Best Bench Grinders 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide [Today]

WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light
WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light
DEWALT Bench Grinder, 6-Inch (DW756)
DEWALT Bench Grinder, 6-Inch (DW756)
JET JBG-8B, 8-Inch Bench Grinder (577102)
JET JBG-8B, 8-Inch Bench Grinder (577102)
  1. Do you often or occasionally need to shape a metal piece?
  2. Do you use anything and everything starting from a knife to lawn-mowers?
  3. Do you run a garage or machine shop?

Other than those you may need to remove a layer of paint and rust. You are helpless to keep the list short and you just need to hone and polish objects. To serve any of the said purposes in the most efficient and affordable way, you need the bench grinder in the industry.

Any and all bench grinder reviews will convince you tilting towards the temptation of taking one. As they will inform you that along with the basic tasks of sharpening, shaping, and honing your tools and objects, they will make grinding for any purpose just a breeze.

It is because whether it is the best cheap bench grinder or the best bench grinder for the money, they all come equipped with the innovative and additional features.

A bench grinder is a benchtop kind of a grinding machine but you still need to hand grind tools with it. Few such tools to name are tool bits, chisels, drill bits, and gauges. Moreover, lighter rough works too can be done by it.

The rough works may require you the best slow speed bench grinder featuring a low-speed motor. To your utter amazement, there is the best variable speed bench grinder backed by a robust motor to accomplish both the lighter and heavy-duty grinding with ease.

From the discussion above, it is pretty clear that you should be after a right bench grinder rather than the best one. Now, choosing is the right grinding machine that is not that easy if not too daunting a task. We have withstood the pain of making a thorough research for the gain to be hand-picked by you.

Just select the right one matching your grinding requirements from our run-down of 11 best bench grinders meant for all or any purpose.

Never commit the blunder of scanning our buying guide positioned just below the last product description to help you make an informed decision.

So get going.

Pick one from the 11 Best Bench Grinders in the Market

1. WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench


WEN 6-Inch Bench Grinder can be the best companion for you to make smooth edges of used things. It will be ideal for cleaning objects including dull blades, scissors, screwdrivers, and other rusty tools.

Almost all the WEN bench grinder reviews will suggest the tool when it comes to accomplishing any difficult task. You can reach out to this ¾ HP and 2.1 amp bench grinder to get your work done faster and precisely. This best 6-inch bench grinder is mainly designed for driving away unwanted edges and rust removal with 3450 rpm of high speed. Making things sharp and clean, this best variable speed bench grinder assists you in saving money in the long run.

Even you could use tools for a longer period by repairing through this grinder without having further vexation. It’s designed with a 2.1 amp motor for quick startup and steady speeds to provide better service to you.

Its flexible work light can illuminate your grinding to manage accuracy and precision. Of course, it can be a better option to make your things luminous and durable. It’s time to emphasize your own choice.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • ¾ horsepower 2.1 amp capacity motor
  • 3,450 rpm speed and Quiet motor
  • The lamp hanging from a flexible stalk
  • Heavy-duty and rigid base
  • Lightweight – 4 pounds
  • 31.5-inch pedestal stand
  • Cast-iron grinding wheel
  • Adjustable tool trays/rest
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for maximum safety
  • Wheels: 6-inch diameter, 2/4in. width, ½ inch arbor size
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 60 Grit
  • Dimensions: 14*9.8*15 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1

Pros: WEN 6-Inch Bench Grinder promises to provide extreme convenience to the user. It’s affordable and reliable. Therefore the user tends to make their choice for a long time using the advantage of the cheap rate. Besides, this machine allows for the quick resuscitation of all rusty tools faster.

Cons: From some best grinder reviews, we noticed that many users feel cumbersome to mounting this grinder machine on the first attempt. They were displeased with the bolt holes location.

2. WEN 4280 5 Amp 8″ Variable Speed Bench Grinder


It is another advanced grinder machine of WEN. Providing much scope to the user, it has been one of the useful life rescuers of almost all your metal equipment. Both in a house and a workshop, it is being used widely to make all the used rusty things glitter.

As a material removal, the maximum users rely upon this 8-inch bench grinder machine. With 5 amp motor, it can provide up to 3400 rpm while working. Extensive grinding of the wheel lets the users mount it quickly within a short time.

