Best Wall Mounted Workbench [Top 4 Picks]

The Quick Bench folding wall mounted workbench with 20" x 48"
The Quick Bench folding wall mounted workbench with 20" x 48"
DuraSteel Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf 72" Wide x 14" Deep Commercial Grade
DuraSteel Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf 72" Wide x 14" Deep Commercial Grade

A well-designed and efficient workbench will make the work more fun by holding and arranging the tools for you.

Now, you need a shelf that will add to the interior design of your home. So, you have to buy one that is both efficient and beautiful.

We have done some research to find the most impressive products out there. And to help you with the buying decision, we are presenting you with reviews of these remarkable workbenches.

Go through the reviews along with the buying guide to find the best wall mounted workbench in the market.

So, let’s dive in.

Top 4 Best Wall Mounted Workbench Reviews

Here is the best of products the market has to offer. Going through these reviews will be helpful for your wall mounted workbench plans.

1. The Quick Bench Folding Wall Mounted Workbench with 20″ x 48″ Collapsible Butcher Block Solid Wood Top

The Quick Bench folding wall mounted workbench with 20" x 48" collapsible butcher block solid wood top Clear UV Finish or Unfinished

Your workbench needs to be sturdy with a smooth coating. That’s why we are reviewing this product. If you want a professional level finish, you got to look at this beauty. They have introduced impressive brackets in this shelf. Moreover, the mounting it comes with is very assuring.

When you have any heavy stuff to put on the bench, it won’t rock. And the coolest thing about it is that you can fold it down very easily by just pushing the releases. That’s convenient or what? So, you can put it away whenever you want.

Whatever the height is, mounting this shelf will be a breeze. What’s more, it comes with an easy installation where all you need is a socket/ratchet, drill, and screwdriver. You will find the brackets to be folded down and up easily to make the installation even simpler.

While installing this bench, you need to place the coated side up, since the coating is introduced in only one side. If you follow the instructions provided with the bracket, installing any screws or bolts shouldn’t be a problem. For all these benefits, we recommend this wall mounted folding workbench highly.


  • Easy and safe mounting
  • Sturdy with a smooth coating
  • Folds easily with a push of the release

  • Coating in only one side




This workbench has a unique look. You got to appreciate the effort put by its designers. It is 36 inches wide, which should be sufficient for holding a bunch of necessary tools. They have introduced a fiberboard work surface along with the shelf.

150 pounds weight capacity should do the job pretty fine, as far as workbenches go. What I was impressed with is the frame they have included. For its construction, they used strong steel of 20-gauge. With this in place, the shelf will be firm and steady even if you overload it at times.

Another appreciable aspect of its design is that the frame is remarkably slim. Thus, it doesn’t take much space when closed. Be it masonry, concrete, or wall stud; this shelf is going to be mounted perfectly on all types of walls.

When it comes to installation, you will find it as easy as ever. The workbench would suit any garage, no matter how little it is. For, it won’t take much room. There’s an issue with the product though. At times, you might have to bend the latch for closing the shelf.


  • High hold capacity
  • The steel frame is strong and slim saving space
  • Easy installation

  • Closing the shelf requires bending of the latch


3. Need Fold Wall Mounted Workbench Folding Wall Table Length 48″ Width 20″

Need Fold Wall Mounted Workbench Folding Wall Table Length 48" Width 20" Perfect Addition To Garage & Shed/Home office/Laundry Room/Home Bar/Kitchen & Dining Room

Looking for a workbench that won’t give you a hard time in the installation? Well, you are in the right place then. Not only is the installation a breeze, but the sturdiness of the shelf is also outstanding. If you have a modest space in your home and can’t afford to place a big workbench inside, this product is for you.

You can put it out of the way whenever you want, thanks to its being a folding shelf. It’s so sturdy that sitting on it won’t make it shaky a bit. Spreading out laundry, files, laptop, you name it; the workbench will make it all easy for you.

The button operation it comes with is pretty cool. Whenever there’s a need to fold or elevate the shelf, it’s going to be done with a single push. Moreover, you would be content with its durability. Also, its thickness will assure you of its strength. There will be no rocking business, even with too much weight.

As for drawbacks, the brackets should have come with automatic operation. Engaging and disengaging them isn’t fun at all. Also, the instructions included should have been clearer.


