8 Inch Bench Grinder Reviews (Recommended for You)

RIKON Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8 inch Slow Speed Bench Grinder
RIKON Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8 inch Slow Speed Bench Grinder
DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)
DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)
WEN 4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder
WEN 4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

We live in a world of DIY enthusiasts and artists. Nowadays, with all the workshop tools available at your fingertips, you rarely seek professional help when you need to polish or sharpen your tools. If you are one of these people, chances are you already know what it is.

Bench grinders come in two main sizes; 6-inch and 8-inch. However, in this best 8-inch bench grinder review, we will take a look at the top features and functionalities that the 8-inch variants have to offer.

For those who don’t know, a bench grinder – sometimes also referred to as a table grinder – is an abrasive wheel mounted on a bench. It can be used to sharpen your cutting tools. You can alternatively use it to shape metal parts before fitting.

A traditional bench grinder is not very portable, but some hand models are found in the market if that is what you are after.

8 Inch Bench Grinder Reviews

We have made an extensive review of the best 8-inch bench grinders available in the market for you to go through. Our picks focus on the construction quality, affordability, and ease of use.

1. DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)

DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)

Dewalt is a well-known brand that makes very high-quality and long-lasting products. The DW 758 is no exception to this because of the sturdy construction of the unit.

A motor-driven engine powers it with a force of ¾ horsepower that spins the wheel at 3600 RPM. Despite such high efficiency, this unit still manages to be relatively affordable.

It can be used both at home and in a professional workshop. For such a bulky device, it is very accurate. The aluminum tool rest allows you to place your work for grinding purposes correctly.

The distance between the wheels is 12 and a half-inch that enables you to handle bulky tools with no problem.

Furthermore, the rugged construction of the device gives it a long life. Manufacturers use cast iron to make the motor housing and base that adds to the durability of the unit. It is safe to use with plenty of safety features installed.

It has an adjustable guard and a built-in surge protection system in case of overload. There is an exhaust port situated behind the wheels that prevent overheating.

This device is effortless to use, and anyone from beginners to professionals can handle it. The manufacturers made this unit keeping in mind the needs of amateurs.

It weighs around 28 pounds with all the accessories you need included straight in the box. It comes with eye protection shields, an adjusting wrench, tool rests, grinding wheels of 36 and 60 grit, and spark deflectors.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Eye protecting shield included
  • Durable
  • Exhaust port prevents overheating

  • Uncomfortable vibration while operated

2. WEN 4280 5 Amp 8’’ Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Work Light

WEN 4280 5 Amp 8" Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Work Light

WEN 4280 is a top-quality variable speed bench grinder. Its wheel can operate at a range of 2000 to 4000 rpm. A 5-amp motor powers this heavyweight device. With the flexibility in rotation speed, this device is handy in several different situations.

If precision is what you are after turning down the pace, and if you want to remove rust, turn it up. The variable speed of the device offers you flexibility in work selection.

The grit of the included wheel is 80-grit and 36-grit. The 8×1 inch grinding wheel will last you a long time without needing to be replaced. The sturdy base of cast iron will prevent any unnecessary jitter as you operate it.

This unit is a perfect example of a cost-efficient purchase that brings massive value to any workspace. All the assembly parts are included in the box to get you started as soon as you can. The instruction manual is simple and easy to follow. It also comes with a protective eye guard to offer some added protection.

It comes with a work light that is adjustable to light up your workspace. It is always recommended to keep your workshop as bright as possible, and the company sure abides by that rule.

The motor is surprisingly quiet, considering how much power it holds. Many amateurs and even professionals would vouch for the extreme value this device brings to your arsenal.


  • Adjustable work light
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Mounting holes situated at the base to prevent shaking
  • Cast-iron sturdy base
  • Eye guard connected to the wheels

  • Bad quality control

3. Rikon Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder

Rikon Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8" Slow Speed Bench Grinder, Powerful Shop Table Tool, Perfect for Sharpening, With Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet

Rikon 80-805 is a low-speed bench grinder that operates at an RPM of 1750. This low speed translates to low heat transfer when working with this tool.

Additionally, this speed offers greater precision in shaping and polishing your tools. The overall construction of the device is rugged and sturdy.

This heavy equipment is enough to satisfy your needs in a small workshop. The wheels come with a grit density of 60grit and 120grit respectively. These are well made and can serve you a long time without any replacement. Due to the coating of aluminum oxide, they require less frequent dressing.

One of the best features that come with this unit is the anti-vibration rubber feet. It ensures that the device does not feel wobbly when activated and allows you to sharpen your tools without getting in the way freely.

The cast iron base is sturdy and comes with a diamond wheel sharpener that reduces the build-up of heat. Further, the eye-protection shield and spark resistors that come with the product are adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about your safety while working on a project.

