Best Draw Knife- Reviews & Buying Guide For 2024

Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool
Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool
FLEXCUT 5 inch Draw Knife, High Carbon Steel Blade, Ergonomic Ash Handle
FLEXCUT 5 inch Draw Knife, High Carbon Steel Blade, Ergonomic Ash Handle
Ox-Head KR3752500 10" x 1-3/8" Straight Drawknife
Ox-Head KR3752500 10" x 1-3/8" Straight Drawknife

Want to get the best draw knives? Woodworking can be a passionate skill that gradually becomes better as you practice it more and more. The art of woodwork can give you the independence to decorate your home or office with amazing wooden items crafted by yourself, which are usually expensive in buying terms. However, this skill can be learned and put into action with the correct tools in your arsenal.

When it comes to woodworkers’ toolbox, the draw knife wood working tool perhaps is the most important one. It is a traditional woodworking tool that is used to shape woods by carving out chunks out of them. Usually, a drawknife consists of two handles to hold on to on each side and has a razor-sharp cutting edge blade in the middle.

Among many other uses of drawknives, the most common ones include slicing a large chunk of wood, debarking the tree, and creating cylindrical billets for further woodworks. Drawknives also serve as great shaving knifes for shaping designs, take the curve of a hand-made bat for example.

The thin, yet razor-sharp blade in the middle helps to shape complex concave or convex curves.

Unlike most carving knives where the blade is required to push away from you, drawing knife works in the exact opposite way by “draw” the knife towards you.

What this will do is, help you to smoothen the wood’s surface in which you can do further detailed work. Although both of them can be used for similar purposes, the difference lies in flexible blade, motion and craftsman’s preference.

Best Drawknives Review – Where Can I Buy a Drawknife

In this best draw knife review, we’ll introduce you with some of the most selling and best drawknives available on the market.

Timber Tuff Straight Draw Shave Tool TMB-08DS

Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8"

You will have to put very little effort into cutting the firewood, fence post, and many more things accurately. It has a 30-degree angle blade which is 8” in size and has a thickness of 5mm giving you the best result of accuracy. You will feel comfortable while gripping the well-designed wooden handles.

There is a blade protector given along with the product. This included blade protector lets the blade remain sharp and also protects people from the blade and the blade itself. Just sharpen it with sharpening stones whenever necessary and use it. No additional cost is there.

The product is satisfying the customer’s perceived value of the product. The detachable wood grip handles are very useful while working on fixed tools. This drawknife can help to put the blade in a narrower place. The design is said to be one of the best in the market. The hardened steel made blade is enough sharp to rely on it.

Unlike other draw knives, it does not bend or twist while used with immense pressure. Even with the speedy cut, the drawknife remains under control. The blade of the straight draw knife seems to remain hard and straight however it is not useful in some areas. With more sharpening, the product seems to work better than before. The drawknife is not sharpened well so you can’t start working immediately after purchase.


  • A sharp blade with pressure consuming ability.
  • The durability of the drawknife is long.
  • The price of the product is lower compared to the value it provides.
  • It also provides a material warranty for one year.

  • It requires some sharpening right out of the box.
  • There are some indications for making the product more comfortable with bending.
  • The edge does not get the expected return as it requires continuous sharpening.

Flexcut High Carbon Steel Blade DrawKnife


If you are working with a concave or convex surface then the drawknife is for you. It takes less time to a comfortable finished shape to design with this craving tool. To protect the user a leather sheath is also given with the product.

It comes with a special design for the woodcarver’s professionals who like to keep their tasks simple and efficient. The bevel side of the blades is done by hand and each and every one of them is tested on various kinds of materials before packaging. One can easily go on two to three short term projects with a single sharpening.

These draw knives have blade shafts to have maximum control while cutting woods. The design also contributes to a long hour of work without any occurrence of off-hand pain. draw knives are very painful to use hours after hours. The user gets tired of work because of the hand pain and the flex cuts omit those pains. That contributes directly to the quality of the work.

