Top 10 Best Roll Pin Punch Set in 2024

Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass, Steel, Plastic Punches, Brass
Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass, Steel, Plastic Punches, Brass
Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set
Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set
Starrett Drive Pin Punch Set, 8 Pieces - 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16"
Starrett Drive Pin Punch Set, 8 Pieces - 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16"

If you have a mechanical engineering workshop or you often work with power tools, metals, having the best roll pin punch set will help you get a range of tasks accomplished.

Having a whole array of pin punch set that vary in size can ensure greater detail with precise control and better precision in your applications.

For the dedicated mechanist, an assortment of punch heads makes it easier to cut off unwanted bolt heads, remove stripped screws and even take out nails.

With the ideal tools, you will also avoid unnecessary damage to whatever you’re trying to fix, whether it’s watches, transmissions, or even guns.

We have independently chosen and put together 10 superb sets that are worth a look.

Why Buy a Roll Pin Punch Set?

Roll pin punches are some of the most extensively used tools in mechanical engineering workshops. There are various kinds of solid punches, including the drift, pin, and center punch, just to mention a few.

During operation, you need the center punch to create small point markers to guide the drill and prevent it from going astray.

A solid pin punch, on the other hand, is used to remove pins from a chain. The drift punch plays a role that is quite similar; the only difference is that it helps to drift out pins from a workpiece. Another widely used variation of roll pinch pin is the starter punch that which is similar to is drift punch however it comes with a wider point and a shorter, heavier body. While drift punch takes out pins from workpiece roll pin starter punch is used for installing pins and rivets as well as for their removal.

With the roll pin punch set, it is easier and quicker to perform a whole range of applications with unmatched precision.

10 Best Roll Pin Punch Set Reviews

For the dedicated machinists, one quality punch is simply not enough. If you are in search of a kit with a broader array of sizes for better application precision, here are 10 best roll pin punch sets worth a look.

1. Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

This 16-Piece set of punches can be an overkill for the regular DIY engineer. It is arguably the best punch and chisel set because you get not only 5 tapered punches, 2 center punches, and 5 straight punches, but also related products like 3 cold chisels and a well-crafted chisel gauge.

These steel punches feature hex-shaped shanks that are easy to grip using locking pliers. The set is designed for an array of uses, including spreading and steering knuckles, removing pins and bolts, ball joint separation, and bolt hole alignment.

Even for the weekend warrior, the whole assortment of tools will come in handy if you plan to enhance your skills by trying out new projects in the future.


  • Heat-treated chrome vanadium to prevent mushrooming of heads
  • Chisel gauge included
  • Cost-effective
  • Handles are clearly marked

  • Not ideal for frequent or heavy-duty use


2. Starrett 8-Piece Pin Punch Set

Starrett S565WB Drive Pin Punch 8-Piece Set, 1/16"-5/16" Pin Diameters, 4" Overall Length, In Plastic Case

This set tool kit offers the best quality punches for a good price in today’s market. Even though the price is a little steep, the tools are manufactured for durability. They are made from tempered and hardened steel that makes them resistant to tear and wear.

Gunsmiths swear by this punch set. The feel and build of these gunsmithing tools make them perfect for precision firearms projects. And the smallest pin punches specifically have the precise diameter for all those small pins on your rifles or pistols.

The tools come with a red canister whose lid stays intact. To avoid any inconveniences, remove the top before you begin your projects.


  • Wear-resistant punches made of tempered steel
  • Knurled round shank for better grip
  • Round red storage case included (plastic)

  • A little pricy compared to other brands


3. TEKTON 18-Piece Gunsmith Punch Set

TEKTON Gunsmith Punch Set, 18-Piece | 66564

When in search of the best punch set for gunsmithing tool, this is one of the top options you have. This complete roll pin punch set is excellent for the mechanical engineer whose applications keep changing.

The entire punch kit is made from premium, high carbon steel and has a classic finish and rust-resistant coat. It is made in the USA using sturdy materials, not to mention that its design is also aesthetically appealing.

These pilot pin punches have reverse tapered tips to prevent sticking. This is a feature that allows them to effortlessly insert or remove springs as well as robust and hollow pins. The solid punches, on the other hand, are strong enough to knock out rivets as well as frozen or rusted pins.


