Best Outdoor Storage Bench Reviews In 2024

Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Storage for Patio Furniture
Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Storage for Patio Furniture
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture
Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture
Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture

Are you facing problems regarding storage?

Can’t make your mind what to buy or not?

Don’t worry! All your problems can be solved by choosing the best outdoor storage bench in the market.

An outdoor storage bench can provide a beautiful seating place in your patio while safely storing your important household and outdoor equipment. Moreover, you can achieve a beautiful garden by setting a gorgeous deck.

However, placing an appropriate outdoor deck in your yard or terrace could help you organize your home comfortably. Moreover, you can use these modern-day storage boxes as an attractive seat or food serving table.

Top 9 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Reviews

Here, we’ll talk about the finest storage benches on the market. You’ll get to know about the features, pros, and cons of the products.

1. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Outdoor Storage

Keter 213126 Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench Deck Box, Brown

If you want to make your beautiful garden look more elegant and fresh, then you should have this Keter outdoor all-rounder storage bench.

This amazing storage bench has the ability to remain safe and sound in tough conditions. Thanks to the UV-protected robust resin material that turns this outdoor storage bench a tough nut to crack. So, during summer, rain, and winter; this one will keep you tension free.

Despite its high-quality construction material, it has huge storage (70 gallons) space that is sufficient enough to keep your outdoor items. Moreover, the unique straight back design saves plenty of storage space while making it look further gorgeous.

Talking about space, the 54-inch practical bench can comfortably accommodate 2 healthy adults. It can tolerate up to 771 pounds of weight. Now, I think you can imagine how large this gigantic Keter product is! Additionally, an 18-inch tall seat will provide you with excellent back support while you sit on it.

On the other hand, the outdoor bench only covers 6.67 square feet of your garden area while providing a place to sit and relax. However, an integrated ventilation system along with moisture resistance facilities keeps your stored items protected and waterproof.

Apart from giving protection against moisture, this Keter storage seat guards your important things that are stored inside it with a lockable lid. This feature makes it more secure and reliable.

In addition to that, the bench is super easy to assemble. It comes with a simple but adequate instruction manual and some fit together pieces. You can set up the whole thing in minutes.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Top-notch design
  • Supports all weather condition
  • Lockable lid

  • The bottom floor of the box doesn’t seem very strong
  • Plastic doesn’t seem that strong


2. The Keter Borneo Deck Box

Keter 211359 Borneo 110 Gal. Plastic Outdoor Patio Storage Container Deck Box & Gar, Brown

The attractive storage box is ideal for your garden, outdoor entertaining area, or balcony. It is one of the larger models in the range with a capacity of 400 liters or 110 gallons. So, you can house plenty of your home and outdoor items inside the deck box.

Moreover, the storage box has 129.5 cm of width, 70 cm of depth, and 62.5 cm height. This massive box lets you store your cushion, outdoor equipment, and any other accessories you want. And most importantly, all your things inside this amazing box will remain dry and ventilated.

However, the top-notch design of this Keter deck box has turned it into a smart piece of furniture. So, this amazing storage box enhances the beauty of your house as an exotic piece of furniture while stocking up your necessary things.

In spite of its rattan and wood-look, the box is actually made of high quality, highly durable resin materials. These rich resin materials provide them with the power to endure all kinds of weather situations. Moreover, it is rust, dent, and peel proof. The box is strong enough to hold the weight of two people.

The Automatic opening lid that comes with the Borneo makes it easier to access your things and much safer. For more protection, it has a lockable feature at the front.


  • Beautiful design
  • Automatic opening mechanism
  • Strong and durable
  • Huge storage capacity

  • Capacities in the descriptions are misleading information
  • A low-quality lockable security system 


3. Keter Novel 90 Gallon Plastic Deck Storage Box

Keter 235484 Novel 90 Gallon Plastic Deck Storage Box

If you’re expecting to get a reliable storage box that doesn’t empty your wallet – then you want something like the Keter Novel 90-gallon box.

