WEN 414CV 4.25" Compound Cross Slide Industrial Strength Benchtop & Drill Press Vise
WEN 414CV 4.25" Compound Cross Slide Industrial Strength Benchtop & Drill Press Vise
Wilton CS4 4" Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise (11694)
Wilton CS4 4" Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise (11694)
Shop Fox D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise
Shop Fox D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise

One of the tools that you will find to be handy is the cross slide vise. In this post, we give you some of the best cross slide vises and their reviews.

We have comprehensively researched on our models and compared them with other top models. We have also tried them out and looked through what the previous users say about them. In addition to that, we have a smart user guide for you.

But first, let us look at these two things.

What is Cross Slide Vise?

A cross-slide vise is a machine that slides a workpiece along with a cutting machine. It will keep the workpiece secure and steady. The vise-like any other vise has the duty to securely hold the piece you are working in before sliding it on.

What is it Used For?

Because of its ability to hold a work-piece before then sliding it through, this tool is often used in a milling machine such as that of cutting keys for padlocks. It has a high-end precision that also makes it ideal for cutting handmade knives.

Top 6 Best Cross Slide Vises Review

WEN 413CV 3.25″ Compound Cross Slide Vise

WEN Cross Vise

One of the best cross slide vises that we will start with is the WEN 413CV 3.25″ Compound Cross Slide Vise.

Weighing only 14 pounds and measuring 12 x12 x5.5 inches in exact dimensions, this compact-sized vise is also very light in weight. It is highly portable and will give any user who intends to change their job sites an easy movement.

The vise is easy to use and will give you very fine-tuned work by giving quick adjustments on a simple turn of the wheel. The WEN 413CV 3.25″ Compound Cross Slide vise is a 3.25-Inch Cross Vise that provides you with highly stable support for any works piece that you have.

It offers the best incremental drilling and many other precision related works. Made from the heavy-duty and powder-coated high-end cast iron, this cross vise will tightly grip onto all the work pieces that you have given it.

It will provide over 1900 pounds for your clamping force. Its 3.25 by 1.25 jaw also opens up to provide 3.25 inches wide touch that you can easily work with. Even better, the vise also allows you to make minor adjustments that you can set along the axis with its onboard hand wheels.


  • 14 pounds in weight
  • 12 x12 x5.5 inches in dimensions
  • 25 jaw
  • V-shaped jaw
  • 1 mm increments
  • 25-Inch Cross Vise


  • Gives the tightest grips on any workpiece
  • Excellent–tuned work
  • Quick adjustments on a simple turn of the wheel
  • Highly stable support for any works
  • Powder-coated high-end cast iron
  • 1900 pounds for your clamping force


  • Costs slightly more than regular models

Shop Fox D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise

Shop Fox D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise


This best cross slide vise is another one of the top designs. It has some of the most exclusive features that make your work simple. The Shop Fox D4082 4-inch Cross-Sliding Vise is, therefore, easy to use and ideal for many uses.

First, it has a convenient slide bar that easily prevents the jaws of the cross-slide vise from tilting to any side. It cannot move up or sideways if you are tightening the vise and will, therefore, leave you with reliable technology.

Apart from that, this vise also comes with an adjustable gib that takes up any form of slack on either the top or the bottom slides.

The vise offers a wide range of compatibility with several drill press designs so that you can get a stress-free working technology. You can, therefore, use it for your light milling jobs around the workshops.

Being one of the best cross slide vises, this model is also constructed from the strong powder-coated cast metallic iron. It is very durable and will withstand some of the most demanding jobs.

The vise also comes with hand wheels that feature the best machine-marked increments to provide you with maximum precision technology.


  • Overall Height: 5-1/4-Inch
  • Capacity: 4-Inch
  • Jaw Width: 4-Inch
  • Jaw Opening: 3-3/4-Inch
  • Weight: 22-Pound


  • Hand wheel features 0.1 mm increments
  • Moves 5.8 inches (148 mm) along its x-axis
  • Moves 6 inches along its y-axis (150 mm)
  • V-shaped groove for the fixed jaw
  • Holds round objects easily vertically or horizontally


  • May gather some dust after rigorous use.

Wilton 11694 4-Inch Cross Slide Drill Press Vise


Wilton 4 inch Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

If you want a cross slid vise that’ll accurately move your best workpieces in an easy horizontal and also longitudinal position for a precise cut, then choose the Wilton 11694 4-inch Cross Slide, Drill Press Vise.

This is a highly durable vise that enjoys the best construction. It is made from fine-grain casting iron and will withstand some of the toughest jobs too.

