12 Best Toddler Workbench Reviews in 2024

Black+Decker 81878 BLACK+DECKER Power Tool Workshop - 75 Pieces
Black+Decker 81878 BLACK+DECKER Power Tool Workshop - 75 Pieces
Step2 Deluxe Workshop Playset, Multi Color, 34 x 15 x 40.75 inches
Step2 Deluxe Workshop Playset, Multi Color, 34 x 15 x 40.75 inches
68 Piece Workbench W Realistic Tools & Electric Drill For Workshop Tool Bench
68 Piece Workbench W Realistic Tools & Electric Drill For Workshop Tool Bench

Why Would you go for a Toddler Workbench for your Loved one – Toddler, Preschool and Older Kids?

The answer is simple and straight but the benefits are many.

You want your darling little master to develop his or her motor friendliness and hand-eye coordination and you would go for the best toddler workbench for that.

You will surely take the opportunity to stir the latent mechanic, carpenter, and designer skill inside your loved tot and you would go for the best toy workbench. They will help sportive kids explore imagination, figure out plans, and count while making fun and learning math and science.

Care should be taken that the best kids tool bench intended for kids fun not pose any threat. Kids are vulnerable to allergy and toxic materials. So as sensitive parents you must be careful of the safety measures involved. This is the reason you should go for the best kids tool set that may assure the child-friendly and non-allergic tools and accessories.

We have conducted hair-splitting research to narrow down these 12 best toddler workbenches that are safe and child-friendly along with the highest ability give your kid a head start in disciplines like engineering and art. We have added three best kids tool set reviews saying that they will save you money by providing the tools and accessories in case you lose any from the root workbench set.

The Buying Guide for the best toddler workbench will equip you with all the crucial information to come out with the right product from a stack of overwhelming numbers. I will suggest you invest a little time on authority toy tools blogs to reap huge benefits. It is all for your little you.

I have divided the reviews into two parts – the former describing 9 toy workbenches and the latter showing 3 kids toolsets for your better understanding.

9 Best Toddler Workbenches to Pick Your one

1. Step2 Workbench Deluxe Pretend Workshop – The best toddler workbench


First of all, you will notice the most prominent storage space available and workspace provided in this playset workbench. More advanced features to mention are the work light hanging overhead, near-real shop vac, and a bin. So far the basic qualities are concerned, the pretend tools along with the pegboard to keep the whole array of accessories organized are all that you would jump to opt for.

Two facts have enabled it to stand out among the many – one is the manufacturer-provided instructions for four fancy projects and the other is the USA construction and US parts. With a size of 34*15*40.8 inches and a stone weight of 29.9 pounds, it has earned the tag of the sturdy pretend workbench.

So there is every chance for your kids to explore the fancy and creative streak. You will too get relief from the occasional intrusion by the little master in your workshop.

This is a fifty-piece tool workbench and several worthy mentions among them are an electric drill added by 2 drill heads, saw, wrench, screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, and a spring-action vise. More to add are screws, nuts, and 17 pieces of pretend wood chunk.


  • Ample storage space and workspace
  • Easy to clean up
  • Durafoam fake wood blocks give the real feel
  • Pretend shop vac and bin add to the fun
  • The overhead work light is just a child love

  • Holes are reported to be bigger than the nuts
  • Sometimes Durafoam wood pieces come with irregular cuts to cause failure in working with

Can you Buy Replacement Accessories in Case you Lost Some?

Yes, the manufacturer can provide accessories demanded on orders in exchange for the fraction price they worth. And you can opt for the best kids toolset in this regard.

2. 68 Piece Realistic Tools Workbench


This is a go-to toy workbench with all the carpentry accessories available to enable your little kid to explore his imagination to the limit. You will love it because it invites both your baby girl and boy aged from 3 to 12 years old. So there is a fair chance that you are buying it for your toddlers but it will remain the best play tools workbench even when he will reach the preschool stage.

Moreover, a single fun and learn workshop can work for your baby and grandchildren as it is featured with sturdy material and ergonomic design and construction.

Besides developing the motor skills and building the hand-eye coordination of your child, it will educate your tot in the direction of building and designing. Funnily enough, you can take your kid outdoors with this as you can disassemble it to carry along.

The compact and portable design has gifted this workshop to stick out that should draw your attention at sight. The sturdy construction and durable materials have made it withstand the wear and tear of the ceaseless workability of your little master.  This Mega ToyBrand can prove to be the craziest gift for your baby, niece, and pupil that can win you an ear-to-ear smile.

The 68 pcs toy workbench comes with an array of tools that include near-real nuts, different size screws, toy hammer, saw, and the amazing drill making a real sound. It offers you everything that keeps him busy in building, repairing, and construction.