It uses a good gripping system that keeps the user safe from any unwanted accidents. Sometimes it comes as a complaint from the customers that the product works well for several hours but the handle needs to be tightened after that, which is a serious problem considering the accident that can occur from the consequences.


  • The blades are very sharp. It does not require frequent sharping day after day.
  • It does not require sharpening right out of the box. It can be used right after the purchase.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Better updated
  • The grip is great that is resulted by the ergonomic ash hardwood.
  • The product is made in the U.S.A. which gives it more credibility than the others in the market.

  • The chemical it contains said to be the cause of cancer, reproduction problems, and birth defect problems by the state of California.
  • A serious handle problem has identified.
  • Sometimes the design itself does not let the user work comfortably.

Ox-Head Straight Drawknife OX3752500

Ox-Head 10" x 1-3/8" Straight Drawknife, OX3752500

If you are searching for durability then the drawknife is for you. It is exceptional quality German steel (where steels are considered one of the best of the world) favored by many customers around the globe. People value a brand that has been producing a product for a longer time and continuing to give that same value to create a brand value. That is what separates OX-Head from the rest of the products. It has the best cutting edges and the ergonomic grips protect the user and make their experience of cutting wood the best.

The product can go on for project after project if it is checked and used regularly. The bevel of the blade does not require additional work hours for the sharping. The large edge size makes it comfortable and fastens the work pace of the worker working on Logs and poles.

The handles are ensured with grips through the knife tang’s security. The grips are there to protect the user from the blade. The company must provide a sheath with the product which they don’t. nowadays it is a necessity for protection.

The design is very scientific and handles are positioned to get the best work out of the users. The single piece of the blade makes less effort on the product as it contributes to the durability also. The product is heavy work-friendly.

It is tough for the light work to be handled by this draw knife. People want to purchase such a product at a lower cost. You are going to get quality, durability, flexibility, comfort, etc. in a single product.


  • Longer lasting sharpness
  • Well reputed brand
  • The edge is quite large in size which makes it comfortable
  • Long durability
  • The handles are secured by their grip quality.

  • The product is considered highly expensive for the draw knife markets.
  • The sheath does not come with the product.
  • The design is good for heavier work.

BeaverCraft Straight Debarking Draw Knife DK1-4.3″

BeaverCraft Draw Knife DK1-4.3" Straight Debarking Shave Woodworking Hand Tool Bark Knife Wood Carving Splitting Knife Wood Splitter Tool (Draw Knife DK1)

If you are hunting for quality and out of the box razor sharpness in your wood shaping tool, BeaverCraft is back again with their Draw Knife DK1-4.3″, the best drawknife money can buy. Made of high carbon steel, the blade of the splitter ensures a firm cut that will make wood shaping effortless and give your project a flawless outlook. This drawknife is capable of straight as well as concave cuts, given its splitting design.

The heavy duty steel made blade of DK1 is stainless and can cut through almost any category of wood. The way it works is in a pull technique, where the wood needs curved draw shaved finishing which is back and forth to get a smooth surface. Given its simplistic design, you can easily and effortlessly wield it and make precise cuts on your own.

The best thing about Draw Knife DK1-4.3″ is that you can start working on your project ASAP without worrying too much about the sharpness. Its large ergonomic handles ensure comfort which is a great factor that can contribute to the quality of your project, making it easier for you to slice down a big chunk of wood and let your creativity shine on it. Working on smaller wood projects, taking chair spindles, for example, is easier than ever with DK1 due to the blade being lighter.

With Draw Knife DK1, you can slice through bark woods easily which can be quite frustrating with ordinary drawknives as they are hard on the surface. This knife will prove to be an affordable addition to your workstation while bringing quality to it. It’s the best draw knife for peeling logs.