The cross-slide vise also helps you to cast its side knobs with some precise and highly accurate dial in increments. The .1 millimeter increments will help you to make the best adjustments with one full rotation of the handle of the vise.

More importantly, the model also comes with hardened V-grooved vise jaws. These jaws are the best at holding some of the round-shaped objects that you may need to work on.

You can use them both vertically and even horizontally. In turn, you will enjoy the best results for your work.

The 4-inch vise is also very easy to use in tight spaces. It is small and compact and weighs under 20 pounds. As such, you can easily move it around for convenience.


  • Fine-grain casting iron
  • .1 millimeter increments
  • V grooved vise jaws
  • 4-inch vise
  • 20 pounds.


  • Easy to use the removable handle
  • Works easily into tight spaces
  • Comes with mounting brackets that are positioned on the outside edge
  • Massive vise base for added stability
  • Compatible with several drill press tables
  • Backed by a limited two-year warranty


  • Some may find it a little bit heavy.

HFS (Tm) 3″ Best Cross Slide Vise with 2 Way Metal Milling

HFS(R) 3 inch Cross Slide Vise Drill Press

This is a two-way heavy-duty cross slide vise that you can use for several metal milling needs around your workshop. The HFS (Tm) 3″ Best Cross Slide Vises comes with several features that’ll make your work simple.

They have a premium swiveling technology that gives the user an easy time in case they intend to make the best adjustments.

This best milling vise also features some of the most perfectly aligned high-end precision touches. Thanks to the minimum 0.1 mm increments you can easily work with to get the hold that you need.

The model also enjoys a set of gowned jaws that prevent damage to any surface that you are working on. Apart from that is the 3-inch wide jaw for holding your workpiece in one place.

The cross vise is highly durable and is designed from a high-quality set of materials. It boasts of the top quality iron alloy and enjoys up to 80000 PSI in case of a minimum bending touch.

The model also comes with both longitudinal/cross-traveling adjustable gibs for easy use and satisfactory results.


  • 2-3/8″ throat opening
  • 4″ longitudinal movement
  • 5″ cross travel
  • .1 mm increments
  • 80000 PSI


  • Durable casted iron construction
  • Powerful serrated set of steel jaws
  • Cold rolled steel technology screws
  • Two swiveling crank handles that make easy adjustments
  • Bolted down slots for easy securing


  • Shouldn’t be left unattended to

Neiko 55002A Premium 6″ Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Neiko 55002A Premium 6 inch Cross Slide Drill Press Vise


This 6″ cross sliding vise is ideal if you want a tool that’ll easily turn your best drill press into the most convenient milling machine. Neiko 55002A Premium 6″ Cross Slide Drill Press Vise is highly reliable and very easy to use.

It works for both wood and metal parts that require machining. The model works with high precision for its general use and will offer quality results.

It can be easily attached to a host of other tools, including the lathe, when you want to hold your work pieces together.

This is one of the best cross slide vises that will offer a 6-inch top jaw and good width and throat in depth. The depth of the throat stands at 3-inches and will provide the best clamping action for any light-duty jobs.

More importantly, the model also comes with a highly convenient 360-degree swiveling base that you can use. It supports a set of 2 lockdowns that you can easily use to adjusts the main direction of your vise jaws if you are looking for proper placement.

The top jaws also enjoy a replaceable touch that uses permanent built-in pipe jaws and a large reinforced anvil to provide the most enhanced grip.


  • 6″ Cross Slide Drill Press
  • 6-inch top jaw
  • 360-degree swiveling base
  • 2 lockdowns
  • Built-n pipe jaws


  • Hinged in vise cranking handles that drop out of the way
  • Ideal for both woodworking and metalworking
  • High-quality construction with the S37C carbon steel
  • 60,000 PSI operation for high strength use
  • Better maintenance of prominent durability


  • The user manual comes with limited diagrams.

Yost HD CSV-3 Cross Slide Vise – 3″

Yost Tools HD CSV-3 Cross Slide Vise

Finally, for our best cross slide vises reviews, we have the Yost HD CSV-3 Cross Slide Vise – 3″ model. It is easy to use a model that’ll give you some of the best results at any given time. It is also very reliable due to its high-end features.

The Yost HD CSV-3 is one of the best 3” cross slide vises that are designed for better functionality. They are made from durable cast iron and will last longer than their lifespan. This high-end vise is also designed for light work.

More importantly, the ability to get the best cross slide function also allows the vise to drill through multiple holes in your workpieces quickly.

You can easily do that without re-clamping your pieces every time you want to. The model also uses easy to adjust screws that are set on the slides.