To help precision at work, this fast material removal has included a flexible work light to maneuver moving speed at need. A sturdy cast iron base ensures superior safety for the user. Therefore, an experienced user can’t but purchase this superb machine anyhow.

It has far-reaching benefits along with the ability to polish rusty tools to look sleek and work with renewed efficiency. However, without any suspicion, it’s the bench grinder for sharpening. To say with conviction, it is virtually tougher to find such a moderate machine with sufficient power and performance.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 5 amp motor
  •  variable speed 2000-3400 rpm
  • Cast iron base with mounting holes for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for max safety
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width, and 1/2in. arbor
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 80 Grit
  • Weighs 41 pounds
  • Corded power connection
  • Dimensions: 16.5*10.5*16 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1

Pros: The user particularly appreciates its easy assembly convenience. It doesn’t take a long time to be mounted. Even if it never vibrates or slips away while working; seems the best bench for knife making to the user as well. All the users feel comfortable sharpening stuff through it all along.

Cons: that it’s not suitable for heavy-duty work. Its tool rests are not as sturdy as needed.

3. DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder


These days many of us are keen on repairing used tools and things along with sharpening, shaping, polishing, and honing them. It’s not a daunting task in this modern world. The Dewalt bench grinder review is before you to lead you to a grinder machine that virtually executes all grinding operations with ease. It’s ideal for sharpening rusty tools, removing rust, and cleaning objects.

For any industrial workshop, it can be the most beneficial tool since it is an easy and reliable material removal. It comes with a ¾ horsepower motor for fast and secure grinding operations.

An adjustable aluminum tool rests to let the user do repairs accurately. To get a tool-free adjustable guard; this bench grinder should be your first choice as it promises to provide quick guard installations and adjustments.

Undoubtedly, it’s a reliable and efficient grinder machine to make sure that you don’t need to replace your used tools with a new one. You will be amazed by its three-year warranty statement. The authority will maintain the tool and replace the worst parts for free through customer care.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 3/4 horsepower motor, overload protected
  •  Higher single speed 3600 rpm
  • Industrial Cast iron Base with mounting holes for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for maximum safety
  • Aluminum Tool Tray/Rests for accurate angle work
  • The 12.5-inch distance between the wheels to accommodate a large workpiece
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 80 Grit
  • Weighs 39.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.8*12.6*10.8 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

Pros: Plenty of convenience and utility backed by max motor life. It’s an industry-grade grinder machine that comes with maximum motor life. You will get superior power for industrial grinding operation through its high-powered motor. A rugged cast iron base reasonably ensures its durability and prolonged survival. For removing hard rust, the engine is capable of running at 3,600 rpm spontaneously. Its rear exhaust ports ensure smooth operation.

Cons: Though it’s used comprehensively across the whole world, some users have expressed negative feedback. They explained there was a problem with its motor and bearings in the housing.

4. SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder


Almost all the bench grinder reviews we have come across never forget to talk about the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder. That’s what sort of prompted us initially to prepare this Skil bench grinder review. We have found that it’s perfect for a workshop or garage for all types of grinding tasks that rescue the excellence of the used tools.

Naturally, after a prolonged period of use metal tools and accessories become rusty and stingless. Consequently, they don’t work as it was used to be. Hence it needs regular management to keep it active and operative. In this regard, the SKIL bench grinder can be the best assistant for removing rust, polishing surfaces, sharpening edges, and cleaning used materials.

It features a 2.1 amp motor to accomplish the excellent grinding task. Convenient LED light is arranged to provide maximum grinding accuracy. For ensuring the utmost safety, it features eye shields and a solid cast iron base with rubber.

Everyone who used it once seems to have grown an impression of this as the most advantageous machine to keeping stuff fresh and alive. However, by all and any consideration, it is the bench grinder for sharpening without the least suspicion. To be a sensible user, you certainly can choose this one at first sight.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 2.1 amp motor, 120 volt
  •  Single-speed 3450 rpm
  • Rubber base for maximum stability
  • Vibration and noise-free grinding
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for maximum safety
  • LEDs over both wheels for close observation
  • Electric power run grinder
  • Wheels: 6-inch diameter, 1/2in. width, and 1/2in. arbor
  • Versatile Wheels – coarse and medium grain
  • Lightweight: 8.48  pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.4*10.8*8.5 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year & 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1

Pros: The SKIL Bench Grinder is a versatile machine that provides special features and facilities to the user. It’s designed to manage stability and durability. Considering user convenience, it has included an LED work light over both wheels. To get maximum working speed, it has originated with a 2.1 amp motor which has over 3450 rpm. Medium and coarse wheels provide a variety of materials to prove their versatility.

