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Buying the perfect table saw often takes a lot of time, research, and effort. Then, after getting it, you start noticing that using extra accessories might improve the quality of your work.

The next step would be to get the best table saw accessories, but which ones are those? Well, the market has plenty of them, and figuring out which one you need is a little bit complicated.

To help you learn about those accessories and discover which are the ones you need, we’ve written the following reviews explaining what they do.

Why Choose The Best Quality Accessories?

There are many benefits to buying high-quality accessories for the table saw. Some of them are the following:

  • Better Table Saw Performance

Manufacturers are well aware that, sometimes, there are certain areas where their tools don’t meet the expectations. To solve those issues, they released additional accessories that improve the saw’s performance.

  • Superior Accuracy and Precision

Right measurements are essential to produce quality results. With the right accessories, you don’t have to worry about having unpleasant cuts and ruining the surface of the workpiece.

  • More Safety

Accessories like the push block, one of which we reviewed during this article, are designed to reduce issues like vibration and splintering. Also, these accessories protect your hand from the danger of the blade.

Best Table Saw Accessories Reviewed

The following are the best accessories you could have for your table saw. These tools offer many benefits that make them suitable for every workshop, regardless of your experience.

POWERTEC 71007 Paddle Switch

Using power tools similar to the table saw is such a common practice that we often get very comfortable with it. It is part of our daily routine, and we feel there’s nothing that could go wrong.

However, we must not forget that these tools are quite powerful. Most importantly, these tools require an incredibly dangerous power source, which is electricity.

In the blink of an eye, a standard task with the saw can turn into a high-risk situation, and you need to be ready for that. It is there when the POWERTEC 71007 Paddle Switch comes in very handy.

POWERTEC 71007 Paddle Switch

Why Need It?

The goal of the POWERTEC 71007 Paddle Switch is very simple: to safeguard you, and your power tools at the workshop. It is among the most convenient accessories to acquire if you work with power tools regularly.

Problems like accidental startups are nothing to worry about once you install it. Also, it makes the process easier if you are in a hurry and you need to shut down your machines. It features a large paddle for emergency stops to make sure there’s no way for you to miss it.

It works on a single phase at dual voltages: 110V, and 220V. The rated current for this paddle switch is 2 HP and 35 AMPS at 120 Volts. For 230 Volts, it is 3 HP and 20 Amps.

This paddle switch is compatible with a variety of power tools in the workshop.


  • Works on dual-voltage
  • Large emergency stop paddle
  • Fits standard electrical boxes
  • Compatible with many power tools

MICROJIG GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock

After buying that incredible table saw you’ve always wanted, you’re one step closer to completing the woodworking projects you’ve had in mind for so long.

Then, when you start using the table saw, you notice that it doesn’t work well with certain materials. It becomes an issue, but there’s no need to panic. In those situations, the GRR-RIPPER comes in very handy to work with complicated workpieces.

MICROJIG GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock

Why Need It?

The GRR-RIPPER is a table saw accessory that keeps the materials from slipping while you’re cutting through.

It offers outstanding gripping power over different workpieces, like oak, walnut, plastics, aluminum, and many more. Even while using the sawdust, the threaded grooves allow more traction on the workpiece.

By including the adjustable spacer, woodworkers receive 54% more gripping space than previous models of the brand, which helps us design and create larger projects.

It also improves the maintenance process. For older models, you’d need to do intense maintenance, while this push block only requires rubbing alcohol to keep it clean.

The GRR-RIPPER’s success goes beyond offering gripping power. It includes three force directions for higher precision, more control, and keeping you safe. These directions are;

  • Downward, to reduce the risks of kickbacks.
  • Inward, to keep the stock against the fence.
  • Forward, to control and feed each of the stock’s sides to produce cleaner cuts.

Being a table saw accessory, it also has functional safety measures. The push block design produces a saw-blade tunnel, where the blade passes through without making contact with your hands.


