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9 Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking 2020

Woodworking is the most delicate form of crafting. It needs precision, creativity, smoothness, and extreme attention from your part. And when you perform fine woodworking, you have to take your skills to the next level. Are you looking for the best portable table saw for fine woodworking?

While skill upgrading is a long process, one tool can help you immensely with it. Yes, I am talking about the best portable table saw for fine woodworking. Once you own the machine, making delicate cuts and satisfying customers will be a breeze. Thus, you won’t have to face the trauma of customers saying, “I didn’t like the finish,” at your face. 

But how do you select the portable table saw for fine-tuning with tons of alternatives?

We examined 40+ products to select the best nine alternatives to help you in the cause. These tools have checked the tick mark in performance, features, easy to use, the capability to make delicate cuts, and portability. 

So, keep calm and start reading. 

Oh Yes, did I tell you that it also has a buying guide?

The Nine Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking 2020 Reviews

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The best table saws for fine woodworking should be able to perform delicate and beautiful cuts. Also, it must provide the most exquisite finish with seamless smoothness. Also, portability will be attributed to its lightweight, compactness, and ergonomic design. 

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

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Even if you started your woodworking career yesterday, it would be utterly surprised if you haven’t come across the name DeWalt. The manufacturer has been the trust of millions of woodworkers worldwide, and they helped their reputation grow higher with the DW745 table saw. 

It comes with extravagant everything, including a 10-inches blade, 15Amp motor, and enhanced bevel capacity. 

Best Portability

The DeWalt portable table saw weighs only 45 pounds. It incorporates a compact design and ergonomic carrying capacity to make it the best portable table saw ardently of its class. It further assists the portability with added footprint. 


Since fine woodworking requires extreme attention to wood pieces, the table saw needs to be safe. Hence, brace the updated modular guarding from the Site Pro as well as rack and pinion fencing with auto-lock for the utmost safety. 

The table saw also has overheated and voltage protection for smooth performance. 

Premium Accuracy

You will love its accuracy in real life as you perform rip cuts, angles, and dadoes even. The precision comes from a stable cast base that prevents vibration. Also, the overload protection comes handy to work with frozen, wet, or hardwoods with ease. 

Extensive Cutting Capacity

DeWalt 745 provides two different straight cutting lengths, 12” on the left and 20” on the right side, which is the leader at present. You can get bevel cuts at 0-45 degrees. 

While rip cuts, it has a 610millimeter thickness to tackle even the largest lumbers at the least effort. 

Powerful Motor

DeWalt 745 10” table saw optimizes such high caliber of performance with a 15Amp torque powered engine. It delivers 1850W power that generates 3850RPM speed. So, you are getting pretty quick working access with the power tool. 

[wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • The dust collection receptacle is of top-class
  • The blade is made of 24TPI carbide to ensure lasting sharpness
  • Adjustable fine-tuning knob
  • The guide and fencing is accurate
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Miter gauge quality needs improvement
  • ” /]

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    Bosch 4100 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

    Bosch 4100 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

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    Bosch, likewise DeWalt, is another much sought-after and highly recommended table saw the brand in the woodworking industry. They have taken their legacy one step further with the Bosch 4100 table saw. It delivers consistency, precision, and easiness at work. 

    While our table saw reviews of fine woodworking, we were particularly impressed with its capacity to deliver precise woodworking results. 

    Maximized Power

    Bosch 4100 table saw equips with a 15Amp motor. It generates a maximum of 4.00 HP to come along with no-load 3650 RPM speed. It may not be the highest. Still, it gets every woodworking job done with the quickest possible time and accuracy. 


    Bosch has engineered the TPI carbide that made a blade of the table saw to serve true cutting capacity with seamless accuracy. The large tabletop is exclusively sturdy that won’t vibrate. It allows you to get the most exquisite woodworking done in a breeze. 

    High Portability

    Bosch 4100  is a weight power tool. However, it hasn’t limited the saw portability. You can take the incredible table saw to any workplace, thanks to its brilliant wheeled cart and durable pneumatic tires. 