  • This workbench is all fun, learning, and sport for kids
  • Sturdy and quality construction
  • Fit for all and any occasion and accurately priced
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Compact and easy to shift with 3.53 pounds of weight and 15.5*13.8*3 inches dimensions
  • An ultimate toolset to ignite a juvenile creative streak
  • Assumes the shape and size of a handy tool carry case when dissembled

  • Parts tend to remain loose that requires an adult assembling
  • Reported to be flimsy and low quality as the price goes

What can be the Single Phrase to Describe this Workbench?

This is the most versatile and constructive pretend tool set for kids of any age, size, and gender.

3. Step2 Workbench Pro Workshop Big Builders Toolbench


The very look of the Step2 workbench casts a magnetic spell upon the children and your little builders get drawn towards it to remain glued for longer. And the Pro Workshop offers all the wow accessories and overhead work light, electric drill making a real sound, and built-in table saw are the worthy mentions.

Moreover, several advanced additions are storage bin, paint bucket for a custom color and a spray bottle that are responsible to make it stick out among the myriads of pretend workshops.

When you come across this best toy workbench, the storage space and the workspace are the facts that will loom large before your eyes. So this is the space the future designer and builder will get perfect grooming in your house exploring his emotions and imaginations.

The foam chunks are something to make a birdhouse after the kids’ mind and paint them as they wish. And the sturdy materials and USA construction, the 27.5*38.5*34 inches dimensions, and 21 pounds of weight are all to provide a stable workstation for your kids.

This Step2 pretend workbench offers 45 pcs of carpentry and mechanic tools and to name a few are a storage box, pretend spray bottle, real paint bucket, and more common workbench toy tools.


  • Pretend drill emitting real sound
  • The overhead work light has created the real workshop atmosphere
  • Additional paint bucket to explore kids creative streak and spray bottle
  • Ample storage and workspace
  • Sturdy and stable workshop
  • USA construction and imported parts

  • Sturdy enough for kids to shift at need
  • High price but worth the premium features & benefits

Does it Build Birdhouse Only?

Yes, the plastic foam pieces can build the only birdhouse.

4. Black+Decker Power Workbench 75 Pieces Set – The Best Toddler Workbench


If toy workbenches are to develop the motor skills and explore the creative streak of the kids, Black+Decker toy tool bench is the right option here. Furthermore, this top-notch kids workbench can work as a center for learning, sports, and fun. The tiny creative mine will find the perfect atmosphere his father or mother keep busy in.

All the actions he sees the father accomplishes in his workshop, the sounds coming out of there, and the attractive overhead light are all a new reality for him and he will never again intrude upon your workshop risking the danger of cuts and scrapes.

Black+Decker justly bears the tag of the junior workbench as it fits the kids aged 3 years and around. And the 38* 16.2* 21 inches dimensions and 8.82 pounds of weight match the age group the toy workshop is meant for.

Backed by the robust collection of 75 pieces of near-real tools and accessories, the multiple storage spaces and the hanging hooks are pretty kid-friendly to keep things decorated and in place.


  • Advanced accessories like Bonus flashlight, Accessories bin, Storage Trays, Drill Press and Hand Saw
  • Real-life workshop action, sound, and work light
  • Lightweight but durable to last longer
  • The wide range of tools and accessories to learn skills, explore imagination, and practice creativity

  • Not so sturdy a construction
  • LEDs won’t work properly

What are the Prominent Accessories to Mention among the Stack of 75 Pieces to Stick it Out?

Storage Trays, Accessory Bin, Drill Press, Vice, Flashlight, Hammer, Wrench, and Handsaw.

5. Melissa and Doug Play Workbench Solid Wood Project


Let’s us first point out the stick-out features that can fairly help you vote for Melissa and Doug as the preferred workstation for your little ones. The smart look and pre-sanded neat wooden set up is artistic and striking enough to give the toddler a boost in his artistic flair.

All the tools and hardware are wood-built that add a sturdy look to the project enough to stand the test of wild use and abuse of an exuberant child.

A dedicated storage shelf is a great gift to keep it safe from the clumsy disorder children tend to create but not fond of.

The kids-exclusive project ideas provided by the manufacturer of this best toddler workbench would ignite the imagination and excite the creative flair of preschoolers and toddlers.

The sturdy materials and tools are backed by quality construction to give the toddler workbench durability. At the same time, these are safe enough not to inspire awe in the parents as wooden toy tools and accessories are not edgy and sharp enough to cause cuts & scrapes. The prominent tools pcs include a functional vise, accessories rack, and several wooden tools and pretend hardware.