Cons: This grinder machine works precisely all along. But to some reviewers, it seems non-adjustable and takes time to stop.

5. 8-Inch Variable Speed Delta Bench Grinder Review


Delta Power Tools Bench Grinder machine has come well-constructed with sturdy materials. The users who used it earlier are keen to recommend other persons to purchase this bench grinder for sharpening.

But why do they do it?

They’re impressed with its convenience and versatility. Of course, the Delta grinder machine offers users the best amenities for their grinding, sharpening, buffing, and polishing requirements. It is featured with a variable speed that lets the user control speed from 3000 rpm to 3400 rpm spontaneously. To raise grinding performance, its 5 amp induction type motor is making notable contributions.

For many, the Water tray is the revolutionary part of this machine keeping the workpieces cool and quiet during grinding. Besides, its left-hand tool rest has a drill that lets the user get the correct angle all along on the tip. However, as a user, you would want to have the best cheap bench grinder machine for its longer grinding life. Here the Delta machine can assure you of long-term service without any reparation.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 5 amp induction motor for high performance
  • Two-piece tool rests and Water tray to cool at an excessive temperature rise
  •  Variable speed 2000-3400 rpm
  • Cast iron base with mounting holes for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for max safety
  • Work light for intensive observation
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 60 Grit
  • Weighs 44.2 pounds
  • Corded power connection
  • Dimensions:9.5*14.5*16.5 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years for machine & 2 years for accessories
  • Amazon Rating: 3.6

Pros: This excellent bench grinder comes with a variable speed range and two different wheels for making fine grinding and sharpening operations. It features a work light to let you increase working accuracy and speed. You will get the ultimate safety with its full-sized shields.

Cons: From some bench grinder reviews, we have noticed that some reviewers aren’t pleased with its wheels. They found the wheels were not drilled with rapt concentration.

6. 8-Inches Heavy-duty Jet Bench Grinder Review


Having the bench grinder for woodworking in your workshop can be much more productive for you. This 8-inch heavy-duty Jet bench grinder review will convince you that this machine can deliver far longer service at a stretch and it is affordable. For keeping all your used, abused, and over-used things refreshed and alive, this JET bench grinder will provide you with plenty of power for heavy grinding.

It is pretty much useful for cleaning, sharpening, buffing, and removing rust from metal things as well as wooden things.  To ensure maximum work time stability, it sits on a rubber foot which prevents unwanted movement.

It is a one-horsepower motor that moves at a rate of around 3450 rpm and is committed to delivering superb working performance. To get ultimate safety, this best 8-inch bench grinder machine has managed large eye shield, one-piece quick-adjusting spark guards, and cast-iron wheel guards along with pre-lubricated ball bearings.

By the way, no matter how catchy a grinder is, you have to figure out its features and qualities to get your purpose served. To keep your things free from rust, you should choose this versatile bench grinder machine at any cost as rust renders metal accessories blunt.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 1-horsepower capacity motor backed by 115-volt to produce  3,450 rpm speed
  • Rubber Base for maximum stability
  •  Heavy-duty clasp switch
  • Caged pre-lube ball bearings
  • Cast-iron grinding wheel guards and dust vents
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for max safety
  • Backed by 2 vitrified wheels – coarse and fine.
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width, and 5/8in. arbor
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 60 Grit

Pros: This comes with a lot of functional conveniences. It is a reliable machine at an affordable price. Due to getting superior performance backed by a powerful motor, this machine can be the most useful tool in your workshop backed by the powerful motor. On the aspects of safety, no other grinder machines can overtake it anyhow.

Cons: For an inexperienced user; it seems a little bit difficult to operate this bench grinder machine.

