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When you hear the word “Grizzly,” what comes to your mind? It is probably the incredibly strong species of bear that is found in North America. However, today I’m gonna be telling you not about the bear, but about a brand whose name is inspired by that same bear.

Yep—Grizzly. You may already know them, but if not, then basically, these guys make all sorts of power tools. In this article, though, we’ll be talking about their table saws.

And just like the grizzly bear, these are powerful, aggressive machines that will absolutely demolish anything you put in their path.

So let’s have a look at some of the best table saws Grizzly has to offer today.

Our Picks Of Top Grizzly Table Saws

Undoubtedly, picking a Grizzly product is one of the best choices you can make. But which product should you go for, and why?

To find the answer to that question, you’ll need to know the specifics. So as promised, here’s my Grizzly table saw review!

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1. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw With Riving Knife, 10-Inch

The grizzly g0690 table saw review

This is probably Grizzly’s most popular table saw. To that effect, no roundup of Grizzly’s products would be complete without this particular table saw, so that’s what we’re going to talk about first and foremost.

What I love about this saw is how powerful it is despite its relative affordability. Accuracy and efficiency are also very easy to achieve with this tool. So what does that mean for you? Let’s look at some specifications to get an idea.

First up is the arbor, which measures at 5/8 inches, and runs at a speed of 4,300 RPM. The maximum dado width this saw can accommodate is 13/16 inches.

As for rip capacity, you can expect a maximum of 29 ½ inches, with a maximum 3 1/8-inch depth of cut.

So as you can see, there’s a reason why this saw is so popular. If you’re an amateur woodworker with lots of enthusiasm, this saw will give you everything you need which means that this saw is perfect if you have intermediate-level skill with woodworking.

Unfortunately, that does mean that this saw isn’t intended for use by professionals.

However, I would not recommend purchasing this saw if you’re a complete beginner. As great a product as it is, it will require quite a bit of time and effort to get used to. So, as a beginner, that might cause you to slip and will result in a loss of time and money.


  • Comes with a riving knife
  • Creates very little sound or vibration
  • Very easy to operate after the initial set-up
  • Very sturdy

  • The power cord is a bit short—6 feet
  • Needs some time to get used to
  • The blade might not be to your liking


2. Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, 10″

The grizzly 1023 table saw review

Grizzly is already known for its G1023RL model among other table saws. They took that model and decided to improve it.

This was done by adding a built-in router table. It includes a universal T-rack router clamping system, along with support legs. The fence included with this saw also doubles as a router table fence, so you’re all set.

This is a marked advantage when you’re doing cuts that do not require the fence to be offset, particularly if you have large outfeed tables. So you’ll enjoy a world of convenience in comparison to using a regular router table.

Plus, your dadoes will also come out laser-straight without you having to go through the inconvenience of changing the blades.

So now let’s look at some specs. The table saw comes with T-slots to prevent your miter gauge from falling off of the table after retraction. Also, the arbor is 5/8 inches in diameter, so it’s long enough to accommodate dado blades up to 7/8 inches.

As for the cutting capacity, you can expect 8 inches to the left and 26 inches to the right of the blade. At 90 degrees, the maximum cut depth will be 3 inches, and at 45 degrees, 2-1/8 inches.

Something I love particularly about this table saw is the riving knife—it’s quite efficient. It moves up and down, of course, and also tilts according to blade adjustments. That translates to lower kickback, and of course, much safer operation.


  • Ability to change quickly between the riving knife and splitter guard
  • The handwheels are extra large and make arbor movement easier
  • High-quality cast-iron locks and handwheels

  • The router table will take up quite a bit of extra space
  • Takes around 6 hours to calibrate and set up


3. Grizzly Industrial G0870-10″ 2 HP 115V Portable Table Saw

Grizzly Industrial G0870 Portable Table Saw with Roller Stand

Names like DeWalt and Hitachi will come up often when you go to search for portable table saws but do not be blinded by the big names. Grizzly comes with something just as good, if not better, and I’m telling you why.

What I love about this is how light it is. It is a little over 90 pounds, including the heavy-duty rolling stand, yet it performs just as powerfully as bigger, more expensive saws. And it’s still light enough despite all of that—true portability.

