Best Sofa Legs Reviews In 2024

When we decide the buy a sofa or couch for your living room, very few of us concentrate on the sofa legs. Often times, the looks of the legs take precedence over the strength and durability. The sofa legs should be a great combination of both attractive appearance and strong durability.

While buying a set of sofa legs online, most of us get easily confused by the misleading reviews and buying guides. It’s possible that we went up buying something we don’t want and need.

In this article, we will be dealing with this simple yet mostly ignored issue. How can we find the best sofa legs and where to find those?

We will be covering an IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of the top 6 types of sofa legs for today’s date. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type, comparing the benefits and drawbacks side by side, and giving our honest opinion on each.

KEEP READING TILL THE END to find out how to get a great set of sofa legs that can last, can enhance the beauty of your living room, and can save your hard-earned money at the same time.


Let’s hop in!

Wood Sofa Legs

Furniture made out of wood has always been preferred by people as long as we can remember. It puts a natural look to your room like you’re close to nature. You can add a wooden touch to your modern sofa to get a serene harmony of nature and modernization. Or like adding a minimal touch of style to your furniture. Even if your furniture is made out of wood, furniture legs made from wood blends in perfectly too.

AORYVIC 8-inch Wood Furniture Legs Replacement Sofa Legs (Pack of 4)

AORYVIC 8-inch Wood Furniture Legs Replacement Sofa Legs

This easy to install sofa legs already comes with US standard 5/16′ bolts, which can be installed within 10 minutes without any hassle. They are 8” in size. Each piece of the sofa leg is well finished with a black painting made from solid wood and finished under strict quality control. The package comes in 4 pieces of sofa legs an order and weighs around 800lbs that fit your sofa as well as dresser, TV, etc.

You have two options for this product: 6-Inch and 8-Inch

AlemonFurniture Legs Sofa Replacement Parts Wooden Sofa Legs(Set of 4)

AlemonFurniture Legs Sofa Replacement Parts Wooden Sofa Legs
These products are made out of hardwood with dark cherry finish in burgundy color. The perfect furniture legs for similar colored furniture you have. The package consists of four pieces an order without screws. These can be used to raise the height of your sofa or change the style by replacing the legs. The dimensions are: Height: 5″, Top Width: 2″, Bottom Width: 1 3/8″

New Dimension Bun Feet Dark Walnut Sofa Legs (Set of 4)

New Dimension Bun Feet Dark Walnut Sofa Legs

Tired of your old long furniture legs? This round shaped set of sofa legs are made out of Malaysian rubberwood. They give your furniture a new look. The package comes with four pieces of sofa legs, which are made in colonial style. The products are suitable for sofas as well as chairs and beds etc.

These legs will add a funky touch to your furniture.

AORYVIC Wood Furniture Legs 3-inch for Square Couch (Pack of 4)

AORYVIC Wood Furniture Legs 3-inch for Square Couch

If you’re tired of dull long or round-shaped sofa legs, it’s your lucky day. In a world full of pollution, these mid-century stylish furniture legs are made out of eco-friendly rubberwood and are well finished with a brown color, which is easy to install. Accessories and instruction guides are provided for connecting.

Acrylic sofa legs

Are you searching for something different that blends well with your modern home décor? Your search is over. Transparent acrylic sofa legs give the subtle touch of a modern look that goes perfectly with your interior. These legs go well with any furniture have.

AORYVIC 4-inch Pyramid Acrylic Glass Bookcase Feet (Pack of 4)

AORYVIC 4-inch Pyramid Acrylic Glass Bookcase Feet

These Beautiful pyramid shaped sofa legs are made of acrylic. They are well polished and finished under strict quality control. The legs are attached with a 5/16 hanger bolt and are easy to install. The quality legs are modern and robust enough to support or raise your sofa. These are the perfect replacements to upgrade your house decor.

The furniture legs are made of high-quality acrylic and are well-polished. They are under strict quality control to ensure that each piece is flawless.

The bright legs have a beautiful look, modern, transparent, and sleek. Each Sturdy leg can support up to 200 lbs.

You have three options to choose from: 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch.

Metal Chrome Sofa Legs

Bored with your typical wood sofa legs? Want to try something new? Furniture legs made from metal might bring newness to your furniture and your home décor. These rugged-looking sofa legs might be the thing that you’re looking for.

Alemon Straight Metal Chrome Sofa Legs Replacement Parts(Set of 4)

Alemon Straight Metal Chrome Sofa Legs Replacement Parts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a metal fan or not; these metal chrome sofa legs will make your furniture look better. To upgrade or raise the height of your sofa, these metal chrome sofa legs are perfect for you. The package includes four pieces of sofa legs each 6 inches tall and 4.8-inches long. The sofa legs are made out of iron with chrome plate brushed finishing and plastic glide on the bottom which protects hard floors. The package also includes 16 screws.

You have two options to choose from

– 6 Inch high

– 7 Inch high

Plastic Sofa Legs

Sofa Legs made from plastic go with your furniture well too. They bring out the best look out of your furniture, which blends with your interior very nicely.

GGLTECK Tapered Plastic Sofa Couch and Chair Legs (Set of 4)

GGLTECK Tapered Plastic Sofa Couch and Chair Legs

This particular product is compatible with the IKEA furniture M8 8mm, or any US made furniture. The dimensions of this product are 4.7-inches high, 2.3-inches wide, and come with 5/16″ pre-installed hanger bolt. This super-strong HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) heavy-duty plastic can extend the service life than wood for daily use. These sofa legs are beautifully black colored wood-grain patterned, which goes with any décor. This might be your perfect sofa leg replacement. Which may also be used to raise the height that leaves storage space under your furniture.