7. RIKON Power Tools 80-805 8″ Slow Speed Bench Grinder


If you’re looking for a slow-speed bench grinder, go through this slow-speed bench grinder review. RIKON grinding machine can be your companion to sharpening your materials as it works slowly but superbly. To get maximum grinding amenities, you should pay attention to it at your earliest convenience.

It has appeared designed with 120 grit white aluminum oxide wheels, ½ horsepower motor, and around 1750 rpm speed performance. It is constructed to manage heat-reduction produced at an operation to keep it fresh while working.

You are super safe while grinding!

Adjustable eye shields and spark resisters assure extreme safety to the user. How can you refuse this one? It’s quite tricky to find out such an effective and efficient grinder machine easily. This slow speed bench grinder review will end up winning your favor to go for it.

You can scan to justify the features and facilities provided that has covered up all the possible and relevant user convenience. That’s why; RIKON has earned the tag of the grinder machine at arrival.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • ½ HP motor
  • Reduced grinding heat feature – KEEP IT COOL
  •  Slow speed 1750 rpm for woodturning and carving
  • Cast iron Base with for maximum stability
  • Rubber feet for vibration and noise-free grinding
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for max safety
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 60 Grit and 120 Grit
  • Weighs 37.1 pounds
  • Electric power source
  • Dimensions: 16.4*10.8*11.2 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Amazon Rating: 4.2

Pros: This grinder machine is quiet, smooth, and well-made. Apart from design, it has many beneficial aspects and high-end performance. It works superbly and makes the old tools clean, sharp, and alive. Its secure mounting system has impressed the users remarkably. Spark Resister is a new revolution.

Cons: Some users report this to be much slower and not eligible to sharpen solid rust anyhow. Even it takes a long time to sharpen wooden tools.

8. Porter-Cable PCB575BG 8″ Variable Speed Grinder


Now I’m going to introduce you to a moderate grinder machine offering a high-end feature known to be variable speed. The Porter-Cable bench grinder review will befriend you with a grinding machine that comes with die-cast aluminum tool rests with the groove. Operating drill sharpening through this best grinder machine appears to be far easier.

Mounting holes for benches or stands, can reduce the vibration during the operation. Surely this has caused the maximum stability of this adjustable grinder machine.

To increase the working speed and illumination, it has included a 40-watt lamp. Even you could clean up robust rusty tools without harassment through this excellent grinder machine.

Thus this best variable speed bench grinder will contribute a lot to your working advantage. You will get a great facility to sharpen and clean the old materials through this grinder machine. Moreover, with its removal quench water tray and detractable wheel dresser; you spontaneously could reshape the materials.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 5 amp induction motor
  • Featured with tool rests, water tray, and wheel dresser
  • Built-in work light for safe and accurate work
  •  variable speed 2000-3400 rpm
  • Cast iron base with mounting holes for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for maximum safety
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width, and 1/2in
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 80 Grit
  • Weighs 39.87 pounds
  • Electric power connection
  • Dimensions: 16.5*10.5*16 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years & 90 days money-back guarantee

Pros: It works precisely at sharpening metal equipment. The user feels added comfort as it easy to mount and never vibrates. Besides, it can be used without having any safety concerns all along. The speed range is variable, and all the constructed tools are heavy enough. Moreover, the powerful motor is relatively faster than other machines.

Cons: It took a long time to start and to get mounted. Begin to move around sometimes. Even it can’t be stopped at the vibration instantly.

9. 8″ Variable Speed Craftsman Bench Grinder Reviews


Sharpening and polishing through an advanced grinder machine like the 8″ Craftsman Variable Speed, all the used and overused materials can be switched into the new and alive tools. The overall performance of a grinder machine relies on its speed range. And the Craftsman Professional Bench Grinder machine comes with a variable speed range from 2000 to 3450 rpm. Now, let’s see what more this variable speed bench grinder review has in store ahead.

Isn’t it a must-grab grinder backed by this speed support?

But they’re far more to get attracted by.

The scope of grinding is comprehensive, notable, and praiseworthy of these speed variations. Only sensible users deserve to get this unique opportunity.

To sharpen and buff useful tools, these days all the users should keep their reliance on this best grinder machine. On top of that, this is flexible enough to let you maneuver at your will.

