Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews For Prune Job | Top Picks & Buying Guide

Why do you need the best gas pole saw?

If you are not familiar with saws, and it’s the first time you heard about pole saws, then let me introduce you. Suppose you have a big mango orchard or any other garden covered with big trees.

One day, you see that it looks clumsy like a little unorganized forest. Hence, you decide to prune the trees to give them the right shape, just like your beard!

So, you can prune the trees by two methods, either you can use a ladder to go to the upper portion, or you can use a gas pole saw. The first method is hazardous for you, as it may cause an accident.

But the second one? Totally safe and time-saving method! Now, what is it? Mainly it is a pruner, which helps to prune overgrown branches nicely and quickly. This pole saw is also known as a gas pruner.

Now you understand why you need this. But I think a question arises in your mind like me, why do you need the best one?

Well, as there are various brands in the market, quality and working efficiency vary from brand to brand, price to price. So, when you want to buy one for yourself, you will feel confused about choosing the better one.

Don’t worry! We are here to give you the best suggestion according to your budget. Top picks reviews as well as buying guidelines.

9 Gas Pole Saws That Are Worthy of Your Money

An expensive gas pole saw may not give you excellent service. Here, we pick the 9 best picks that are available in the market with a buying guide.

Let’s see the top 9 with reviews! However, take a look at what we bring here only for you!

Poulan Pro PR28PS: 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8-inch Pole Saw


Poulan pro PR28ps pole saw can be your first choice. This brand is famous for making quality chainsaws. It is highly efficient and quite affordable too.

The saw is super light in weight so in no time these trim branches. It is also constructed with metallic steel which gives it the most rugged finish.

It’s going to last longer, and you’ll find it much easier to know. I purchased this model and had the greatest work experience with it ever.

So what are the features that make it operate excellently?

The first amazing feature is, the system has used SureFire Fuel Delivery System as a starter, which is really dead simple!

This even has a starter supported by the spring and you don’t have to do a sudden hard pull on the string like you’re struggling to dig Excalibur (legendary sword of Arthur) out of the stone.

The mechanism of surefire fuel delivery is really friendly for users. Not only prevents any kind of wastage along with maximizing the efficiency of fuel but also eliminates too much use of fuel when you will use the pole saw.

The pole saw arrives with an easy operation system. It has no confusing choke. So, it allows for easy and no-fuss starts every time you want to work.

You can start this with just 3 simple systems. At first prime, it, then choke it after that just pull it and wait for the magic. It will roar like a tiger when it comes into action.

The Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) Spring-assist pull string paired with a user-friendly purge bulb ensures quick, easy launching with fewer cord pulls.

Moreover, the auto-return pause option has other extra functionality to it. This switch is automatically reset to an “on” position once this is switched off. This machine is for that one thing I love for.

However, it also has a double-line feed that makes it easy to operate. You can also run the entire operating time efficiently.

You can use the Go head machine tap to produce superior cutting performance. Nevertheless, most people are fascinated by the easy way to reload the spool.

In order to maintain an efficient performance of the carburetor, an Air Purge technology is in place to eradicate air from the carburetor and fuel system. To stretch the poles and cut them quickly, use the straight shaft.

It contains six optional trimmer attachments. These attachments are- an edger, blower, brush cutter, pole saw, hedge trimmer, and cultivator. So that the trimmer is converted to other fittings easily.

No tools are required, just click and go. Moreover, it contains a tap trimmer head on the ground for automatic line expansion.


    • Durability: As the body is constructed with metallic alloy add-ons.
    • Affordability: Price is less than any other picks. So much budget-friendly.
    • Portable: Lightweight for carrying.
    • Ease of using: It has a Tap’n go system.
    • Efficiency: Eliminating the wastage of fuel by surefire fuel delivery system.
    • Powerful: Machine is accompanied with the dual line feed.


    • Sensitive carburetor.
    • Multi head functionality is absent.


PROYAMA DG260: 5 in 1 Trimming Tools


If you have limited space but need multiple tools, PROYAMA DG260 can be a holy grail for you.

It will satisfy your gardening purposes as just another great deal.

5 in 1 trimming tool which means it will not only provide you chainsaw but also other 5 several attachments when you purchase it.

The 26cc motor is sufficiently powerful to perform any task and its EPA-certified motor ensures that fuel consumption is lower and emissions are lower.  So, you can say it is an eco-friendly pole saw as it causes less air pollution.

Nevertheless, the pole saw with a 12-inch length can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 ft. You can therefore easily and securely cut through higher branches and ground objects.