    Convenience and Safety

    The bevel adjustment, along with the height adjustment of the table saw, is so easy that you will forget the word, ‘tough.’ Also, you can accommodate every workplace with the collapsible stand, thanks to the innovative Gravity-Rise design. 

    Next, the saw features soft starting, overload, and thermal protection to work with safety. Additionally, the accurate blade guide and push sticks keep you safe from potential hazards.

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • 25” rip cuts possible
  • Smart guard and rip fencing mechanism for protection
  • Not so noisy
  • It handles wood particles and hardwood
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Heavyweight design
  • Clingy start-up
  • ” /]

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    SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Worm Drive Table Saw

    SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

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    The SkilSaw SPT99T-01 is highly recommended for those who want a 2-in-1 power tool at the price of one. Yes, it has the accuracy and efficiency of a worm drive saw, and the best benefits of a portable table saw.

    A Stealthy Motor

    Skil Saw SPT99T-01 woodworking table saw is equipped with a 15-amperage no-load motor. It generates an astounding 5300 RPM speed. Thus it can handle even the 3X lumbers and most woodworking applications faster and more accurately than users anticipate. 

    Legendary Gears

    The worm drive table saw has a 5/8” arbor size, one of the largest in the crafting industry. Also, it has innovative and useful fence adjustments for accurate cuts. Furthermore, the all-metal tabletop serves high-accuracy with legendary endurance. 

    Lasting Coolness

    The legendary table saw motor features a patented Dual-Field mechanism for the engine. It ensures the motor remains cool for an extended period compared to standard ones. Thus, it is ideal for tackling a large wood piece where you need to run the machine for a long time. 

    Portability and Accessory Storage

    Weighing nearly 45 pounds and with a massive 16” wheeled rolling stand, the table saw moves quickly in workplaces. You can even prominently move it on uneven surfaces. 

    The table saw has a built-in wrapping to store the accessories orderly. So, you remain productive even in the most challenging job site.

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • It can perform up to 46.5° bevel cuts with 25” rip capacity
  • Blade lock and guide hold the blade securely in position.
  • Smooth and quick fence adjustment
  • The motor remains cold for a long time
  • ” cons_text=”

  • You may need to sharpen the blade frequently
  • ” /]

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     Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw

    Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

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    Now, let us profoundly introduce to you the best portable table saws of its class, Makita 2705. However, we warn you that once you start working with Makita 2705, you might never be able to switch to any other table saw, so be mindful of it. 

    Makita 2705 features a tool-free installation and 4800 RPM no-load motor to make beautiful woodworking fun and enjoyable. 

    Dual-Slide Guide

    You can quickly set-up the cutting depth and length to get classic and accurate cuts with the Makita 2705. Thankfully, the dual-pole guide fencing makes it possible. 

    Also, it has a Cam Lock mechanism to help you with a tool-less installation for convenience. 

    Premium Safety

    Whether you are ardently a professional or a beginner, staying safe during woodworking jobs is a matter of high-priority. Thankfully, Makita 2705 woodworking table saw has a riving knife and anti-kickback designated pawls to keep you safe. 

    It even features electric-brake to provide immediate blade function stoppage. 

    Three Height Adjustment

    You can perform the finest woodworking with the three various height adjustments for Makita 2705 saw tabletop. You can adjust the height quickly with the provided released lever. So, you will be able to get accurate dado, non-through, and tough cuts with this portable table saw. 


    Its 15 amperes no-load 4800RPM blade speed handles large wood cutting applications. It cuts 4X material in a single pass and has extensive cutting depth and capacity. Also, the accurate speed scale makes adjustments flawless. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • On-board storage for accessories
  • Quick blade switching is possible
  • Extended and easy set-up of the table top
  • Ideal safety prerequisites
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Fence guarding needs improvement
  • Dust collection is a bit clingy
  • ” /]

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    Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw

    Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

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    Oh, yes, we are excited and proud to introduce you with yet another table saw that enjoys precision, convenience, and versatility in the real world. During our portable table saw reviews, we found Rockwell Rk7241S featuring everything you want for fine woodworking. 

