Best Dust Collector Bags Reviews

Whether you are vacuuming your living place or working on a project that deals with a vast amount of dust, getting a suitable dust collector bag will make your life a lot easier if it fits perfectly with your dust collector. Although most of the dust collectors come with dust holding bags, often you will find yourself in need of a replacement.

Among many other dust collector replacement bags that are available online, we’ll review some of the best dust collector bags that money can buy. These bags differ from one another in terms of usage and features. To make your life a lot easier, our guide will help you to identify and pick the best one as a replacement bag for your dust collector.

Our Top 10 Best Dust Collector Bags

1. Grizzly G4996 Lower Bag

Grizzly Industrial G4996 - Lower Bag for Models G1028-29, G1030 When it comes to dust collector bags, one of the main issues is the interval that occurs when emptying the pack and eventually halts your work. Thankfully Grizzly G4996 30 micron lower bag is here to the rescue as it can hold a massive amount of dust without breaking a sweat.

This bag is especially a perfect fit for your G1028, G1029, or G1030 series Dust Collectors. The entire bag is made out of fabric so you can install and remove it effortlessly. The large filter area, having a dimension of 8.5 x 10.8 x 1.2 inches ensures that there is enough room for efficient airflow.

If you are working on a wood project that usually produces a massive amount of dust, this bag can be the go-to bag. It will give you a sense of relief from the bag emptying interval.


Q: How to be sure that the bag is full?

A: It has to be felt to check whether it is full, though it can be seen to some extent whether it is getting full or not.

Q: Does the bag leaves dust out?

A: Although it holds most of them, some particles might leave out of it as does with many other ones.

Q: Will this bag work on Shop Fox dust collector?

A: It is less likely to fit on Shop Fox ones.

2. Grizzly G5556 Dust Bag, 2.5 Micron

While buying a dust collector replacement bag, your focus should be on the material that the bag is made of. Grizzly G5556 Dust Bag, 2.5 Micron Grizzly G5556 Dust Bag is one of the quality grizzly dust collector bags out there as it is made of microporous that shreds dust and dirt quite easily. Ensuring excellent airflow and making the dust collection process efficient.

This envelop-styled bag fits just right into your dust collecting machine so you can start working on your project right away. Users are often concerned about the bag’s dust filtering capability. This 2.5-micron bag makes sure that it captures the finest particle of dust that the workshop can produce, even hazardous ones.

Designed for upper replacement of g1028, g1029, g1030 series dust collectors, and the w1666 one, this bag performs really well. When it comes to fine woodworking, this bag will suit your cause best. –


Q: What is the actual diameter of this bag while open?

A: The bag has a dimension of 2″ x 35 (diameter x length) while open.

Q: Will it fit an 18″ diameter Jet model?

A: As long as the Jet model lack inner metal, the bag is likely to fit well.

3. Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag

Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag, 5-Pack Jet 709563 CB-5 is more toward the plastic spectrum of dust collector bags. Unlike the fabric ones, you can -see the inside of this clear plastic dust collector bag. What this transparency does is keeps you aware of when it is time to clear the bag.

What makes this dust collector bag stand out from the crowd is that it can collect dust particles 15 times smaller than your regular dust collecting filters. Also, its air resistance capability ensures CFM of more than 10 to 20 percent making it preferable over other dust collector bags available online.

While working in a workshop, keeping your lungs safe from harmful dust particles is without a doubt should be your primary concern. And guess what? Jet 709563 CB-5 filters out dust particles as small as 2 microns, keeping your lungs safe and providing your workplace with fresh, breathable air.

Jet 709563 CB-5 is one of the affordable ones of jet dust collector bags and comes in a pack of 5.


Q: Is this bag likely to fit a Jet DC 1100a?

A: No, it won’t fit a Jet DC 1100a. This bag is designed for Jet 708636K.

Q: Can it be replaced with regular plastic garbage bags?

A: No, you can’t as they are too thin compared to Jet bags.

4. Shop Fox D4573 Plastic Lower Collection Bag

Designed explicitly for W1685, W1666, and W1687 Shop Fox Dust Collectors, this bag is one of the thicker ones of Shop Fox D4573 Plastic Lower Collection Bag (5 Pack) Shop Fox’s Dust collector bags, having a thickness of 6 millimeters. This means you will find it almost effortless to install the lower bag and empty it whenever it’s full.

Having a body dimension of 17 x 14 x 3 inches, this bag will perfectly fit your Shop Fox dust collector’s lower filter and get the job done efficiently. Although this small dust collector bag is not appropriate for projects that produce a massive amount of dust, it will fit perfectly for smaller ones.