  • Neat and artistic look of the overall structure is kid-friendly
  • Wooden tools and accessories give a realistic look to the workbench
  • Sturdy materials and so is the structure to last them a kid life
  • Wooden projects are fun, durable and safe
  • Efficient storage capacity
  • Compact dimensions 26*24*19 inches and medium weight 15.5 pounds

  • Not fit for older kids
  • Measurements and holes are found to be off

What Does the Solid Wood Project Stand For?

They are the instructions provided by the company to help kids make funny or miniature carpentry structures and objects.

6. Liberty Toy Workbench Realistic Tools – The Best Toy Workbench


This is the perfect toddler workbench for your kid whether he is a preschooler, toddler or older kids. All the tools are realistically devised and will give mature kids a real-life project feel. So you are safe as they won’t attack and disturb your workstation set up. What has made it stick out from a huge pile is its assembling and dissembling ease. Yes, you can carry it along as it assumes the shape and size of a portable tool case when dissembled.

The best toddler workbench is all play, fun, and education. Your little masters can explore their imagination while trying to join pieces, loosening and tightening nuts, and cutting Durafoam fake wooden piece. Thus they can master the motor skills and hand-eye friendship.

The electric drill run by two AA batteries will make them pass longer by emitting real drill sounds.

All those features apart, you have to depend on this pretend tool station not only because it will flare up the imagination and creativity but it will match your kids’ size and age.

With 16*14*29 inches of size and 2.5 pounds of weight, the little master will remain inside the room and safe from the scorching heat in the summer and thick blanket of snow in the winter.


  • Near-real tools and accessories will add to the fun
  • Electric drill backed by drill bit will make perfect drilling sound
  • Can be assembled and dissembled at ease
  • A tool carry case while dissembled
  • Can virtually make the creative streak soar higher
  • Available at the cheaper price

  • Flimsy construction and not very sturdy
  • Easily breakable

Which Age is Fit for this Toy Workbench?

Ans: Kids aged from 3-6 years can handle it with ease but a 6-year old will find it superbly handy given the length of 29”.

7. 120 Pieces Kids Power Workbench – Toddlers Tool Bench for Boys


Isn’t Color a Prime Factor for any Toddler Toy?

If yes, then this power toy workbench has a fast color indeed. So the best toy workbench will always wear a jovial look even after the kid life and you can pass it over to your grandchildren without the color gets faded. This is also a top-notch play workshop so that your little and loved one can act your copycat around this and not attack your dedicated workshop furnished with top quality workbenches.

Materials being plastic, there is no chance to get hurt either by sharp edge or heavy-weight. To further the safety issue, the manufacturer has introduced safety goggle with adjustable straps to fit any kid skull.

So far the quality is concerned, Toy Choi’s always prioritizes that aspect and in this case, too they invest quality in every single raw material.

The sturdy construction has made this best kids tool bench durable to last several kid lives and the portability facilitates your toddlers to play outdoors in the backyard or patio. They can go completely on their own as the danger involved is zero and it can withstand all and any use or abuse coming from the little hands.

That apart, 120 pieces of tools and accessories are mine for your toddler to explore his creativity and imagination in fancy projects.


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • The larger collection of tools and accessories
  • Google-backed by adjustable head strap
  • Quality of raw materials and sturdy construction
  • You can carry along with you when dissembled
  • Batteries run electric drill machine producing real sounds
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Too flimsy to last that long as advertised but the price compensates

Can you Guarantee the Quality of the Material?

The manufacturer tells of the quality raw material and the thin plastic is non-toxic and environment-friendly.

8. 110 Pieces Young Choi’s Power Workbench – The Best Toddler Workbench


Spectacular design and catchy color come to my mind first to describe this power workbench briefly. You can amuse your little master by showing the variety in its three different looks – An ideal stand when assembled and a suitcase or trolley case when dissembled.

And it comes equipped with the high-quality ABS plastic to past the kids their lifetime playing and learning with it. The huge tool collection can equal several market grade toy workbenches. Along with other premium quality tools, it sticks out by featuring a construction helmet. And the raw materials the toy workshop is built of are inflammable to go risk-free and rigid enough to stand the wild wear and tear of the kids.

And the refund declaration speaks volumes for the confidence on the part of the manufacturer for the quality built, durable design, and huge benefits.

