Top 4 Whiteside Router Bits Review For Expert Woodworker

Whether you are just a starter or an expert woodworker, using a wood router is a must. You can’t even dream of shaping and designing your woodcrafts without the help of a wood router.

But the best routing result calls for something beyond just a router. A router is useless without a solid and proper router bit. So, using the best router bit is necessary.

Of all the router bits, the Whiteside router bits are a great choice to have because of their precision and quality. Here is a Whiteside router bits review for you to find the best router bit for your crafting.

Top 4 Whiteside Router Bits Review

We have carefully picked four of the best Whiteside router bits for our review. These are the top most performing router bits you can have. Go through the reviews carefully and check out which one suits your needs the most.

Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit


Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit

Our top choice from the Whiteside router bits is the 401 with ½ inch shank. This is a 7-piece router bit set that can meet all your requirements for crafting with quality.

You can find all the regular routing bits in this set. The set comes with a durable plastic box, in which the bits are carefully placed within a soft cushion for protecting the edges and shapes.

All the bits are produced from premium carbide, a solid mixture of carbon and metal. This carbide-made body gives them the necessary sturdiness and the ability to cut through the hardest of woods in seconds.

The precision ground of these bits lets them stay in their position even at the higher RPM without moving or drifting away. And the firmness they come with allows you to have great stability while in rotation.

Some of the widely used router bits are included in this toolset. Manufactured by complying with all the industry quality standards, the set includes ¼ inch straight bit, ½ inch straight bit, ½ X 1-inch flush-trim bit, 3/8 radius cove, 45-degree chamfer, 3/8-inch round over, and ½ inch rabbeting bit.

If you are advancing in your wood routing works, then this bit set can be really useful for you, especially to bring you the perfect shapes and edges that you are dreaming of.


  • Includes 7 widely used bits
  • Made from premium carbide materials
  • Industry quality compliance
  • Secured durable plastic storage
  • Long-lasting bits


  • No dimension labeling on the bits

Whiteside Router Bits RU5200

Whiteside Router Bits RU5200

Only an expert wood craftsman will understand how crucial it is to have a spiral bit while wood routing. Spiral bits make great quality shapes for edges and overall crafting of wood.

To have a smoother cut than any standard router bits, the spiral bits can be proved to be quite useful. The Whiteside RU5200 is just the perfect spiral bit you need to have. Its up-cut spiral design lets you take control with your hand just like that.

Made from carbide, the spiral bit is extremely strong and can withhold much pressure and heat while in use. It can work pretty much fine under higher RPM.

The precision ground helps in this regard. It won’t fall off from the tool even if you are spinning the bit at an amazing RPM.

If not heavily overloaded, the RU5200 bit performs great to cut very smooth thoughts and dadoes. It even plunge-cuts holes with precision, as well. You can use it on any softwood or hardwood, and even on some PVC as well.

Having an up-cut design helps the spiral bit to clear off debris quite faster and reduce the heat. Compared to High-speed Steel (HSS) bits, the carbide-made bits last longer. You may consider the price because of the top-quality material, as well.


  • Made from carbide material for better strength
  • Produces less heat
  • Efficiently clears off the debris
  • Usable on any soft, hard, or PVS wood
  • Precision ground stability


  • Cut leaves some tear-outs

Whiteside Router Bits UD2102

Whiteside Router Bits UD2102

Another champion router bit from the Whiteside family is the UD2102. The bit contains up and down-cut flutes. This flute is brilliantly designed to create a compression cut that protects the bit from getting frayed and splintered. Therefore, this will save you time as it reduces the sanding time.

This strong and sharp router bit has a 1-inch Cutting Length and a 1/4-inch shank 1 Flute. You can cut through any plywood or softwood with this router bit with ease.

The up-cut measures 0.25 inches while the down-cut is 0.75 inches. So, the total cut is 1-inch. That’s a very impressive cutting capacity for a router bit at this level.

It does have plenty of shank for the chuck, still has a long cutting surface. This bit helps the router to reduce vibrations and avoid bit flexing.

The UD2102 router bit cuts very precisely so that it doesn’t cause any burn on the wood. It requires very little sanding for a final routed edge.

To have a clean top surface on the wood, this UD2102 can be the best bit to use. It leaves less mess on the wood than any of its peer bits.