An amazing feature of this product is its recycling capability. Depending on your desire, you can reuse or quickly dispose of this bag as it is entirely eco-friendly. As this product comes in a pack of six, you can switch between these bags as well as reuse them, which will save you a lot of money and make you keep your workplace breathable by providing dust-free air.


Q: Will this bag work with a 2HP Harbor freight dust collector?

A: Yes, it works perfectly.

Q: Is there any issue with installing the bag?

A: This bag is much easier to empty, but might be hard to put on.

5. Shop Fox D4572 Upper Dust Collection Bag (2.5 Micron)

Shop Fox D4572 Upper Dust Collection Bag, 2.5 Micron More from the substantial collection of shop fox dust collector bags, Shop Fox D4572, fits your Shop Fox dust collector’s upper filter and perform heavy-duty filtration to keep your workstation clean. The construction of this bag maintains a dense structure and can be felt while handling it.

When it comes to the upper portion of dust collectors, they are expected to filter the most amount of dust compared to the lower ones. And this is what Shop Fox D4572 Upper Dust Collection Bag is capable of as it has a body dimension of 19 x 19 x 33 inches. With this bag at your disposal, you can focus on your project and care less about the harmful dust it might produce.

Shop Fox D4572 can filter dust particles as small as 2.5 microns, giving you a fresh, breathable work environment. Projects that require saw wood produce a vast amount of tiny particles of dust and Shop Fox D4572 is a perfect fit as it will filter them efficiently.


Q: Is the bag likely to work on Shop Fox W1727 1hp?

A: No, it won’t as they are too big.

Q: What models go well with this bag?

A: It fits W1685—1-1/2 HP, W1666—2 HP, and W1687—3 HP Dust collectors quite well.

6. Replacement Bag for Rockler Wall Mount Dust Collector (5 Micron)

Made from heavy-duty cloth, this 5-micron replacement bag can be attached effortlessly to your Rockler Wall 5 Micron Replacement Bag for Rockler Wall Mount Dust Collector Mount Dust Collector. The only difference between the original container that comes with the collector and this replacement bag is the particle retention capability.

Unlike the original 30-micron bag, this 5-micron replacement bag performs well and retains smaller dust specks, giving you a healthy environment to work with. Massive dust-producing projects will be hassle-free as this bag will chow down every speck of dust particle.

However, the problem relies on handling this bag when it is full. This replacement bag weighs about 1.30 pounds and once complete, might require a little bit of physical effort to empty it and get it prepared for another go. Being a 5-micron bag might appear restrictive compared to the original 30-micron bag; however, that is not the case, and it performs well with dust collectors.


Q: What is the process of emptying the bag?

A: It usually has a zipper on the bottom. Or you can buy a clam that has to be purchased separately.

Q: When functional, what is the length of this bag?

A: It has a length of 24 inches.

Q: What actual opening size?

A: 4.”

7. POWERTEC 70001 Dust Collector Bag (1 Micron Filter)POWERTEC 70001 Dust Collector Bag, 20" x 31", 1 Micron Filter

When it comes to quality and performance, Powertec 70001 is one of the finest 1-micron dust collector bags out there. When equipped with a dust collector, this bag has a height of 31 inches and a diameter of 20 inches that can hold a great amount of dust inside of it.

POWERTEC 70001’s 1-micron filter filters almost 99% of the most excellent dust particles that a woodworking, sanding, and saw project has to produce. This makes this dust collector bag a versatile one that you can utilize for various projects for a more extended period. This bag is a perfect fit for the upper dust filter of most dust collectors that are available online.

This dust collector bag is more comfortable to handle, both in full and empty conditions as it is made of ultra-thick material. However, this does not degrade the quality and makes emptying the bagless physically challenging. While keeping your workshop clean with less reduction of airflow.


Q: How does one attach this bag to the collector?

A: It does not come with any equipment as a means for attachment; you might need a band.

Q: Can this bag be used with a 2hp harbor freight dust collector?

A: Although it is too big, with precise adjustment, it might work.

Q: What is the size of the open end?

A: 20.”

8. POWERTEC 70006 Dust Collector Bag (1 Micron Filter)

POWERTEC 70006 Dust Collector Bag, 14-Inch x 24-Inch, 1 Micron Filter When it comes to wall-mounted collectors, your focus should be on the durability as well as the filter of the dust collector bag. POWERTEC 70006 Dust Collector Bag can do both as it is constructed with a polyester body and singed finished along with a 1-micron filter to capture the tiniest speck of dust.

