What is a Pin Nailer?

Pin nailers and bard nailers are similar-looking tools that have some overlap in function. So, what is pin nailer? A pin nailer may be a sort of nail gun that releases pin-like fasteners. Commonly, pin nailers use a 23-gauge, headless nail.

Since the nail is headless, people call it a “pin.” Having no head also means that pins leave a very small hole, which will not require wood putty in many circumstances. Most pin nailers use 1-inch pins, though, in some rare circumstances, you can find pin nailers with capacities up to 2 inches. Because pins are so short and narrow, it makes it hard for them to split wood, which means they’re good for use with delicate pieces.

How Pin Nailer Works?

Easily to pin insert: You may use pin nailer in many ways. It is very easy to insert the pin in the pin nailer. You can easily open the magazine, pop in the pins, and start working.

Comfortable to work: Felling comfort is the main matter to do work with any device. When you start work by it, you can easily carry on it by your hand and feel comfortable to continue your work. In another machine, maybe you can’t get this facility.

Easy working system: Pin nailer is a type of machine which working system is very easy. You may use it to trim, refine, and fasten various items of different sizes. Pin nailers are best suited for the most delicate of trim pieces, tiny furniture trim, and super thin veneers where other larger-gauge guns might split the wood. 

Additional Tips:

  • You should always follow the tool manufacturer’s operating and safety instruction manual.
  • Always use compatible nails within the gun.
  • Keep your finger off from the trigger while moving the pin nailer.
  • Inspect the nailer and repair or replace damaged parts before use pin nailer.
  • Pin nailer isn’t a toy, so keep it far away from children.

Which Pin Nail Gun is best for you?

In my point of view, I have discussed two best pin nail gun for the DIY project is as follows;  

Fasco 11297F F23C 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

  • Fasco 11297F allows up 2 inches pin, and it is considered as a strong pin nailer.
  • It offers a noise muffler for silent operation.
  • You can use the narrow nose for tight spot nailing.


Grex P635 23-Gauge Pin Nailer:

It is used for high-quality build forming.

  • It offers extended narrow as well as a no-Mar nose for better accuracy and accessing tight spots.
  • It prevents misfires by using a double trigger mechanism.

From these two types of the nailer, the Grex P635 23-Gauge pin Nailer is best for use.


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  1. Can pin nailers be dangerous? 

The answer is big Yes! When working with any tool, there are dangers. There’s a lot of pressure being put behind those nails, so always use caution.

  1. Is a brad nailer the same type as a pin nailer? 

The brad nailer is headed and doesn’t provide that perfect finish to your projects. They’re visible if used for craftsmanship. Brad nails are firmer and hold on to the fabric with more strength than pin nails.

Final Thought

While most pin nailers look very alike, there are a lot of various choices, and finding the proper one might be a challenge. Hopefully, throughout this article, you’ve got narrowed down your personal needs and what features you’re trying to find for in a pin nailer. A pin nailer is often a strong, valuable, and efficient tool to have by your side during a good plethora of projects.

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