    The Laser Indicator

    When we tested the table for our review, the first thing we noticed about Rockwell RK7241S is its incredible laser indicator. It allows users to adjust the tilt and bevel angles with the highest precision. Also, it makes the adjustment easy as you get. 

    Also, the laser indicator is useful for quick cuts. 

    Exclusive Cuts

    Rockwell has equipped the table saw with a foldable 30-inches fence that serves excellent cutting accuracy. And the precision is a bonus. 

    It offers maximum depth for cuts at 2-9/16” and 3-9/16” respectively for 45° and 90° angles. Also, it provides the smoothest rip and bevel cuts with such extensiveness at cut capacity and 4800 RPM speed. 

    Superb Portability

    You should enjoy one of the best portability with Rockwell RK7214S table saw, thanks to the standout trolley system.  The stand is incorporated with pneumatic wheels that make the table saw transportation a walk in the park. 

    Comes Assembled

    Rockwell delivers the table saw and foldable stand fully assembled. So, it is all ready to kick-off the woodworking career instantly. Also, the foldable stand makes the disintegration of the machine quick, in case you need it. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Laser indicator for adjustments
  • Incredible rip cutting capacity
  • Fold-able fence for easy transportation
  • Nice dust collection feature
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Uneven tabletop
  • ” /]

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    Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table saw

    Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand

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    This robust table saw is another top-of-the-line product from Bosch that blends consistency, accuracy, smooth finish, and portability with brilliance. You name a feature, and Bosch 4100-10 has it ready for you with urgency. 

    Cutting Edge Power

    Bosch has equipped the incredible table saw with a powerful 4.00 HP motor. It generates no-load 3650 RPM speed with the most delicate precision. Hence, the woodworking table saw performs excellent cross and rip cuts along with the capacity to tackle the most robust carpentry materials. 

    Space-Saving Design

    Bosch has engineered 4100-10 with an innovative space-saving design. First off, everything is fitted tightly, and secondly, it has a large tabletop base. It lets you work with large wood logs at ease. 

    The large work base also permits you to perform rip cuts of most standard job site width materials. You can quickly get 25-inches of rip cut with the power tool. 

    Adjustment and Portability

    Thankfully, Bosch 4100-10 table saw comes with the updated Gravity-Rise patented technology. So, you can quickly adjust the height for through, non-through, as well as rip cuts to fit your opulence. 

    What’s more, the technology permits us to disassemble the unit completely. Add the large pneumatic wheels with the disorganization and compactness; you get one of the best portable table saws in the industry right now. 

    Ultimate Protection

    The table saw has been geared with anti-kickback pawls, riving knife, blade guard barrier, and smart guard mechanism. Thus, it guarantees the total protection of the user and the tool itself. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Comes assembled
  • Soft start motor prevent circuit breaking
  • Lockable head with extreme miter gauge accuracy
  • Works with a regular 120V outlet
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Issues with vibration and noise generation
  • ” /]

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    DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw for Jobsite

    DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch

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    We are excited to introduce you with our 2nd pick from the DeWalt table saw partly because of its updated design and enhanced portability. Yes, the DWE7485 table saw offers every convenience that you might want for fine woodworking. 

    Brilliant Portability

    During our portable table saw reviews, we were glad to see the incredible portability that DWE7485 brings with it. The table saw has a compact design that weighs only about 53 pounds. Thus, you can easily transport the power toll from one job site to another. 

    Brute Power

    Do you want to perform a variety of cuts on the toughest woodworking material? Then, you must look for the DeWalt portable table saw mainly because of its 15 AMP motor. Yes, it generates 5800RPM speed that is undoubtedly capable of handling a variety of materials. 

    Also, it easily tackles 4×8 plywood and large OSB sheets for smooth rip cuts. 