However, some might find it puzzling how to take care of the blade’s sharpness as it does not come with any instruction and might become dull over a longer period of usage. Its usage is limited to smaller projects, and some users find it difficult for more prominent woodwork.


  • Razor-sharp blades straight out of the box.
  • Comfortable to work with.
  • Ensures precise slices.
  • Slices through hardwoods effortlessly.
  • A quality knife that is actually affordable.

  • Doesn’t come with any instruction manual
  • Not suitable for large projects.

Two Cherries Drawknife with Straight Blade

Two Cherries 500-1320 225-Millimeter Drawknife with Straight Blade

When it comes to high-quality German steel blades, Two Cherries is a versatile drawknife that will meet your wood carving needs. Shaping and removing large chunks of excessive wood can be quite tricky and Two Cherries is the best drawknife for removing large quantities of wood quickly. This durable drawknife can assist you with any wood craftsmanship, starting from carving chunks of wood to crafting chairs and shingles.

Two Cherries is a straight-edged drawknife and is forged traditionally. Among many of its attributes, it is heat-treated and has a wooden fitting handle. Two Cherrie’s 90° handle which is preferred by many over other 45° handled drawknives that are available online, offers a variety of carving.

If you prefer precision on your wood project and want to make precise cuts, thankfully Two Cherries blade is razor-sharp to cater to your need. Two Cherries has an amazing handle design that provides an excellent grip while working with it, making your life easier.

As plenty of drawknives are available online, it becomes quite challenging to find the right one on your available budget. Two cherries are without a doubt a bargain at its given price point in terms of the quality it provides. The high-grade material used in this product ensures the longevity of the tool so that you shouldn’t have to worry about degradation while shaping your project.

The downside to this knife is that the blades are not thick enough and some users are facing a bending issue with the blade over a medium usage period. Two Cherries doesn’t come with any blade guard for safely storing it in your workbench.


  • Perfect for spoon Carving projects.
  • It offers precise slices.
  • Reduces grip strain.
  • Cheaper while better than others.
  • Lasts longer.

  • Has bending issue of the blade
  • When it comes to working station safety, it might result in harmful incidents.

Stubai Drawknife

Stubai Drawknife

Made with traditional steel produced in Stubai Valley, Austria, Stubai Drawknife is one of the best drawknives out there for you to choose from. Having a blade length of 9 1/4″, this mid-sized drawknife will fit your general woodworking purpose perfectly. The name “Stubai” itself represents industrial quality and is preferred by many.

Being the biggest hand tool manufacturer in Austria, the Stubai tool industry’s primary goal is product quality. Ultimately the high-grade steel forges in a sharper and reliable knife which is the perfect spoke shave for wood shaping. Whether you need it for furniture craftsmanship or to build personal projects, you can count on Stubai Drawknife.

With their high-grade industrial metal blade, Stubai is great while working on larger wood projects. Stubai is a wise pick compared to other blades available online. Its handles are quite extensive and help to cut through wood like butter.

If you are looking for a keen-edged blade, the Stubai Drawknife is just the thing you need. Stubai Drawknife can be used to remove plasters from molds besides its regular wood shaping.

Some users complained that the knife had tooling marks on it upon arrival. The downside of Stubai being suitable for mid to large-range projects is that it might prove to be tricky to cut small-diameter logs with it.


  • It offers high durability.
  • Excellent for mid to large projects.
  • Ensures comfortable handling.
  • Higher precision slices.
  • Multiple usages.

  • Further sharpening might be required.
  • It is less effective with smaller projects.

How You’ll Choose the Best Drawknife-Buyer’s Guide

The most important task before you start your wood project is to find the ideal drawknife among other tools. The task is not as easy as it might seem, rather it can be frustrating and time consuming for you if you are not sure what to look for.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and your project’s requirements.

A quality drawknife will have a razor-sharp blade that will make your wood shaping experience effortless and precise. Also, the handles have to be taken into consideration as the more comfortable you will be with the grip, the lesser the chance of grip strain. Multipurpose use also adds to the quality of a drawknife besides wood peeling and debarking.

