Do you have a job that requires the best vacuum vise? If you do, then it is important that you get the right model. In this post, I will give you the best vise vacuum reviews.

I sampled up these reviews from some of the best models ever. I also took my time to research through the best reviews, and above all, I looked through user feedback. Nonetheless, the product ratings also played some crucial roles.

But what really makes this post rock? It is simple. I have compiled a smart buying guide that’ll help you to choose a vise that suits your needs.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Vise Reviews

Let’s dig in.

Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise


Now you can give all your surfaces the classic touch with the best Vacuum Vise. Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise is the perfect choice to make. It will leave you with a cool touch and help you to enjoy your work.

The Vacuum Base Vise will mount on to several smooth working surfaces. It can comfortably sit on laminates, glass, steel, and also granite. The vise also works with some other flooring working surfaces.

Even so, the best thing about this vacuum vise is it swiveling head. The head of the vise swivels at a 360-degree angle and will, therefore, leave you with the utmost flexibility.

The swiveling head allows you to switch to a comfortable working position without necessarily moving an inch.

You can also work around the object and still have the freedom of touching it from every corner without moving your body an inch. That’s how comfortable and convenient this setup really is.


  • Swivels at 360-Degree
  • Pivots 90-Degree positioning
  • Rubber Jaw Covers
  • V-Groove jaws
  • Die-Cast Steel


  • Mounts to various work surfaces
  • Works without removing the clamped part f
  • Protects delicate items from any damage
  • Made of precision die-cast
  • Guaranteed longevity
  • Operated with steel lever
  • Grips a variety of small tubes


  • Lighter than most models

Bessey BVVB Vacuum Base Vise

amazon-buy-buttonyThe Bessey BVVB Vacuum Base Vise comes with the 360-degree swiveling head capacity. It is also one of the most reliable vacuum vices that you can buy in the market today. As that’s not enough, the vise is also very much affordable.

The head also pivots at 90-Degree positions. In short, you can easily work without necessarily removing the clamped section from the vise.

In case you want to use the vise on delicate items, that’s also still fine. This vise also comes with a rubber jaw that covers and protects from damages the surfaces of the most delicate items.

Most of the body parts are made from precision die-cast. This is to maximize longevity and also leave you with a great touch when it comes to using the vise for the most demanding jobs too.

Thankfully, there is no much worry as the vacuum base is also operated with the strongest steel lever. The good thing about the steel lever is its ability to fuse with the actuate vacuum and provide the best results.


  • Swivels at 360-Degree
  • Pivots 90-Degree positioning
  • V-Groove jaws
  • Die-Cast Steel


  • Vacuum base mounts on work surfaces easily
  • The vise can be rotated at 360-Degree
  • It pivots at 90-Degree
  • Protective jaw caps
  • Holds parts without any marring
  • Steel and die
  • Compact with high-end durability


  • Needs frequent cleaning

PanaVise 381 Vacuum Base PanaVise

amazon-buy-buttonyWith a single knob that controls the head movement of the vise through 3-planes, including the 90 Degree Tilt and a 360 Turn and Rotation, this vise is no doubt the best Vacuum Vise that I have come across.

The vise provides the best range of hold. You will find a 2. 75” jaw width and a 2. 5” jaw opening. The two will work together to provide you with an excellent throat depth for use on various surfaces. For actual measurement, the throat depth measure 0.5 inches.

Another thing that sweeps you off your feet when using this vacuum vise is its lightweight design. This is simply cool and makes it easy to carry or move the vise around. You can use the vise outside the workshop and still find it easy to carry.

Finally, the V-Groove styled jaw can also give you the perfect grip on the smallest tubes in case you have to work on them. The V technology gives a non-slip hold that guarantees the best results.


  • Rotating swivel head
  • Precision steel jaws
  • Swivels at 360-Degree
  • Pivots 90-Degree positioning


  • Vertical and horizontal V-slots
  • Secures round work pieces
  • 3-Inch wide jaws
  • Removable rubber covers
  • Protects delicate work pieces


  • Not best for heavy load

Proxxon FMS 75 28602 Precision Vise

amazon-buy-buttonyThe Proxxon FMS 75 28602 Precision Vise, on the other hand, is a model that’s easy to operate and to use in a tight space.  But like the most top-rated models that we have since seen, it is also very reliable.

This vacuum vise supports awesome swiveling head technology. The technology enables the head of the vacuum vise to rotate in every direction that you require it to easily. You can use it when facing down, at the front, or on top of your workbench.

There is also the precision steel jaw, which will last longer. This steel jaw is coming with both vertical and also horizontal V-slots technology.

As such, it gives this vacuum vise a top-notch grip on the round forms of work pieces. To provide the best grip, this vise will open at 3-Inches wide and provide a clamping width of 70 millimeters.

