Whether you belong to the professionals, amateurs or DIY weekend warriors, you need the best angle grinder to accomplish a wide range of jobs. As I have termed it to be a versatile tool, the best angle grinder for cutting metal can go pretty well while dealing with the concrete slab. As it is just a matter of few seconds to swap the disc with the one fit for the said task.

After extensive research by a team comprised of mechanics, mason, and contractors, we have come out with 9 best 4.5 inch angle grinders manufactured by the most trusted and reputed brands in the industry. Considering the DIY hobbyist, we have enlisted several budget grinding tools that can fare with the best cheap angle grinder.

Our in-depth buying guide will equip you with all the necessary information that is crucial to find the product that sticks out of the stack. Here you go with the top 9 industry leaders of the thousands of angle grinders.

Our Pick For the Best Angle Grinder

DEWALT  Paddle Switch 4.5″ Angle Grinder

The reason for our starting this series of reviews with this stock angle grinder is the quality brand DEWALT is. Being in the industry for decades, they have earned not only trust but they have had an in-depth exposure of how to come with a tool that works great. They are constantly on the search after upgrading. Therefore, you will encounter the replacement of earlier models with a fresher one in the park of DEWALT tools.

This angle grinder is for performance and giving a finishing touch to the welds and objects you are working upon. To deal with metals with a medium profile, it will perform excellently while with the larger chunk metals you may feel the torque to be weaker. That is why, if the high-intensity grinding task is not what you are up to; you can and should go for this stock angle grinder best for the money.

It comes equipped with a powerful motor featuring 11k rpm and 11A. Clear enough that this is a super doer to accomplish lighter to medium size jobs with the given torque speed and amp rating. Moreover, the durability factor is up to the high-end mark backed by quality materials and DEWALT build-up.

As is mentioned already that DEWALT is ever after modifications with ceaseless adapting with the trendy technologies, this average DWE402 does not escape this. It has appeared in the scene adorned with Dust Ejection System that efficiently redirects debris not to harm the machine and the man. In line with this, the very high-end bevel gear design shifts power from the motor to the rotating blade to give the desired grinding.

And to complement those features nicely, DEWALT DWE402 features above-the-stock safety features – slide-witching to paddle-switching and lock-off system to prevent unwanted starts. The lock-off design is ably matched by the lock-on feature to go unhindered with longer projects.

All in all, this is the best budget angle grinder by any consideration and the most competent angle grinder too if you only can sacrifice the variable speed facility. On top of everything, the three-year-long warranties accompanied by a one-year free service and 90-day money-back guaranty have made the moderate purchase just a steal.

Note: The angle grinder comes designed with all the angle grinding conditions in place, and to top all others it is super easy to operate. You can add it to your garage or DIY tool self for the solid control too.


  • Enough power for light and medium intensity tasks
  • Durable material and build-up
  • Fundamental and advanced features in place
  • Strong warranty, service statement

  • Enough power for light and medium intensity tasks
  • Durable material and build-up
  • Fundamental and advanced features in place
  • Strong warranty, service statement

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Angle Grinder

Milwaukee 2780-20 4.5″ angle grinder enjoys an edge over the stock and most of the rival products. To be clearer, Milwaukee quality along with the propriety system is supremely responsible for the added convenience – cordless Redlink build-up and brushless feature of the motor.  Therefore, with this Milwaukee model at your disposal; tougher tasks like auto parts repair, dealing with tiles, and cutting through stones and concrete are a breeze.

For your understanding, RedLink Plus Intelligence is a Milwaukee exclusive electronics system that goes great to reduce the overheating danger of both the motor and battery. Thus this contributes to extending the grinding life of your precious tool. This is the feature that comes in absolute combination with the quality material and expert construction.

These features work crucial for this 4.5″ angle grinder being an excellent service garage tool along with handling a 5″ disc for larger projects. In line with the features stated by now, the POWERSTATETM is also a Milwaukee-only brushless motor technology that is devised to provide improved grinding performance. Not the end here, along with an increased performance POWERSTATE motor design withstand the wear and tear of heavyweight use and abuse.