    Superior Stability and Sturdiness

    One of the most common problems with a table saw is its lack of ruggedness resulting in a rough finish. DeWalt has solved the issue forever with its DWE7485 table saw since it comes with a large workspace. It is thick enough not to vibrate even when you perform massive woodworking applications. 

    Also, all-metal construction ensures that the unit will last longer than you might have anticipated at first glance. 

    Quick Adjustments

    Thankfully, DWE7485 has a telescoping rail fence with the Rack and Pinion technology. So, you can easily adjust the fence and blade guard with extreme accuracy. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Optimum endurance due to the metal cage
  • On-board storage for accessories
  • Push stick and Site-Pro was guarding for safety
  • Increased RPM for cleaner cuts
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Smaller blade size
  • Inappropriate miter gauging
  • ” /]

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    Hitachi C10RJ 10″ 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw

    Hitachi C10RJ 10" 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw with 35" Rip Capacity and Fold and Roll Stand

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    The Hitachi C10RJ is another best portable table saw for fine woodworking that guarantees Japanese quality and convenience. However, the reason we put it so low in our review list is mainly because of its confusing user manual. Otherwise, it is a quality table saw with delightful offerings for fine woodworking. 

    Stealthy Motor

    The first thing you will notice about Hitachi C1-RJ is its compelling and universal 15AMP motor. It is capable of producing no-load 4500 RPM speed. It is more than sufficient to handle the most robust woodworking applications, such as extensive rip cuts. 

    Premium Safety

    C10RJ excels in the safety category, thanks to multiple security mechanisms. First off, it has a soft starting mechanism. So, it won’t recoil.

    Next, it has an electric brake stoppage with a fraction of millisecond to protect blade and users’ skin. Also, overheat, and overload protection comes handy for further safety measurements. Lastly, it has an oversized power switch. It keeps everything covered and protected. 

    Cleaner and Smoother Finish

    Hitachi claims that the woodworking table saw will provide artisans with the most exquisite woodworking experience, thanks to its 40-tooth carbide TPI blade. Higher tooth count means you will get cleaner and smoother cuts with C10RJ. 

    To be honest, we loved its dado cutting capacity of 8X13/16 inches. 

    Most Extensive Rip Cuts

    The fold-able stand and fence guard is capable of tackling larger rip cuts compared to most of its competitors. In fact, it can perform 35″ rip cuts that are undoubtedly a leader in the present market. Also, the portable table saw dust collection is praiseworthy that keeps the workplace neat and clean. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • On-board accessory storage
  • Durable and well-made design
  • 35″ rip cut capacity
  • Good dust collection
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Complex user manual
  • Complicated assembly
  • ” /]

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    SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

    SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Sawf

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    If you ever wanted a specialized table saw for fine woodworking at an affordable budget, then our best bet is SkilSaw SPT99T-01. It boasts of a legendary worm drive gear and exquisite performance that most artisans cherish to achieve. 

    Maximum Torque

    Ask any craftsman, and you will get to know the importance of high torque for accurate cuts and smooth finish. Luckily, SPT99T-01 has a maximum torque of 5300 RPM at no-load condition. Hence, you will get an exemplary finish with the table saw, and we also find it true during our table saw reviews fine for woodworking.

    Wide Usability Range

    At 5300 RPM no-load capacity, the power table saw is capable of handling a wide range of woodworking applications. It tackles 3X slicing of plywood and OSB sheet goods. 

    Furthermore, it has a good cutting depth of 2-5/8″ with a sufficient 25-inches rip cutting capacity. Thus, you will love the performance. 

    Smooth Adjustment

    During our review, we also appreciated the smoothness it brings at the time of the fence and blade guard height adjustment and bevel alignment. You can quickly adjust the blade fence, thanks to the brilliant rack and pinion technology.

    These together ensure accurate cuts and smooth finish. 

    Favorable Endurance and Portability

    The table saw is made of an all-metal base that serves extreme endurance. Also, it prevents unnecessary vibration from ensuring accuracy. 

    Finally, the lightweight construction and compact footprint make sure you can transport the power tool from one job site to another with ease. 