IKEA Sofa Legs

If you want replacement sofa legs like IKEA, this product may just be perfect for you.

LEGHEADS 6 Inch M8 IKEA Replacement Furniture Legs(Set of 4)

IKEA Sofa Legs

These superior quality lightweight furniture raisers are easy to install. They come four in a package with a felt floor protector, furniture pads, furniture feet included as a bonus. Perfect for IKEA furniture legs, these legs are made from Thermoplastic (ABS). The dimensions are 6-inches high, top diameter 2-inches, bottom diameter 1.2-inches. They come with an M8/8mm bolt thread.

Screw Mount Sofa Legs

These sofa legs set are universal. You can use it almost in any furniture in any situation. This particular product will fit the best for you.

Anwenk5″ M8 IKEA Replacement Legs with Leg Mounting Plates(Set of 4)

Anwenk5″ M8 IKEA Replacement Legs with Leg Mounting Plates

These sofa legs come with everything you might need to install. They are made from solid oak hardwood and are expertly crafter and constructed to ensure long service life. They are coated with varnish so that it can maintain their natural wood color. These are easy to install; all you need to do is to drill M8 holes in the furniture legs.

Even if your furniture is a European standard, the hanger bolt will allow you to convert standard European legs to US standard legs.

You have three different color options to choose from

  • Natural Wood Legs 5”
  • Natural Wood Legs 5” (M8)
  • Walnut Furniture Legs 6”

Furniture legs may not seem essential and overlooked most of the time, but they are pretty crucial for your home interior and your furniture as well. These little minor things display your taste and show how much effort you have given to your furniture as well as the décor. Not only for the display, but the furniture legs are also the critical support to the weight that has been carried by your furniture.

There are so many types of sofa legs out there. We’ve picked the best sofa legs for you. All you have to do is to go through the products and select the best one that suits you. Now it’s your time to come out of typical boring designs and choose the best one that goes according to your taste and ambiance of your room.


Q1. If anyone wants to install furniture legs on an Ikea couch, does he have to install any additional hardware?

Answer: Plates are needed. However, threaded plates are pre-installed in IKEA’s couch. With those plates, you are good to go.

Q2. Do screws come with AlemonWooden Sofa Legs (Replacement parts)?

Answer: There are built-in screws with the leg, and the screw is a part of the leg.

Q3. How long does the threaded portion protrude from the top of the leg in Alemon wooden sofa legs?

Answer: It is around 1 inch, more or less.

Q4. How far do the threaded bolts of AORYVIC Wood Furniture legs extend above the top of the leg?

Answer: The hanger bolt extends 1 inch above the top of the furniture legs.

Q5. How to operate the AORYVIC furniture legs?

Answer: It is very easy to operate and install as it comes with the bracket and screws.

Q6. Can Bun Feet Dark Walnut Sofa Legs be screwed into the wood?

Answer: You cannot screw in these sofa legs into the wood directly. For this, you have to drill a hole if the couch doesn’t already come with one.

Q7. Will ‘6″ Solid Wood Furniture Legs’ by SpeedSquare Tools support the Ikea Landskrona sofa?

Answer: Yes, these legs will fit an IKEA Landskrona sofa. For this, you have to simply remove the existing IKEA legs and install the universal mounting plates which are included in the package. Then screw the new legs into the plates.

Q8. Will SpeedSquare solid wooden furniture legs work with a Besta storage unit?

Answer: Yes, these will work with a Besta storage unit. But you will have to use the mounting plates to secure the legs which are included in the package.

Q9. Can ‘3-inch Square Couch Legs’ by AORYVIC be used for a bed?

Answer: They are pretty short, better for chairs and will also give your sofa a nice look. However, they are not likely to do very well in bed.

Q10. Is the whole leg of 4 inch Pyramid Acrylic Furniture DIY Legs clear, or there is metal on the bottom?

Answer:  The entire leg is clear, with no metal on the bottom.

Q11. What is the size of the bolts of ‘4 inches Pyramid Acrylic Furniture DIY Legs’ by AORYVIC and how to install the legs?

Answer: The bolts of the sofa legs are standard M8 screws meaning that 8mm in diameter. The furniture legs are easy to install. You need to drill holes, and then screw in the legs. They fit on all kinds of furniture, including couch feet, coffee table legs, bench legs, TV cabinet legs, consoles, sideboards, beds, and so on.

Q12. Are ‘6-inch Straight Metal Chrome Sofa Legs’ by Alemon sturdy enough for full-size beds? Also, do you need to put them into furniture feet brackets? Or just screw them directly into the bed?

Answer: It would depend on the materials of the bed frame. If it is a wood frame, then yes, it is sturdy enough. Additionally, you can screw the legs directly into the wooden frame. However, they are sturdy enough for a sofa.

Q13. How much weight can the ‘Plastic Sofa Couch and Chair Legs’ by GGLTECK handle?

Answer: Since these couch legs are made with High-Density Polyethylene, Heavy Duty Plastic, you can have them on your large couch that can carry as many as three people. Please be sure you put them in straight.

Q14. Do  ‘Plastic Sofa Couch and Chair Legs M8 Thread’ by GGLTECK work with any sofa or Ikea only?

Answer: These sofa legs will work with any sofa. The mounting bolt is the M8 or 8mm and compatible with Natuzzi and Ikea. If your furniture does not feature the M8 fitting, simply use the included T-plate.

Q15. Can the bolt be removed and replaced in LEGHEADS 6-Inch M8 IKEA Replacement Furniture Legs?

Answer: Yes, the bolt can be removed or replaced.

Q16. For installing on the Ikea kallax, does anybody need any additional pieces or only the legs?

Answer: To install Legheads furniture legs on an Ikea Kallax, you will need “Attachment plates.”

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