  • Three directional forces
  • Blade Guard for hand protection
  • Stabilizing Plate for more stability
  • Versatility to work over different materials
  • Compatible with table saws, router tables, and more

Grizzly T21992 Power Twist V-Belt

Using a power tool that produces high vibrations is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you’ll go through. Some people get used to it and vibrations don’t bother them, but after a certain amount of time, it could become a dangerous problem.

Vibration can lead to accidents if you lose your balance, and it affects the final result of your work, too. It is better to take care of it quickly and reduce the vibrations by using the right tools.

That’s the purpose of the Grizzly T21992 Power Twist V-Belt.

Grizzly Power Twist V-Belt

Why Need It?

It is the perfect accessory to reduce vibrations, sometimes even more than solid belts.

This belt is compatible with many power tools like table saws, band saws, lathes, and many more woodworking tools. Its versatility makes it an accessory that every workshop must have.

It features polyurethane elastomers and polyester fabric. These materials allow it to have an adjustable length, meaning that you can use it for different tools without compatibility problems.

The most surprising trait of this belt is how it is capable of improving even old tools. If you have certain tools with damaged pulleys in your workshop, try using the Grizzly T21992 Power Twist V-Belt. Chances are it will put your old tools back to their normal performance without vibrations.


  • Compatible with lathes, band saws, and of course, the table saw
  • Smooth performance reducing vibrations
  • Adjustable length
  • Features high-quality polyurethane and polyester fabric composite for higher durability
  • Easy to install in different tools

Leecraft DW-2 Zero-Clearance Table Saw Insert

Have you ever bought a tool only to find out it works better with an extra accessory? That is the case for the Leecraft DW-2 Table Saw Insert.

This accessory is compatible with Dewalt tools like the DW744, and the DW746 model. Surprisingly enough, the inclusion of this table insert in those Dewalt tools improves their performance.

It reduces common issues from cutting. Also, it is easy to use and offers durability to use it for plenty of time without losing functionality.

Leecraft DW-2 Zero-Clearance Table Saw Insert


Why Need It?

After installing it in your power tool, the benefits of this table insert start to show almost immediately.

For one, it reduces issues like the saw noises, flying dust, the chip-outs, and the always uncomfortable splintering. This accessory is designed to help you sort out those unpleasant problems, improving your working experience and final results.

If you haven’t used one of these accessories before, you’ll find out that it is quite user-friendly. It includes the leveling and the lateral screws for better and easy adjustments. Additionally, it features a rear anti-life pin and the precut blade bottom pocket.

The Leecraft DW-2 Table Saw Insert is highly effective because of its top-quality design. For its construction, the manufacturers use high-density phenolic laminate and combine it with a high-quality bonded melamine surface. This combination of materials makes it both effective and durable.

After trying it, it is surprising how well it fits certain Dewalt tools like the Dewalt 7480.


  • Reduces noises, dust, and splintering
  • Phenolic laminate and the bonded melamine surface create a durable insert table
  • User-friendly, easy to install and use
  • Improves the performance of many Dewalt tools

Portamate PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base Kit

Working through different projects in the workshop often requires us to buy new tools.  However, getting new accessories and equipment comes with the concern of where to put them.

Sooner than later, the workshop gets saturated with items, making our working space limited. If this happens, not only will you lose the freedom to move around, but it could also lead to accidents.

Fortunately, we have accessories like the Portamate PM-1100. It is a universal mobile base to help you move your tools and items around. On it, you can put both light and heavy equipment to move around in the working area with complete ease and stability.

Portamate PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base Kit

Why Need It?

After first trying it, it is safe to say that there are more benefits than disadvantages of using the Portamate PM-1100. An example of its functionality is to install it on the machines to move stationary equipment out of the way until necessary.

Being a universal base has its advantages, as well. It means that you can move all types of machinery and heavy tools without issues.

