Best Workbench Accessories: 18 Workbench Tool Reviews

The very term workbench accessory is self-explanatory and refers to the fundamental and auxiliary tools a carpenter, plumber, and precision worker keeps on or around a workbench. Flexible and efficient work components can lead to more productivity, efficiency, and versatility than without them. But it is crucial to find the best workbench accessories to get your purpose best served.

The basic tools to accomplish the main tasks and the secondary tools that make the job easier, finer, and faster both fall into the category of workbench accessories. You cannot shape, size, and plain a workpiece without a vise nor can you measure anything precisely without a measuring tape or scale.

You will have an overwhelming number of auxiliary tools available in the stores ready to give you a hand by performing their respective jobs like the said ones. Workbench accessories will not let you go fatigued rather innovative tool applications will make your job fun previously deemed to be tedious.

It is not possible to get overall exposure to the wide range of workbench accessories from a particular workshop or carpenter. To see the whole picture, you have to do thorough research on the myriad of products available in the market to know the latest additions of accessories. The updated ones that the manufacturers have brought to make your workbench job more comfortable and perfect.

Nothing but a well-researched article on the updates of workbench accessories can help you effectively to single out the required accomplices for your workbench. Therefore, we have discussed as many as 18 types of accomplices that will make your woodworking or metalworking easier, perfect, and singularly more enjoyable. All these are the devices urgent for your workshop to get your tasks done most efficiently.

Bench Cookies High Friction Bench Dog 10-035


The primary duty of a bench dog is to elevate the project to a convenient height and make the piece immovable. High Friction Bench Dog 10-035 is perfect for this job. You have a set of 4 bench dogs measuring one inch in height and 3 inches in diameter.
Being rubber-made cookies; it will exercise the utmost grip to hold it firmly without slipping. The same reason would bar it from being marred by pressure so long as working goes on. Therefore, with bench cookies around your workbench in your workstation, you can now comfortably size, sand, carve, assemble, and so on. These four rubber bench brakes can sometimes act as the emergency alternative to a bench vise. Because it will trap a workpiece like a bench vise clamps one to work it upon.

Overview of the Root Features

• Thick rubber pad guaranty non-slip
• Provide a level and elevated surface for the precision tasks of carving, polishing, brushing, and sanding
• Provide added clearance by raising it one inch above
• Combination of smart design and expert engineering
• Ensures that no mark will be left on the body of the workpiece
• Comes with four bench cookies to lift the project efficiently

Kreg Bench Dogs KKS1070


A Kreg Bench Dogs is a product from Kreg Tool Company offering a package of four blue bench dogs and four black bench brakes. The bench brakes can very well be set on the benches and inside the bench dogs. These are pure nylon-made bench dogs that can provide you the stubborn firmness and the black rubber brakes included inside the bench are no-slippery.
In addition to a firmer and non-slip grip, you have two painter’s points where you can paint with minimal contact with the surface. You need to have a bench top with holes to put these four inside so a flat surface workbench cannot use these sets.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Four blue bench dogs with a hollow shaft
• Four black rubber bench brakes with a hollow shaft inserted into the dog shaft
• Dog in bench and Bench brakes in Dog
• Flat top without taper but has a curved vertical wall
• The shaft going inside the bench hole is 2″long and so renders a steadier sitting
• You can enter a dowel inside the ¾” bench brake shaft to make the painter’s point.
• The rubber brakes can be inserted in the bench having ¾” holes

Black & Decker Swivel Grip Peg For Workmate


Workbenches having flat and plain bench tops are losing their popularity and workmates and sawhorse are taking their place for the portability, clamping ability, and versatility they stand for. But a workmate or sawhorse is all lost if you fail to select the set of grip pegs. Black and Decker Swivel Grip Peg is the finest answer to this query. Black and Decker has been in the industry for several decades.
They have been so for their versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. With those 4-pack pegs, you can conveniently handle odd and peculiarly shaped workpieces. These pegs are sturdy enough to withstand the stress of heavy work. It weighs only 3-2 ounces. On top of all that, they are enjoying the best customer ratings and reviews.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Product dimensions 5.9*3.9*1.5 inches
• Weighs only 3.2 ounces
• Compatible with workmates of any model and brand
• It helps the workmate provide supreme control and versatility
• Accomplish a wide range of tasks including fastening wooden pieces and sanding
• It offers great usability and ease
• Backed by 2 years of warranty