It has included several convenient features including quick-change wheel guards and thin-line motor housing. Moreover, its superb work light has made it a must-have tool for a workshop or garage. However, if you’re keen to get a suitable one, you can check out this one to get a better outcome.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • ½ HP motor
  •  variable speed 2000-3400 rpm
  • Cast iron base with mounting holes for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard and large eye shields for max safety
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width
  • Wheels with – Fine 60 Grit
  • Weighs 48 pounds
  • Electric power source
  • Dimensions: 16.5*10.5*16 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

Pros: This grinder machine is extremely convenient and helpful to the user. It’s versatile, powerful and easy to assemble. Even it doesn’t bring any accidental cause during the working. The mounting process is so easy that even a child can stand it out. It looks pretty lovely as well.

Cons: From some bench grinder reviews, we noticed that some reviewers seem this grinder machine is not perfect for instant use. It takes a long time to start and to be active.

10. Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder


Metabo DS 200 8-inch Bench Grinder has enough fame as a catching machine. It’s designed with all the technological tools to be advanced. A robust motor for industrial use manages low noise and low-vibration. The Metabo bench grinder review will brief you on the root and advanced benefits you can enjoy from this grinder.

The maintenance-free induction motor is active all along to deliver the full facility to the user. Even the user can get single-phase alternating current through its motor; which is also capable of providing around 3570 rpm speed range.

To ensure safety, it is covered with robust die-cast aluminum. The protective cover can be put off for quick and straightforward disc change.  User across the whole world is keeping their reliance upon this bench grinder machine reasonably. The superb aspects of performance even no other machines are comparable to it. To sharpen your rusty tools, clean used material, and keep those refreshed, yes you should select this sturdy grinder machine.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 7 amp motor, 240 Volts, and 600 Watt
  •  Single-speed 3570 rpm
  • Cast iron Base backed by rubber feet for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard glasses and large eye shields for max safety
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width, and 1” arbor
  • Die-cast aluminum cover for protection
  • Bayonet locking for quick opening and closure
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 80 Grit
  • Weighs 35.9 pounds
  • Electric power source
  • Dimensions: 16.5*10.5*16 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year & may extend up to 3 years for online registration

Pros: It is designed considering user convenience. Normal corundum grinding wheels spark protection glasses, and a workpiece are some of the exceptional amenities of this machine.  It’s a heavy-duty and smooth product for sharpening tools.

Cons: Some reviewers seem it have poor quality. Besides, it used to vibrate during the working which is not acceptable.

11. Ryobi 8 in. Bench Grinder Green


Ryobi 8 inch is just great for sharpening and shaping tools. To prepare this Ryobi bench grinder review, I have found out that it excels in sharpening chisels, knife, and tool blades. On top of that, it works magic while shaping metal tools, painting, and cleaning rust.

The motor is 3 amp which is powerful enough to accomplish sharpening, shaping, removing paint, and honing without the least slowdown. This will reach the top speed just at 30 seconds and this is not that long being an 8-inch grinder.

It comes equipped with 36-grit and 60-grit wheels featuring a diameter of 8” and 1” width. You can conveniently alter any wheel grit with your needed one. Therefore, arbor space will not be an issue while installing thicker wheels.

Several bright LED lights come built-in with the spark guard and eye-shield so you don’t need to worry about the safety while grinding.

All that said, the Ryobi 8inch grinder is at its best when used for personal level and garage shop but may bog down if you want to grind a ton of metals. But it may not live up to the satisfaction when if intended for a machine shop.

Features and Specifications Overview

  • 3 amp motor
  •  Single Speed 3600 rpm
  • Cast iron base for maximum stability
  • Quick-adjusting spark guard with a magnifying lens and large eye shields for maximum safety
  • LED lights for safe and accurate work
  • Coolant Tray to cool ground workpiece and work rests
  • Wheels: 8-inch diameter, 1in. width
  • Versatile Wheels with Two Grit numbers – 36 Grit and 60 Grit
  • Corded power connection
  • Dimensions: 12.79*12.01*17.52 inches

Pros: You must say that this Ryobi grinder is a good value for the money. A powerful 3 amp motor is to do successfully away with the basic and mid-range grinding. Wheels are upgradable, ensured safety, and satisfactory performance that every customer appreciates greatly.