They’ve designed this guy with not just mobility in mind, but also performance (which is easy to forget about when portability is your main concern). Don’t be fooled by its small size—the motor is a 2 HP, 115V, single-phase, 60Hz universal, and delivers a blade speed of high power.

The speed you can expect will be between 2000 and 4000 RPM, according to your needs. This means a smoother cut with fewer burns, of course, but it also means you can work with different materials.

Moreover, the fence on this thing is of dual height, and you can flip it down when you need more space for push sticks when you are working with thin material. Fence adjustments are smooth and swift owing to the rack and pinion system.

So here are some more specs. The dado capacity is up to 13/16” and has a rip capacity of 28” to the right. That’s still a full 4 inches more than most table saws on the market that can do only up to 24 inches. What a great portable saw!


  • Comes with a 10” x 40T carbide-tipped saw blade
  • Has an integrated accessory storage unit
  • Gives advanced protection against overload
  • Can work with plastics and laminates

  • Parts aren’t of the best quality
  • Not a close competitor to other existing name brands


4. Grizzly Industrial G0771Z – 10″ 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw

The grizzly g0771 table saw review

Now we arrive at one of the best parts: the Grizzly hybrid table saw review! This table saw is worth your consideration if you’re searching for that perfect combo of a contractor style and cabinet style table saw. So what does this hybrid saw have to offer?

Well, just as a cabinet saw, this guy comes with an enclosed cabinet that features a 4″ dust port. Enjoy the convenience of heavy-duty cast iron trunnions that can mount to the cabinet. Furthermore, the 2HP motor makes it a breeze to cut dadoes or rip through hardwoods.

And what does it have in common with a contractor saw? The best things. It offers great mobility due to its lightweight (approximately 286 lbs. after full assembly). I’m also a huge fan of the adjustability of the fence and blade. Enjoy easier lift-off and simpler adjustability with the fence.

The biggest advantage with this machine is how easily it rips through thick hardwood. This machine owes to its prominent contactor-style cutting mechanism.

Moreover, the best part of this saw is probably its unique innovative quick-release blade guard and riving knife system which you can swiftly switch during work. What’s more is that you can run this guy on an ordinary 120V, 20A circuit.

So to conclude, I leave you with some specs. The motor, as I’ve mentioned, is 2HP, single-phase and prewired 120V. Also, the table is made from precision-ground cast iron. The arbor width is 5/8” and offers up to 3450 RPM speed.


  • Comes with a belt drive
  • The riving knife and blade guard ensures the safety
  • Highly satisfactory ripping capacity

  • You will need to oil the machine after every use
  • Not of the highest durability, so not suited to heavy-duty use


5. Grizzly G0691 Cabinet Table Saw With Long Rails And Riving Knife

The grizzly g0691 table saw review

You’ve already read my G0690 review, so you know what it does. Imagine one that is pretty much exactly like that, but better.

How? Well, this saw also features a 50” rip capacity. You know what that means, right? It’s more than enough to rip through to the center of a standard plywood sheet. The cuts are so clean that you’ll be left gaping at the smoothness of them.

The selling point for this model and the one before it has always been the riving knife that comes with it. It can move up and down, and also tilt along with the blade as you adjust it. The quick-release makes it very easy to switch between the riving knife and the blade guard.

A short riving knife is also included in your purchase, along with a taller splitter knife that the blade guard will mount to.

Now for one of the best parts about this table saw—the extension table. The legs are adjustable, and the surface is dimensionally stable, which means a more put-together workspace for you.

And here are a few extra details: there is a 4-inch dust collection port on this thing and a standard T-slot miter gauge. Standard and dado table inserts are also included.

It’s almost as if they thought of everything!

However, there is one thing they forgot to change from the G0690, and that’s the short cord length. That has been a common complaint about that model, so it’s a bit disappointing that they didn’t remember to make that small, but important change.


  • Quick and efficient swapping of blade guard and riving knife
  • Purchase includes a separate riving knife
  • Highly adjustable rip fence

  • The plastic rip-fence scale can sometimes be inaccurate
  • Does not come with a blade shroud or sloped cabinet bottom
  • Comes with a power cord, but not a plug

Features Of A Perfect Grizzly Table Saw

Now that we’re through with my reviews of the best Grizzly saws, here’s a little bit more of a breakdown to help with your decision.