To do it, you only need to measure the equipment’s footprint, cut a compatible piece of plywood to size, and fit the hardware in its place. Then, it will be ready to go.

It is easy, and fast. For the base, 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch plywood does the trick. Once you install it, you’ll have the freedom to move virtually anything you desire.

Freud SD208S 8″ Stacked Dado Set

Freud is yet another brand that continues to prove its value through the years. Here, we have one of their best tools for the workshop. You might see other variables of this accessory during our list, but there are only a few capable of delivering what this dado set has to offer.

Shining above the competition, Freud provides another incredible set of pieces to continue assisting woodworkers all over the place. Beginners, amateurs, and even professionals can produce better results using this dado set.

Freud Stacked Dado Set

Why Need It?

It features two quality blades, three chippers, three spacers, and the shim set required for micro-adjustability. These pieces can work at negative hook angles, and they include the TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend. This design allows you to get the best performance out of this set.

To keep your tools safe, it features the Silver I.C.E Coating. This protective measure avoids build ups on the surface of the blade. Also, it is capable of maintaining the blade’s temperature at a low level.

Keeping a cool blade prevents unfortunate incidents, and it produces better results in the end.

Nonetheless, there’s a certain downside to these accessories. The chart included by the manufacturers is not quite accurate, requiring you to learn how to use them accordingly to best suit your purposes.

It might be plenty of extra work, but it is necessary if you’re looking for the best results possible.

Overall, the Freud 8″ SD208S Stacked Dado Set is among the best tools for its price.


  • Provides clean edges, fine square shoulders, and flat bottoms
  • Produces almost no splinter during the cutting
  • Offers negative hook angles
  • Quality construction, featuring TiCo HI-Density technology

Wixey WR300 Type 2 Digital Angle Gauge

This gauge is one of the easiest to use that you’re going to find in the market. It is highly accurate, and it will help you dial in the blades of both the table saw, and the miter saw.

The Wixey WR300 takes care of issues that came with using a square. One of those issues was that you still needed to rely on the eye, making plenty of guesses and sometimes missing the point.

With this gauge, however, you don’t have to worry about accuracy anymore. By zeroing it out on the table, you can stick it on the blade, and make the right adjustments for the perfect angle.

Wixey WR300 Type 2 Digital Angle Gauge

Table Saw Fence

We have an in-depth review of this accessory. If you want to find out more, better follow this link.

CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner

One of the main issues every woodworker faces while using tools like the table saw is corrosion and rust. Working with a damaged tool is quite frustrating for two reasons: one, it becomes highly uncomfortable; and two, the results are not going to be the same.

Every DIYer and professional must be ready to act quickly before these problems get the best out of their tools. Here’s where the CMT Formula 2050 Cleaner comes into play, providing the protection your tools need.

CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner

Why Need It?

The real question here would be why not? You’d be surprised to know what you can do with only a small amount of the CMT Formula 2050.

One of its best qualities is that it’s highly effective at removing pitch, resin, and other unpleasant adhesive residue resulting from woodworking activities. Its efficiency is quite noticeable on tools like the saw blade and the bits.

Also, depending on how you prefer using it, it gives you the possibility to apply it through the spray bottle, too. Other methods of using it are ultrasonic cleaners and dip tanks.

However, regardless of the application, don’t rinse after cleaning.

The benefits of this product are noticeable right from the get-go. It provides the necessary protection to fight against rust and corrosion, two issues every woodworker tool suffers eventually. With the CMT Formula 2050, you can rest assured areas like the table saw won’t suffer from those two external factors.


  • Removes issues like pitch, resin, and adhesive residue
  • Safe and secure product: non-toxic, non-flammable, and certified bio-degradable
  • Application versatility: through spray bottles, ultrasonic cleaners, or dip tanks

The Dust Deputy Deluxe Anti-Static Cyclone Separator

Using a vacuum to clean areas of the house has many benefits: it is fast, it is easy, and it doesn’t require much effort on our part. One of the moments where it requires us to put some effort is during the vacuum’s maintenance.