Big Horn Small Bench Dogs


These are round and tubular bench dogs working as a hand for the workbenches. They can grip objects from all sides and of all sizes and shapes. You can rotate them to clamp round, square, or irregularly shaped projects to work on.
They present some excellent numbers and they can snugly fit in the ¾”inches hole and they are 2-2/3″ long. You can put those in DIY holes of ¾”. These workbench dogs are ably supported both by quality materials and innovative engineering.
Big Horns are made of aluminum and will not contribute to blunting the cutting tool’s edge. And the side spring attached will always stabilize it and make it firmer. This will serve as a workbench accessory by simplifying your job.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Product Dimensions and weight: 5*2.9*0.4 & 3.2 ounces
• Sold in a pair or a set of 2
• Cozily fit a ¾”inches hole and 2.3/8 inches long
• Aluminum ensures security and safety and the numbers give accuracy
• Featured with side spring and rotating grip
• Easy to install and use
• Canted faces apply a downward pull to resist the dogs from rising up

Olsa Tools Premium Quality Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer



Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, you will badly need various types, sizes, and shapes of screwdrivers. And if you don’t make a mess of those and won’t reach the particular screwdriver at and when needed, Olsa Tools Screwdriver Organizer is the perfect driver organizer you can be after.
This is a magnetic screwdriver organizer to offer the firmest grabbing but it will let your drivers move in and out without a scratch. This is a favorite of everybody from hobbyists to professionals as it features a strong magnet, stiff cliffs, and excellent quality.
It will not only get you rid of the fatigue of digging into the drawers for your intended type, but it also lets you hang double the number of drivers as advertised. Yes, the clamp is so strong that you can hang one upright and the other downward in every slot.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Weight and dimensions: 12 ounces & 16.5*1.8*1.1* inches
• 16 screwdrivers can rest in 16 cliffs
• Durable and strong-hold organizer backed by quality material
• Strong magnet to hang double the said tools
• Can hang and organize varieties of tools other than screwdrivers- spanners, ratchets, pliers, and so on

WallPeg Pegboard Parts Storage Craft Organizer


What is the real hassle while you are busy with your workbench doing precision work or working on bigger projects? Even pegboards and particular tool organizers will not suffice to answer this hassle. This is the ransacking you need to make while you require tiny accessories like screws, clips, nuts, bolts, and washers.
A pegboard bin kit can address your problem in this regard and the Wallpeg Pegboard Bin Kit may be the perfect solution for organizing and storing tiny items as said above. It is a less common workbench accessory but most desired to my consideration. You can have your DIY alternative but this one will be available at a nominal price.
This is made of durable plastic and will fit the pegboard hangers snugly. It offers two sizes of kit storage – the large bin and the medium one.

Overview of the Root Features:

• It fits in a ¼” hole in the pegboard center
• Made of high-impact and durable polypropylene plastic
• Features with two sizes bin kits – large: 4*7*3 inches and medium:4*5*3 inches
• Can fit in any type and size of pegboard
• Dimensions & weight: 8*7*4.1* inches & 12.2 ounces

Aluminum T-track

T-track is a workbench accessory to position jig saws and stops on the table. It is set on the tabletop by cutting a furrow on the surface of the table as per its size and shape. It lets you slide in smaller items so that they do not roll away from the tabletop.
Aluminum T-track is pre-drilled and countersunk for screws to enter through it. It saves a lot of your time and energy thanks to the manufacturers who do great jobs for you and exchange them at a nominal price. Unlike all the average tracks, it works with Festool clamps and Grizzly track saw clamps.
But you need to be careful while tightening hex head bolts as over-tightening can deform the track.

Overview of the Root Features:

• It’s a specialty T-track allowing ¼”-20 hex head bolts to slide in
• Best for setting jigsaws, hold-downs and stops
• Anodized finish renders a sleek look
• Arrives at different lengths and can be available at orders via the websites
• The sleeve protects the anodized finish and is center punched measuring 3″
• Weight and dimensions: 13.6 ounces & 48*0.8*0.5 inches

Diamond Plate Drymate Workbench Mat


A sheet of the mat is crucial to put over the bench top for various reasons. While the obvious cause is to save the bench top form from going deformed, marked, and scratched, the serious imperative is to protect the tools from rolling away and slipping.
Moreover, it will give non-slip friction while working. For this, you need a quality mat to withstand the stress and tension of metallic beating and pounding. Diamond Plate Drymate’s workbench mat can offer this service far better than any other.
On top of the quality materials it is made of, this mat will serve you the longest without showing signs of fraying. Furthermore, it can be resized and trimmed to fit your workbench top.
This mat is featured with diamond coating and is made in the USA. This strongly stands by it and witnesses the superiority over others in the market.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Heroically protects your workbench surface
• Provide a non-slip and steady work surface
• Spills absorbing and spot-resistant
• Can be washed to wipe any stains off
• The USA manufactured and cut into needed shapes and sizes