Let’s have a look at the most pertinent factors.


Grizzly makes tools for all sorts of skill levels and they offer a lot of types of tools to meet the demands of various kinds of professionals and beginners alike. This means that the price range for their products is quite varied.

The most expensive Grizzly table saws will cost you a whopping $12,000 but on the other end of the spectrum is the highly affordable price of a mere $300. It all depends on your particular needs. Another look at my review will hopefully help you decide.

However, if you’re someone who will be working with wood daily, you should ideally be willing to spend extra. In the power tools industry, price and quality tend to be directly proportional.


The thing about power tools is that even the best ones have one glaring flaw—their lack of portability.

I mean, when you consider how heavy they are, and how powerful they are, that hardly comes as a surprise. They’re not meant to be very mobile. However, Grizzly has changed the game somewhat with the G0771Z. Head over to that review, where I discuss its lightweight structure.

But the great news is that table saws are also made to be portable these days. The G0870-10″, as I’ve mentioned, is only 90 pounds.

Generally, contractor table saws only will give you the benefit of increased portability.


As we have seen, there are many distinctive characteristics in every Grizzly table saw. Here’s a little recap. The G0690 is definitely the most popular choice. Especially for amateurs or those with only a little experience, this one is the right choice. Skip it if you’re a professional, though.

If you’ve read my Grizzly G0691 table saw review, you’ll know that’s a close match. It has all the features of a G0690 but with added rip capacity. The main selling point of both these models is their riving knife, so consider them if that’s a priority for you.

The G1023RLWX’s defining feature is its built-in router table, which as you can imagine, will make your life better in several ways. A close comparison is the G0771Z-10″, which is much more powerful, and a hybrid type. If you’re a frequent and heavy woodworker, these are the ones for you.

Also, the G0870-10″ is the best choice if you’re looking for a portable one. It is lightweight, yet powerful, and it can be considered an affordable tool. If you need a saw for miscellaneous woodworking tasks on the job site then this is perfect.

Customer Service & Warranty

Something you’ll hear from all Grizzly customers is how great their customer service is. They’re extremely helpful and have a great online presence—their website is very easy to navigate.

The fact that all Grizzly products also come with a warranty is a big source of comfort for many users. Any company that offers a warranty cares about its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When deciding to buy a table saw, there are many things to consider. Here I’ll help you deal with that by answering a few questions that table saw buyers usually have.

  • What are the main types of table saw?

The contractor and cabinet are the 2 main types.  Contractors are more affordable, though less powerful. They are also relatively lightweight, which makes them more portable. Cabinets, on the other hand, come with a “cabinet” base, which makes them quieter. The table size is usually larger, and they’re more expensive.

  • What kind of motor should I get?

If you want a table saw that can be plugged into any outlet, you’re better off with a 15A 120V motor. If you get a 240V belt drive motor, you’ll have to ensure you can supply adequate power.

  • Does the motor HP matter?

Yes, and it also depends on your project requirements. The HP you need depends on the material you’re working with.

  • When should I consider a cabinet saw?

Cabinet saws are bigger and more powerful. They will give you a higher torque. However, they’re harder to control.

  • Can I use a Dado blade on any table saw?

Yes, you can do that but for dado blade sets which are 8 inches in diameter. However, check to make sure that the arbor can support the standard 8-inch dado blade.

  • I am a beginner in woodworking. Should I get a table saw?

It’s best to start with a circular saw first. However, a table saw is much more accurate and powerful, and also safer.

  • Should I wear gloves while working?

No, because then you run the risk of losing your whole hand if threads from the glove get stuck in the blade.

  • What are the main functions of a table saw?

You can crosscut, and cut patterns, slots, tapers, circles, and channels. You can also taper longboards. All you need is just enough practice and experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an amateur with not a lot of experience, the G0690 or G0691 is the best Grizzly product for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional woodworker and will require your table saw to be high-performing, G0771Z-10” is the one you should be looking at.

Whichever one you choose, I can assure you that Grizzly is a good brand to spend your money on. You won’t regret it!

Good luck with all your woodworking endeavors!

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