Drawknives come in different shapes and sizes. However, this variety also serves a different purpose and is suitable for certain specific woodwork. Take Beaver Craft Draw Knife DK1 for example. This knife is suitable for small to medium projects and can be used for different splitting designs. Then we have Stubai Drawknife which is more towards the industrial grade and works well for both medium and large projects.

The main challenge is to find the knife which serves your purpose best. To make things easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best drawknives out there which might be just the thing you need for your craft.

Points to be Considered Before Buying a Drawknife

  • Sharpness:

    Before buying the knife one must know about the sharpness of the drawknife. The most essential feature is the sharpness of the product. The output quality of the work depends on it. It doesn’t matter about the brand when you know how to share it properly.

  • Size:

    It is best to use a smaller draw knife if the work itself is not large. Draw knives are used to have proper control over the work. Smaller ones can be controlled more than the larger ones. You can easily go through any portion of wood if the tools are small enough to fit into it.

  • Number:

    Draw knives are like bows. You can have several ones but in the end, you will end up using one of your favorite ones the most. Having a couple of draw knives will help you work on different furniture which comes in different sizes. And the best one will allow you to draw the best you’re out of you.

  • Versatility:

    There are many times when a worker requires a draw knife that bends a lot and also there are times when a straight blade is needed the most. We cannot go for the same brand or product here. The versatility of the job has made the draw knives versatile. And we need to make sure that we are purchasing both with their required features.

  • Support Screw:

    Check for the support screws where the pressure will be when bending the drawknife. These screws of the handle are a necessity so that the blade does not fall apart. If the screws are not checked properly it can cause a serious accident. It is better to verify.

Not just the time of purchase only. These screws need to be checked for the whole life of the product. There are many of heavy work always going on with the product. So, it is best to check the tightness of the screw in a couple of days to avoid an accident.

  • Sheath Protection: 

    Look for the sheath protection for your hand. The model that comes with the sheath is better. Anyone can get hurt by a drawknife if it is not protected carefully. Even the unboxing of a product can be dangerous if it isn’t protected properly. 

A draw knife has very sharp blades which can be dangerous in various ways. Look for ways to get protected before buying. Consider purchasing the one that offers additional protection material.

  • Blades: 

    Draw knife blades that are very dull need to go through extensive work every day. It needs to be sharpened every day. That requires a lot of work hours. Go for the ones that do not have a dull blade. That way you will be able to save so much of your time and energy. Also, a knife with a dull blade is likely to break earlier.

Many kinds of blades can be used in different ways. Some blades may not work in different areas, some blades can be multipurpose ones. Firstly, knowing which kind of blade you need to achieve work success is also necessary. Then if the blades are working perfectly need to be checked. So, it’s best to check the blades thoroughly before purchasing.

  • Design:

    There are curved and straight blades. Curved blades are for a deeper cut. They go in for large wood and also curved wood. And the straight one is for a smooth cut. But no matter which one you use it needs to be considered that learning comes from the experience of your work.

  • Fitting:

    One of the common problems of drawknives is that they become uncomfortable to use if the handles are not well designed or not well fitted. So to do the extensive work the handle needs to be fitted well otherwise the quality of the work will decrease.

Make sure to try it out before the purchase. See if the handles are attached properly or not. Cause sometimes it requires drill bits for tightening screws to set a handle of the drawknife.

  • Cutting Process:

    The process of cutting needs to be easier with your tools. The design of the product makes it easier and also sometimes makes it harder to use. So check if you are comfortable with the design or not.

Sometimes people do not feel comfortable about the new models because they have already mastered the early ones by using them. So before purchase, one needs to know about their preferences of design and work.

  • Variety:

    Keep several options for several work categories. Do not use the same tool for different work. It is best to identify the draw knife by using it over the years which one is adjusting more to achieve the job perfectly.