Although this dust collector bag can fit most the wall-mount dust collector system, it goes better with Grizzly G0710, Rockler, Shop Fox W1826, and other similar dust collector systems. Having a body dimension of 13 x 8 x 3 inches, this bag also falls towards the heavy-duty section of dust collector bags that performs with upper filtration.

This bag performs efficiently to keep your workplace clean, breathable, and flowing it with more excellent airflow compared to other dust collector replacement bags, which makes it superior to the OEM ones.


Q: Will it work with a harbor freight dust collector?

A: If the opening is an inch or two smaller, it is likely to fit. Otherwise, it is not expected to go with the dust collector.-

Q: How well does this bag perform?

A: This bag performs great, compared to the one that comes with the collector.

9. Ridgid VF3502 Dry Pickup Dust Bags

Ridgid VF3502 High Efficiency, Dry Pickup Dust Bags for 12-16 Gallon Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuums (2 X Pack of 2) Is efficiency what you are seeking in your dust collector bags? Ridgid VF3502 is here to seal the deal with its excellent particle pickup capability. This dust collector bag is a perfect fit for WD1950, WD1956, WD1850, WD1851, RV2400HF, WD1450, WD1680, and WD1270 model vacuums.

While working with projects that include drywall, dust, sand, dirt, and other non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable materials, Ridgid VF3502 can be your go-to dust collector bag as it can handle all of the above like a champ. The only downside with this bag is that it can’t perform when it comes to toxic or hazardous materials like asbestos.

One of the bright sides of this bag is it is -effortless to dispose of. After working with the vacuum, you can easily take it off and dump it in the garbage. However, this will not be an issue for further cleaning as it usually comes in a pack of 2 to increase your vacuum’s dust carrying capability.


Q: Can this bag be used for drywall cleaning?

A: This bag can pick up finer particles and will undoubtedly perform well for drywall cleaning.

Q: Is this bag compatible with the RV2400HF vacuum?

A: Yet it will fit just right.

10. Woodtek USA 124013, Dust Collection Bags (1 Micron)

Woodtek USA 124013, Dust Collection, Bags, Dust Collector 1m Bag 20"x36" When it comes to clean airflow in your workshop, Woodtek never disappoints. One of their quality dust collector bags is the Woodtek USA 124013 which captures particles as small as 1 micron and does a great job of maintaining efficient airflow in your workshop.

Having a body dimension of 20″x36, it sure does pack a decent amount of dust in it, before it is time to clean it up and get it ready for more. It also has a surface that is heat-treated for additional dust collection. You will find this bag fitting to most dust collectors available out there.

As the bag is produced in the USA, you will be assured that it maintains a decent grade and quality material when it comes to dust collector bags.


Q: How hard is it to mount the bag on the dust collector?

A: As a heavy-duty bag, this bag is hard to attach to a collector as there is no pocket to hold the mounting strap.

Q: What is the opening size of this bag?

A: This bag has an opening of 20″.

A Simple Guide to Buying Dust Collector Bags

Finding a suitable bag that fits your dust collector as well as your specific needs can be quite frustrating, and energy-draining work as plenty of dust collectors are present out there. To make things easier for you, following her some factors that you should consider to find out the best dust collector bag-

  • Opening Size/Fitment: Opening size varies from bag to bag and is a vital area that you should focus on while buying a dust bag. Because the bag might not fit well to your dust collector and even if it does, it will require a lot of adjustment which is not desirable.
  • Material: You should also consider the material that a dust bag is made out of. Depending on the usage it varies. Such as most heavy-duty bags are made of fabric as well as polyester. Then we have smaller ones that use eco-friendly plastic to get disposed of quickly.
  • Dust filtering: The interval between emptying the bag and working with it can be quite frustrating as it affects your work time. That is why you should consider the dust filtering capacity as per your requirement while buying a bag depending on your work project.
  • Airflow: The primary purpose of a dust collector bag is to filter out dust. However, while doing so, efficient airflow also has to be taken into consideration. Bags that captures the finest particles of dust while maintaining a smooth airflow are the best ones.
  • Style: Dust collectors usually require a particular type of dust bag to fit well with it. Such as wall mount ones require sack-shaped ones and some collectors require to envelop style ones. Depending on the features you are looking for, you should emphasize the style that matches.

Final Say

Among many other parts of a dust collector, the collector bag holds great importance as it is the core part that filters out the dust. Often these bags need a replacement, and you should not procrastinate while buying one as the dust produced will affect not only your work environment but also your health.

Finding out a suitable dust collector can be energy-draining. We hope that our concise yet detailed guide will give you a sense of direction about what to look for while buying one. Now you be the judge and pick the best one to suit your needs.

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