Best Mobile Base For Table Saw And Bandsaw: Top Seven Reviews In 2024

DEWALT Planer Stand,with Integrated Mobile Base (DW7350)
DEWALT Planer Stand,with Integrated Mobile Base (DW7350)
Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000 for Power Tools by HTC
Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000 for Power Tools by HTC
Bora Portamate PM-3500-Industrial Strength Universal Mobile Base
Bora Portamate PM-3500-Industrial Strength Universal Mobile Base

The mobile base is a mechanism that helps carry heavy-weight tools where it is required most but tough to get it there manually. We will particularly focus on the best mobile base for table saw and the best mobile base for bandsaw in this review article.

You can shift massive machines and power tools – table saws, bandsaws, joiners, planners, Shapers, Spindle Sanders, and drill press – mounting on a stand very conveniently. The massive hauling capacity enables a mobile base for table saw to transport heavier objects of square and rectangular shapes with ease. Now a day, manufacturers introduce this tool with an increased weight capacity to move larger furniture pieces like metal cabinets, safes, gun cabinets, and above all toolboxes to the chosen location across the room.

For accomplishing the said task, you need the best of its kinds and the universal mobile base is the most suitable to serve your purpose well. Here in this article, we have conducted thorough research on adjustable, sturdy, and quality brands available on the market and come out with seven best universal mobile stands for table saw.

You can find the right one for your garage, woodworking shop for plywood work, or machine shop as per your budget. Rockler woodworking products are very good to use. This buying guide analyzing the features of the reviewed various brands which will give an active and effective solution in this regard.  What are the root features a device must be with and the advanced features that you can pay more for are covered extensively in the informative sections like any other related articles? Lets dig deeper into the best mobile base for table saw and bandsaw.

Top 7 Table Saw Mobile Base Reviews

HTC-2000 Adjustable Mobile Base

Main Features At a Glance

  • 2 lbs of weight and 500 lbs of weight capacity
  • Adjustable size to fit machines of three different sizes – 12 by 12 inches, 36 by 36 inches, and 20 by 52 inches.
  • Pre-drilled holes are spaced by one-inch
  • Lock-unlock foot-operated levers
  • Four wheels with enhanced stability and durability
  • Sturdy steel side rails with powder accent
  • Bora’s exclusive construction and materials render it a rock-solid carrier
  • An additional rail kit: 2 by 18 inches and 2 by 12 inches

With its high weight capacity and sturdy build, the HTC-2000 moves heavy load machines and tools with ease. This adjustable mobile base htc2000 for table saw has added to the convenience of your plywood working and machine shop as it can transport square and rectangular-shaped machines and objects effortlessly.

On its top, you can carry multiple square-sized objects ranging from 12*12 inches to 36*36 inches. The biggest rectangular base will fit snugly states 20 by 52 inches. But don’t forget the max hauling ability of 500 lbs as an overweight haul may cause premature damage to your base.

The materials and construction are industrial grades and Bora has crafted this rock-solid base frame with steel side rails and corner pieces. The wheels are a quality match in terms of materials coming with tough durable rubber with increased strength. That’s why the manufacturer has declared a lifetime warranty boosted by industrial-grade materials and commercial-grade Bora craftsmanship.

The materials and construction are industrial grades and Bora has crafted this rock-solid frame with steel side rails and corner pieces. The wheel is a quality match in terms of materials coming with tough durable rubber with increased strength. That’s why the manufacturer has declared a lifetime warranty boosted by industrial-grade materials and commercial-grade Bora craftsmanship.

The levers are fully in line with the purpose and standard of the best mobile base, you can lock and unlock the wheeling function merely at the foot touch of the levers on the corner socket. It is especially helpful to stop the rolling while working.

There is a gift that comes with an additional kit having two rails with needed hardware. Thus you can increase the base dimensions further if needed to move objects with a bigger base. In short, it has provided everything that may give you the feel of a gentle breeze while shifting your tool and work fatigue will be a far cry with this mobile base installed in your place.