  • Ease of Usage:

    The drawknives are being replaced by the power cut machines. But many workers prefer their hands more than machines. So the products are made especially for the comfort that people require. There are a large number of products that are putting their value only to the comfort that customer desires. So in a way, you are purchasing that value after verifying from the company. So take no excuses when the question is about your comfort.

  • Price:

    A high price does not always mean that the product is the best and a low price do not always mean that the product quality is not good. So the price is not that much of a considerable fact. The drawknife needs to grab possibilities around the area of your expertise.

  • Product Warranty:

    Product warranty is a considerable fact and exactly what you should look for. Some companies give even three years of material warranties. The warranties matter because low-quality materials are there everywhere. Companies tend to give warranties more with the products that they have the confidence of.

Bonus: How to Sharpen a Drawknife

After purchasing your suitable drawknife, the next challenge is to keep it sharp to maintain durability. Many users find their drawknives getting dull over some period of usage and lack the knowledge about how to sharpen them. It can be quite tricky, but with some guidance, you can do it on your own.

Sharpening your knife not only increases time efficiency but also results in beautiful-looking

crafts. Also, the life of your drawknife can be extended if it is taken care of from time to time by honing it. Users often complain about the sharpness being dull without taking proper care of it.

While sharpening your knife, you should be extra cautious because let’s face it, you are dealing with sharp edges here. You might cut your fingers and the worst-case scenario? is a trip to the ER for stitches. You should know which method you are going for and know exactly how to implement it.

Here are The Steps you Might Follow to Sharpen Your Drawknife

  1. The very first and logical thing for you to do is put on Kevlar gloves. These gloves are usually cut-resistant and will save you from paying a visit to the ER.
  2. You can use a simple fixture and two-inch pony clams to hold the drawknife in the fixture, leaving both of your hands free for you to work with.
  3. Then you can use the stone to sharpen the blade’s edges one side at a time. Different kinds of stone can be used available to you and each of them will have different efficiency. We suggest diamond stones which work fast.
  4. Continue using both of your hands in a back-and-forth or circular motion to sharpen your drawknife.

Sharpening your drawknife can be a piece of cake if you know what you are doing. Stay cautious and don’t be in a rush while sharpening your knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main difference between the curve and straight draw knives?

A: Curve draw knives are for a deep cut. While on the other hand, the straight draw knives are designed to give you a smooth cut.

Q: Which one should we use?

A: The main difference is the difference in inconvenience. You use whichever you feel is better for your job on hand.

Q: How many kinds of draw knives are there?

A: You can find nine different kinds and their uses in Graham Blackburn’s book.

Q: How do I know that the user is safe while using a draw knife?

A: Look for the handle grip, and additional leather sheaths, and stay safe by knowing your work yourself.

The Verdict

Judging by all of the factors above, we recommend BeaverCraft Draw Knife DK1-4.3″ for your best pick. DK1’s out-of-the-box razor sharpness is a huge go sign as you can straight away start working on your project. Not only it require less maintenance, but it also is the most comfortable to handle drawknife compared to other ones. It’s the best draw knife for removing the bark.

Stubai Drawknife is also an honorable mention given its great craftsmanship, quality material, and simplistic handle design. It stands out of the crowd with its application on medium to large projects, a setback with the other drawknives that we have mentioned earlier.

If your budget is low and you need a simplistic drawknife, we suggest Two Cherries 500-1320 225-Millimeter Drawknife which is available only for $49.61 on Amazon. Its precise cut, spoon carving, and grip strain reduction add up to the value.

Apart from these, there are some good brands like Cramyra draw knife, Gransfors Bruk, Lumberjack Tools, etc. However, it all comes down to your personal preference and the attribute you are looking for on your drawknife of choice. We hope that this article will help you clear up your mind, make you realize what to look for, and give you a sense of direction toward picking the best drawknife. Now you be the judge and pick up your ideal drawknife.

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