Keter, a reputed leading company of outdoor storage gears has come up with this big storage box that has the capacity of 90 gallons. This large capacity enables you to stock up as many home accessories you want. Moreover, you can also store your garden tools, cushions, pool toys, and more inside the box.

The robust and sturdy box is made of top-quality long-lasting polypropylene resin material. Resin is a non-toxic and completely recyclable material that is super easy to clean. The good news is that it will survive substantial amounts of dirt, wind, sun, and rain, so you have the license to keep it in the garden or yard.

Fortunately, the waterproof structure and ventilated mechanism of this box keep your important accessories fresh and dry. Additionally, this one has a beautiful flat top, which offers an additional seating room in your patio.

Furthermore, this product comes with a variety of colors including grey, black, brown, green, and light brown. These different color combinations allow it to suit any outdoor decor style.

The lockable lid with a padlock provides increased protection while the sturdy interior design helps the deck box to stay firm.


  • Holds a lot of items
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • The place to add a lock
  • Different color combination

  • Blacktop becomes very hot due to the heat of the sun
  • The top and bottom won’t align, and water could get in


4. Rubbermaid Plastic Deck Box

Rubbermaid 2047053 Deck Box Medium Sandstone

If you are looking for a largely secure place to store various belongings or objects, this deck box can be the perfect solution.

The plastic deck box has a large storage capacity of 16.2 Cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 56 inches wide, 22 inches in height and 21 inches deep, and the exterior dimensions are 60 x 28 x 26 respectively in width, height, and depth. All the measurements will come down for the medium and smaller sized box.

Moreover, the box is strong enough to carry 2 adult people on it while fully loaded with your indoor and outdoor equipment. And also, the lightweight design of this amazing storing house makes it very convenient to use and place in different corners of your beautiful home as well as your attractive garden.

The box is made of resin materials. And, it is the only resin deck available in the market having a double-walled structure. This extraordinary feature provides additional protection for things stocked up inside while remaining stable when acting as a bench.

On the other hand, this thing is very easy to assemble. You can put it together within 15 minutes. But you need to follow the instruction manual strictly to avoid any assembly related issue. Moreover, this box will not rot and rust like wooden or metal boxes.


  • Beautiful design and large capacity
  • Can hold 2 adult people easily
  • Easy to set up the box
  • All-weather protection

  • The assembly instructions are very hard to understand in the manual
  • The overall design is not that good


5. Suncast SSW1200 deck storage box

Suncast 22 gallon Resin Storage Seat-Contemporary Indoor & Outdoor Bin Stores Tools, Toys, & Accessories-Mocha Wicker

Small storage boxes are suitable for small yards or gardens. And, the best thing you could buy to keep your tiny home, garden, or patio neat and organized is a compact Suncast storage box.

This highly durable deck is designed with a high-quality resin material that gives it a solid structure. Along with sturdy structure, this storage box inherits a classy look and attractive color. Thankfully, you can use this thing as an exotic piece of furniture.

However, this amazing box can also provide a gorgeous look to your garden or yard. And most importantly, you don’t need to be worried about the deck’s condition on the different environmental hazards.

This is because the storage box doesn’t rust during the rainy season and stays cool under the scorching heat of the sun.

What is more, this guy is highly waterproof. As a result, your important things that are placed inside the box remain dry and fresh. Additionally, it provides a flat surface that gives a sophisticated sitting area for you out there. One adult person can comfortably sit on this deck.

And to make it even better, this compact size box has 22 gallons of storage capacity. You can keep plenty of small but useful tools inside the box. The whole thing can be assembled with 5 minutes; thanks to the super simple instruction manual.


  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bench looks and feels expensive
  • Waterproof and anti-rust

  • Low storage capacity


6. Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Garden Patio Storage Furniture Deck Box

Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Garden Patio Storage Furniture Deck Box, Anthracite

Do you need a beautiful deck box that not only stores ample of things but also provides a stylish look to your home or house? In that case, Brightwood 120-gallon storage furniture can be the best choice.

Additionally, this thing offers you a large storage space to keep your household accessories safe and sound. The modern technologies used in the storage box makes it very convenient to use. An automated mechanism will make your life easy with a simple opening and closing functionality.