The lightweight 5.8-pound is a cordless grinding convenience as you can go on working for long without breaking your hands and pulling muscles. But this turn-head design grinder features a high-end price and a low 8,500 rpm. While the price is quite a steal against a wide range of exclusive and advanced technology introduced, the torque will suffice to get the jobs done with ease.

Note: All in all, the angle grinder comes designed with all the angle grinding conditions in place, and to top all others it is super easy to operate. You can add it to your garage or DIY tool self for the solid control too.


  • High power motor(brushless) and high-end technology
  • Highly durable and a great performer
  • Solid control and comfortable handling

  • Reported to be heavy for longer use
  • Fixed guard design is cumbersome

BLACK+DECKER 6 Amp 4.5″ Angle Grinder

This Black+Decker model is for everybody that includes an amateur DIY warrior or pro mechanics and fit any skill level. Let’s come first to what it has come equipped with – easy-to-replace blades, durable and lighter construction, and variable speed settings. Therefore, this small angle grinder will surely prove a happy purchase with fast delivery and great performance.

The small grinder features a metallic sturdy gear case that acts as a protection to the in-house electronics from the wear and decay caused while lying unused for longer. Moreover, the 3-orientation side handle is just comfort as you can shift to three varied positions to match whatever orientation you project to work upon. This is quite an intelligent engineering to provide you with extra work comfort along with control.

The spindle lock design is an industry-grade feature common only with high-end products only. It gives you convenience for changing the crucial accessories that include i) the small grinder ii) metal wheel grinder and iii) spanner wrench.

The 6.5 amp rating fair enough to deal with sharpening shear and mower blades, cutting through metal pipes and tiles, grinding concrete, removing dust, and polishing uneven surfaces.

You can shut it off the moment your task is over and done by switching the one-touch-release button. That will save time and the tool. Along with the optimal control, while working by the 3-position handle, the wheel guard will save both the man and machine from flying sparks coming from the rotating wheel.

Note: The lighter weight works like a breeze while working as it will not weigh down your hand after working for a while. Above all, the 2-year warranty is just crazy with an affordable price against such high-end features and benefits.


  • Durable and longer grinding life
  • Optimal control and greater comfort
  • Easy accessory replacement
  • High torque with 10000 rpm
  • Lightweight to go for the longer project

  • No mentionable cons so far

Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

The root task of any angle grinder is grinding but with a medium torque and amp rating, it cannot grind-heavy concrete slab or thicker metal parts. That is the reason; this Makita model is intended for cutting tasks primarily in addition to grinding lighter projects. And with the proper cut-off blade attached, you can deal fairly with a metal sheet, tiles, and masonry.

Why Invest for Makita?

Cutting through tough objects with an angle grinder is dangerous if you are not with the appropriate tool and sufficient exposure to the job. There comes the Makita 9557PBX1 to be overtly instrumental in this regard. Therefore, investing in this small, moderate, but quality angle grinder will prove beneficial.

The moderate 7.5 amp rating and lower torque are just robust for cutting but it falls below the ideal level for heavy-duty grinding. In comparison, it runs lower than the DWE402 in terms of amp rating but rotates as speedy as this Dewalt model. And the torque produced by the motor stands in the middle of a cordless angle grinder and that of a high-intensity corded machine.

But it comes equipped with several designs – zig-zag varnish, labyrinth construction, and thick coils – adopted in Makita 9564Cv version that adds to the durability and longer life. Fairly enough, it may not be ideal for grinding but goes fabulous with cuts as it is backed by a standard diamond blade.

The dual-mode operation compensates for other feature compromises as it allows you to run it on both AC and DC. To add, the sturdy case is a protection from the decay caused by dust and dirt while lying unused for longer.

Note: To sum up, this is the ultimate package for your cutting requirements and the best angle grinder for concrete. Furthermore, it is a grinding preference for beginners and professionals owing to its shining durability factors, safety features, moderate powers, and comparatively low price.


