Carpentry Hand Tools of All Categories – When You Need Which One?

For everyone who likes to do carpentry now and then or want to start doing it on their own, the first essential step to take is to understand the different types of tools that are available and what each of those is useful for.

The most readily available carpentry hand tools can be categorized into six categories, namely- beginner, essential, manual, fundamental, antique, and Stanley. Below you will find a detailed description of which type to use when:


These tools are for those who are only starting at carpentry. The most common of these tools are:


For everyone trying out their luck at carpentry, a pencil is a first and foremost tool. You must be wondering why a pencil? Well, because, before making any cut, you must outline it with a pencil. Therefore, it is a must-have tool that will help you make the perfect cuts without making a mistake.

Measurement Tape

Precise measurement is necessary while doing carpentry work. Without appropriate measuring, all your work will go in vain. So, make sure to have a measurement tape before starting on your work. It is recommended to have one that can measure a length of up to 25 feet since this is the standard one used by most carpenters.

Carpentry Knife

Small utility knives are handy for carpentry. They help in cutting edges and joints and adequately shape them up. You can easily replace the blades of these knives if they become too blunt. So, make sure to have one of these as a beginner tool.



To attach pieces of wood, you most certainly need screws. So, make sure to have a collection of screws with yourself when you start your woodwork.

Screw Driver

Just how a pen without ink is useless, screws without a screwdriver is of no use as well. And for carpentry, having a screwdriver is a must as it will help you at all the way. Since screws of different sizes are needed for various projects, you should also keep a collection of screwdrivers that are compatible with those screws.

Strong Workstation or Bench

When you are drawing out your measurements or cutting out a piece of wood, you need to keep all the tools somewhere. You also need to place the wood you are working on top of a sturdy surface. For that purpose, you need a strong workbench or station.


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These tools are must-haves whether you are a pro or a beginner:

Carpenter Square

Whether you have tried doing carpentry or not, you must have seen a ruler who comes in a square-shaped being used by people who do carpentry. These rulers work just like ordinary rulers but come in as a unique shape as they are used to measure straight lines or 90 degrees angle while cutting out wood.


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A jig is a special tool that helps you to work faster without having to waste time in unnecessary measurements.

For example, if you are cutting out five holes on a piece of wood that has the same specifications, taking the measurements each time is a hassle. A jig helps you to set up the specifications only once and then expedites your work rate.

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A chisel is also a very common tool that everyone is familiar with. Just like its name, it smoothens uneven wooden surfaces.


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Hand Saw

Although power saws are available too, hand saws are a cheaper alternative. They help you to cut out wood perfectly according to your preferences.


To put up screws, you need to at first drill holes into the wood. Drills of different kinds are available, like cordless drills or power drills. If you are working on a large project, then we recommend you to use a power drill.


When something you are working on doesn’t stay in place, mistakes are inevitable. And that’s why clamps are an essential tool to have, which holds your workpiece in place and prevents any sort of unnecessary movement.

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These tools don’t require any power, and can be used manually:


If you are working on a larger project, to set it up and lay out the project, you will need a sawhorse.

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Jack Plane

These planes are used to smoothen out stocks. Although alternatives of jack planes are available, this is a cheaper option and very handy for beginners and amateurs.

Block Plane

A block plane is usually a woodworker’s best friend. It also helps you to smoothen out wood and trim out blunt pieces.

Back Saws

Just like hand saws, back saws are used to cut out wood. However, they are usually used when more intricate and fine work involved. Its sharp blades help you to make accurate cuts that cannot be done with an ordinary saw.

Miter Gauge

A miter gauge is a tool similar to a clamp, but it gives a bit better service. It allows you to hold the wooden piece you are working on a place and thus makes your job easier.


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Miter Box and Miter Saw

These tools are complementary to each other. A miter saw is similar to a backsaw. It glides forward and backward and makes perfect cuts. The miter box accompanies the miter saw in doing its work.


Below is a list of tools that are very basic and can be used easily by beginners:


A hammer is a must-have basic tool for carpentry. It helps to put nails in place and attach wooden pieces.

Chalk Line

Although a pencil can also do the job of a chalk line, a chalk line makes more firm marks that are easy to spot. It helps to cut out perfect pieces of wood by outlining the desired cuts.

Nail Puller

A nail puller helps you to remove nails that were put together in wooden furniture before. It also helps you get rid of mistakes involving putting a nail in the wrong place.


A level is a type of machine that lets you know whether your working piece is at the right level or not. It comes with a bubble that comes at the center when the working piece is set up correctly.

Tin Snips

This is a special type of hand tool which is used to cut out thin metal sheets and other hard materials. It is also a necessary tool used in carpentry and comes in very handy.

Speed Square

A speed square is a combination of all the different types of squares used in carpentry. It helps to set up different kinds of angles like the right angle or 45 degrees while doing woodwork.


These tools are not used much anymore, but can still deliver efficient results:

Woodworking Chisels

Chisels are one of the tools that have been used in carpentry for decades. Woodworking chisels are specifically made for smoothening blunt wooden surfaces and can also be used for large woodworking projects.

Carpenters Chisels

These are sharper chisels that are used to finish off the carpentry work and give it a perfect ending.

Lathe Chisels

Lathe chisels are used when something circular or angular needs to be smoothened. They are typically larger in order to provide more leverage while working.

Single Bit Felling Axes

Axes are hardly used in carpentry anymore. However, if you are planning on getting your wood right from a tree, then a single bit felling ax may be useful for you for cutting around the wood grains.

Broad Axes

Broad axes are usually used for more precise works and can cut right through a piece of wood.

Wood Planes

Although there are various modern types of planes available now, wooden planes were classically used to place your woodwork and set it up on an appropriate level.

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Stanley is a well-known brand for making various types of useful tools. Some of its hand tools suitable for carpentry are:

Stanley 4-Piece Pliers Set

In this set, durable and long-lasting pliers of different shapes and sizes are available, which you can use for your work.

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

In this tool kit, different types of tools necessary for fixing different types of things at home are available. Some of these tools can be used for carpentry, as well.

Stanley 252-Piece Mechanics Set

It contains various types of hand tools available for mechanics work.

STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set

This mixed tool set contains tools that can be used for various purposes starting from carpentry to even fix your car.

Stanley 60-100 10-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set

This set comes with a range of screwdrivers that are suitable for setting up screws of different sizes.

Stanley 44-piece General Homeowner-foots Tool Set

This set contains general tools that are needed by every homeowner. Some of these tools can be used for carpentry, as well.


Now that we have sorted out the various types of carpentry tools, you won’t be facing any confusion before starting your woodwork. Make sure to go through this list to familiarize yourself with the several tools which are essential in carpentry and know about their uses.

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