Moreover, the built-in handle makes the Brightwood deck extremely portable. You can easily change its place whenever you wish. The stand-out design and build-quality of this box make a unique piece of furniture.

On the other hand, it offers a lockable lid that will ensure safety and protection to the items that are kept inside the box. Talking about Protection, the deck is made of durable polypropylene resin plastic material that is weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protected. Also, there are no chances of rusting or denting.

However, the patio storage box offers an attractive sitting area in your garden. The sturdy box can carry 804 pounds of weight. That means it can easily tolerate 2 or even 3 adult people on top of it. And, the ventilated interior design keeps your belongings fresh and dry inside the deck.

You can assemble the gigantic Keter box very quickly. It will take a maximum of 20 min to fully set up the box.


  • Flat lid enables table-top services
  • Quick assembly system
  • 454 liters storage capacity
  • Waterproof, durable and sturdy

  • No instruction manual provided with the box
  • Colour fades out under burning heat of the sun


7. Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown

When it comes to looks, this one takes the cake. Needless to say, this one has a very nice design.

Also, it offers you more than enough space to store things in it. The item has a capacity of 150 gallons of storage. That means the box is appropriate for stocking large-sized objects such as blankets, bedcovers, bed sheets, large cushions, etc.

However, the large storehouse provides a standard sitting area for 3 adult persons. Besides the sitting area, the deck top can be used to place heavy household objects or furniture.

Fortunately, the interior design of the box keeps your items fresh and dry inside the deck. The lockable lid provides extra protection while an automatic opening and closing mechanism make it very convenient to use especially when hands are full.

You need only 25-30 minutes to assemble the whole thing. Once assembled correctly, it becomes a solid storage box as well as a charming seat to relax. The extra-large size of the top of the firm box allows you and your friend to have a game of chess comfortably.


  • Huge storage capacity
  • Rain and rust protected
  • Large sitting area
  • Automated opening and closing system

  • Not recommended for the small garden or home
  • Takes more assemble time than others


8. Leisure Season SB6024 Bench with StorageLeisure Season eisure Season SB6024 Wooden Backyard Brown-1 Piece-Patio, Balcony, Garden, Lawn, Park, Front Outdoor Bench with Storage

A real wooden outdoor storage bench can provide an arty flavor to your lovely home or garden. With the help of this wooden storage bench, you can make your surroundings unique.

However, as we all know, the woods become damp and fragile if they come in contact with water. But, the SB6024 is made of cypress and has been pre-treated with an acrylic sealer for making it more robust.

The modern bench has an attractively simple design with an exterior dimension of 45 X 24 X 33 inches in width, depth, and height respectively. And, the height of the seat is 15 inches. Moreover, it can bear 400 pounds of weight.

Additionally, you could modify the color and finish of this storage bench. Leisure recommends an outdoor grade, acrylic-based sealer to finish off this beautiful bench.

In terms of durability, the SB6024 is rock-solid. It can easily hold the heaviness of two adults. But you may find some problem with the back of the bench as the back area is a little bit too shaky, and it is possible to feel the back flex. In that case, you could add another cross-support wood in order to make it strong.

Assembly of the amazing bench is pretty straightforward. Fortunately, you don’t need to use any heavy-duty and high-powered tools to set up the deck. You are required to install a dozen screws in order to assemble the bench, and the directions in the instruction manual are adequate.

Finally, the inner storage area is moisture resistant but not waterproof. For outdoor usage, it is not a good idea to stock up items that you like to keep dry. But plastic bags can be used to seal things inside the box for additional precaution.


  • Seating space for two adults
  • Beautiful wooden design
  • 37.2 gallons of storage capacity
  • Easy to assemble

  • The box is not waterproof
  • Wood dents easily


9. Keter 230897 Circa Outdoor Storage

Keter 230897 37 Gallon Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage Table D

If you own a tiny yard or a really small home, it is obvious that you would not like to mess it up with large outdoor storage decks. Keeping your situations in mind, Keter brings the all-rounder 230897 circa storage box.