A groove in the device allows you to sharpen drill bits as a bonus. All in all, you get a premium device at a not so premium price.


  • LED lights for high visibility
  • Cast-iron base
  • Slow speed grinder
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet
  • Durable

  • The speed is non-adjustable


4. POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8’’

POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8"

POWERTEC BGSS801 is another slow speed grinder that is relatively cheaper yet uncompromising in the quality. It is a half horsepower engine that rotates the wheels at an RPM of 1725 keeping the tools safe from overheating. The space between the wheels is 1 inch to make the overall grinding job easier.

Its wheels are aluminum oxide with a density of 80grit and 120grit. Adjustable tool rest allows you to set the height of your device to your liking comfortably.

Considering the price; the wheels are decent and should serve you some time before replacing. A regular dressing will extend the lifetime of the wheels.

The device has a heavy-duty steel gauge base to prevent jitters and improve stability. Therefore, the vibration caused while operating the product is minimal due to the substantial support.

Thanks to the low horsepower, the operation of the device is not noisy. But because of this very reason, it is not suitable for more significant projects.

This grinder is a decent one that allows you to sharpen and buff up your tools quickly and easily. It is worth noting that this grinder is well suited for light household workups and may not hold up to your standards on a big workshop.


  • Very quiet compared to other products
  • 1-inch wheel distance
  • Low vibrations
  • Locking power toggle
  • No overheat

  • The power can be lacking


5. Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Metabo DS 200 is one of the most excellent devices on the market for your grinding needs. The price reflects on the premium value of the product, but so does the construction quality.

Despite being one of the most cumbersome units on the market, it creates a very low noise. Add that with the close to no vibration, and you get a supreme grinder on your hand.

This one horsepower motor is powerful and noise-free with single-phase alternating current. The manufacturers use premium materials to make the wheels that also require low maintenance.

Robust die-cast aluminum covers make the device durable. Additionally, anti-vibration rubber feet give you the optimal grinding experience. It has large protection covers to protect your eye against sparks.

This device packs a lot of punch, and you can use it for high profile grinding in an industrial workshop. It has a steep RPM of 3570.  There is a dedicated stop switch in case of an emergency and a no-volt release switch to prevent automatic startup after a power failure.

The product is not that difficult to set up. You can get it up and running in no time and assembly is relatively easy. The bearings in the unit are well-made, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

Though this is a higher-priced product than the rest in the list, it makes up for it because of the supreme quality that will surely satisfy even the fussiest buyers.


  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Durable aluminum casting
  • Efficient power usage
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Dedicated off button

  • High price

6. Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8’’ Bench Grinder (21162)

Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8" Bench Grinder (21162)

The craftsman 21162 is a high-quality bench grinder with variable speed. Its operating rpm can range from 2000 to 3450 RPM. With a 5-amp motor and adjustable rotation speed, this is a device perfect for any work. It can be very precise with a low rotation speed when needed.

This 8-inch bench grinder can handle several of buffing or sharpening tasks with no problem. The wheels require no tool for removal, and it is easy to change in a flash.

It comes with two different types of wheels; grinding and wire. This feature, along with the quick removal, makes this a versatile unit. The unit comes with a cast-iron base to prevent vibrations and a work lamp to offer visibility.

Apart from that, a wheel dresser is included to make the cleaning process of the wheel that much easier. If that were not enough, a water-cooling tray is also available to prevent overheating.

This unit is surprisingly cheap when you look at all the features that come with it. It shows no signs of compromise in build quality either.

It is also pretty quiet when in use which is a super addition. In short, it is a device that will find a place in your worktable no matter what you want it to do.


  • Affordable
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Wire and grinder wheel included
  • Quick changing wheels
  • Good build quality

  • Reports of vibration issues

7. Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

Our last pick for the list of best 8-inch grinders, Delta power tool 23 is another variable speed grinder capable of rotating at 2,000 RPM to 3,400 RPM. The 5amp induction motor is powerful and silent, offering you fantastic performance.

This unit is the very definition of versatility. It comes with two wheels of 36 and 60grits for sharpening and polishing a wide range of tools. The hand rest at the left side of the unit comes with a drill bit rest to give you the correct angle while sharpening drill bits.

It is a useful feature that most grinders overlook. Moreover, the rests are adjustable that allows you to get different positions. The cast-iron base keeps the device as stable as possible while operating.

The bottom also makes the machine durable and sturdy. There is a water tray that holds the unit fresh while you grind away. It comes with a full-sized protective shield, and a flexible work light keeps the space illuminated at all times.