Cons: It may not suffice to support the tasks that a machine shop or workshop requires. Only hobbyist and garage-level jobs are the breeze for it.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is an essential tool for individual light-duty works, professional garage shop,s and heavy-duty machine shops. You can sharpen metal tools and blades, and shape, polish, and hone objects when and if needed with a grinder.

There are considerations you should ponder over before going finally for a bench grinder. The ultimate and right purchase of the bench grinder calls for an informed decision. The crucial factors that you should have full knowledge of for a better deal are size, power, safety, upgrade features, and price range.


So far size is involved; it refers to the size or diameter of the wheels. The general rule of thumb is that you will require more power to run a bigger wheel. But a wheel with a bigger diameter can accomplish more jobs in a shorter time as it will touch more work area than the smaller one.

So you should opt for the bigger wheel when you need to handle larger projects. There are two popular sizes for a bench grinder – a 6-inch bench grinder and an 8-inch bench grinder.

6-inch bench grinder

You need a 6-inch bench grinder for basic and general-purpose tasks such as sharpening, honing, and removing rust and paint. If you are an occasional user and in need of light-duty sharpening, you should only opt for a 6-inch diameter wheel. Even a professional garage owner can do away with his job with that.

8-inch bench grinder

But if you are a professional and in need to handle heavy-duty jobs in a machine shop, you must choose the larger 8-inch wheel grinder. It takes the upper hand as you can accomplish both the precision and heavy-weight sharpening, shaping, and sizing with that. A larger wheel spinning will cover more area and so can cut and polish faster and finer than a 6-inch one.


A motor is responsible for spinning the wheels to grind tools. So the power of the motor is crucial to get your purpose served. The power of the motor can rise to 1 horsepower starting from one-third horsepower depending on the degree and level of wheel spin your tasks require. You need at least one quarter horsepower capacity motor to ably run a six-inch diameter wheel. On the other hand, a three-quarter to one horsepower capacity motor is advisable for an eight-inch width wheel.

Speed Range

The speed of the wheel or pace of the wheel spinning is very crucial as wheels tend to get slower under load. A motor with minimum power may limp or stop while faced with an average object to deal with. So better to know what is the required speed your motor should spin at to accomplish certain jobs.

The common speed range is 3400-3600 rpm to cut through objects with both 6-inch and 8-inch wheels. The bigger the wheel size, the more the speed required. To tell the other way round, the heavier the tasks, the more powerful a motor required. And we know that a powerful motor means increased speed range. You can opt for two following grinders featuring two motor powers.


There are jobs that you can solve at a lesser speed than the low range stated above. To put it clearly, you should accomplish woodturning, carving, and removal by ordinary grinders providing as low as 1725 rpm. If you apply more speed there, the chisel used in such a task may melt or be damaged by the temperature. You can do away with a two-quarter horsepower motor that can run an 8-inch wheel at a compatible speed. That type of grinder is known to be a slow-speed grinder.


But if your shop or profession needs to handle both woodturning and metalworking grinding, you can opt for a grinder equipped and designed with variable speed. These are the expensive alternative but they will serve the purpose of three single-speed grinders – 1725 to 3600 rpm and save money in the long run.

Construction and Material

The bench grinder cannot but be sturdy, steady, and rigid to serve your purpose accurately. Whatever jobs you want a grinder to do that require a grinder substantially constructed. You need both expert build-up and heavy-duty materials for that. These two factors in combination can get a grinder rid of the vibration and noise while working.

So far as the material is concerned, steel and cast iron are the two alternatives the latter being the high-quality one without costing more.

Addition Features and Designs

Being in the technology-driven age, it is natural to have your tools updated with the latest features and designs. They are not merely fundamental but extremely useful. Below are those that can make your grinding jobs a breeze.

  1. Guards: Wheels running at an incredible speed will surely cause the spark and metal pieces to fly off in every direction. So you need a spark guard and an eye shield for that to protect your eyes. Any grinder will come with those be it separately or combined.
  2. Tool Trays/Rests: They should be fitted well to set the workpiece at the right angle and position to make the work comfortable and easier.
  3. LEDs Lights/ Lamp: To have a closer view of whether the work is going in the proper direction you want or need to, lights or lamps are crucial. The latest grinders come with LED lights just above the wheels and others carry a lamp on a bendable stalk.
  4. Mounting Feet: To avoid vibration and noise, you can opt for the grinders featured with rubber feet. Nowadays, grinders at any cost come with those feet.