The best toddler wooden workbench includes as many as 110 accessories pieces to enable your kid to dummy all carpenter who keeps busy with the best wood workbenches. (Relevant URL of your site)


  • Nonflammable materials to keep safe from fire and spark
  • Rigid enough to go unsteadily at dragging
  • A huge collection of tools with some intelligent addition like a construction helmet
  • Refund statement on defective products
  • Spectacular design and color
  • Battery run hammer drill to give real drilling noise
  • Compact and lightweight

  • Tinier than it appears online
  • Drilling sound is harsh

What about Quality?

Quality materials, quality construction, and quality design.

9. Step2 Workbench Real Projects Toddler Workshop


This is our third Step2 toy workbench description in this review article. So, we can go pretty reticent here. Step2 stands for quality and so this one stands as worthy as the previous two. Now the question is where the difference lies?

They claim it to be the real project and they justly do so. This Step2 workbench version sticks two features out and they include the two storage shelves and the multiple projects to explore your creativity and hobby. That is to say, it offers you an opportunity to build an airplane, tool caddy, and boat in addition to the previous birdhouse only option.

Needless to mention that it comes with all the basic tools and accessories in its 65-pieces set.


  • 65 pieces set to provide the kids with anything and everything he wants in a workshop
  • Birdhouse, boat, tool caddy, and airplane to build as instructed projects
  • Two dedicated storage racks

  • As heavy as 15 pounds for kids

What Makes it Different?

Several projects against the single birdhouse project and double storage opportunity to keep the workshop neat and clean make this one different.

Best 3 kids Tool Sets Reviews

Having covered the 9 best toddler workbenches, let us review some kid’s tool sets where we can have toy tools or accessories in case any tool is lost. There you go with three kids’ tool sets to get back a full tool set or any lost tool.

1. Durable Toddlers Tool Set – A Sturdy Too Case


This is a 19-piece tool set built by Kidzlane to provide your kids with max fun and education. Kidzlane focuses fully on the tools and accessories and comes out with the durable and sturdy workbench accessories. So they are all premium quality pretend tools and keep your little toddlers safe. Every single and subtle detail has got the fullest attention from the manufacturer’s side.

They have taken every care so that your little master can go through the self-training for becoming the future mechanic, contractor, or carpenter. These are the tools to stir the inner handyman, designer, and builder of a tiny tot. Mentionable among the tools are safety goggle, real tape scale, a pretend hammer, and a ratchet. Have a look at the root features of the best kids tool set.

Root Features Overview

  • Resistant to throwing, hitting, dropping, and bumping
  • Battery-run drill, and channel locking pliers give the real-life feel
  • Safe from cuts and strong enough to endure wear and abuse
  • Made of sturdy and strong materials to last kids’ lifetime
  • Portable and handy tool case to carry on the go
  • An overall package to gift kids on occasions

2. Melissa and Doug Tool Kit – Take-Along Wonder Toy Construction


Melissa & Doug 24 pcs tools set is an excellent collection to stir the inner mechanic, carpenter, and designer of your little kid. Tools made out of wood enjoy a sturdy and durable lifetime. The kid-size hammer, play wrench, nuts, nails, screwdriver, and bolts all are a feast to the children to hang around them.

They are super fun and the most effective to ignite the creative streak of a kid. Moreover, this 24 pieces tool case is the best kids toolset and very ably can promote hand-eye combination and improve trouble-solving and machine skills. They come with a range of colors that develop the color recognition of the kids.

Root Features Overview

  • Sturdy materials and durable lifetime
  • Take-along toolset to remain playful at camping and outing
  • 24-piece tool kit to develop construction skill
  • Sleek and attractive look
  • Easy-to-grip hammer, drill, and wrench
  • Brightly colored tools and accessories to attract the kids

3. 43 PCs Wooden Toys Kids Tool Case


The best kids’ toolset is a toolbox packing 43 pieces of sleek and glaring workbench tools and accessories. Besides building hand-eye coordination and improving the motor efficiency of kids, it will make the parent-child bond even stronger. Parents can train the future mechanics with these brightly colored toy tools and gift them quality time.

Children now can explore their imagination and creativity while trying to design a miniature plane, dog structure, caterpillar, and models of the wind turbine.

The premium quality basswood and pine are the raw materials that are responsible for the solid, durable, and sturdy tools and the box.  And they are free from toxins and so no harm to kids and the earth.

Root Features Overview

  • Industry grade wood materials
  • Non-toxic kids-friendly tool kit
  • Wooden materials are earth-friendly
  • Toolbox dimensions 11.6*2.9*8.3 inches
  • 43 pieces of tools and accessories are all valuable for the kids learning
  • Diverse projects to build play planes, toy dogs, caterpillars, wind turbine model
  • Perfect birthday and Christmas gift for kids
  • Brightly colored and sleek pre-sanded tools and toolbox
  • Easy-to-carry toolbox to take on the go

Crucial Factors to Consider If You Target the Best Toddler Workbench

A toddler workbench is meant for play, fun, and learning of a kid. As a serious reminder, parents must be mindful of the safety of kids. Harm can happen in various forms as the materials can be sharp, edgy, and overweight to cause cuts, pain, and muscle pull. Not to escape another threat, materials used for the intended product can be allergic and toxic both for the kids and the environment.