  • Outstandingly sturdy and won’t rock if overloaded
  • Folds easily with a push of a button
  • Installation is a breeze

  • Manual operation of brackets is a bit difficult


4. Heavy-Duty, Premium Wall-Mounted Utility Shelving & Garage Storage System (Polished Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate, 24″D x 60″L)

Heavy Duty, Premium Wall-Mounted Utility Shelving & Garage Storage System (Polished Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate, 24"D x 60"L)


This product we are about to review comes with a bunch of benefits. For instance, its shelves are ridiculously sturdy. And installing them is fun and easy. In terms of holding capacity, you have to give it to it. What’s more, there’s an aluminum tread in place that adds to the efficiency of the bench.

What’s amazing is that this workbench will fit inside just about anything, even if it’s a garage having only two stalls. There’s a tiny design brilliance that should be appreciated. It’s the L shape of the brackets that makes the shelf much more useful.

In terms of depth, they have done a great job too, by making it 2 feet deep. Therefore, you can put a lot of things on this beauty, making your workplace look more civilized. Camping tools, equipment, golf clubs, totes, coolers; the shelf will hold everything for you.

When it comes to installation instructions, it couldn’t have been clearer. And the fact that these shelves are lightweight makes it even easier to install. You can mount them in a way so that there will be no problem in walking underneath them.


  • Aluminum tread adds to the durability
  • Greatly space saving
  • Looks perfect inside a room

  • None noticed

What to Look For

There are a few things that you need to take into account for your wall mounted folding workbench plans. Keeping these factors in mind will help you make a smart buying decision. So, what are these facts? What roles do they play in the decision? Well, read on to find out what we have for you.

  • Space

There’s no point in going for a workbench that will take up all the space in your room, making it congested. Therefore, you have to size the room up. Measure the space in which the workbench will be set. The measured dimensions should be accurate.

Once the measurement is taken, you need to look for a shelf that comes with the appropriate size for space. You shouldn’t buy a too big workbench, for it won’t be convenient to use it then. Not to mention, the room will look awkward.

For small spaces, there are multiple options available. You can have a fixed or mobile, hinge, or wall-mounted shelf for your place.

  • Cost

Bigger and complex workbenches will cost much. If you can afford to go for them, you will have more convenience and versatility in using such shelves. But, if you are on a tight budget, there’s no need to worry. The market comes with great options for you.

Also, you can become a bit creative finding a way to make an outstanding build. Who told you that you couldn’t have your dream workbench with your modest affordability? You can buy some of the coolest products out there without spending too much.

  • Function

You need to determine the purpose you want the workbench to serve. It can be used for storing stuff. Also, you can use it for hanging power tools. The particular type of work that you do will play a crucial role in selecting the workbench for you.

There are various types of workbenches out there with different functionality. You have electrically powered ones that will serve the purpose most efficiently. Also, there are wheels included in some shelves that make them easy to move around.

If you want to keep all of your power tools on the workbench, you need shelves. Thus, your requirement will decide what functionality the workbench should come with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I look for a workbench that has rubber feet?

Not necessarily. Since the workbenches are most likely to be placed at a garage, there’s no need for it. But, if you are using it inside the house, for instance, in a living room, then you might want to look for it to save the floor from scratches.

  1. Is it okay to buy plastic workbench?

Yes, it’s cool. Plastic benches are very lightweight. They allow you to use them easily. But they tend to be less durable and more prone to damage.

  1. Is it safe to keep a workbench inside the house while kids are around?

You have to keep a watchful eye on the kids while they are around the bench. Especially if the bench holds any rough or heavy objects, you need to watch out.

  1. What would be the best placement for a workbench?

You can place it in a garage. That would be the most ideal. But, if you want your family members to have access to the bench, then you might place it in a room.

  1. What are the tools needed to do the assembly?

A socket, drill, and screwdriver should do the job for you in most cases.

Final Words

Now that we are done with the article, there’s no point in delaying the buying decision anymore. However, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, I would suggest that you go for any of the products on the list that is most affordable and feels right.

The pros and cons of these products should be of help in choosing the best wall mounted workbench for you.

Let us know if you liked our recommendations.

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