The powerful gas engine generates more power than the electrically driven pole saws. Therefore, if you have extensive and more mature pine or heavier branch oak trees, the gas pole saw can easily handle it.

For protection, the emergency stop button helps you to shut down the machine instantly, as you begin to get exhausted or lose control of the machine.

It has a hedge trimmer that is adjustable to any desired angle such as horizontal and vertical cutting.

The 12-inch sharp, durable blade offers solid cutting efficiency on all kinds of wood. A high-efficiency air filter is provided to the gas-powered engine and the throttle locks, in the end, stopping accidents. It comes with a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Maxtra 2 Cycle Gas Pole Saw: Premium Choice


Maxtra chainsaw can be your premium choice. Why? Because it’s an amazing user-friendly design! You can use it in any situation because of its portable unit.

It is a cordless saw. Thus, you can adjust and expand the pole according to your needs. You can navigate this cordless saw to cut the wood, and branches, and prune nicely because of the facility.

As you can easily extend the shaft system, it can reach 14 to 15 feet. But when I was working with it, I found out that it is easily adjusted between 8.2 to 11.4 feet. So, the extra length is the height of the user.

You can also convert it as a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, or brush cutter. Thus, it is fitted with any other tools.

This contains a 10-inch cutting bar which makes it more efficient and powerful than any other. It helps you to cut off limbs less than 10 inches in diameter.

The saw allows you to work with your feet on the ground. So it is better rather than balancing on a ladder dangerously.

Moreover, it has an energetic engine. The super-powerful engine can generate maximum energy and make any kind of trimming work efficiently and quickly whatever you want.

The device is also battery-free. So you don’t need to worry about battery draining.

The engine is 2 2-stroke 42.7cc body and eco friendly as it has EPA certification. So, this is not harmful to your body.  Without any hassle, it also helps to cut limbs 7-9 inches.

When I bought this pole saw, it came with a nice portable bag. I was feeling satisfied as I can store the device and carry it easily. It can be the best gas pole saw for you.

Blue Max  Gasoline Pole Saw: 53542 32.6 cc


Blue Max gasoline pole saw comes with a 5354232.6 cc engine. You can consider it in your choice list.

I have mixed feelings about it. The body is made with so many plastic parts which makes me have a cheap feeling about this saw.

However, It has 32. 6cc motor which is good enough for pruning. It is not as underpowered as some of any other saws. So, It is a positive side of this pole saw.

Another positive feature is it has an anti-vibration system which will provide you maximum comfort with less effort.

It can do an effective operation by removing air from the carburetor as it has the fuel primer. So, the fuel system helps to start the engine easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, I have found another issue about changing the length. You can change the length of the maximum device quickly but, for Blue Max, it is a trouble and painful to expand the length. It takes too long.

It only expands from 9 inches to 10 inches which is not enough length for pruning. The ideal speed of this chainsaw is 2700-3000 RPM with 45000 RPM clutch engagement speed.

Maxtra 2cycle Gas Pole Saw: Multifunctional Quality


Previously I have written about one gas pole saw of Maxtra. I think you may be confused after seeing this one. Why am I writing about the same product? No, it is their other pole saw which is slightly different from the other one.

The main difference is, it has a multifunctional quality which is not like the other one. So, it is far better than that one.

What about its multifunctionality? It is 4 in 1 gas trimming set. The quality of the tools and connecting points along the shaft satisfy me. I have used every attachment and they provide me with satisfactory results.

You can do landscape easily with this chainsaw set. It works well in medium level applications in the large yard or orchard. The hedge trimmer has some attachments that allow you to make multiple trims from different angles.

A brush cutter and string trimmer are really good for trimming too. The cutting length of the hedge trimmer is 18 inches which is so long and makes a handsome cut.  You will get a pruning shear that will help to cut pruning twigs.

It has a 42.7cc  EPA-certified engine. That means it has both a powerful and environmentally friendly engine.  The powerful engine starts easily so that you will not face any hassle.

Moreover, the 42.7cc 2-cycle engine can cut 7-inch branches with ease, which helps you save time and energy. Maximum 1100 watt power that the engine will provide you.

The maximum engine speed is 7500 r/min. The idling engine speed is 3000 r/min. The engine has an air filter that helps to keep the engine cool all time. It refrains the engine from air pollution too,

Besides, It has cordless systems that are user friendly. You won’t need to tense about the power drop as there is no chance of battery draining. The 43-inch extension of the pole can trim 14-foot tall limbs on the ground. So, you can adjust the length as much as you need.