Therefore, the aforesaid issues should come under rigorous consideration along with the prime benefits of developing motor efficiency, growing problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye combination. Let’s examine what a perfect Buying Guide should cover for a successful toddler workbench purchase.


Size matters as you are taking something for your kids. Mind that the dimensions should fit from the toddler to the preschooler.


These are a toy or pretend workbenchs made to stir and ignite the creative streak and imagination of the kids. But you cannot be that rash to opt for a pretend workshop that comes with tools not to work at all with. Nuts should enter the holes. Drills should run and make a real sound while backed by batteries. If there is a work light overhead, it should work. Though not a real hammer, it must be heavier in the upper end.


Plastic and wood are the two types of materials to opt for. Either option should be non-allergic to the child and non-toxic. But they should be lighter and more durable.

Design & Safety

The design should be careful enough to come out with an end product that is not sharp or edgy at all. Otherwise, the tools can cause cuts and scrapes. So the safety of your little mechanic largely depends on the child-sensitive design of the tools.


Portability depends on two factors – lightweight materials and construction. If the materials are lightweight and the workbench is designed to assume the shape and size of a tool carry case, you can take it along wherever you go. Wooden workshops are heavier but you can have portable wooden workbench nowadays.


While color has nothing to do with learning and education, it can add to the fun of the toddler. So if your pretend workbench is the brightly colored one, the future mechanic will spend longer with his workshop to copy Mom and Dad.


With the growing demand for toddlers’ workbenchs, stray and low-quality products are piling up in toy stores. As it is sensitive enough to deal with your kids, you cannot and should not take a risk by avoiding the reputed and trusted brands. Therefore, opt for established brands like Black+decker, Melissa & Doug, and all those reviewed in this article.


You must visit Amazon to order it online and even if you want to buy from a physical store. None but Amazon can give you so balanced and huge reviews that include the first-hand positive and negative reports of the actual users. So make your decision final after visiting Amazon link of the intended product. Blogs dedicated to workbench toy tools will tremendously help you grow authority knowledge on pretend workshop tools.

The Questions Users Most Often Ask

  1. What age should be perfect to introduce your child to a workbench?

Ans: The minimum advisable age for a kid to play with a pretend workbench is 1 year. It can extend up to 6 years – the preschool age.

  1. Should you supervise your child while playing with the best toddler workbench?

Ans: Certainly, you should supervise your child while the play is on. It will advance the course in the right direction and thus your bonding with the kid will grow stronger.

  1. Can the woods be allergic to the kids used to build those workbenches?

Ans: A big NO. Woods used to build those toy tools are non-toxic and so not allergic.

  1. Would it break or sag if a 3-7-year-old sits on any?

Ans: It depends on the materials the workbench is made of and the construction of the product. But you should avoid down-market products to keep away from that inconvenience.

  1. Is adult assembly urgent for any of the toddler workbenchs reviewed here?

Ans: In most cases, an adult assembly is required especially if the plastic materials and toy workbenches remain loose if fit not by an expert hand.

  1. Could any of these pretend tools be potentially harmful?

Ans: None of these. Neither in terms of materials nor construction.

  1. What is the benefit?

Ans: When any tool is helpful to learn, make fun, and develop skills, it benefits.

  1. What impact does this technology have on kid behavior?

Ans: Yes, technology does have an impact on behavior. Workbench improves hand-eye coordination and motor skill of kids. Furthermore, they stir imaginative faculty and make the kids creative.

  1. Wanna take a toddler workbench after going through this article?

Ans: if you don’t have one already, go for one of the 12 best toddlers workbench to reap the benefits to educate your child since early childhood.


You are reading the conclusion of this review article is evident that you are already aware of why you need the best toddler workbench and the benefits your little master can reap from the same. So it bears no repetition.

To add, you should be after the right one that will help strengthen the parent-child bonding while you will guide him handling the tools and accessories new to him. The right toy workbench means the one that will save your loved little master from nasty cuts and dangerous scrapes.

At the same, it will contribute to the brain development of your child. These 9 best toddler workbench reviews will answer to your searching for the right and fit pretend workstation for your baby boy or girl. Go for any one of the mentioned brands, if you have a kid aged 3-6.

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