This device is meant to last a long time without showing any signs of slowing down. If you want a product that saves you the trouble of having to run around looking for repairs, the delta power tool is the way to go. This variable grinder gives you unprecedented versatility at a very reasonable price.


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Compact and stable design
  • Includes lamp light and water-cooling tray
  • Versatility in use

  • Hard to assemble

What to Look for Before You Buy

When you are purchasing a bench grinder, you want it to last a long time before needing an upgrade.

So, you need to be smart about your investment. The following few tips and guidelines will help you choose the perfect grinder that will not leave you with any buyer’s remorse.

  • Wheel Type and Size

The wheel is an essential part of the grinder, as that is where the magic happens. The grinding wheel comes in different shapes and sizes for use in various sectors. The grit of it determines how sharp or polished you want your material to be.

You need to be clear about your purpose when searching for the best bench grinder. For that, you should also maintain the wheels from time to time to extend their lifespan.

Dressing the wheel is vital to protect from clogged grains. All grinder wheel decay at some point in time so it is better to replace them when they start showing any wear.

  • Power of the Motor

Next, we have the motor of the bench grinder. The engine of a bench grinder sends power and hence is crucial to the overall quality of the product.

If you are doing more massive tasks like working on hard materials, then you need a powerful motor for your grinder. Lower power motors are suitable for a regular household maintenance job.

Some bench grinders come with adjustable rpm settings to save you the trouble of deciding between a fixed rpm range of the equipment.

This feature allows you to use the motor at different power and makes it versatile to use. However, if you have a specific idea about the purpose of your grinder, you should base your choice on that.

  • Body and Design

You want your device to be as durable as possible. Usually, when it comes to bench grinders, heavier is better.

As your equipment will probably be sitting on a table in your workshop, you should not be worried about the weight when making your purchase.

The quality of the body and the materials used to make it should be your primary concern. Solid construction can ensure the longevity of your device.

When looking at the body and finish of the unit, do not overlook the quality of the included wheels-granted that you can replace it, but you want to postpone the need to upgrade as much as you can with a significant investment.

Spend some time looking at the grit and rotation speed as they affect the lifespan of the wheel.It is better to go with a cast iron base in your bench grinder. What this does is it prevents your device from shaking unnecessarily while in use.

Nothing is more annoying than a wobbly bench grinder, and it can often mess up the finish of the project that you are working on at the time.

  • Safety Features

When handling such a device, you can never be too safe. A slight misstep can cause you to lose a finger. We always advise extreme caution before operating a piece of equipment like a bench grinder, and you should never use one until you have a decent idea about its operation.

In any case, before you start working, always read the instruction manual provided with your device.

That being said, many bench grinders come with different safety features to ensure the safety of the user.

Spend some time digging through these features and choose the one that you find to be most effective. Oh, and one more thing. Always wear goggles when operating a bench grinder.

  • Additional Features

Most grinders are pretty standard straight out of the box. You get the grinder parts, the power cord, and the wheels. However, some come with plenty of handful of accessories that can save you a lot of trouble.

If they appeal to you, we have mentioned a few of them in our list of best 8-inch best grinder reviews. Some models of grinders come with a lamp light; some may feature an adjustable motor, and some may even come with extra wheels. You should choose one that best suits you and your requirements.

  • Online Reviews

If you want to know about the experience of other users of a specific product you are looking to get, forums are an excellent place to start.

The chances are that you will find people expressing their thoughts and ideas about that product. It will give you the perspective of a user and might help you to make your decisions.

  • Customer Response

Before making any significant investment, it is wise to look at the customer support available for any product. We believe that a top-notch customer support team is crucial to the quality of the provided unit.

If you face any problems regarding your device, you need to know if you can get it replaced or repaired. Nothing hurts more than the silence from the manufacturers regarding defects in their equipment.

Using the tips mentioned earlier, you should be able to find a bench grinder suitable for your needs. Once you get one, some final words of advice:

  • Know the risks of using a bench grinder
  • Work in a well-lit environment
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly
  • Ensure the speed of the grinder does not exceed the intended limit
  • Regularly maintain the wheel and look for signs of wear

Types of Bench Grinder

There are many different forms of bench grinders, depending on the size of the wheel, usage, type, etc.

We will take a general look at the different types of bench grinders available on the market today.

  1. Woodworking Bench Grinder

One can use this equipment mainly for smoothing out the dull edges of a cutting tool. Another use is for grinding wood and giving them an excellent finish.

Woodworking bench grinders run at slow speed which provides them with high precision if you are working on a delicate project.

  1. Automotive Bench Grinder

The automotive bench grinder is the most common type of grinder that focuses mainly on metallic components. They can cover a wide range of cutting tools of different sizes and shapes.

They do not require much adjustment and are very easy to use. This type of bench grinders is trendy among both amateurs and experts.

