arrives


6. WE Furniture Solid Acacia Wood Patio Bench

WE Furniture Solid Acacia Wood Patio Bench

Another type of wood that leaves a mark of its own is the Acacia wood. The dark texture of the wood speaks for pure class. Hence, there was no way we could leave out this beautiful Acacia wood patio bench from our list.

Acacia wood gives this bench a rustic vintage appearance that you will notice the moment you step on to your outdoor space. This also has a natural grain finish and shine.

Durability is almost a must when in a wooden product’s case. Luckily, with Acacia products, you need not worry about it getting scratched or chipped. Which means it’s also very water-resistant, meaning it won’t bend or damp down easily.

Also, it’s fungus repellant and naturally antibacterial, and so you can rest assured that spilling food on it won’t mar it. Therefore, pair it with a matching table and chairs and you will have a complete outdoor party set.

However, to maintain the shine, it is recommended to use teak oil. The oil helps to keep its brand new look. In addition, the oil also protects the wood from rotting.

Unlike the other benches on our list, this one comes with weather-resistant polyester cushions. It’s one of the most comfortable benches you’re likely to find.

But adding to the comfort, it is equally tough. So it is the perfect combination of sturdiness, coziness, and durability. Therefore, be it your porch or backyard, it will adorn any spot.

But the only worrying fact about this bench is its weather issue. Although it’s resistant to water, it is better to not expose it in heavy rain or extremely hot or cold temperature.


  • Dark wood color
  • Rustic and accent finishing
  • Doesn’t get scratched or chipped easily
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Comes with weather-resistant cushions

  • Needs to be maintained with teak oil
  • Can’t withstand extreme weather


7. Achla Designs Backless Bench, 4-Foot – OFB-08

If you want a bench that is more than a bench, then this is your item. This multipurpose backless bench can be used for resting, or as a boot bench and even a side table. It can be placed in your garden, patio, and porch or anywhere you, please.

The material for this is crafted from sustainably harvested hardwood, certified by FSC. They have harvested it from Eucalyptus Grandis. As a result, the bench is very sturdy, accompanied by well set slatted seats.

For people who prefer swift assembling and unpacking, this product is ideal. It is very easy to assemble because the screws are only on the legs. Not only that, but it also comes in a compact packaging so that you don’t have to spend time figuring it out.

Although it’s made of hardwood, it has a natural oil finish and natural wood color. To keep the natural color however, it is better to apply oil on it occasionally. In addition to keeping the finish fresh, oiling also protects the product and gives it long-lasting life.

This product can resist rain but it is better to not expose it to extreme weather. As it is hardwood, exposure to too much rain might rot the product.


  • Can be used as sitting, side table, or boot bench
  • Eco-friendly harvested hardwood certified by FSC
  • Very sturdy with well-set slats
  • Natural oil finish and wood color
  • Easy to set up with screws only in the legs

  • Extreme weather may damage it
  • Oiling needed to keep the natural color


8. All Teak Wood Corner Seat Shower Bench/Stool

Teak Shower Bench, Teak Shower Stool, 18" Teak Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool Corner Bench Stool, All Teak Wood Corner Seat Shower Bench/Stool,Assembly Required

A lovely little corner bench made from 100% solid teak wood! There is no comparison to teak wood’s quality when it comes to outdoor furniture. One of the more expensive woods, teak, is known for its durability and versatility.

This teak bench, with its natural water-resistance and stainless screws, can be placed anywhere in the house. It will still go years without needing any maintenance.

The rubber foot pads attached to this stool give it extra stability so that it doesn’t slip on any surface.

Furthermore, this shower stool is the perfect poolside bench as well. The width of it leaves plenty of seats for anyone. Further, the bottom storage design has extra space to keep all your things.

Being one of the most well-thought corner benches, it is wide and sturdy enough for being fully functional. The round corners and smooth polished edges make sure you don’t hurt yourself. In addition, the surface is extremely smooth so there are no cracks or burrs.

You’ll be able to adjust the footpads to sloping surfaces and to take it off the ground. This is one of the most innovative and useful features of the bench as you need to take it off the ground when there’s water or if the ground is dampened.

It is also very light and easy to move around when needed. You can change its place accordingly.

The stain on this is perfect, so there is no need for oiling it. Water beads right off it, thus a mere sweep is enough to keep it dry.


  • Solid teak wood
  • Naturally durable and resistant to water
  • Stainless steel screws to prevent rusting
  • Adjustable rubber foot pads to keep it off the ground
  • No maintenance needed
  • Light and easy to move

  • Teak products are expensive

What Makes A Proper Best Outdoor Bench?

After reading our review, you’re probably wondering which of these features you should prioritize your buy on because it’s impossible to get it all.

Below, we will guide you through the most important features for outdoor wood benches for you to make your decision easier.

The Material


Not all materials are suitable for withstanding outdoor adversities. Some wood materials are more suited for the outdoors than wood doors. These include Teak, Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Acacia, etc.

The qualities that determine the material is good are durability, resistance to weather, the amount of maintenance needed, and the sturdiness of the bench.

Weather Resistance


The second most important factor is the weather consideration. There is no point in buying an outdoor bench that is just water-resistant. Being outdoor means facing rain, heat, and cold also.

Therefore, the product needs to be resilient against all temperature shifts and extremes.

Bug and Fungus Repellant

Most outdoor furniture attracts bugs and termites. But it is also not durable to buy natural bug repellant wood. Therefore, always make sure that the bench has artificial bug repellant qualities.

This is something that people often forget to make sure, but it is very important.


All benches need to be oiled and stained at some point. But you don’t want to buy something that needs it right away. Coloring is also something you want to avoid as long as you can to keep the natural wood color.

Therefore, make sure the bench prevents quick fading, cracking, and chipping. Benches that have been stained well will not need to be maintained regularly.

Style and Comfort

An outdoor bench is viewed by everyone and it is that one place you go to relax and enjoy. Therefore, having something that looks fashionable and feels comfortable is a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should be the capacity of an outdoor bench?

A good outdoor bench should be sturdy enough to hold 400 to 500 lbs of weight on it. The weight limit is usually specified and should be considered before buying.

  1. Does the wood get wet?

Slated outdoor benches bead off most of the water but it’s still coated to prevent water from getting inside. Good outdoor benches don’t get wet.

  1. Do outdoor wood benches need assembling?

Yes, most benches come in parts and you need to screw them together.

  1. Does an outdoor wood bench need maintenance?

Different benches need to be maintained differently according to their material. You will find the instructions included with the bench.

  1. How hot does a wood bench get?

Most wood furniture can withstand heat.


Now that you’re at the bottom of the article, you’re probably interested in knowing which one is our favorite wood for outdoor furniture. Right?

If you ask my opinion, the best wood for outdoor bench slats is the Teak wood bench because of its redeeming qualities. And in terms of style and features, the Lifetime convertible bench is also a winner.

But remember, with outdoor benches, it all comes down to how well it can survive to be outside.

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