Price Range

The price of a bench grinder depends on the requirements to get your job perfectly done. Depending on the various specifications and performance of the available grinders in the market, you can categorize them in three different classes matching their costs. They go:

  • Average: The one will cost you $40-$100 and is ideal for occasional and lighter tasks like sharpening, polishing, and removing paint and rust.
  • Medium: This may cost you $100-$300 and can apply for both smaller and bigger wheels. At the high end of the medium range cost, you can have a reputed brand of grinder that will help you grind, sharpen, and shape regularly in your garage or workshop. You can do both light-duty and heavy-duty work with that.
  • High-end/Expensive: To get a lifetime of grinding service backed by a robust and powerful motor, additional features, and substantial construction you have to spend $300 or even more.

People Also Ask

  1. What is a Bench Grinder Good For?

Ans: A bench grinder is good for you as you can sharpen, shape, size, hone, and polish metal or wooden workpieces. You can remove paint and rust easily with this. Furthermore, it is crucial for a hobbyist or an expert and occasional or professional use.

2. How do you use a Pedestal Grinder?

Ans: It is comparatively inconvenient to use a pedestal grinder but you can certainly enjoy more precision and comfort than a hacksaw with a pedestal grinder.

Stand by one side of the grinder and bring the workpiece closer to the spinning wheel gradually until it touches the wheel. Be careful in putting pressure so that it might not be far more than it needs to serve the purpose.

3. How Many Types of Grinding Machines Are There?

Ans: Grinding machines have gone through a rigorous improvement in design, features, construction, sturdiness, applications, and performance. This all-out improvement since inception especially in the last decade inspires as many as five categories of grinding machines. They include:

  • Surface grinders to produce different surfaces
  • Cylindrical grinders to grind the exterior surface of a cylinder
  • Centerless grinders hold the workpiece between a work rest blade and the control wheel
  • Internal grinders to properly accomplish different types of holes
  • And specials intended for specific grinding tasks

4. What is the Bench Grinder?

Ans: The best grinder is the one that can serve your purpose faster and without any vibration or noise. That should have a powerful motor enough to spin the wheel at the required speed while working and rubber feet not to tremble and sound loud. Moreover, a grinder with variable speed can be the most preferable in this consideration.

5. What do you Use an Angle Grinder for?

Ans: You can do away with a hacksaw what an angle grinder does. But a hacksaw will take longer to make you bored and the cutting may not be precise. Conversely, an angle grinder will accomplish the job faster and with precision and ease.

6. Why are the Guards and Tool Rests Adjustable?

Ans: There are two crucial reasons for being or keeping the guards and tool rests adjustable. Firstly, adjustment between the wheel and the tool rests ensures the max and precise performance. Secondly, the maladjustment will only impede the performance and cause increased vibration and noise than it should. Alarmingly enough, it may lead the workpiece snagging that may be too perilous to afford or invite.

7. Why Hard Grinding Wheel is Used for Soft Material?

Ans: Simply because soft materials won’t damage the coarseness of the wheel as rapidly as a hard material would.

8. What is Grit size in a Grinding Wheel?

Ans: The size of the numbers in the grinding wheel will inform you how corrosive the wheel is. The more the number of grit, the better or more heavy-duty the performance of the grinder. Grinding wheels tend to feature four sizes of grits.

They include:

  • Wheel featured 36-grit for lighter tasks like removing paint and rust
  • Wheel featured 60-grit sharpening basic sharpening and shaping
  • Wheel featured with 100-grit finer sharpening
  • Wheel featured with 150-grit for polishing


There is no doubt that a bench grinder should be the priority for professionals or shop owners. But if you are to rush to the garage or machine shop off and on, you too are badly in need of one. Having a grinding machine of your own will cost you less than you spend on frequent repairing.

You are in the concluding part of this article means that you know about the various types, sizes, and strengths of grinders available in the market. Therefore, whether you are a hobbyist and mechanic or a professional full-time or engineer, you can go for the right bench grinder that will make grinding a sought-after pastime.

To your convenience, some of the recommended products are high-end and costly but there are quality offers affordable at a cheap and budget price.

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