Bora Portmate Pm-2500 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Base

Main Features At a Glance

  • A huge weight load-hauling capacity of 650 lbs
  • An adjustable mobile base able to carry large machines and stationary tools
  • Steel lever to lock the caster wheel operated by foot
  • 3-inch size wheels feature non-marring ball bearings
  • Slides and rolls at the touch and rests snugly at a quick foot pressure
  • A very low-profile tool base with less than an inch height increase
  • Bolt holes spaced at a one-inch regular gap
  • Use for Table Saw, Bandsaw, Planer, and Jointer.

Adjust to squares ranging from 12 by 12 to 36 by 36 and the larger rectangular size is 20 by 52. Comes with a K1218 accessory rail kit featuring two rails: 2 by 12 and 2 by 18 backed by the hardware

With Bora portamate available, your workshop is now safer, more spacious, and more manageable as it offers increased mobility and hauling ability. Your massive machines and muscular objects are now more transportable and safer.

Portamate pm 2500 is adjusted with multiple machines and its high load capacity will give you great carrying comfort as you can now shift unwieldy tools such as a table saw, planers, jointers, shapers, and other stationary tools and non-power tools with ease thanks to the 3-inch diameter wheels and casters.

The additional rail kit may increase the area so much that you can now even move cabinets, safes, and other stationary plywood pieces quickly and conveniently.

The foot levers will just add to the comfort as you can now lock the base wheels with just a foot press on the lever. Without stooping low, you can now shelter your base just where you want to release you from the unwanted sliding of the base at work pressure thanks to the tough and grippy rubber used to make the wheel.

So what you will reap from this sturdy, well-built, and heavy-duty mobile base are mobility, adjustability, and workability backed by the levers. The durable material with the industry-grade powder coat ensures a longer mobile base life.

Shop Fox D4666 Mobile Base Review – Extreme-duty Carrier

Main Features At a Glance

  • The giant load capacity of 1200 lbs
  • Heavy construction and mass of 37 pounds
  • Industry-grade casters featured steel and sealed ball bearings
  • Multiple base sizes ranging from 19 by 19 to 29.5 by 29.5 inches
  • Locking feet featured a grippy rubber bottom to stop rolling
  • Convenient variations in wheels: 2 fixed and 2 casters
  • Adjustable bolts set along the extended corner piece bar to fix the rail ends
  • Quick Tip-toe levers to stop and move the base at will
  • Sho Fox exclusive outrigger design
  • Secure rigidity: Double-Axis and Double-contact

Shop Fox features extraordinary ability and strength backed by the huge 1200-weight capacity and sturdy construction. Shop Fox bases offer so many double features – double-axis, double-contact, and double-weight load capacity. This double is further strengthened by the increased size-handling ability.

Double-axis and double-contact refer to the two types of wheel orientations – swivel and fixed. Both the caster types add to the security and rigidity of the integrated mobile base as they feature different levers to lock the stand to the ground for secure work.

The levers are known to be toe-flip meaning that they will stop the moving with a press of the toe and again will be mobile instantly with the flipping up of the foot pad. The performance of the base is ensured by the cast-iron wheels backed by the heavy-duty rubber surface. The combination of the steel and rubber is a statement of durability and capacity you should be after.

It has come with height-raiser leveling feet but this height-adjustment is low profile not a threat for the shorter individual.

So if you want your friend to give a summary of the benefits of having a Shop Fox mobile base, these will be extreme duty, high load capacity, adjustable sizes, double rigidity, and mobility from halt merely at a toe-flip of the lever. Shop Fox also has a d2057a adjustable mobile base that you may check. 

Bora Portmate PM-3500 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Base

Main Features At a Glance

  • Robust weight capacity of 1500 lbs
  • The sturdy weight of 41lbs approves of the material’s strength
  • Adjustable universal bases to fit multiple sizes
  • Locking levers responsive to the mere foot touch
  • 3 inches diameter caster wheels
  • Very low height-adjustable profile
  • The package optional rail kit enhances the rail length: increasing size capacity range from 18.25 by 33.25 inches to 33.5 by 44 inches.

This is a professional-grade model for table saws to carry sturdy and massive machines and tools across the floor of the garage, plywood working, and heavy machine shop. It offers a fabulous amount of weight capacity of almost 300 lbs more than the market rate capacity.

