How To Sharpen A Circular Saw Blade Professionally At Home?

A Circular saw blade is an essential tool for a woodworking workshop. Especially for cutting wood freely. Although various kinds of saw blades are available in the market, most users like a circular saw blade for its freestyle and easy to use capacity. In regular use, the blade gets dull and is unable to give the best cutting edge. But, if we know how to sharpen a circular saw blade, then we can easily remove dullness.

How To Sharpen A Circular Saw Blade?

sharpen circular saw bladeHere we will go through every step of sharpening a circular blade. This article will help you get rid of the extra money that’s wasted on buying a new saw blade when the old one is working.

Tips for Taking Care of the Circular Blade

Ignoring some basic caring methods can cause the blade inoperable early. In other words, proper care of a circular blade will last a long time. Those tips are applicable before and after the use of a circular blade.

Store the Blade in a Dry Place

Digestion is an evil soul for steel. Make sure the blade is not stored in a wet area because the wet area is responsible for getting digestion of the blade. Before or after using, keep the blade in a dry place at the proper temperature. These tips will help the blade work more time. And the lifespan of the blade will increase.

The Right Use of the Blade

The blades are not made for only one style. Various style blades are used for various tasks. Such as, diamond blades work fine for cutting metal like steel, iron, etc. But if you use a general blade for cutting metal, it will not work. And it will cause damage to the blade. If the blade is the right blade for the right task, then it will help avoid damage.

Hang the Blade

It is safe and ideal for the blade when it is hanging. Don’t use a table or floor to keep the blade. Continuous rubbing of the blade will reduce sharpness. But hanging the blade with the center hole will not affect the teeth. And the sharpness remains for a long time.

Blade Cooling

When cutting hardwood, the blades will get hot. It is necessary to give the blade a break. It helps the blade extend its life.

Using Nylon Brush for Cleaning the Blade

During the time of using the blade can accumulate grime. For instance, the blade can lead to burning. After the use of the blade, use a nylon brush for removing dust from the blade teeth. This process helps the carbide teeth work properly.

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade?

Step 1: Setup Procedure

Before starting the sharpening procedure of a circular blade, you have to set up every essential thing. A circular saw blade needs a supporting jig, safety equipment, sharpener, vice grip, etc.

Step 2: Remove the Blade

Certainly, it is not possible to sharpen the blade without removing it from the saw. In addition, it is dangerous and time-consuming. This process is so simple and less dangerous. Most circular saw has a button called “blade release switch.” It helps the blade remove easily. If you can’t find any switch, then use a wrench to remove the blade.

Step 3: Indicator Mark

A circular saw blade works with the tone of carbide teeth. If you don’t track those teeth, then you will lose the starting point. Also, marking the blade will help to find out which teeth need more sharpening and which one is not. Perfect marking of the teeth will also help to get a better result without any damage. In short, use a marker and draw a line above the blade teeth.

Step 4: Supporting jig

Supporting jig is made to reduce the dangerous situation of sharpening. Most importantly, this jig is essential for sharpening a circular blade. Supporting jigs is not expensive, and you can make this at home with your extra portion of taper or wood.

Step 5: Secure the Saw Blade

Before sharpening the saw blade, the security of the blade must be needed. Supporting jig has many elements that are used for holding the blade in position. If the blade is not perfectly secure, then an accident may occur. Therefore, use supporting tools or jigs for taking care of the security of the blade.

Step 6: Use Vice Grip

A Vice grip is a tool that holds the blade tight. When the blades are getting sharpened, it must stand hard to any object. So, the sharpening process is going properly. And the vice grip help prevents any vibration in the blade during the sharpening. So, the teeth are getting sharpened smoothly and perfectly.

Step 7: Use the Digital Sharpener

Of course, a digital sharpener helps you reduce wasting your valuable time. Easy to operate feature of the digital sharpener makes sharpening jobs easier. But here is a quick tip for you. Make sure the digital sharpener is properly locked with the surface. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the teeth.

Step 8: Start Sharpening

circular saw bladeAll set up for the circular saw blade sharpening is done. Now recheck all the previous setups once. If everything is in the right place and perfectly stable. Then this is the time to begin sharpening.

Lock the blade in the supporting jig that I mention above. After that, start the digital sharpener and slowly get close to it with the saw blade. Slowly make contact with the blade teeth with the rotating diamond blade. Don’t force hard; just make simple contact. Otherwise, the teeth will get extra sharpness or get damaged.

Take time as much as you need. And carefully sharp every tooth of the blade. After that, check all the teeth again so that no teeth remain dull.

Safety Precaution

Gloves: Industrial gloves are made to prevent any damage in your work. And sharpening a saw blade is dangerous for the hand. So before sharpening, use gloves.

Mask & Goggles: Before starting sharpening wear a mask and safety goggles. Those items ensure the safety of your face and eyes.


In conclusion, the circular saw blade is an expensive tool part for woodworking professionals. Every time buying a new blade is not a solution when the old blade is reusable. Without the proper use of a blade, it causes extra money and effort too.

But following those tips and steps that I mentioned above will help you to reuse the blade again. With those simple steps, you can sharpen the old blade that you wanted to leave in the trash. And this procedure will not cost extra money.

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