  • Adequate power for moderate grinding and heavy-duty cutting
  • Durable and versatile
  • Cheap price
  • Longer warranty

  • Single-speed
  • Overheating issue
  • Less power than rivals

Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder

This Bosch 1375A is a multi-purpose power tool intelligently designed to cut, grind, sand, sharpen, polish, brush, and deburr. Therefore, high-intensity, mid-range, and lighter works will find a perfect answer with the Bosch 6amp and 11000 rpm at your disposal. Despite the small size, the grinding unit can ably tackle masonry tasks as if they are non-existent. Isn’t it just a beast?

To go further along this line, the dry diamond cut wheel can easily cleave through brick, stone, thick metal, and heavy concrete slab with ease. These projects will seem butter with this grinder in your hands.

As is common with most of the angle grinders now, this product too offers a 5/8″-11 spindle nose to get the most popular accessories attached with easily.

The slim grip comes comfortable for easy maneuvering while the task is going on and easy handling is supremely crucial for a power tool. This is complemented by the comfort ensured by the side handle. This handle gives the maximum comfort angled to a position in two different orientation matching project positions.

The Bosch 1375A model comes featured with dust-resistant convenience as you can switch off the flow of dust and dirt from entering the in-house electronics to cause decay. Thus the tool enjoys a longer life than its competitors. A worthy brand the Bosch is to feature a protected motor to add to the longer and more efficient service life.

The spindle is a breeze while engaged in a longer project given the rapid wheel replacement comes as a lesser distraction. This will save time and keep you on mode very crucial for a task that takes longer to accomplish.

Overall, this is a stellar option in terms of grinding tasks, and purchasers after the compact, safe, and versatile tool should go for it without thinking twice.

Note: The warranty offer testifies for the industry-grade quality to cover you for any trouble less likely to come by. Worth mentioning is the Bosch exclusive Service Minder Brush System to shut of when countering any issue that requires preventive maintenance.


  • Safety and preventive measure ensured
  • Well-designed grip and ergonomy handle
  • Protected against aggressive dust and debris
  • Compact, lightweight, and high-end unit

  • Switch reported being a bit annoying

PORTER-CABLE Small Angle Grinder

Before going for the product, the brand itself calls for a brief. Porter-Cable is a leading brand for manufacturing power tools for the last 100 years. And it still has occupied the position of an excellent innovator for several products like – helical drive circular saw, portable belt sander, and portable band saw. In line with its reputation and exposure in the power tool construction, Porter Cable angle grinder offers a quality and performance grinding tool.

It comes backed by an aggressive design for the best performance and it is a multi-purpose platform I should say. The age-old company can read what customers want and they come with a lightweight and compact angle grinder. Lighter mass and smaller size will increase the workability of the individual. Therefore, it has earned the love of contractors, welders, masons, fabricators, and more. And it can accomplish a wide range of tasks that include grinding, cutting, sharpening, polishing, and tuckpointing.

Plenty of power is what makes it so popular. 7 amp rating complemented by an 11000 rpm motor can handle tougher projects like they are nothing. Now, such huge torque will definitely produce extreme heat but the cast iron gear housing acts effectively to dissipate heat. Thus how it stands up to the heavy demands of today’s workload.

A lightweight angle grinder doesn’t mean that it is feather-light and so it can cause an accidental fall or drop. But the paddle switch feature will protect it from any harm in this regard by shutting it off. The trendy angle grinders come with a grinding guard but this one offers you the protection of a cutting guard along with the common grinding guard. These two guards can be set easily without the help of any tool.

Note: We will do a disservice to the product if left without covering the additional accessories – a side handle, grinding wheel, a wrench, and a cut-off wheel. Not to mention, the big warranty statement speaks volumes for the confidence shared by the manufacturer of its quality and durability.


  • High power
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable and maneuverable
  • Grinding guard along with Cut-off guard
  • Affordable and long warranty backing

  • Parts reported being poor quality

DEWALT MAX Brushless Angle Grinder

The very brand name DEWALT is enough to boost you with confidence that now you are with a quality product. They claim the money what the design, performance, and power demand. This DCG413B brushless model comes with a brushless motor design to back you with 57% more power to run longer and working faster. The motor can produce huge torque – 9000 rpm to cleave through tougher jobs and handle stubborn rust and slab.

