What is a Brad Nailer?

As I am a woodworker, I have used many tools in my wood project. In my wood project many times I use brad nailer. So, some of the beginner level woodworkers asked me what is brad nailer and how it works for? Brad nailers are electrically powered nail guns that are used for smaller applications wherein you would like to avoid splitting wood surfaces.

Brad nailers are designed to fireside brads, which are basically a thin-gauged nail that’s ideal for binding lightweight wood trim. The brad nailer was introduced after the finish nailer primarily to supply a gun that shoots thinner nails. As any nail head will leave a hole within the wood, you’ll obviously need a nail that won’t leave too big of a hole, and that’s called brad nailer.

Why you Need a Nailer?


A Brad nailer may be a useful thing when eager to attach lightweight trim. When working with thin pieces of trim, or other materials, a Brad nailer will reduce the danger of splitting or breaking, due to the smaller gauge of its nails.

Easy to work

For detailed woodwork and trim, where you would like more holding strength than a micro pin can provide, a brad nailer is usually the highest choice among contractors and weekend warriors alike. The benefit to a brad nailer is its size.

What you Need to Look before Using a Nailer:

Before using a Nailer, you should know some instructions. I am given below some instructions which is needed to know before using a nailer.


When choosing brad nails, we should keep in mind about its size. If you’ve got a ½ inch molding, you ought to get brad nails that are a minimum of 1 ½ inch long.


Before using a nailer, we should check the workability of this machine. At first, check this machine on how to cut wood and how many times lasting the nail after cutting wood. Make sure to check the number of nails the magazine can hold, also ensuing to see the range of lengths.

How does it Work?

If everyone has this knowledge, they can easily can any work by nailer. Brads are importantly a thinner gauge of nail wont to attach lightweight trim. The good advantage of employing a brad nailer vs. finish nailer is that because brads are thin gauged, and therefore the head is far smaller.

Additional Tips

  • Always use protective gear like safety goggles, hearing protectors, and protective gloves when using a brad nailer.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger while moving the nailer.
  • Inspect the nailer and repair or replace damaged parts before use it.
  • Don’t use a nailer where a spark from the tool could ignite dust, gas, and vapor.


What’s better, a brad nailer or finish nailer?

Nailers are typically for delicate projects and that they use thinner, smaller 18-gauge nails. Brad Nailers are cheaper but are best for nailing in trimming. On the opposite hand, Finish Nailers are a little stronger than Brad’s nails and can hand MDF woods.

Can I use a brad nailer for baseboards?

½ inch nails are the right size for installing baseboards with a brad power nailer. Pre-drill your nail holes if you’re concerned about the baseboard splitting. You would like to use a drilling bit, which is slightly smaller than your nail size.

Final Note

Brad nailer is a vastly useful tool because of its portable size and tiny nails that leave no mark on the wood. Quick, easy, and efficient to use, the best brad nailer will prevent many time and much money. It has many merits in handling work for little wood pieces, different shaped wood, and furniture, etc. Hopefully, once you are trying the brad nailer, you’ll find it reliable and straightforward to use for your little projects at home.

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