These screws can be easily used to allow quick adjustments for optimal performance. Use it for quick drilling of the pre-marked holes.

The vise measures 7 x 10.5 x 5.8 inches and, more importantly, works with all the drill press tables that you can find.

Thanks to its compact design, it also enjoys a lightweight touch that you can easily rely on if you wanted better portability.


  • 5 pounds
  • V-shaped pipe jaws
  • 3” cross slide vises
  • Durable cast iron
  • 7 x 10.5 x 5.8 inches


  • Best multiple bolting mountings on the bottom side
  • The vise can easily secure any attachment
  • Easy to use for re-clamping purposes
  • Compact enough for tight spaces
  • Provides non-slip grip


  • May take longer to assemble.

Best Cross Slide Vises Buying Guide

Buying the right cross slide vise for your personal use is very important. This is because the right choice gives you better performance. It also meets your needs and gives you the exact results that you needed. To get an ideal cross slide vise for your needs, here is a smart user manual to help.


Make sure you get a durable vise. If your vise is durable, it’ll help you to enjoy one of the best user experiences. First, the vise will withstand heavy use. Next, it will ensure that you get the value for your money. Then lastly, the cross slide vise will ensure that you enjoy better resistance to any form of wear and tear.

Durable cast iron construction will, therefore, play a crucial role in guaranteeing the best levels of durability. You can also look for other additional high-end design materials that will last longer and withstand any heavy uses.


Another thing that you must take into consideration is the type of grip. When working on any workpiece on a vise, you need to ensure that you get a solid grip or a non-slip grip. This will be realized if the clamping jaws of the cross slide vise are up to the task.

Look for cross slide jaws that are made from the best materials. A good form of material will be a set of powerful serrated steel jaws. Steel is one of the best materials if you want to clamp any workpiece between the two jaws and ensure that it is stable with no shift.


How stable is the base of your vise? Can your vise stand on every type of material without falling or tripping? If it can, then you’ll be working with the best vise for your use. A good base with a reliable set of cold-rolled steel screws will guarantee a high-end performance.


The handles of the vise are used to adjust the vise. Make sure that you have handles that are easy to adjust. The presence of a swiveling technology will make the handles more reliable and highly efficient. It will ensure that the vise can move easily to the back, front, right, and left. Look for two swivel cranking handles to start with.

Size and Weight

The best vises with a cross slide touch should come in a weight that you can easily control. A portable model will be very ideal. A compact touch will make it cool for any tight spaces. You can combine both to enjoy one of the best workshop equipment ever.

Additional Information

When working with the best cross slide vises, you will realize that there is so much more than they require or that you can do with them. We highlight some of the smartest cross-slide vise tips that you will find to be very handy.

How can I get a cross-slide vise that’s suitable for my needs?

Apart from using the buyers’ guide that we have given you above, you can also look for these additional tips.

Bolt down slots for securing: First, find a vise that has bolt-down slots. Remember, I mentioned that a stable hold on the vise is important when you are working on your piece? Bolt down slots will ensure that you can easily tie down your vise and enjoy a stable hold with no shake or movement at all.

Cranking handles: Another thing that might help you a lot is the hinged vise crank handles. These types of the handle will not only make it easy for you to adjust your hold on the vise but will also give you an easy drop out of the way touch. You can, therefore, easily enjoy quicker operations too.

NOTE: A cross slide vise that allows you to have easy use set up, and experience is also a good model. All you need to do is to ensure that you get a vise whose price you can meet. So determine a budget and purchase around the budget.

Where can I buy the best cross slide vise for my use?

The best place to buy cross slide vise is online, and here are the reasons why. Buying your cross slide vise online leaves you with a variety of models to choose from. You will also enjoy some of the best price discounts. Above all that, you will get to enjoy a shopping spree at the comfort of your home. And just to make sure that your experience is complete, the vise is shipped directly to your doorstep.

How can I ensure that my cross slide vise lasts longer?

Take your time to follow the user manual that comes with cross slide vise. Most of these user manuals are easy to follow. More importantly, you should always store your vise correctly, and also wipe out any grime that may have gathered around the vise. Finally, use the vise for its intended use.


If you are looking for the best cross vise, then you must look through the user guide that we have provided for buying. This buyer’s guide will help you in making an informed decision. Once you get a model that suits your needs, you should also learn to take proper care of the vise so that it lasts longer and serves you better.

Most vises are made of high-end materials that should easily withstand any acute wear and tear. As such, you should enjoy your vise without much ado. Choose from any of the top models that we have here.