  • Complete set of punches made from top quality, high carbon steel
  • Rust-resistant punches with a classic natural finish
  • Walnut holder included
  • Made in the USA

  • Smaller punches are not for heavy-duty use


4. Grace USA 7-piece Steel Roll Spring Punch Set

Grace USA - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

One of the outstanding features of this 7-Piece kit is that each of the punches has a two-fold function balled tip. This prevents damage to the fasteners when inserting or removing them. Additionally, this feature makes it easier to locate your tool on the pin correctly.

Each of the punches is forged for durability using top quality heat-treated stainless steel. This makes them resistant to chipping, breaking, and bending.

The machining quality and hand craftsmanship are both precise and of unmatched quality. This is, unfortunately, a perk you may not enjoy with a decent number of modern-day new products. With this set, the punch tips are perfectly centered, and the tolerances are tight.


  • Hexagonal handles to avoid rolling
  • Hardened steel punches for durability
  • Made in the USA

  • Small punch is best for light use


5. Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set

Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass, Steel, Plastic Punches, Brass/Polymer Hammer and Storage Case for Gunsmithing Maintenance

The chrome-plated steel hammer that comes with this brass roll pin punches kit is an absolute bragging point. The brass and polymer combination makes the head strong, while still ensuring it does not disfigure your punches.

Moreover, the package comes with eight brass punches that ensure precision.  while two are made of plastic, four are made of steel. The well-constructed carry case helps to hold all these tools neatly together.

With a selection of punches that differ in their material, you can now accomplish more tasks without scratching or damaging whatever you are working on. What you must remember is that the plastic punches are the softest and steel is harder than brass.


  • Engineering hammer with polymer and brass head
  • 8 brass and 2 plastic precision punches
  • Plastic molded carry case included
  • Ideal kit for gunsmithing

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use


6. Rennsteig8-Piece Parallel Pin Punches with Sleeve

Rennsteig Parallel Pin Punches with Sleeve (Pin Remover Tools) - 8 Piece Set

When it matters to produce clean work, this kit is possibly the best punch set for you. The first thing you may notice is that these parallel punches feel loose. This is caused by the metric guide sleeve feature that helps to ensure better precision and cleaner work.

With this unique set of punches, driving pins out and into your workpieces cannot be more comfortable. Each punch is made from top-quality German steel and is forged for precision and heavy-duty use including holes on the wall. Even when working on heat-treated pins, you do not have to worry about your stubborn pin punch breaking or bending.

Another feature that makes this the best gun punch set is that the handles of the punches are adjustable.


    • Punches made from quality German tool steel
    • Parallel punches with metric guide sleeves
    • Excellent for heavy-duty applications
    • Plastic carry case included
    • Made in Germany


    • Caution is needed not to bend the smaller punches


7. Mayhew 24-Piece Punch and Chisel Kit

Mayhew Pro 61050 Punch and Chisel Kit, 24-Piece

This kit from the Mayhew tool family comprises tools made from solid stainless steel which ensures you get optimal bang for your bucks. The punches are uniquely designed for removing or uninstalling pins and rivets, and they could also prove useful when shaping, eliminating, or cutting metal.

These well-made steel punches are ideal for armorers. Besides, they are recommended by H&K and are metric sized. It means you can use them when you are working on your firearms like rifles and pistols.

To make the array of punches portable and easy to organize, you get a handy roll-up pouch. It’s fitted nylon storage pouch that will likely not stand up to years of use, although it will be useful while it lasts.


    • Complete metric sized punches
    • Made from quality stainless steel
    • Can remove, cut or shape metals softer than the chisel’s cutting edge
    • Made in the USA


    • Expensive


8. Stanley- Black & Decker 12-Piece Punch & Chisel Kit

Stanley 16-299 12 Piece Punch & Chisel Kit

Another one of our best punch and chisel set is the Stanley 12 piece kit. The brand has been flexing muscles in the industry, and this kit has some serious bragging points. First, it is crafted under the same standards you can expect from any Black & Decker tool.

These brightly-colored punches make a range of applications easier and faster. They are designed for easy positioning when working on firearms and other metals. You get 3 cold chisels of varying sizes and 9 pcs roll pin punches come with top quality.

While the tools are forged to last for years, the packaging card is not. For easier portability and storage, consider purchasing a small size toolbox.


    • 2 heavy-duty chisels & 9 quality punches
    • Crafted under Black & Decker standards
    • Designed for multipurpose use


    • You have to invest separately in a toolbox


9. ATD Tools 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

ATD Tools 729 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Ask a group of seasoned mechanical engineers to recommend the best tool brand, and the odds are that the ATD brand will be mentioned over and over again. Even though this punch and chisel set is costly compared to other related kits, it promises excellent value for every dime you spend.