Most vacuums include compartments to keep the dirt, like disposable bags. Nonetheless, sometimes that’s not effective, and unpleasant particles reach the vacuum filter, clogging the air stream, and making the vacuum lose suction power.

When that happens, the solution is a cyclone separator like the Dust Deputy Deluxe.

Dust Deputy Deluxe Anti-Static Cyclone Separator

Why Need It?

The Dust Deputy cyclone produces centrifugal force capable of capturing and removing up to 99% of the dust and debris coming through the air stream.

The centrifugal force acts quickly, keeping these particles from getting into the vacuum filter. Then, it removes any possible clogging that might be taking place there, restoring the suction power lost during the blockage.

After it finishes, the vacuum regains its complete functionality, and the filter’s lifespan increases.

The best benefit of using this accessory is its high compatibility. You can use it with plenty of vacuums regardless of their size or model, whether they are wet or dry.

With its portable design, mounting it directly to the vacuum is easy. Additionally, it works with plenty of materials like wood dust, concrete dust, and even drywall dust.

Once it starts working, the Dust Deputy transfers dust and particles right into the bucket. You won’t even have to open the vacuum!


  • Powerful centrifugal force to capture and remove all sorts of particles
  • Keeps dust and dirt from getting into the vacuum filter
  • Quality waste disposal
  • Compatible with many types of vacuums

MJ SPLITTER Table Saw Safety Splitter and Riving Knife Alternative for Zero Clearance Insert

Most tables saw manufacturers design power tools with enough quality to have an outstanding performance without risks. Even then, one of the common issues that they can’t get rid of completely is kickbacks and splinters.

For woodworkers, these two issues are constant inconveniences that we learn to manage. Sometimes, though, it becomes quite annoying, ruining our working experience and frustrating us.

If you want to keep those situations under control, using the MJ SPLITTER is a decision you should consider making.

MJ SPLITTER Table Saw Safety Splitter and Riving Knife Alternative for Zero Clearance Insert

Why Need It?

The MJ SPLITTER is a low-profile system that barely requires any effort to install. It effectively keeps the stocks burn-free, improving the quality of our projects and the material’s durability.

To achieve that, it uses mini feather board technology to keep materials against the fence, avoiding slips and preventing burning.

This accessory reduces kickbacks, too, allowing us to perform and cut smoothly, and without physical discomfort.

You can install it on wood, plastic, and zero-clearance inserts. Installing it is quite easy, but if you don’t have previous experience doing it, then the included guide is a proper source of information.

Besides the installation guide, it includes the drill guide, and the drill bit to install it.

Make sure to get the correct MJ SPLITTER to match your saw blade. This MJ SPLITTER, for instance, is compatible only with thin kerf saw blades, and it must feature a kerf range of 0.090″ to 0.118″.


  • Mini feather board technology keeps the material in its place
  • Installs directly on wood and plastic
  • Prevents kickbacks and splinters
  • The package includes two MJ SPLITTERS
  • Proper instructions included

DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set

For woodworkers who’ve been in this line of work for a certain amount of time, DEWALT is a familiar brand that they will meet eventually. There’s no way to escape from them. If you’re looking for the best and top-quality masonry tools, DEWALT is one of the safest places to go.

The DEWALT DW7670 Dado Set is another one of their products. Like many other of their accessories, this stacked dado set is a high-quality tool to have in your workshop.

DEWALT tooth Stacked Dado Set

Why Need It?

Although there are many more Dado sets, this one from DEWALT is amongst the most capable and well-functioning offers available in the market. It comes with a heavy gauge for better performance, with laser-cut plates capable of producing precise and accurate cuts.

Its success is mainly possible because of the carbide teeth. They feature micro-grain qualities that have many benefits. One of those benefits is that it reduces splintering, which highly improves the overall experience while cutting.