GearWrench Standard Pliers Master set

This is called a master pliers set containing 7 pieces of pliers. With these master pliers set, you can handle any peg whatever, or however stubborn and odd varieties of the size they feature. Besides the quality of metal and plastic materials, they can supremely boast of their intelligent and solid engineering. The clamping parts are designed to effectively clamp workpieces of any size, shape, and surface.
What has made it even more convenient is the handles made to offer the best leverage while clamping objects. The biggest pliers feature custom camping ability as the clamping jaws can be widened as per the size of the objects to the clutch.
The variety this master set offers at this price is rather a gift rather than a purchase. The cushioned grips ensure the most solid feel while working. And the users praise the quality of materials as they don’t develop rust after long.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Weight and Dimensions: 6 pounds & 19.2*15.3*1.3 inches
• Best fit the professionals but hobbyists can opt without hesitation
• Handles are designed to give more leverage and zero slippage
• Interior edges are exclusively rounded
• End texture grip for easy access
• Premium quality metal and plastic

Olsa Tools Premium Quality Tool Holder (BLUE)


You will find this tool holder or organizer to be the most convenient. With the Olsa Tools Tool holder, you can organize and store all your sockets in one location – be it your top drawer or pegboard. Better to mount them on a piece of plywood so that they may not move or drop off.
The clip-on rail slide gives you the facility to hang drives of various sizes on a single rail. Thus you can clean a lot of the space in your toolbox and the drawer. The stand-out feature is the coming off and going on of the sockets of any size and measurement.
These rails look great and work great backed by the well-built and excellent style or organizing.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Rails of the multi-drive socket organizer
• Can hold as much as 54 sockets
• Sturdy and heavy-duty rails made of quality materials
• Rapid and easy furnishing
• Can mount on the wall, workbench, or toolbox
• Clips having spring-loaded ball bearings
• Space cleaner and provide firm and secure tool holding
• Weight and dimensions: 7.2 ounces & 17* 1*3 inches

Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer – Red

This workbench accessory is a gallery of wrenches where the said tools can rest as firmly and securely as possible. And this tool sorter can arrange the largest numbers of wrenches. So, with this wrench rail around your workbench, it saves your time and shaves your fatigue. The wrenches now will be in front of you and you can reach for the intended size and shape then and there.
This USA-manufactured organizer is compact, portable, and can be placed against walls, pegboard, and chest drawers. The integrated sorting bar will allow you to take and put back the wrench without any jostling. Just slide, flip, and store it in the respective place. This bar is fit for both SAE and metric.
This wrench organizer has left no space unused and is made of premium quality ABS plastic.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Can hold up to 28 wrenches of different orientations
• Wrench size may vary from ¼” to ¾”
• The sorting bar fit SAE and metric
• Measures 13.5*10*1.5 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces
• Easy and simple slide, flip, and store
• Proud to be made in the USA

Busted Knuckle Work Bench Mat
Work Bench Mat

This mat covers the workbench top to save it from tearing under work pressure and it can cover only small parts. This is deeper and more flexible than it looks which is the initial surprise you will be refreshed by. The busted Knuckle workbench mat protects your benchtop along with cleaning workspace for you.
Any chemical will not survive there and tolerate liquid spills up to 32 ounces. The best part is the USA manufacturing. But it has downsides to be noted down. This is reported to have not been cleaned after washing. The big piece of cardboard or paper logo attached to it is a big disappointment. And the plastic bits have caused unnecessary holes though not to spill in. Other than those, it is a better workbench matting option. This mat is backed by a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

Overview of the Root Features:

• High friction mat and keep the benchtop clean
• Resists chemical stains
• Featured with a curved lip to drain out easily
• Pockets for hardware storage
• Dimensions & weight: 24*16 & 4 pounds