You can shift heavy equipment featuring dimensions ranging from 18.25 by 23.5 inches to 28 by 33.5 inches. This one is further extended with the help of an optional rail kit up to 33.5 by 44 inches. This is just a giant capacity of a floating delta base.

Sturdy construction materials amassing 41 lbs of weight bear the breaking pressure of the over-sized machine loads. A component statement of Bora Portamate Pm-3500 will witness that claim – 100% steel construction, extreme-duty tubular sidebars, rocky corner sockets with extended edges, large-size wheels, and oversized foot-operated locking levers.

Perfectly matched are the cast-iron wheels protected by a rubber surface that both run at the signal and sit snugly when told to do so.

This outstanding construction and sturdy materials supported by the intelligent levers and sturdy wheels will make your heavy-duty portability – the sturdy and oversized machines and objects- a breeze with the smoothness of the roll.

The locking lever is a great convenience as it features a nominal machine height profile of one inch, not working trouble at all. Moreover, they enhance your comfort by reducing your work fatigue and freeing you from stooping too low. You can put the steel foot down to the flat surface at a mere toe-press and make the wheels slide-ready at a toe-flip of the foot-controlled locking levers.

HTC 3000 High Capacity Universal Mobile Base

Main Features At a Glance

  • Four wheels with floor locks
  • Foot-controlled levers lock and unlock the wheels
  • Adjustable side rails let the base fit multiple machine size
  • Expandable base up to 22 by 54 inches
  • 3 inches diameter heavy-duty caster wheels
  • Weight capacity of 700 lbs
  • Sturdy construction and material weigh 19.2 lbs
  • A confident lifetime warranty

With the side rails pre-drilled at a regular space of one inch to fit multiple machine sizes, the HTC 3000 is an adjustable mobile base. It can snugly carry machines having square bases from 14 by 14 inches to 36 by 36 inches. This size can be expanded up to 22 by 54 inches rectangular size.

The sturdy construction, adjustable size capacity, and 700 lbs of weight capacity have made it an invincible floating base to fit machines and tools of any size and weight. The expandable size is not only a convenience for carrying oversized machines rather it also helps the cleaning-up process greatly.

Therefore, the HTC 3000 will move sturdy objects with ease and at the same time provide you with a cleaner working floor.

The heavy-duty wheels with a 3-inch diameter are just a mobile-only feature and the base can move anywhere you want. This smooth-rolling by is a breeze and the foot-operated lever lock will lock the base with the floor to keep the base steady while hitting, shaping, and pounding an object.

The quality base materials including the corner sockets, sidebars, bolts, and levers have added to the durability of the most organized and safest mobile base. All the parts are made of premium-grade cast iron and supported by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturers.

Jet JMB-UMB 708118 Universal Mobile Base


Main Features At a Glance

  • Suitable for industrial-grade performance
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials
  • Adjustable mobile base to fit numerous square sizes
  • Lightweight compared with the other product brand’s weight
  • The massive load capacity of 21.4 lbs
  • The profile is as low as ½ inches
  • The spring design is quite jet-exclusive
  • And a year’s warranty

The matter of astonishment is the sturdy construction materials somehow managed to cut the product weight down. But you need not worry about the strength of the base structure made of premium-grade metal. But a lightweight mobile base is a minimal convenience as it will carry heavy loads.

Jet JMB comes with a spring pin to alter the base area and it is not bolted now thanks to the quick-snap adjustment of the spring pin. So it relieves you of the bolting adjustment.

Jet JMB is a universal mobile base in its true sense as it can fit machines of numerous sizes and weights up to 600 lbs. Go lighter all over your workshop floor with this lightweight mobile base.

Dewalt DW7350 Mobile Base and Planer Stand


Main Features At a Glance

  • Planer Stand based on the Mobile base
  • Huge Storage of Planer and Stand
  • Robust and steady under max load
  • Massive weight adds to the durability and stability
  • Multiple sizes 24 by 22 by 30 inches
  • Made for Versatility: Mobile base, stand, hardware, and Shelf
  • Flexible in easy movement

This is the first mobile base review bringing before you – a combo of storage and mobility. Both the stand and base are constructed for durability and stability and the integration is a convenience as you can now move with all your supporting tools. This is unseen before set up featured with premium-grade and heavy-duty steel brackets.