More importantly, the jaws of this vise are also equipped with an easy to remove rubber cover. This rubber cover is ideal for providing the best protection to the most delicate work pieces.


  • Swivels at 360-Degree
  • Rubber Jaw Covers
  • Non-porous surface
  • V-Groove Design jaws
  • Die-Cast Steel alloy


  • Locking handle for firm attachment
  • Powerful suction for maximum stability
  • Minimized mistakes and errors
  • Multi-directional technology
  • Universal ball joint with 360-degree rotation
  • Maneuvers toughest angles
  • Protective jaw covers


  • “V” Groove jaws wear out eventually

POWERTEC 71016 Vacuum Base Vise

amazon-buy-buttonyFinally, the best Vacuum Vise that we will look at is the POWERTEC 71016 Vacuum Base Vise. Unlike the many other regular vises, this one will stay still and, in doing so, provide you with a smooth performance.

Thanks to its locking handle, you can firmly attach your vise to any type of non-porous surface and still work comfortably on the surface.

As if that’s not enough, you must rest assured that the powerful suction power also keeps you’re in a steady position. This is great if you want to minimize any forms of mistakes and errors.

Even better, this is a great multi-directional vacuum vise. It comes with the universal ball joint technology that offers up to 360 degrees of rotation. There is also the 90 Degree tilt in whichever direction that you need.

Apart from making it easy for you to maneuver the project in the tightest angles, you will easily maintain a firm grip and enjoy the best protective jaw cover.


  • V-Groove jaws
  • Die-Cast Steel
  • Rubber jaw caps


  • Excellent for small and detailed work
  • Easy maintenance
  • Die-cast steel technology
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable “V” Groove jaws


  • Complex user manual

Bessey - BESSEY BV-VB BVVB Vacuum Base Vise
Bessey - BESSEY BV-VB BVVB Vacuum Base Vise
PanaVise 381 Vacuum Base PanaVise
PanaVise 381 Vacuum Base PanaVise
Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise
Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise

Best Vacuum Vise Buying Guide

Getting a great vacuum vise is okay.  However, getting a vacuum vise that meets your needs is another thing altogether. In this section, I am going to discuss some of the best considerations when buying a great vacuum vise for your needs.


The first thing that you want to confirm is the price. The vacuum vise should have a price that you can afford. To determine if you can afford this vacuum vise, you must make a budget. The budget will be something affordable. You can then shop around your budget. A pocket-friendly budget will also give you so many options.

Non-Slip Grip

Vacuum vises are used to hold the objects that you want to cut in place. As such, they will play a very key role in any workshops. If the object that you are working on slips or moves out of place, chances are that you will have bad results.

The use of reliable and highly efficient “V” Groove jaw technology will save your day. It will help you to maximize the grip so that you have a non-slip hold on the object that you are working on.


Proper protection and safety are equally important. Look for vacuum vise models that have safety features that will give you the best user experience. I suggest looking for rubber jaw caps as they will protect you from accidental injuries that occur from a lack of adequate protection.


The reason why flexibility is key is very simple. Once you stabilize your vise, you won’t want to move it. Moving your vise, a lot might cause shakes and poor results. Look for a model that works with a 360 degrees rotation technology. With this technology, you can easily use the vise without having to move at all.


Let your best vacuum vise guarantee the value for your money. Look for a model that has been designed with the most durable materials. Die-cast steel technology is one of the best options that you can go with. It guarantees a great vise and also assures you of the best technology.

Additional Information

How do you minimize shakes in your Best Vacuum Vise?

To minimize shakes and poor cuts, choose a vacuum vise that’s very stable. A stable design will come with a weighted base or simply a wide base. Both of these technologies will leave you with stable models that you can easily work with.

Precision is key. How do you get the best precision cuts?

If you must have the best work, then you need the right cuts. The 90-Degree pivoting positioning is cool and will help you to minimized mistakes and errors when using your vacuum vise. Take your time to understand your vacuum vise so that you get a design that maximizes precision.

How can I operate my Vacuum Vise?

If you have a vacuum that’s easy to operate, you will find that you have an awesome experience. Vacuum vises that are operated with the steel levers will form some of the best examples. You can buy them online and from our choices.


Anyone who is looking for the best vacuum vise for their home must ensure that they follow the simple tips that I have given them up there. These tips from one of the best buying guides that’ll ensure that you get the best experience with your vacuum vise.

Even so, it is also advisable that you should trust your guts. Whichever way you choose to go, following what your gut tells you will leave you with some informed decisions that may just save your day.

Look for the best vacuum vise brands and compare the brands according to their performance. You should get a vise that is reliable and highly efficient.

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