An angle grinder is one of the most versatile but unsung power tools. The wide range of functions has made it pretty crucial for several fields. And for many professionals, it is a must to include in their toolboxes. This handy tool has hundreds of uses, and some of them are very common. We, in this article, have briefed on the frequent angle grinder uses.

Indeed, knowledge of multiple uses will reduce your dependence on several tools. Moreover, a wide range of the attachments, power, and ability of an angle grinder will save you time, tool storage space, and labor.

What is an Angle Grinder, and How Does it Work?

The angle grinder is a rotary power tool that means it requires the power to rotate the wheel/disc. The wheel/disc cuts, grinds, and polishes while powered to move. As for size and shape, it is the size and shape of the disc. And the task to accomplish determines the type and size of the disc.

As we know that angle grinder is a power tool, it obviously needs a power source to run. There may be as many as three types of power sources to empower the disc to run. And the power sources include:

  • Compressed Air
  • Electric
  • Gas Run

The electric angle grinders may be cordless or corded. Needless to say, the cordless units are battery-powered. When it connects to any of the three power sources, you can run it by simply switching it on. And the rotating disc is now ready to cut, grind, and polish. The type, size, and speed of the moving disc will determine the kind of tasks it will carry out.

Common Angle Grinder Uses

To be precise, this power tool has three broader ones. These three main functions are:



One of the primary uses of an angle grinder is cutting through metals, concrete slabs, and hardwoods. When powered with high-watt motor and the right cutting disc, an angle grinder can outperform the most efficient saws. A cutting grinder is a very high-speed and powerful tool to be highly careful of while using. It can be dangerous if not handled with care and caution.



Yes, it can grind, and when grinding, it does it efficiently. In this case, too, you need to choose the right disc. Backed by a powerful motor and a grinding disc, it clears up rough weld jobs, removes excess material and rust, and can smooth jagged cuts. Indeed, angled grinders have the edge over the stationary counterparts as it is a hand-held and compact power tool



Polishing is milder of the three functions but certainly is a critical one. You need to prefer the right polishing disc on top of applying it expertly over the surface you want to polish. Whenever hand polishing with sandpaper, you don’t need to be that much careful. Conversely, while polishing with an angle grinder, the touch of the moving disc on the surface must be gentle. That is crucial to differentiate a gentle and heavy touch.

Frequent and Specific Angle Grinder Uses

The versatility, power, and convenient attachments have made the tool highly popular for several applications and uses. Yes, angle grinders now well surpass the essential three functions with various angle grinder disc types. And you find them indispensable for several industries, professions, and DIY uses. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Auto Body

You need not replace old auto body parts if removing paint and rust from the surface can do for a few more days. Yes, you will find this power tool handy to lease an extended life to the parts in need of minor repair. An angle grinder accompanied by a wire cup will efficiently remove the fading paint without even leaving a deep scratch on the metal surface. After an expert and careful polishing, the auto painters can repaint the part to give a fresh look.

Not to limit here, an angle grinder attached with a wire wheel can efficiently clean the rusty metal surface. Sometimes, the heavy metal underneath can excel if the layer of rust is well removed. In line with that, a moving wire wheel can take care of the eroded auto parts by cleaning the oxidized metal. But be aware of angle grinder safety given this is a rotary power tool.


This tool, joined by the right wheel attachment, can replace several traditional masonry tools to your pleasant surprise. It can alternate tile saw, chisel set, and stone cutters.

If you want a crisp and even edge while sizing and shaping the tiles, go for an angle cutter equipped with a dry-cut diamond disc. When you are removing used, over-used, and abused mortar, apply the angle grinder with a diamond tuckpoint disc. For added convenience, a 1/8″ wheel attachment will have bricks cleared without chipping them.

And angle grinders can help you cut stone when there is an excellent combination of the grinding tool and a dry-cut diamond blade. This is why you will find this rotary tool widely used in masonry.  You will be using the high-powered grinders in masonry tasks, and so you must be aware of the angle grinder safety tips.


Metal Works

On top of cleaning metal, you can conveniently cut and polish metals with the perfect rotary wheel attached. It will cut or slice through any metal when armed with a metal cutting blade wheel. That is why you should know how to use an angle grinder to cut metal. Just selecting a cutting disc will serve your purpose here.

As for polishing, you can use the required discs or buffing pads. But when you use the angle wheel for sharpening tools, you need to shift to another type of grinder. A grinder that sits steadily so that you may put the side of the tool intended-to-sharp attached with the moving wheel. Yes, you got it if you have understood that I am talking about a bench grinder.



Not astonishing at all, you can use an angle grinder while cutting, polishing, shaping, and sizing a piece of wood. Learning about the task-specific angle grinder attachments is pretty crucial in this regard. The abrasive carving disc will cut wood pulp while a carving wheel can plain the Japanese woods. And what can be more convenient than a wheel with sandpaper or abrasive flap disc when sanding or smoothing the rough lumber?


Final Verdict

Yes, a grinder can prove to be the most versatile and efficient tool. If you just know the ways and applications, your angle grinder projects will multiply. Now, this is not rocket science to pick and choose the perfect discs for particular tasks. When you can do this right, the outcome of angle grinder uses is distinguishable and above the average. Moreover, this single tool will replace several other traditional instruments. Compared with them, the angle grinder offers both speed and quality of work.

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