While the angle grinder can efficiently glide along with stucco, cement, and more backed by the huge power, you need not worry about the higher speed. The DEWALT exclusive no-load speed becomes active at the max 9000 rpm.

It features a blade brake that goes active when the paddle switch is released. To be clearer, when you withdraw the paddle switch will stop the wheel rotation immediately. This paddle switch is a complement to the longer battery life and now you can work longer at one go without frequently pausing in the middle of the job.

They have introduced innovative safety measures and the E-Clutch/Overload protection stands for the zero possibility for your arm. Now snags will not hurt your arm any longer. And the extreme lightweight is a comfort that ensures increased control and reduced worker fatigue.

To talk about the price, Dewalt always comes with industry-grade features and desired benefits at an affordable price. This time too it is not an exception. Dewalt DCG413B means power and features to accompany you in the work site. Rivals will fall short of this protection when to provide this much worth at this meager price.

Note: To sum up, adding Dewalt to your workshop amounts to having a boss grinding tool. This best budget angle grinder runs through rocky quarry plant yet works. And backed by the battery, you need no recharge before working for a long while.


  • Great power
  • Rapid wheel stoppage by brake
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Longer battery life
  • Available at a budget price

  • Goes hot if used for an extended period

Silk Paddle-Switch Angle Grinder

Let’s start with the plenty of power that the grinder motor, featured with 7.5amp and 11000 rpm torque, comes backed by. An angle grinder is a powerful tool that has gone through huge modifications and sophistication over time. Users across the globe are sucking this facility with great relish.

This much torque means this angle grinder can easily handle the toughest of the applications and their existence is nothing but nominal. But the technological advancement comes with concern as the prime by-product. To address this concern, this model of Silk 9296-01 comes equipped with another industry-grade sophistication namely a non-lock paddle switch.

This will protect the power grinder if and when dropped unwontedly. Power tools tend to react severely when faced with drastic jerks or shocks. Smartly enough, Silk sets the non-lock designed with the tool bottom where you hold to operate it. Therefore, you can switch it on and off at need and will.

Convenient features like multi-position side handles are also there in place to enable you to handle projects set at any angle with ease. Going over the board, Silk this time renders the handle as vibration-protected. Thus you will enjoy added control and comfort while working.

Being a corded angle, it features a fairly long 8″ rubber cord that is durable and provides maneuverability. Now you can reach a distant project without stopping or pausing.

There is wrench storage attached with the handle to reach when needed and it will not be lost now. In the same line, the tool-free guard allows quick and easy swapping of the grinder wheel. With so many accessories and designs, it weighs no more than 5 lbs earning the tag of a lightweight angle grinder. So you can work to extend the time without fatigue.

Note: To summarize, the SKIL angle grinder is a perfect choice for grinding and sanding all materials, sharpening blades, and cleaning rusted metals.


  • Anti-vibe side handles for comfort and control
  • Extra safety features
  • On-tool storage
  • Huge power
  • Heavy-duty metal gearing

  • No mentionable cons

Metabo Non-lock Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

Let’s start the Metabo angle grinder review with the latest and innovative safety feature – non-lock paddle switch. You have already got this feature briefed in other product descriptions that ensure the safety of both the man and machine.

When and if a power tool drops off, it invites damage for the electronics and injury for the operator. But the non-lock paddling switch will shut the dropped tool off immediately saving both the tool and owner.

Moreover, Metabo comes with such a motor rotating at 10500 rpm for rapid material removal. It stands above the competitors by a 20% more overload capacity. Whenever dealing with heavy-duty applications, you will not suffer reduced torque as it features 8.5 amp ratings.

The fittest angle grinder offers dual mode operation – AC/DC operating modes. Very few models come featured with a dual-mode power source.

Two Metabo-only features are Metabo S-automatic slip clutch and Metabo Quick System – the former to help you with safety and control while the latter enables you to swap disk faster without any tool aid.

The best thing about this grinding tool is that you can operate this lightweight machine with one hand and perform heavy-duty tasks. Because it is lightweight and comes with huge power. And the torque modifies for right-hand handling.