New Pig Corporation Workbench Liner – the best workbench accessory

A workbench liner is to protect your workbench surface and cushion the parts of the table you are working on. A liner must be absorbent of spills and stay put on at any cost. This New Pig Corporation workbench liner stays stubbornly put on the surface and soaks up liquids. Moreover, it does not slip or slide while working.
This is a specially formulated, full cover, and adhesive workbench line. It will work best when used for firearm maintenance and repair. You can easily cut out a portion of this to cover other accessories like bench vises, saws, and so on.
New Pig tends to be the most efficient to keep small parts from bouncing, slipping, rolling, and sliding. To the best of your satisfaction, it blots spilled cleaning fluid or lube to the last drop.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Absorbent, sticky, and easy to put down
• Cheap and last longer
• Don’t allow small parts to roll, slide, and slip away
• A liquid-proof barrier to stop absorbed liquid from damp the benchtop
• The top layer and heavy-duty stitching fight tearing, rips, abrasion
• Weight & Dimensions: 1.42 pounds & 23*4*4 inches

Bertech Safety Warning Vinyl Tape – Black/Yellow

Unlike grip tape or measuring tape, this workstation tape is used to cover a tear on the bench top and to put a sticker bearing warning and instructions about safety. The primary business of this type of tape is to bear the name of different accessories around the workbench and give precautions about the different sensitive spots of the workshop that may cause physical harm or hazard. Therefore, Safety and Warning tapes come with dazzling colors to catch the attention first and fast.
It is made of chemicals like polyvinyl chloride commonly known as PVC. This chemical coating is further strengthened by a rubber-based adhesive that can withstand pressure. This combination makes the tape grippy enough not to peel off at frequent pressure. Bertech Safety Warning vinyl Tape is backed by both factors. But the customers complain of the coming off if put on concrete.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Bright color – Yellow and Black
• Works great and stickier than market-grade duct tape
• Compliant with RoHS
• Bears soft PVC coating and backed by an aggressive rubber adhesive
• Can work even in industrial environments – field, plant, and warehouse
• Assurance of color-coding, floor and aisle sticker
• Thickness and Adhesion: 7mm & 22oz/in

E. Emerson Contractor-grade Clamping Tool Guide

Clamping tool guides mean to be straight edge and crucial to cut a furrow straight or circular. This is a clamping tool to guide circular saws or routers to cut tracks for T-tracks or other accessories.
This C50 contractor-grade clamping tool guide features rigidity so as not to break at nominal pressure while the intended cut is done. It also is light enough to position and sit steadily in a certain place. This crucial lighter weight results from the aluminum frame known for lightweight and sturdiness. Therefore, the chance is scarce that it will bend or break while doing cuts.
All these factors have made it the most reliable and useful workbench accessory for your workstation be it a workshop or work truck. It comes with a wide jaw capacity and varied lengths.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Contractor-grade patented design and construction
• Extra-rigid and ultra-light to come to terms with cuts
• Low profile but a flat surface
• Between the jaws clamping 50.25 inches
• Nylon jaws offer tight clamping
• Can work with Saw plate, Router Plate, and Stop block
• Weight & Dimensions: 4 pounds & 1.8*60*3.5 inches

Sunex Side Work Bench 8004BK – Black


Aside from the workbench commonly known as the tool cart folding side tray is an auxiliary tool or essential workbench accessory. It helps keep tools not only organized but ready to use. It is a cabinet of the same height but folds down easily when not necessary. This can be constructed with a heavy-duty steel sheet, premium plastic, and wood.
Sunex Side Workbench is the proud product of the reputed company and features quality components to offer a stable and efficient service. Besides being a well-made and quality side tray, it is super easy to install with minimal effort and time. Furthermore, you can fold it down conveniently while the need is over.
The top surface will never snap or slag and it holds tools well along with handling the extra load of heavy-duty workbench accessories. So this Sunex side workbench is a perfect one giving extra space and hauling ability.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Sunex prat number 8004BK
• Weight & Dimensions: 0.40 ounce & 3*2.8*1.9 inches(top surface)
• Overall Dimensions: 5.9*14.6*16.34 inches
• Top quality building materials
• 3 pounds of load-hauling capacity
• Compatible with Sunex 8013A

Dremel Drill Press Work Station with Wrench Review

This is a combination of several awe-inspiring components and the mere mention of those will suffice to give you the impression that the Dremel Drill Press Workstation is the best and most essential workbench accessory. This is a must-have auxiliary tool better to say a group of workbench tools to increase the productivity and versatility of your workshop.
The flex shaft 225-01, workstation 220-01, Plunge router 335-01, and Shaper/Router Table 231 are the components capable of doing 90 % of the tasks of your project. Whether you’re a hobbyist or DIY enthusiast, you cannot ignore the pull of this wonderful tool.
To add to the versatility, you can name other components like Detailer’s grip A577, Grinding guide A576, Shield Kit A550, and Sharpening Kit A679-02.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Weight and Dimension: 26.2 pounds & 6*6*12 inches
• Decent and sturdy
• Versatile tool holder for polishing, sanding, and grinding
• Crow’s Nest storage placing drill bits, wrenches, and other Dremel-exclusive accessories
• Marked with SAE and metric to drill accurately
• The shaft stand allows adjustment heights ranging from 16″ to 29″
• Compatible with all the Dremel Rotary Tool Models