These brackets are sturdy enough to carry the muscular benchtop players. Here is a fireboard top to install a Dewalt planer mounting the pre-drilled holes. If you have a planer of different brands and dimensions, you can easily install it by making drills anew to fit it snugly.

The corner piece is the most significant component featured with the wheels. This is further strengthened by the foot-operated levers. As is the case with other mobile bases in this article, the levers in this case too free the wheels to move in the chosen direction and to lock it to the floor for secure work.  The wheels make the floating of the base a gentle airflow. You just need a foot press and relief onto the foot pedal to bring the levers into action mode.

Equipped with all the mobile base features, the Dewalt DW7350 stands out for the versatility of moving any machine and storage capacity with ease.

Components, Features, and Functions of an Adjustable Mobile Base

Before going into the details, we better know what such a device is. Yes, this is exactly what the name suggests. It is a mechanism to transport larger and heavier work power tools such as a table saw, and objects to a convenient location of your shop, garage, or room with ease. It comes to your rescue if you require moving anything frequently but are tough or a pain to do so.

It is an assembled mechanism of four corner sockets with caster wheels, four side rails, and nuts. These three are the main components. The sockets are attached with foot levers to screw down or up to move or rest it needs. The rails may be pre-drilled at regular space and sometimes the wheel comes with lockers to sit snugly while the work is going on.

The corner pieces or brackets do have footpads that the machines or objects rest on. It is an angled structure carrying a swivel wheel or fixed caster underneath or beside. A foot lever is set on top of the corner piece to free the caster by raising the frame and putting it down to bar the lock from moving.

The main function or purpose of the lever is to fix and keep the base down to the floor while working on the tool top. A base with a swivel caster is likely to move at slight pressure so the lever put it down to stop gliding or sliding at work.

Any mobile stand should be featured with heavy-duty construction materials and adjustable frames. Whether cast iron or steel, it should come with the highest tensile strength to bear the pressure of heavy machines and table saw type of power tool. It must come with foot levers one or two, adjustable, and easily transportable.

Buying Guide

It is not that crucial to single out the right one for your garage, workshop, and machine shop. You just need to figure out the tools and machines like heavy equipment. They will require moving. How much will they weigh? And what is your budget? The features of a mobile base for a table saw must have been – adjustability, quick lock and unlock facility, sturdy frame, and premium grade materials. All our recommendations in this review guide share these said features. To be more specific, Read below.

For a workshop full of heavy-weight machines, the ideal one would be the Bora Portamate PM-3500 Heavy Duty and Shop Fox D4666 model. They are backed by preferable and upgraded features. Shop Fox will also seat snugly on the uneven floor with its screw-down footpad.

If the power tools such as table saws and machines are medium weight, you can go for any other products reviewed here. But Dewalt 7350 will come with the facility of storing shelves to keep your auxiliary tools as a table saw at a hand’s stretch. There is an exclusive and moderate-price mobile base for a table saw but none of the purchases will siphon off your wallet. And the pricier ones are the tradeoffs with advanced features.

The warranty statement is a great backup for your money. Almost all the brands state a lifetime warranty.

To sum up, it is correct to say that you get what you pay for the best mobile base for table saw.


How many types of mobile bases are there?

Ans: There are two types – Custom and Universal ones. Custom one features a fixed base for particular power tools whereas the universal base one changes base area with the varied machine bases.

What are the foot pedal and corner pad?

Ans: Foot pedals are the foot levers to engage and disengage the lock. When working, the lock remains engaged for secure work and disengaging is necessary when it needs to move.

What do you mean by the adjustable base?

Ans: Adjustable bases are the universal base that offers maneuverable rails to change the base area to fit your intended machine or tool size. Adjustable mobile bases can match both square and rectangular size machine bases.

Wrap Up

You should just go for adjustability, mobility, sturdiness, and durability. Thus you can port machines power tools such as table saws, and objects of any size and heavyweight. The weight capacity is a matter to give serious thought over by pre-figuring what are the probable tools for your work. We hope today’s post about the best mobile base for table saws and bandsaws will help you understand properly. The advanced features of foot-operated, lever-action, and screw-down locks are available with the product of any big name.

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