  1. Standard Variable Speed Grinder

If you want a product that serves you for a long time withstanding everything that you throw at it, then look no further. Professionals mostly use a standard variable speed grinder because of its excellent functionality and reliability.

The variable speed allows you to get the perfect precision for your job. This particular type is exceptionally versatile and very durable.

  1. Portable Grinder

A portable product is lightweight, and as you probably guessed, portable. This device is something you keep at the side if you need to adjust or sharpen your tools in a flash from time to time.

A hand-held grinder is by no means as compelling as its bigger cousins. But it is a useful tool to have at the side.

Based on the wheel, there are also several types of grinders available in the market

  • Straight Wheel Grinder

It is the most common type of grinder wheel. It is used mostly for sharpening chisels or similar edged tools

  • Tapered Wheel Grinder

You can use it for delicate grinding jobs like grinding the gear teeth or threads. With tapered edges, getting access to the grooves is easy.

  • Saucer Wheel Grinder

This type of equipment aims at sharpening saw blades quickly and efficiently.

  • Cylinder Wheel Grinder

If you want to sharpen large metal sheets, you require this type of equipment. The wheel that comes with this product is usually hollowed out and can house massive materials.

  • Diamond Wheel Grinder

As you know, diamond is the hardest material on earth. This product type has diamond bits lined in the wheel. If you are working with the particularly hard stuff, this is the way to go.

6-Inch vs. 8-Inch Grinders

Usually, you can find bench grinders in one of two sizes; 6-inch and 8-inch. The function and usage of it may vary depending on whether it is 6 or 8 inches.

To understand which one is better for you, you need to understand what the function of each one is.

6-Inch Bench Grinders

This type of device is aimed towards regular use by anyone. The 6-inch bench grinders are suitable for most household chores. The wheels move at standard speed with an RPM range of anywhere between 3400 to 3600.

Most 6-inch grinders run at the range of four amps. A thing worth mentioning is that these units can be hefty. They are a multi-purpose tool capable of catering to both beginners and professionals.

Some Key Features

  • The induction motor is heavy-duty
  • Installed LED lights provide visibility
  • They have a steel base
  • Tool rests are adjustable
  • Spark shields integrated

8-Inch Bench Grinders

While beginners can use the 6-inch variants, this type of equipment is mostly for professional use. They are a massive, bulky device that has a slow wheel rotation to provide precision.

These devices serve you well if you are doing any heavy work. One of the upsides of these devices is that they require less maintenance when compared to the 6-inch models.

The wheels last you a long time because of the slower rotation and don’t need to be dressed that often. Even though a bit pricier than the 6-inch variants, you save a lot on wheel change.

Some Key Features

  • Professional option with heavy-duty construction
  • Eye-shields
  • Wheel guards made with cast-iron
  • Ports for collecting dust
  • Toggle switch with a guarded cover

Both 6-inch and 8-inch grinders are excellent options and have different models depending on your budget. Both of them bring something different to your workbench.

So, to answer the question of which one is better, it depends on your needs. If you are a professional and will be doing more substantial projects, 8-inch is the way to go.

If not, 6 inches should be sufficient to take care of any light job you throw at it. Pricewise both are good options, but if you get the 6-inch models, you would be spending a lot on wheel replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I maintain my grinder?

Maintenance is crucial to preserving the quality of your grinder. You should regularly check for wear or tear. Check the position of the wheel and also check for any loose screws or bolts.

Dress the wheels regularly using a dressing tool for an even surface. Wipe off the surface of the grinder after every use.

  1. How frequently do I change the wheel?

It depends on how often the grinder is in use. How well you maintain it is another thing to consider.

Usually, the wheels last a decent amount of time, depending on how you keep them.

  1. What are the safety issues?

A bench grinder is not a toy for children, and you should be careful while operating it. Read the instruction manual carefully before you start working on it.

Check the device thoroughly after every use and remember to wear goggles and place the spark shields while operating.

  1. Should I wear gloves while using this device?

No. The reason is that there is a risk of your gloves getting pulled by the rotating wheel.

You should only wear eye and ear protection and take the safety steps mentioned above.

  1. Can you grind aluminum on a bench grinder?

You should avoid aluminum grinding on a bench grinder. Since it melts very quickly, the heat caused by friction may result in the aluminum melting in the wheels

Final Thoughts

So, this is our top pick for the best 8-inch bench grinder reviews. We have selected the products carefully based on many different factors to provide you with maximum satisfaction with your purchase.

You should always be clear about your purpose before investing in a bulky product such as a bench grinder. We hope you found this guide informative and helpful in your search for the perfect bench grinder to fulfill your DIY needs.

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