Another thing I like about this is the shoulder strap. It can reduce fatigue and vibration problems. This is helpful for me. I think you will benefit too.

Poulan Pro PR2322: Dual-Sided Hedge Trimmer


Poulan Pro PR2322 is another great saw from Poulan Pro. It has a dual-sided hedge trimmer which is its special future it.

It is perfect for trimming all types of herbs and shrubs around your yard. As it contains a dual-sided trimmer it will help you to save you from time wastage.

The dual-sided, stainless steel and the durable blade cut so neatly and cleanly. The length of the saw is 8 inches which is enough for pruning and trimming your yard properly.

When I have used it, it cuts limbs up to 1 inch in diameter in swaths up to 22 inches. I was satisfied at that time. It has a 23 cc engine with a 2 cycle facility which is so powerful to do heavy tasks.

Moreover, you can start the engine easily and quickly. It also restarts quickly. The saw is lightweight, only 11.1 lbs, and portable. You can easily move with it anywhere you want. It comes with an easy operating system.

The trimmer is awesome. It comes with a nice anti-vibration feature so that it can reduce your fatigue and give you super performance with the most efficiency.

Besides, it has a rotating rear handle. The main facility of this handle is, it comes with a comfortable grip for controlled cutting. It allows you to cut at any orientation or angle. The powered handle is locked in 3 different positions to make you feel safe.

MAXTRA:90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Saw


Maxtra brand has various types of pole saws. Their other best one is a 90-180-degree head adjustable pole saw. This is the most unique feature I have ever seen till now.

They upgraded their cutting head in this saw. You can rotate it at a 90 to180 degree angle. It provides you a multiposition facility. Multiposition systems ensure a fine, clean, and safe cutting precision. Thus, you will not face any injury because of not seeing the exact location and extent of the cut.

It can reach 15 ft along with the user’s height consideration. I think it is a good length for trimming big trees. You can also adjust the pole saw from 8.2 to 11.4 ft with a 3.6 ft extension.

So that It will not let you take the risk of climbing on a ladder or tree to trim the branches. The 10-inch bar has a vast cutting capacity which is time-saving and affordable for you.

The engine has passed EPA certification as it is environmentally friendly. It will produce waste gas less than any other and is safe to use too.

Moreover, it has a 42.7 cc powerful engine,  which allows you to cut thicker branches and logs by about 10 inches. It has the amazing ability to finish difficult tasks more efficiently. The maximum engine speed is 7500 r/min. The idling engine speed is 3000 r/min.

It comes with a carry bag. I like it because it helps to get better storage. The shoulder strap reduces my fatigue when I carry it. It has a chain shaper which helps to sharpen the chain after use for a period.

If you want a hedge trimmer and other tools with this saw you can also contact the company before delivery of the product.

CRAFTSMAN V20: 14-Foot Pole Saw


CRAFTSMAN V20 is another ultimate choice for woodworkers who regularly use it.

The angled cutting head allows you visibility during cutting. It will keep you safe and alert because when you will do the work you will see the cutting position.

This chain contains a branch hook, which allows you to pull out cut branches. It has cordless facilities too. You can polish up your chain anytime you need it.

It’s got a wonderful run time. The 4.0 Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack allows users to extend the running time of the saw. It’s a special aspect of the saw.

Another great feature is you can expand the pole up to 14 feet with its extended pole. It will help you easily prune big trees. You will not face any accidents as you don’t have to make a balance on a ladder or tree. So, there is no chance of an accident.

Besides, it does a great job of cutting off unwanted branches with ease. The precise cuts are provided because of its angled head and blade. Every cut makes a good size of tree limbs It will provide up to 325 cuts per charge.

The 8-inch bar with a chain cuts up to 6-inch thick tree limbs. This will help you to save your time and energy.

It has a soft grip on the extension of the pole which provides maximum mobility. So that you can easily move the pole and expand too. The blade never got stuck in the limb, just make sure you saw it from the correct angle.

Another feature I like about this saw is, that you can use the integrated hook if you want to hang it directly on the  VERSATRACK Wall Organization System but before that, you have to purchase it separately. It will not come with the package.

 MAXTRA: Cordless Gas Pole Chainsaw


MAXTRA 16-foot cordless gas pole chainsaw is another amazing product of the Maxtra brand. It is far better than the Stihl gas pole saw or Remington gas pole saw. It is one of the best gas pole saws.

It comes with 4 different attachments. This attachment allows woodworkers to trim nicely. You can convert easily into 4 tools that are convenient, useful, practical, and economical for you.