This beautiful storage box has 37 gallons of storage capacity. So, you can place your medium to small-sized important tools inside this deck. Your valuable things will remain fresh and dry in it.

Moreover, the lightweight circular design of this thing makes it a highly portable piece of furniture. Additionally, its compact size with a unique look suits all kinds of furniture settings enhancing the beauty of your garden or home.

In addition to that, the Circa storage deck is a multi-functional box. The good news is that you can use it as a centerpiece on your terrace or patio. You can also use it as a seat. It can comfortably bear the weight of an adult man. And, you can easily assemble the whole thing by simply following the instructions manual.

The product is made with sturdy plastic and rock-solid design that keeps your resources stay protected even in rough weather conditions. Don’t worry! Your precious outdoor box will not warp, dent, peel, or rust anymore.

On the other hand, this marvelous box comes with a built-in handle. As a result, it’s become very convenient to operate and move around. In terms of the lid, when you open it, the water stays in the cracks of the lid. Other than that, you will find it eye-catching and handy.


  • Seating room for one adult
  • Sturdy plastic materials
  • 37 gallons of storage capacity
  • Highly portable and compact design

  • Poorly designed lid system that holds water on its cracks
  • Low storage capacity


Features to Consider Before Buying

Choosing the right outdoor storage bench can make a great storage solution for your home or patio. However, before picking up a deck, you need to consider some characteristics that a high-quality storage box should have.

Here, I am providing some features that you need to keep in mind to get the best outdoor storage box;

The Environment


You should select the appropriate deck considering the weather conditions of your locality. If it rains excessively then you should get a box that is waterproof and moisture-free.

But, in case of a hot and humid environment pattern, you need to buy a box that does not get too hot due to the burning heat of the sun and is UV protected.



You can find a huge range of outdoor decks that differs in size. You need to choose the size of your box according to your requirement

Moreover, a small-sized storage bench may not look good in a large home or garden and a large box can make your tiny sweet home feel congested.

But remember, a large storage box can store a huge amount of things inside thus saving you a lot of space.


There are mainly two types of materials used in the construction of these storage boxes. They are plastic and wood. If you want a deck for outdoor uses, you should go for a plastic box, because plastic boxes are all-weather resistant and keep your item fresh and dry during natural calamities.

Or, you can go for a classic wooden bench for indoor use as it will enhance the beauty of your house by providing a gorgeous look while storing your necessary gears.

Durability and Security

You should also check the robustness of the box before purchasing it. Online user reviews from different e-commerce sites can guide you better in that case.

Also, you need to buy a secure and protected storage box, especially if you put this box outside. A lockable lid system could be a better solution for outdoor use.


It is obvious that your budget is one of the major factors while buying a storage bench. I would recommend you not to go for the cheapest option because we all know that cheap products tend to break, damage, or split frequently. Moreover, your things inside the box remain less protected in a low-priced box.

You can buy an average priced reputed brand’s deck if you don’t want to spend high on storage bench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do storage units get hot?

There are some storage units available that get too hot under the sun. But the decks that are weather-resistant stay cool under the sun.

Does furniture get ruined in storage?

If you store your goods for 7 to 10 days in a non-climate control box or deck, there is a possibility that your valuable items may become damaged. All types of equipment are affected when they get in touch with very cold or hot temperatures.

Can I paint my storage box?

Yes, you can. But it is not a good idea to paint your plastic deck because the paint will not strictly adhere to the bench. However, you can apply different paint combinations on a wooden storage bench.

Will bed bugs die in a storage unit?

No. In a closed area, bed bugs will increase instead. To kill the bugs, you should put your beddings under the hot sun and dry them appropriately before putting in the storage unit.

Can I wash a storage bench with water?

Yes, you can. Most of the boxes that you find in the market are made of plastic. But don’t use water to wash wooden boxes.

Final Words

A storage bench is the most popular storage solution around the world. It looks interesting and appealing to the eye. The unique features of these boxes make them special and help people to decorate home or patio according to their needs.

I hope that this review will be helpful for you to get the best outdoor storage bench for you.

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