To sum up, it offers an added level of safety and other designs and features that decreases downtime and increases performance.

Note: To sum up, it offers an added level of safety and other designs and features that decreases downtime and increases performance.


  • Lightweight and maneuverable design
  • Feels easy on single-hand
  • Huge power
  • 90-degree rotation for left-handers
  • Safety ensured

  • Long arbor
  • Several awkward buttons
  • The Chinese model is inferior
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402)
DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402)
Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder
Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder Buying Guide

Whenever you are after an angle grinder, you must have a plan in mind or you are up to accomplishing tasks that are best done by the same. But only specifying the intended task is not enough, you have to know many things that make the best purchase. You can only differentiate between the stock and the perfect only through an informed decision. And the factors that call for your attention are as follows.

Disc Size

Size comes first when buying an angle grinder and the size of the disc or wheel determines the size of the grinder. There you need to do a little research as to which is perfect for your task. There are several sizes of angle grinder – 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, and 9″.

The smaller grinders will do better in dealing with cutting, grinding, sharpening, and polishing. Conversely, the larger grinder will serve an identical purpose but they are essential only in heavier applications like construction site works. But 9″ as an angle grinder size is obsolete now as many states don’t allow its uses for the severe danger involved and happened.

Motor Power

Next in importance is the power of the motor. Whatever task you are up to you want torque from an angle grinder. And torque is the production of the motor. To get the best power output from the motor, you must opt for a high wattage motor.

The type of motor plays an inevitable role in its power outage. If you go for a brushless motor alternative dumping the traditional brushed one, you can have better output in the long term.

Speed Ratings

The speed rating is directly connected with the motor. Besides, the power output speed rating is another factor for grinding torque. It refers to the rotations the disc makes per minute – rpm in short. The common speed range of angle grinder revolves around 5000-10000 rpm. Now a day, you quite often come across a motor offering speed more than the mentioned range. In this article, you will encounter two such grinders offering 11000 rpm of speed.

Dust Management

Any power tool and electronics always live the risk of decay caused by dust, rust, and debris. But proper maintenance can save you in this regard. Amazingly enough, modern angle grinders come equipped with dust management accessories to prevent dust and debris from entering the interior electronics to develop decaying dust build-up. These designs or accessories include – wheel guard and cut-off guard.

Moreover, some of the grinding tools here come with a case to store safely after use. This will keep it protected from dust and dirt so long it lies unused.


Comfort in operation is crucial for any power tool. Power tool manufacturers, now a day, address comfort and safety issues in the most efficient ways. In this case, comfort is ensured by the multi-position side handle to reposition it as per the position and angle of the project to work upon. To further this point, a trendy feature like a vibration-free handle is common with the upgraded models. Several of our models here feature this design.

On top of these, lighter weight and compact size go to a great extent to increase comfort while the tool is in use.

Safety Features

An angle grinder may pose several safety concerns of which unwanted start and drop-off damage are the two grave issues. In both cases, there is a serious risk involving both for the man operating and the machine operated. The former will have its answer in the lock-off paddle switch design unable to start without the paddle switch pushed forward. And for the later one, many grinding tools now come with a technology that shut off the grinder if dropped off unwillingly.


Interchangeability involves swapping of wheels and other accessories depending on the task to accomplish. This is a great convenience as you can handle so many applications with a single tool. Therefore, double-check the unit under consideration to be sure of if it has this feature or not.

Soft Start

Angle grinder means having huge power and it’s normal to start with a huge jerk giving the tool a harmful shock. But modern units come with a design to address this issue. The grinders with variable speed share this feature to start soft and avoid mishaps.

Tips for Buying and Using an Angle Grinder

  • A 4.5 or 5-inch angle grinder is good enough for most common DIY projects such as removing grout and mortar or cutting tile and pipe.
  • The vibration of the angle grinder can cause HAVS or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome along with symptoms such as pain and cold sensation in your digits, a loss of sensation in the hands and fingers, and loss of grip strength. A vibration absorbent material or cushion on the grip of the angel grinder can protect your hands from such issues.
  • When you are grinding, always wear PPE or personal protective equipment such as hearing protection, goggles/glasses, and respiratory protection.
  • Before using the grinder, check to make sure the guard and disk are properly attached and tightened. Guards and discs could get loose between uses. Be sure to tighten them before you connect the power to the angle grinder.
  • Generally, well-known brands offer a reliable warranty with their grinder. And they are also the ones who are most likely to honor the warranties and replace the products or parts in case your angle grinder requires any maintenance.