Yost Universal 6 Inch Jaw Cover

This is a Yost product and this name is enough to witness the quality and service of this product. It is pretty easy and simple to make a DIY Jaw cover but when you have a Yost tool at a nominal price it is worth grabbing.
This is a double-edged sword to protect the edge of the jaw tooth and save the workspace from being marked by the diamond serration jaw tooth. We know that the jaw tooth of any metal bench vise comes with a serrated diamond coating to increase the clamping ability
These jaw covers are fit for vise featuring 6 inches of opening and the prism face ensures that it can bite dowels and irregularly shaped objects tightly. Those vise work well and have different profiles to handle objects of any shape and size.

Overview of the Root Features:

• Prism face is capable of clamping tubular or circular shape objects
• Can match up to 6″ vise
• Supported by the strong magnet
• Weight & Dimension: 3.2 ounce & 8*4*4 inches
• Made of premium quality plastic
• Quality and trusted brand

How To Buy Your Best Workbench Accessories?

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, a large-scale furniture builder, or a precision worker of small intricate jeweler boxes, you need to keep updated on the varieties of accessories in the market that can make your workbench time and labor safer, more accurate, and more enjoyable.

The best workbench accessories should be your fervent search if you are a lover of handcrafted wooden items or huge bulk of your work is done on a benchtop. Whether it is a traditional hardwood workbench, a plywood workbench top, or a portable workmate on a metallic structure, there are workbench accessories to help you with every variation.
There are some most common accessories like bench vise, bench dog, workmate, workbench mat, pliers, wrench rail or organizer, pegboard, safety or warning tape, and so on.

You can make your DIY version but the one offered by the manufacturers will give you added versatility, durability, and productivity. All the accessories reviewed in this guide fall into the said category that is to say you can both make them but better would be better to buy from the market.

In this guide, there are three different bench dog brands discussed. You can opt for any of the three but Bench Cookies will be the preferable option thanks to its high friction feature. Like bench dogs, several products of workbench mats were also reviewed.

All the mats are of superior quality but the Diamond Plate Drymate Mat is the better alternative considering the absorbent, stickiness, and stain-protection features.

This can undoubtedly be categorized as one of the best workbench accessories. All the other accessories have appeared once in this review so further clarification in this session would be unnecessary and repetitive. You can take any of the products reviewed here given the ratings and positive feedback they all have earned from the customers who already have used those.
It is advisable to visit the product site and the Amazon reviews of the respective tool you are going to buy.


What is the difference between a workbench mat and a workbench liner?

Ans: The primary business of the mat is to protect the benchtop from ugly scratches. On the other hand, the liner keeps the small items on the table and bars them from slipping, sliding, and rolling away. Both the accessories have one thing in common and they both blot any over-spilled liquid.

What other accessories you should be aware of?

Ans: Other than the reviewed accessories in this article, you should also check some other tools. You need to arrange proper lighting both for the entire workshop and sometimes specifically for focusing on a certain precision task. A hammer is a critical device to curve and straighten a metal piece if need be. Besides, a hammer put together large wooden blocks by driving bigger nails through. You also need marking pencils and measuring scales, taped as your urgent workbench accessories.

What are the workbench accessories DIY?

Ans: DIY workbench accessories stand for the ones that you make on your own, especially wood. This is particularly your task-oriented. When you are performing precision work, DIY accessories may not suffice.
Are accessories space savers or space occupiers?
And: The short one-word answer is both. Some of them occupy space but keep things organized. Some are used to keep the workbench cleaner and save spaces like wrench organizers and rails.


Everybody will have their respective accessories list as per their habits, needs, and interests. And most of the accessories can both be self-made and commercially produced. Irrespective of the way they are made, they serve the common purpose of making your workbench task and time productive and funny.
Every product description in this review article starts with the clarification of why they are needed. So nothing much is left for the concluding part to further interpret. You can trust every single workbench tool reviewed in this article as they are the best workbench accessories by any and every consideration.

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