    [wpstrom_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Perfect worm drive capacity
  • Convenient adjustments
  • Dual-Field motor for extended coolness
  • It tackles 3X sheets
  • ” cons_text=”

  • Slightly complicated manual
  • ” /]

    Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking Buying Guide: Things to Consider 

    Things can get really complicated when it comes to buying a table saw unless you know which side to focus and which not to. Just imagine, there’re tons of alternatives for professionals, beginners, and even for DIYers to choose from the inventory. 

    And then there are factors such as portability, accuracy, and what not? 

    Feeling confused?

    Don’t worry. We have covered effectively all the crucial aspects that you should consider when buying a table saw for fine woodworking in the following sections. 

    Purpose and Location of Use

    Firstly, determine how and where you will use the table saw? Will you use it permanently in the workshop or move around from one workplace to another? 

    Also, you should consider the type of woodwork you will mostly perform, such as a more delicate finish or rough cuts. 

    Therefore, check these requirements and choose the perfect table saw accordingly. For instance, choose a portable table saw with a fine-tuning capacity if you go to various places and perform delicate cuts. 

    Motor Power and RPM

    Next, you need to fix the motor power you want in the table saw. Remember that the motor power will determine the quickness or slowness of your cutting capacity along with the RPM speed. Also, higher RPM means you will get a smooth finish with every cut. 

    These days, most table saw motors have 15AMP of power that generates 4000-5000 RPM speed. It should be okay with the most woodworking applications. 

    Blade Length

    The blade length decides how deep you can cut for a wood piece. Also, it links with the highest cutting length you get with the table saw. Ideally, a 10-inches table saw blade would give you approximately 3-1/2″ cutting depth. However, blade lengths of 8″ will ask for some adjustments in the bottom. 

    Table Weight and Material

    The table on which it stands has a crucial role to play in the overall performance of the unit. For instance, a table saw with a lightweight design, although highly portable, lacks sturdiness. It might result in rough finishes. 

    On the contrary, heavyweight tabletops are rugged and so won’t vibrate. Hence, cuts are usually smooth and finely tuned.  But the tradeoff is its portability. 

    Technically speaking, you can choose from aluminium or cast iron made table tops for the saw. 

    Fence and Blade Guide

    The blade guide and proper fencing of the table saw ensure users’ safety. It will increase the accuracy also. The most popular fencing system that you will find for the table saw is Rack and Pinion mechanism.  Also, you should get a table saw that supports the easy adjustment of the fence, blade guide, and the height alignment. 

    Dust Collection

    The last thing to consider when you buy a table saw is its dust collection capacity. It is essential to keep the worksite clean and also have optimal visibility to the wood piece you are working with the saw. Thus, a portable table saw dust collection would play a crucial role in your overall selection process. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the best portable table saw you recommend on the market?

    There are many quality table saws in the market that comes along lovely portability. However, during our review, we found that the Bosch 4100-09 table saw and Makita 2705 table saw has the best portability at this moment. Both have sufficient power to accomplish most woodworking jobs. Still, these are light enough to carry anywhere. 

    Which table saw brand has the best fence? 

    When it comes to the best table saw fence capacity, we pick not just one but two manufacturers. Yes, both DeWalt and Bosch provide superior Rack and Pinion fence with most of their table saw. Thus, you will enjoy their security and easy adjustments. 

    What’s the best table saw right now for the money?

    If you want a table saw that is worth the value, we would like to draw your attention to DeWalt DW745 table saw and SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Worm Drive Table Saw. Both generate sufficient power and come handy at providing excellent woodworking experience in a tight budget. 


    Fine woodworking is a delicate form of art. You will excel in it through practice and experience. However, getting the best portable table saw for fine woodworking will be beneficial for you in the cause. 

    Once you own such a table saw, you will see how quickly your overall impression changes and how fast you are learning the tricks for rip cuts, dadoes, and straight cuts. However, even though you own a good table saw, make sure you keep up your attention level on the highest benchmark. Otherwise, not even the best table saw will be able to give you a satisfactory result. 



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