The quick-release connector helps to convert quickly according to your needs. 4 attachments are- gas pole saw. hedge trimmer, weed eater, and brush cutter.

Besides, the length is  13 to 16 ft which is enough for handsome trimming. You can also adjust the saw with an extension pole from 8.2 ft to 11. ft. Moreover, without a ladder, you can trim 16 ft high limbs of trees on the ground. So, it is perfect for landscaping as it trims big trees nicely. The cordless system will allow you to move this anywhere whenever you want.

The engine is so powerful. It has a 2 stroke 42.7 cc engine that allows you to get your job done efficiently as well as quickly. MAXTRA 4 1 garden trimmer’s engine can cut 10 inches thicker branches which is impressive.

However, the hedge trimmer comes with multi-angle adjustment so that you can adjust the angle according to your needs and lock it. It is perfect for long and high branches and also for shaped landscape trees.

Another trimmer that will come with the packaging is a string trimmer. It will trim your garden, tender grass, and shallows neatly and nicely. If your garden has a bush, or taller and thicker grass, the brush cutter is perfect for trimming.

It comes with an anti-vibration system that will help to reduce your fatigue while you will work with it. Besides, It has an air filter that will help to provide great protection for the engine and keep hot or cold, easy, and safe for the  2cycle stroke.

Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw
Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw
PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tools, Multi Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer
PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tools, Multi Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer
MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw, 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Chainsaw Reach to 15 Foot
MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw, 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Chainsaw Reach to 15 Foot

Buying Guide: Factors You Need to Consider Before Purchase

When you are a beginner at buying a pole saw, you have to face some issues. You need to consider some factors before buying the best gas pole saw. This buying guide will help you to choose the perfect saw for you.

Factors you need to consider before purchase are-


First, you need to determine your budget. When you go to the market or website you will find a variety of saws at different prices. It will confuse you if you don’t set your budget.


If you want to use the saw for a long time, go for a durable saw. If you want to use it regularly then simply go for a gas-powered pole saw for long-lasting usage.

Before purchasing a durable saw, check these features- metallic cover or case, heavy-duty plastic touch system, steel alloy bar, and chain.

Length of Pole Saw

It is one of the most important factors. As, if you are short, you need a pole saw which has more length or the length expandability facility. Besides, You need to consider your tree’s size too.

Most of the pole saws are expandable up to 13 feet. Please remember, your real reach is going to be impacted by not just your pole length, but your height too.

Ease of Operation

It’s another factor because if you can’t operate the saw easily, face hassle when you start the engine, or during work, it will be miserable for you.

So, before purchasing, check the operational facility.  Make sure that you can easily switch ON your saw. Some models have many more operational facilities.

Fuel Optimization

The most important factor you should consider is fuel usage. As the whole pole saw is powered by gas gas can be a little expensive. That’s why you need to save your pocket and purchase a fuel-saving saw.

The better suggestion from experts that purchase a  gas chainsaw that will provide you with the best fuel consumption facility. Check the real feedback from the producer’s website.

Power of Engine

Check the engine capacity before buying. It is a vital factor. The engine is all in all for a chainsaw. Engines have variations in power capacity. You should buy the engine according to your yard size, and tree size.

The higher engine capacity will deliver you higher power. I suggest you buy the most powerful one because the more the power is, the more the speed and the faster the work rate of the engine.

Keep in mind that with better power capacity, more fuel consumption will happen.

Environment Friendly

Before buying, you should consider that the saw will keep the environment pollution-free. Check the company as if it is provided with a certified pollution-free engine. It will come with an eco-friendly design.  It will produce zero-emission.


We all want portable and lightweight pole saws so that we can carry them easily. When you’re going to buy, check out these features.


  • Which one is the best gas pole saw?

It is tough to say which one is best. You need to buy according to your requirement

  • Do I get extra benefits from it?

Of course but if you need extra benefits, you need to buy the adjustable tools to convert and get other benefits. You can use it as a blower, brush cutter, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and edger.

  • How to take care of the saw?

Clean every time after use. Check from time to time if it is workable or not.

  • How fast did the gas saw prune my tree?

Well, it depends on the capability of the engine of your saw.

  • How can I store it?

You can store it in a storage bag. Some come with a storage bag, so you can use that.

Final Verdict

I hope you can find a clear and descriptive guideline after reading this article. Now you will not feel confused when you’re going to buy one for yourself. You will choose the best gas pole saw for you.

If you want my opinion, I will tell you to go for the eco-friendly design. Save your cost, save our environment. Enjoy the best experience.

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