How to Use an Angle Grinder Safe?

So far any power tool is involved; the real safety lies in the accurate handling while operating it rather than solely depending on the safety features and designs. Even the best of the tool with all the safety issues addressed may cause the gravest danger if not used properly. Below you go with the essential guidelines to remain safe while operating an angle grinder.

Go Fully Gear Protected

Yes, however expert a swimmer or diver you are, you should not embark on any underwater job without an oxygen mask. The same here, you should not even think of grinding, welding, and drilling without wearing the face shield. Because dust, debris, and sparks will fly off faster toward you while grinding and only a face-shield is the actual salvation there.

Another gear that calls for the same level of urgency is the hand gloves as you have to put your hand closer to the point of action.

Check for any loose Fittings and the Disc

Whenever you are operating a power tool make sure that there is no loose attachment and the additional accessory you are putting should be the right one.  And when it is an angle grinder, you are dealing with; you should be very careful about the wheel whether it has any crack or other issues. Use a fresh one if the existing one arises a tiny streak of doubt.

Put the Guards Right

Yes, guards, I say. There are two guards – a grinding wheel guard and cut-off guard. For either case, you need to adjust the guard by properly observing the position of the object under operation. If they are not attached in the right angle, you may receive a grave injury.

Check the power Connection

If you are using an electrical grinder, you should take a bit longer to see the power connection is right. Otherwise, it may cause a huge setback at the outset upsetting you.

Ensure the Safety Features

As is mentioned earlier in the buying guard, modern grinding units come featured with effective safety features; make proper use of them. Some features will work spontaneously but others will need your attention and carefulness – paddle switch.

Focus on Comfort

You cannot ensure ultimate comfort only by repositioning the side handle. The ultimate comfort will only come after a certain period of operation. The more time you will pass operating, the more comfortable you will become.

But other than the multi-position and anti-vibe side handle, a compact and lightweight angle grinder can play a very significant role in ensuring comfort and eliminating work fatigue.


How Should You Clear the Confusion between Two Ratings – amp & rpm?

Whatever task you want to accomplish – grinding, cutting, sharpening, polishing, and more – you need the torque from the angle grinder. To go clearer, you need strong or forceful torque to get the grinding task done. What is torque anyway? Torque is the force or strength the motor provides to move the disc or wheel.

Therefore, you should not confuse torque and rpm. Taking torque for rpm, many people go for higher rpm thinking that it will give them more force to get tougher applications done easily and quickly. But torque depends on another factor called amp rating besides the rpm. Amp or ampere is what power a motor can outpour in an hour or a minute.

When both the amp rating and rpm rating are high combined, you will get higher torque. You can get a clear idea from the example below.

Suppose you have a motor featured with a 7 amp rating and 11000 rpm and another motor having the same amp rating but a lower rpm. Then you will get higher or more forceful torque from the later one. With the same amp rating torque is inversely proportional to the speed rating.

Conversely, if you are to pick one motor from the two –i) with 6 amp rating and 10000 rpm and ii) 8 amp rating and 10000 rpm – you should go for the second one for more torque. With the same speed rating, torque is directly proportional to the amp rating or current rating.

But between the two motors having the same current rating and different speed ratings, the one with the higher speed rating will give weaker torque as torque is inversely proportional to the speed rating.

The current rating is that the power outage can handle motor speed up to its capacity. That means a motor with a higher speed rating should have a higher amp rating too to produce powerful torque.

How to Pick the Best Motor from the Average Ones?

The idea of good, bad, and best motor is somewhat a no-brainer discourse. But to make an amateur buyer of an angle grinder successfully differentiate between a sophisticated and stock motor, we need to use such terminology.