  • Up and down cuts available
  • Precise cut with no burning
  • Requires minimal sanding
  • Leaves a cleaner top surface of the wood
  • Prevents fraying and splintering


  • Will start to dull if not taken proper care of

Whiteside Router Bits RU4900 Standard Spiral BitWhiteside Router Bits RU4900 Standard Spiral Bit

To get a shear cutting edge, there is almost no competitor to a standard spiral bit. Whiteside is famous for manufacturing some of the best router bits, and the RU4900 Standard Spiral Bit is just another addition to their reputation.

Having a carbide body, the RU4900 is one of the toughest spiral bits you will find on the market. The fusion of carbon and metal is nothing ordinary.

It creates a heavy-duty bonding that leads to the production of carbide. That’s why the RU4900 has the necessary pressure durability that a bit needs to have.

Furthermore, its cutting bits ensure that the bottom surface of the workpiece is protected from any tear-out. It also helps you to clear off the chips from the mortises very quickly.

If you are using a down-cutting bit with a CNC router, the down-cutting bit will protect the workpiece from lifting. However, if you are using the up-cutting spiral bit with a hand-held router, the flutes help to gain extra control, avoiding lifting and rocking.

As our spiral bit can withhold extra pressure, it can work with high RPM on the run. It helps to clear off the debris quickly and prevents itself from overheating. So, no matter how much pressure you put on this little monster, it won’t heat up.

Again, the carbide body adds to the durability of the bit. You can expect it to be used for a long time with regular application. Unlike the HSS, the carbide-made structure provides better longevity to the bits.


  • Spiral bits with up-cutting system
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • Pressure withholding capability
  • Prevents overheating
  • Capacity to work under high RPM


  • Doesn’t come up with many details

What to Look for Before Buying Router Bits?

Router bits are not something that you buy every other day. You need to be very smart and careful before you spend your bucks on it. A little bit of basic research can help you out. Here’s what you need to know before finding the right routing bit for your wood router.

Consider the Size

If your router accepts, choose the bits with shanks of ½ inches. The heavier mass in the bit can be of great help for the sturdiness of the bit. It will hardly bend or break with regular use.

Carefully examine if the cutting edge has a good deal of metal behind it. That is because deep biting and fast feeding can cause kickbacks, and the bit can easily resist it.

Look for Dust-Protection

When you have a pilot bearing on your bits, they tend to last longer than usual. The bearing and the bit body should have a dust protective shield between them. This will protect the bearing from dust and let it turn the smooth way all day long.

Without Sharpness, It’s Nothing

There’s nothing much to say about the sharpness of a bit. A bit without sharp edges doesn’t mean anything. You can primary-check the sharpness of a bit by turning it against your nails, and it may skim off some shaving. If you are unsure about the sharpness, you can ask for a technical test if the shopper has that arrangement.

What Type of Wood Are You Routing?

Your bit selection depends much on what type of wood you are going to work on. For most of the normal hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, and some plastics as well, you can use a tungsten carbide made-bit.

This may cut through these materials with ease and proper precision. These are better than solid high-speed steel materials in terms of strength.

If you are trying to route on a highly abrasive material, such as a plastic board, you may need to consider a solid carbide made bit. These are sturdier and stronger than tungsten carbide and don’t get dull in a shorter time.

Multiple Flutes Can Change the Game

The flute is the part of the bit that makes the actual cut. The speed of the bit and the cut are both determined by the number of flutes. Bits with one flute can cut quickly but do end up leaving a rougher finish. On the other hand, if the bit has two flutes, it will slow down the speed, but you will get a smoother finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does any router bit fit any router?

No. Router bits have variations in their dimensions. The typical dimensions are ¼-inch and ½-inch. If the router can fit these dimensions, only then will the bits fit.

  1. What is the best router bit made of?

There are mainly three types of router bits if build materials are concerned – high-speed steel, solid carbide, and H3 carbide. Solid carbide is arguably the best material for a router bit.

  1. Can I use a router bit in the drill machine?

Never. A router bit and a drill machine bit have different physical dimensions made for a distinct purpose.

  1. What’s the difference between spiral and straight bit?

The spiral bit cuts way smoother than a straight bit. As a spiral bit cuts with shearing action, the cutting of it is better than a straight bit.

  1. Which one should I use, a single flute, or a double?

If you are trying to get a faster cut but don’t bother with the finishing, then a single flute is best for you. Otherwise, for a smoother finish, you need a double flute bit.

Final Words

If you are sick and tired of searching for the best router bits on the internet, this article will surely put you to rest. As we have listed down the top 4 best router bits made by one of the giant bit manufacturers – Whiteside, you can rest assured.

To make the most of our Whiteside router bits review, you can keep the buying guide handy, as well. This way, you will hardly be misguided – not at least while buying router bits.

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