With a 29-piece set, you get a broader array of tools to choose from. The package comes with 7 varying types of chisels and punches.  This makes it remarkably easy to complete different tasks, including automotive work.

The flat chisels are heat-treated to resist mushrooming and splitting. Each of the punches is, on the other hand, made from quality chrome vanadium steel.


  • An array of chisel and punches types for multipurpose use
  • Hardened and tempered tools for maximum resilience
  • Roll-up pouch for convenient storage
  • Made from quality chrome vanadium steel

  • Chisels and punches are not labeled


10. Wheeler Engineering 9-Piece Roll Pin Punch Set

Wheeler Engineering Roll Pin Starter Punch Set

The Wheeler Engineering starter kit comes with 9 pcs roll pin punches with top quality starting from 1/16″ all through to 5/16″. For this cost-effective package, you also get a fitted nylon roll-up pouch for convenient storage of your tools.

Also, the roll pin starter punches have beveled tips for ensuring correct alignment and precise control when driving any roll pin size. They are designed to enhance your overall accuracy levels when completing different mechanical projects. Better still, the punches are forged from heat-treated steel, and this prevents breaking or bending.

With this best transfer punch set, you may even consider turning into a full-time gunsmith. It makes putting together your firearm a quick and painless experience.


  • Beveled tip for enhanced precision
  • Punches are made from heat-treated steel
  • Convenient storage pouch
  • 9 quality starter punches ranging from 1/16″ to 5/16″

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use

Things to Consider before Buying a Roll Pin Punch Set

There are several significant factors you must take into account before buying a roll pin punch set. Irrespective of how deep you are willing to dig into your wallet to buy your kit, focus on getting the most out of your investment.

  • Strength and Durability

The resilience of a set of tools is, without debate, the biggest factor to consider. Take note of the materials used in manufacturing different brands and weigh your options carefully. In any case, chisels and punches made from premium steel are optimally tempered and deliver better value.

Heat-treated steel tools maintain their shape and edge for a longer time. The striking end is hard enough to stand up to being struck repeatedly without cracking or bending. The working end is, on the other hand, resilient enough to resist bending when in use.

  • Your Needs

In the end, your needs should play the leading role in dictating which kit you should invest in. This boils down to considering crucial aspects such as the sizes, diameters, and shapes of punches you need to complete specific projects.

  • Your Work Environment

Yes, the state of your workshop is another crucial aspect to keep in mind. In case you work within or close to a sparking environment, consider using chisels and punches that are made of brass, aluminum bronze or copper-beryllium.

  • Maintenance

Just like with most tools, even the best punch and chisel set will need routine keep up that requires a cleaning kit. This ensures it lives through its expected lifespan.

Usually, chisels and punches are differently tempered, and the working end is harder than the striking end. This leaves the striking end more vulnerable to issues such as ‘mushrooming’. In case of a concern, the impacted end should be dressed to prevent extensive damage.

The quality of your tools will dictate the level of maintenance required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding roll pin punch sets:

  1. Which punches hold up well to gunsmith type use?

Ans: There are numerous excellent brands that seasoned gunsmiths swear by. Some of the best ones include the Starrett and also the TEKTON punch set, Tuffman tool. Generally, brands ideal for mechanical use also holds up well to gunsmith tasks.

  1. Can I use my punch set to engrave on steel?

Ans: When using heavy-duty punches, you can comfortably and painlessly engrave on steel. As a rule of thumb, use your punch to work on surfaces that are softer than the working end material.

  1. Is it safe to buy a set of punches made in China?

Ans: There are certain brands made in China that hold up well to heavy-duty use. To get it right, consider the reviews as well as the strength and durability of punches that interest you.

  1. What is the hardness of heat-treated punches?

Ans: The tempering of different brand tools can differ like day and night. However, the majorities of steel chisels and punches are hardened to about DC53-DC57.

  1. I am a jack of all trades, which set of punches suits me?

Ans: For the gunsmith, watchmaker, and mechanical engineer, it is better to invest in complete punch sets. This ensures you have all the solid pin punches you need for different applications. The ATD Tools 29-Piece or TEKTON 18-Piece may work in your best interests.

Final Words

Owning the best roll pin punch set is crucial if you desire commendable results when working on different mechanical projects and operating a different power tool. We have helped you identify some of the best kits that are designed for precision and ease of use. The above-mentioned tools are also crafted for long-term use.

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