An outstanding advantage of micro-grain teeth is that it produces clean and smooth cuts. It works efficiently for wood and other workpieces of your project.

Additionally, it includes the 4-tooth chippers to enhance the cutting smoothness. These chippers are also highly capable of producing flat-bottom cuts, too.

The stainless steel shims are yet another one of its benefits. It allows for making ultra-fine adjustments on the material dimensions, like the width.

To keep the blades secure, it includes a heavy-duty case to avoid chipped teeth and other possible damages the blade might suffer.


  • Laser-cut plates produce precise and accurate cuts
  • Micro-grain and carbide teeth reduce splinters
  • 4-Tooth chippers for smooth and flat bottom cuts
  • Heavy-duty case to protect the blades

MIBRO 416381 Stacking Dado Blade Set

With the number of woodworking tools and machines out there, it is easy to make mistakes and buy a tool that doesn’t meet our expectations. Sometimes, it isn’t compatible with our workpieces. On other occasions, it is not as effective as we’d expect.

Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional, a faulty result is not something you ever want to have.

That’s when the MIBRO 416381 blade set comes to save the day.

MIBRO Stacking Dado Blade Set

Why Need It?

The MIBRO 416381 is an 8″ blade set that includes 14 pieces. These pieces are a pair of outer blades and five two-wing chippers, and they also include seven metal shims to produce fine adjustments.

These blades are capable of cutting smooth and highly precise grooves. The cutting also results in clean edges, square shoulders, and even flat bottoms for results of better quality.

To produce flat bottom grooves without splinters, the carbide tooth and the chippers include negative angles for the hook.

Also, the quality of the tooth is top-notch. Every one of the teeth gets placed in the blade through automatic equipment. This system ensures the teeth are exact, well-centered, and have the right amount of brazing material.

The carbide teeth are extra-large, increasing the blade’s lifespan and having more durability.

This accessory quickly becomes a valuable addition to your workshop. DIYers and professionals can get plenty of benefits from it to work with all types of wood, be it plywood or composite woodworkpieces.


  • Quality blade technology provides precise results
  • It includes 14 pieces for different projects
  • Negative hook angles for flat bottom grooves
  • Durable blades
  • Includes a suitable case to keep the pieces secure

Grizzly G9849 Magnetic Base/Dial Indicator Combo

Having the best accuracy possible will determine the success of your projects. For DIYers, top-quality accuracy is not always necessary, but to people who like the best results, the right measurements are something they must have at all costs.

The Grizzly G9849 features a combination of the magnetic base and the dial indicator. Getting one for your workshop increases the precision and accuracy of your tools.

The best thing about this accessory is the price. If you’re a woodworker, this instrument will provide the measurements you need while being available at an affordable price.

Grizzly Magnetic Base-Dial Indicator Combo

Why Need It?

Grizzly G9849 provides everything you need to make precise measurements and the correct setups.

The magnetic base is quite strong and has resistance in many positions, whether it is vertical or horizontal. Also, it quickly engages by turning the switch and allows workers to make the proper pinpoint adjustment.

While working, the probe action is smooth, and it doesn’t catch or drag during the length.

Another one of its benefits is the clamps. After you snug it until it doesn’t rotate any longer, it won’t give any issues during its performance. It is an effortless process that everyone can do.

Before buying it, people had some negative things to say about this accessory. One of the main issues was the plastic handles on the adjustment screws, which many people complained broke easily.

However, after trying it, the plastic is thick enough to resist heavy use and intense applications.


  • Comfortable switch for pinpoint adjustments
  • The Dial Indicator offers 0-1″ travel, with a 0.001″ resolution
  • It includes a case for higher protection and comfort

Final Words

The best table saw accessories are those designed to take your tool’s performance to a new level.

Not all of them are necessary for your workshop, which is why you need to be sure about which one you need the most. Don’t oversaturate your working area with many tools and accessories, or it could become dangerous, too.

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