When I am saying the best motor, I must mean the motor equipped with sophisticated designs and features other than its current rating and speed rating. The numbers indicating amp rating and speed rating can give you the impression of how powerful a motor is. But there is something much more when you chose a motor in this age of technological excellence.

A motor is a combined mechanism of many interior parts and those parts tend to decay over time. Therefore, smart manufacturers introduce an innovative design that protects the coils, bearings, and the motor from dust, debris, and dirt. this sealing of the motor from dust and debris is addressed defiantly by different manufacturers.

For your better understanding, I will take to our DEWALT and Makita brand angle grinder that tackles the issue under discussion in their own but efficient ways. Whereas Makita ensures the protection by rubber labyrinth rings and a coat of zigzag varnish, the DEWALT exclusive offer is its trademark Dust Ejection System.

Not to mention, whenever you will come across such a unique design offered by any brand, this should normally be the preferred option to the one that has no such reference. Another sign of a sophisticated motor is the one featured with overload protection.

Thus how you can single out the best motor from the good and good from the bad.

What are the Lock-on and Lock-Off Confusion? Is it Something Crucial?

Yes, there may be confusion among the novices about the lock-on and lock-off features of modern angle grinders. And it is pretty important to eliminate this confusion. Both lock-on and lock-off are trendy features introduced to address the practical issues raised by consumers. Manufacturers go over the board only when they feel that there is a demand at the field level.

Traditional angle grinders needed their on-button pressed to run it and so long you work you needed to keep that button pressed. With the lock-on button, you get free of the hassle of applying force on the button. When you are operating with a power tool, you need to control and maneuver it the way the task demand. So, the lock-on button angle grinder comes as a handy solution here as you now need not engage energy elsewhere. But it too has a potential risk a by-product and it will go on rotating the disc even when dropped off if the switch is locked on.

To address this risk, there comes the lock-off feature. An angle grinder featured with a lock-off design will never start unwontedly as you need to push back the lock-off lever to start it by switching the paddle switch on.

I hope now the confusion is over.

What is an Angle grinder?

An angle grinder is a power tool comprised of many crucial parts – the motor and the wheel is the most crucial. It is a versatile tool to grind metal, cut through concrete and metal, rout out mortar, sand, and polish surfaces, sharpening blades, and more. Two types of grinders are available – i) corded and ii) cordless.

If you are an auto shop owner, a construction contractor, a metal shop owner, and even a DIY hobbyist, you may need this tool.

Can Angle Grinder Cut Metal?

Yes, you can cut metal sheets or metal objects by using an angle grinder. You just need to know how an angle grinder works. With that knowledge, you have to be with several pieces of equipment around you – c-clamp, and workbench – besides the safety gears. The safety gears include heavy-duty gloves, face-shield, and a full—sleeve shirt. The c-clamp will help you keep the metal fixed while cutting through it.

How to Release or Swap an Angle Grinder Disc?

If your angle grinder is the latest one, you can remove the disc without any tool. They call it the tool-free disc release feature. In case, you fail to release it bare hand, you should understand that you need the help of tools and further effort without the tools may cause the disc to break into pieces or crack it.

Whether it is with or without the tool, the job is the same and that is to turn the disc in the opposite direction to what the disc arrow is suggesting. The tools that may come handy in this connection include flattened wrenches, improvised spanners, screwdriver, and vice grips.

What Kind of Tasks Can I Use an Angle Grinder for?

Angle grinders are versatile tools. They can grind metal and cut stucco, pavers, and tile rout out mortar. They can be used to sharpen, polish, and sand as well.

How are the Discs on an Angle Grinder Changed?

Use the palm of your hand to strike the disc in the reverse direction of the arrow on the disc. This should make the nut lose enough to remove it with your fingers.


To avoid repetitions, the sum-up part of this long article will just tell you about the pick angle grinders as everything is covered by now. DEWALT, Makita, and Porter+Cable are the three best angle grinders you may opt for without a second thought. The rest of the products can fall into the category of the best by any consideration but the brand value works in favor of the mentioned three.

On top of that, they come equipped with sophisticated designs and features that will reap the benefits of your investment.

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